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What does the word Florence mean in translation?

Short form of the name Florence (Florence). Florentyushka, Laura, Renya, Flo, Flori, Flossie, Floss, Florencita, Floren, Florita, Flor, Lencha, Lenchita, Poncha, Fiorentina, Fiorenzina, Enza, Enzia, Florag.
Synonyms for the name Florence (Florence). Florence, Florencia, Flora, Florence, Flurenzo, Fiorenza.
Origin of the name Florence (Florence). The name Florence (Florence) is Catholic. The name Florence (Florence) is derived from the Roman cognomen (personal or family nickname) Florentius, which comes from the Latin “florens”, which means “blooming”, “prosperous”, “happy”, “prosperous”. There is a modern interpretation of the name as meaning “beautiful”, “rich”, “gifted”. It is from this name that the name of the Italian city of Florence comes. The name Florence (Florence) is the feminine form of the masculine name Florentius. Not to be confused with the names Flora and Floriana, which are very similar in sound, but are derived from another Roman personal or generic nickname – “florus”, which has related cognomen Florinus and Florianus. The name Florence has a related female name, Florentina, and a related male name, Florentin. Not to be confused with the names Flora and Floriana, which are very similar in sound, but are derived from another Roman personal or generic nickname – “florus”, which has related cognomen Florinus and Florianus. The diminutives Flor (Flora), Laura are also independent names. In Orthodoxy, name days are celebrated only for the male name Florentius. In the Catholic tradition, Saint Florence of Bonn is revered, who is considered the patron saint of the city of Bonn (Germany). The female name Florence will have a Catholic name day listed. Florence loves balance and harmony, she is a born esthete. This girl is not devoid of a certain inner strength, which makes her quite stress-resistant to the harsh reality of life. She often shows great self-confidence, independence, and has great ambitions. Florence doesn’t always show her true emotions. As a child, she cannot be called an obedient girl; she will definitely rebel, especially if her parents adhere to an authoritarian parenting style, but they will always blame it on her character. She respects fairness and can become aggressive and uncontrollable when she sees injustice. And yet, because of her desire for harmony, a peaceful atmosphere will reign in the family; Florence will try to be disciplined, sensual, and active. She’s a perfectionist. Florence has a rich inner world, prefers to analyze everything around her, to think intellectually, so she most often becomes interested in such areas as psychology, parapsychology, and sociology. Very often, she chooses a profession for herself that matches her favorite pastime. Florence can seem seductive, sometimes even narcissistic. She loves to be necessary for others and is a special “protector”. But sometimes she suffers greatly from this unbearable burden, since there are too many people who want to receive such help for her. Florence loves beautiful things (jewelry, clothes, interior items), even the small apartment in which she will live will look luxurious, cozy and comfortable. It is emotionally difficult for her to find the only man for her, since she prefers to be the head of the family. Florence should learn flexibility in relationships. If parents from childhood encouraged their daughter’s interest in knowledge, helped her to correctly understand the life around her, analyze what was happening, then Florence will grow up to be a very enterprising and intellectually developed girl. In this situation, the owner of this name prefers to choose professions in the business world. Her innate sense of justice can make her a professional lawyer, judge, notary, responsible clerk, and can attract her to the medical industry.

Name day of Florence (Florence)

Florence (Florence) celebrates name day on November 10, December 1.

Famous people with the name Florence (Florence)

  • Florence (Flora) Ageenko ((born 1928) Soviet and Russian philologist, candidate of philological sciences (1993))
  • Florence Kling Harding ((1860 – 1924) American public figure. Wife of the 29th US President Warren Harding, First Lady of the United States from 1921 to 1923.)
  • Florence Foster Jenkins ((1868 – 1944) American pianist and singer (soprano), one of the very first representatives of the so-called “outsider music”, who became famous due to her complete lack of musical ear, sense of rhythm and singing talent. Despite this, she considered an unsurpassed vocalist (a type of the so-called “Dunning-Kruger effect,” when a person is confident that he is talented or a genius, although objectively this is not the case. In 2000, psychologists David Dunning from Cornell University and Justin Kruger from State University). Illinois for the article “Inept and Unaware of It: How Difficulty Identifying One’s Incompetence Leads to Inflated Self-Esteem” was awarded an Ig Nobel Prize (a parody of the Nobel Prize) for this research.)
  • Florence Griffith-Joyner ((1959 – 1998) née Florence Delores Griffith; American track and field athlete, three-time Olympic champion, champion and world record holder. Holder of current world records in the 100 m (10,49 sec – July 16, 1988) and 200 m (21,34 – September 29, 1988).)
  • Florence Cook ((1856 – 1904) British medium, whose spiritualistic sessions were observed and described in detail by Sir William Crookes. Cook, one of the most famous and unusual figures of the heyday of spiritualism, possessed, according to the researchers who observed her phenomenon, the ability to materialize, the most a striking manifestation of which was the phenomenon of “Katie King” – a “spirit” who subsequently appeared in sessions with the participation of other mediums “Katie” claimed that her true name was Annie Owen Morgan, and she was the daughter of the pirate Henry Morgan.)
  • Florence Melian Stowell ((1869 – 1936) English classical philologist, youngest daughter of Sir William Foster Stowell)
  • Florence Agnes Henderson ((born 1934) is an American actress and singer. In 1952, Henderson made her debut on Broadway, where a couple of years later she appeared in the popular musicals “Oklahoma!” and “Fanny.” In 1962, the actress won the Sarah Siddons Award for her Active participation in productions of Chicago theaters. Her role as Carol Brady in the popular American television series “The Brady Bunch,” which aired on ABC from 1969 to 1974, brought her wide recognition. Later, her career was closely connected with television, where Henderson played a number of roles in popular television series. , such as “Murder, She Wrote”, “Fantasy Island”, “The Love Boat”, “Dave’s World”, and also had guests in various television shows. The actress appeared on the big screen quite rarely, and her most famous role was the grandmother in the film adaptation. television series “The Brady Bunch”. In 1996, Florence Henderson was awarded a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame for her great contribution to US television.)
  • Florencia Molinero ((born 1988) Argentine tennis player. Winner of 16 ITF tournaments, winner of the Orange Bowl 2004 singles tournament (age group up to 16 years old).)
  • Florence Nibart-Devoir ((born 1968) French geneticist. Received a diploma in agricultural engineering from the École nationale supérieure d’agronomie et des industries alimentaires, has a master’s degree in genetics and biotechnology. She was engaged in research on improving plant genetics, as well as restoration biotechnologies contaminated soil. Currently working for a French company developing decision support tools in the field of sustainable agriculture. On May 16, 2008, she became a Knight of the French Order of Merit, at the proposal of the Minister of Foreign Affairs, as “chairman of an international organization.” )
  • Florence Nightingale ((1820 – 1910) nurse and public figure in Great Britain. In 1853 she became the manager of a small private hospital on Harley Street in London. In October 1854, during the Crimean campaign, Florence, along with 38 assistants, among whom were nuns and sisters mercy, went to field hospitals, first in Scutari (Turkey), and then in the Crimea, consistently implemented the principles of sanitation and care for the wounded. As a result, in less than six months, mortality in hospitals decreased from 42 to 2,2%. year, Florence, with her own money, erected a large white marble cross on a high mountain in Crimea above Balaklava in memory of the soldiers, doctors and nurses who died in the Crimean War. The Crimean War made Florence a national heroine. Soldiers who returned from the front told legends about her, calling her. “Lady with a lamp,” because at night, with a lamp in her hands, she always, like a kind, bright angel, walked around the wards with the sick. Upon returning to England in 1856, Nightingale was tasked with reorganizing the army medical service. In 1856, the government allocated funds to organize a commission to implement the necessary reforms. In 1857, Herbert again became Minister of War, with his help Nightingale ensured that hospitals were equipped with ventilation and sewage systems; hospital staff were required to undergo the necessary training; hospitals carried out strict statistical processing of all information. A military medical school was organized, and awareness-raising work was carried out in the army about the importance of disease prevention. Nightingale was a capable mathematician, engaged in statistical research, and became an innovator in the use of infographic methods in statistics, in particular, she used pie (pie) charts. In 1859 she was elected a fellow of the Royal Statistical Society and subsequently became an honorary member of the American Statistical Association. She wrote a number of books – Notes on the Factors Affecting the Health, Efficiency and Management of British Army Hospitals (1859) and How to Nursing the Sick (1858). During the war, Nightingale managed to collect a large sum of money by subscription, with which in 1860 the world’s first school of Sisters of Charity was organized at St. Thomas’s Hospital in London. Soon, graduates of this school began to create similar institutions at other hospitals. In 1860, Nightingale was awarded the Royal Red Cross, and in 1883 – the Order of Merit. In 1907, the League of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent (since November 1912 called the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies) established the Florence Nightingale Medal, which is still the most honorable and highest award for nurses around the world. On May 1991, Florence Nightingale’s birthday, the world celebrates International Nurses Day. Her name is also mentioned in the medical term Florence Nightingale syndrome.)
  • Florence Jebet Kiplagat (Kenyan long-distance runner. World cross-country champion 2009. Two-time world champion in half marathon 2010, individual and team. Silver medalist of the 15-kilometer Zevenheuvelenloop in 2010. In 2011, won the Berlin Marathon with a result of 2:19.44.)
  • Florence Lee ((1858 – 1962) American silent film actress. During her acting career, Florence Lee starred in 99 films. She is best known for her role as the grandmother of a blind flower seller in Charlie Chaplin’s film City Lights (1931). Florence died in Hollywood at the age of 104 years.)
  • Florence Febvre ((born 1983) French actress)
  • Florence Beatrice Green ((1901 – 2012) née Patterson; the last of the officially confirmed veterans of the First World War. In 1918 she entered the Women’s Royal Air Force, where she served as a waitress. In 1920 she moved to King’s Lynn (Norfolk) , where she married Walter Greene, with whom she lived for 50 years; Walter died in 1970. After the death of Claude Schulz on May 5, 2011, Florence Greene remained the only living veteran of the First World War.)
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There is also Florence Welch – a popular British singer, an icon in England, popular throughout the world. Born in 1986.

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Maintenant, ce soir, vous serez témoin du vrai esprit de Florence.

This evening you will witness the true spirit Florence.

Villa de prestige sur l’une des collines les plus exclusives de Florence.

Prestigious villa on one of the most exclusive hills Florence.

Florence Est souvent citée parmi les plus belles villes du monde.

Florence often listed among the most beautiful cities in the world.

Mais ne minimisons pas la gravité de l’ouragan Florence.

But let’s not downplay the severity of the hurricane. Florence.

christened Florence, il passera à sept millions de km de notre planète.

Florence will pass at a distance of seven million km from our planet.

Les images radar fournissent également la première vue rapprochée de l’astéroïde Florence.

The radar images also provided the first close-up view of the asteroid itself Florence.

Il est donc utile de planifier le trajet de votre promenade dans Florence.

This is where you should plan your route for your walk. Florence.

Elle fut par le passé la grande rivale de Florence.

In centuries past she was a great rival Florence.

Le nom de ce quartier vient de l’une des plus celèbres églises de Florence.

This area is named after one of the most famous churches Florence.

Mais cela signifiait quitter Florence et les garçons à nouveau.

But that meant coming back again Florence and boys.

Ce film a été inspiré par un véritable événement alligator de l’ouragan Florence.

The idea for the film is based on real events involving alligators during a hurricane. Florence.

The historic center of Florence attire chaque annee des millions de touristes.

History Center Florence attracts millions of tourists every year.

Ce soir nous te donnons un cadeau de Florence.

Today we will give you a gift from Florence.

Des itinéraires à pied dans les rues de Florence aux excursions hors de la ville.

From walking routes through the streets Florence to excursions outside the city.

Une solution suggestive et comfortable pour un séjour extraordinaire au coeur de Florence.

Great offer and comfort for an extraordinary stay in the heart of the city Florence.

It is from Florence que notre road trip à commencé.

This is where our tour of the city began. Florence.

Il a étudié la médecine pendant trois ans à l’université de Florence.

He studied medicine for three years at university Florence.

Rome and Florence souffrent également des nuisances du tourisme de masse.

Rome and Florence also suffer from an excess of pickpockets.

Florence et ses citoyens sont mes intérêts principaux.

Florence and its inhabitants are my main concern.

L’hôtel est proche du center de Florence.

The hotel is located near the center Florence.

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