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What does real rock crystal look like?

Rock crystal is crystalline quartz, colorless and transparent, similar to frozen pieces of ice. The ancient Greeks believed that this was ice (κρύσταλλο), which had absorbed cosmic energy and because of this had lost the ability to melt. Other names for the mineral are Arabic diamond, Bohemian diamond. Rotate the photo with your mouse or finger.

Properties of rock crystal

Rock crystal is found in the form of single crystals and brushes – intergrowths resembling protruding sharpened pencils. Naturally polished matte pebbles are found in river sediments. Single rock crystal crystals have 6 side faces, on which you can see transverse stripes – traces of crystal growth. A natural crystal rarely has the same edges. It is also very rare to find a crystal that has a sharp tip at both ends. More often, rock crystal grows on one side to the parent rock. Typically, the size of rock crystal crystals is 2-4 cm in diameter, but there are also very small (up to 1 mm) and very large specimens, reaching a length of 2 m. The hardness of rock crystal on the Mohs scale is 7 units and it can scratch glass. Rock crystal is transparent and colorless, but, unlike ordinary glass, it transmits ultraviolet rays.

Products with rock crystal

Since ancient times, rock crystal crystals have been polished to enhance their shine, although sparkling clear crystals are beautiful in their own right. Previously, bowls, goblets, sculptures and even church utensils were carved from large crystals. Carl Faberge also loved working with this mineral. Currently, rock crystal is used mainly for making souvenirs, magic balls, Easter eggs, and also for jewelry. More often, beads, pendants, brooches, and earrings are made with this magnificent stone. Less commonly, they are inserted into rings.

Catalog of products with rock crystal:

How to clean rock crystal

Rock crystal is a high-hardness mineral that is resistant to chemical attack and mechanical damage. It is not afraid of sunlight and contact with detergents, so caring for this stone is not difficult. Contaminated rock crystal products should be washed using a soft brush in a solution of any washing powder, then rinsed thoroughly with warm running water and wiped the edges with a soft cloth. Also, do not expose the stone to strong heat to avoid cracks.

Rock crystal deposits

Quartz is widely distributed throughout the world. Despite this, deposits of rock crystal of high jewelry quality are not so common. The main deposits are located in Russia (Ural and Yakutia), Kazakhstan, Brazil, on the islands of Ceylon and Madagascar, China and Crimea, in the Pamir Mountains and the Alps. The highest quality, largest and purest rock crystal druses are found in the Middle Urals, Pamirs and South Yakutia.

The meaning of the rock crystal stone

People have always associated rock crystal products with magic and magic. Nowadays, sorcerers and psychics also often resort to the use of crystal balls to obtain information during their sessions. It is believed that transparent rock crystal has the ability to accumulate information, and therefore can act as a link with the astral world, helping a person develop the gift of clairvoyance. For ordinary people, rock crystal helps cleanse the home of illnesses and negative energy, and gives a restful sleep. Helps women find and keep love.

Whose stone is rock crystal according to horoscope and zodiac sign

Rock crystal is a universal stone. Absolutely all signs of the Zodiac can wear it as jewelry or have it at home as a talisman. Therefore, rock crystal products can be considered a successful gift for any person. And for people born under the signs of Gemini, Virgo and Aquarius, a bead, pendant or even a small ball made of this stone can become a lucky talisman for life. You can endlessly look at the amazingly clean and transparent rock crystal stones. How sometimes we look at running water and cannot take our eyes off. How we look at the twinkling stars and want to unravel their mystery. Or when our attention is captivated by the endless dance of the bizarre flames of a fire. Rock crystal, immaculately transparent, like spring water, or with a slight “haze”, with inclusions that resemble a frosty pattern on a frozen window, dazzlingly playing with rays of light. And the thought quietly slips through: it contains a great secret – the ability to enchant and rivet to oneself sight! In ancient times, there was an opinion that rock crystal was water that had forever become ice, which would never be melted by the warm rays of the sun. It was found on tracked mountain peaks, in gorges of icy rocks. Pure, flawless and cold rock crystal in jewelry became a symbol of purity and innocence, transparency of thoughts. For many sages, rock crystal balls became the key to solving court and worldly secrets. The ancient Greeks were the first to appreciate the wonderful qualities of rock crystal. A ring with rock crystal was a constant companion of the rich, soothsayers, and thinkers. Rock crystal was used to make not only jewelry, but also bowls and vessels; it was a favorite talisman, which was credited with magical properties, and in the myths of the ancient gods there were always crystal cups. The Greek city of Parnassus was famous for its marble temple of the fertility goddess Demeter. It was there that the priests lifted the veil of the future for those eager to know about their fate, looking into the crystal mirror above the round well. After the mysterious ritual ceremony, the priest in the icy shimmer of the stone depths could read the answers to the questions, and there was no such case that the amazing mirror was mistaken. The ancient Romans cooled wine with crystal, throwing it into the drink, because crystal has the amazing property of always remaining cold. In Japan, people were sure that small crystals were the frozen breath of the White Dragon, which personified the highest heavenly powers. The Mayan Indians treated rock crystal with the same reverence – they cut out magical figurines of idols, various vessels from it, and performed their ritual rituals with them. Now rock crystal is the most common gemstone, which is found in the Urals and Eastern Siberia, the Alps, Brazil, Madagascar, Ceylon and China. These graceful hexagonal crystals are fused to the parent rock and pointed at the other end, like sharpened pencils. They rarely grow alone, more often they grow together in groups and form druses. The birthplaces of rock crystal are lava voids, crystal cellars of quartz veins, caverns. There are almost no ideal crystal samples found in nature. Large crystal faces alternate with small ones, they have grooves and roughness, more and less, and they shine differently. Only after processing by a jeweler does rock crystal become perfectly smooth, regular in shape and with a bright shine. Pure rock crystal consists of silicon and oxygen. But there are crystals with metal impurities, with inclusions in the form of needles, gold threads, and dark spots. These are its varieties: citrine, amethyst, rauchtopaz, rutile quartz, which differ in color and transparency, but are in no way inferior to it in beauty. Rock crystal crystals also vary in size: there are microscopic samples, and there are also giants more than a meter long; more often, crystals of several centimeters are found. A rock crystal talisman will give love and joy, attract good luck and prosperity. It helps you concentrate well, which is very important for solving serious problems. A pendant with rock crystal is suitable for those who want to be healthy and want to find peace of mind. A piece of crystal under your pillow will relieve nightmares, insomnia and fears. The crystal balls of practicing magicians are very interesting. The shape of a ball is the ideal shape for any substance in the vastness of the Universe, and rock crystal is an aid in concentrating your thoughts, meditation, and clairvoyance. The crystal ball seems to connect the past, present and future together. Rock crystal is also of great importance in creating harmony in the interior. According to the Chinese teachings of Feng Shui, rock crystal should be in every home. The interior crystal product should be in the most visible place. It is best if it is in the shape of a crystal pyramid. And if sunlight falls on this pyramid, it will replace the bactericidal lamp. Rock crystal will also warn you against troubles on the road, so when you go on a journey, it is better to take jewelry with crystal with you. Looking at rock crystal, its shine and shimmer in the sun’s rays, feeling its coolness on a hot day, thinking about how much it knows, you never cease to be amazed at the possibilities of nature. From just a few elements to create a whole world in one stone – magical, attractive and bewitching – this is its greatness. Publication Date: 17.01.2012

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