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What earrings should a woman wear after 50?

The right jewelry can make an image complete and stylistically harmonious. For example, ideal earrings can visually reduce a woman’s age and make her more fragile and feminine. But there are also those models, wearing which you can achieve the exact opposite effect. We will tell you what you should not decorate yourself with after 50, and which items you definitely need to pay attention to. The right jewelry can make an image complete and stylistically harmonious. For example, ideal earrings can visually reduce a woman’s age and make her more fragile and feminine. But there are also those models, wearing which you can achieve the exact opposite effect. We will tell you what you should not decorate yourself with after 50, and which items you definitely need to pay attention to. No “China”
What you definitely need to give up is jewelry made from cheap plastic or other materials of dubious origin. Some women, reaching the age of 50, try by hook or by crook to look younger. They also resort to the help of jewelry. The right earrings can really rejuvenate your look. But it is a grave mistake when a woman of mature years begins to wear bright plastic “trinkets”: large acid-colored rings, incomprehensible tropical motifs, etc. Here the result will be completely different: the woman will seem younger and not a very smart person. But there is a way out in this situation. If you want to wear bright earrings, you need to choose models made of colored ceramics or a similar material. You also need to remember that you should not duplicate bright earrings with equally expressive jewelry on the neck or hands. Let the image have only one, but well-defined accent. Earrings for all occasions
Of course, not every woman can acquire the right amount of jewelry to choose the right pair for every look. Therefore, it would be better to purchase several basic models, which, if necessary, can replace each other. This list can include:

Carnations with pearls;
Small rings made of silver or gold;
Small earrings made of wood or its imitation;
Earrings with minerals;
Diamonds. The first option is suitable for women with a strict dress code at work. Such earrings will never go out of fashion, and besides, they have significant advantages: they suit any style of clothing, look elegant and expensive, although their cost is quite affordable. If necessary, they can “migrate” from a daytime look to an evening look and will look just as convincing. Small hoop earrings made of gold or silver can play the role of a complete everyday decoration. They will harmoniously fit into any style and image. But you should not choose rings decorated with bright stones for everyday wear. Neat earrings made of wooden material are a good idea for women who dress in a style close to ethnic style, or who simply love clothes made of linen and similar natural materials. The good thing about age after 50 is that you can start wearing things that previously looked out of place. For example, you can buy earrings with minerals. Delicate and discreet coral looks especially advantageous here. It can also be combined with the same bracelet or necklace. Don’t forget about all women’s best friends. Earrings with diamonds, made in the form of discreet models, are always relevant. But this option is not suitable for “gray everyday life”. But in combination with a black evening dress or other formal set, such jewelry will be in place. Additional tips

When choosing earrings, you must, first of all, take into account the entire look: the clothes, the hairstyle, and the accessories. There is no need to create any obvious flashy contrasts. Remember, age after 50 is a new stage in the life of every woman, when she can reveal herself and show the world her new self. However, we should not forget about a sense of proportion. After all, incorrectly chosen or simply bulky earrings can distract the eyes not only from the entire image, but also from the woman herself. Carefully evaluate the shape of your ears, face, neck length – this is the only way to truly choose “your” earrings. As a woman gets older, her preferences in clothing and makeup change. Images become more feminine, makeup is discreet, and accessories are more laconic. A 20-year-old girl can dress in short denim shorts and complement her daring look with bright plastic earrings. A woman over 50 will not take such risks, and there is no point in doing so. Each age has its own beauty and attractiveness, you just need to highlight it correctly. But with clothes things are simpler than with jewelry. On an intuitive level, as a woman gets older, she chooses the right clothes and understands that they definitely won’t suit her. But it’s easy to make a mistake with jewelry. Wanting to add a touch of richness to a summer look with bright jewelry, a woman risks looking ridiculous. Therefore, knowledge about the relevance of jewelry is as important as knowledge about clothing, style and makeup.

Which earrings to choose after 50

Stylists tirelessly repeat the truth to us – good accessories complement, complete and make an image unique. Coco Chanel said in this regard that before leaving the house you need to look in the mirror and take off one piece of jewelry. A minimal amount of fine jewelry is better than 10 bling, at least for mature women. What you definitely shouldn’t do is wear bright, youthful earrings in an attempt to refresh a restrained look. With this approach, a woman risks looking ridiculous. For the earlobes, which for decades have worn various jewelry, including massive ones, it’s time to rest. This doesn’t mean stop wearing earrings, just choose lightweight jewelry. Due to constant wearing of earrings, the earlobes become stretched and deformed. This feature is not an advantage and it is better to hide it with light earrings.

IMPORTANT! If you have thin, sensitive earlobes, continued wearing of massive jewelry will deform them.

  • plastic jewelry. Such jewelry looks good in youth looks. They will not add elegance to you, and the youthful style will work against you;
  • large studs, chandelier earrings and other massive jewelry;
  • earrings studded with colored stones;
  • gold models with an abundance of stones.

Styles, design

Congo earrings and studs will fit well into the wardrobe of an older woman. They are not heavy, which means a stretched earlobe will not attract attention. Earrings with English, Italian and French locks are also appropriate, but with proper design. The design can be very different, so it’s worth going into more detail.

Styles and their advantages:

  • Studs. The carnations should be neat, with or without a small stone. They are suitable for every day and almost any look, except for evening ones. For the evening they are modest;
  • Congo. These are small rings that envelop the earlobe. They may be without unnecessary decoration, but if you love stones and they are appropriate, choose a model with one or three small stones. It is desirable that the stone be a diamond, but cubic zirconia or ztrkon will also work. Congos are also universal, and if, when leaving home, you forgot to change earrings to match your look, the rings will not ruin it;
  • With English, Italian and French clasp. The styles of earrings with such clasps are very diverse, and for women over 50, small items with one stone are suitable. Or earrings with miniature pendants. Flat gold earrings with an English clasp without unnecessary decoration are suitable for every day and business meetings. The main thing is that the plate is not large and does not pull the ear down;
  • Long evening earrings also change their style. Now choose a length of 2-3 cm, and make sure that the distance between the shoulder and the earring is slightly greater than the length of the earring. Otherwise, you risk making your neck visually shorter and fuller. And of course, laconic decor – a few stones or no stones at all.

Materials, stones, brands

At an advanced age, jewelry should be respectable. It is best if the earrings are made of precious metals – gold, silver, platinum.

ADVICE! At the age of 50, give preference to yellow gold. It will emphasize your status and at the same time add softness to the image.

If you like bright plastic jewelry, replace it with ceramics or wood. Colors can be bright, but restrained and close to pastel. You should wear such earrings carefully and only in the appropriate situation.

If you can’t buy several expensive jewelry, costume jewelry can help. But in appearance it should be close to expensive metals. Don’t skimp on cheap jewelry that will peel off or turn black in a month. The jewelry market has reputable jewelry manufacturers who use high-quality materials. Here are some of them:

  • Pilgrim is a Danish brand of expensive jewelry. They have current earring models suitable for women over 50;
  • Nomination is an Italian brand, there are models with gold plated. Main materials – steel, silver, zircons, Swarovski crystals;
  • Pandora has a large selection of jewelry at affordable prices.

The situation with stones is the same as with metal – no matter how old the stones are, so are the stones. An elegant diamond in a gold frame is just right.

IMPORTANT! Diamonds are affordable today. You don’t need to buy big earrings covered in tons of gems. Stud earrings with one miniature stone or gold earrings with a small diamond pendant are enough.

Pearls will fit perfectly into any lady’s everyday wardrobe. Especially if your job involves spending a long time in the office or having business lunches with partners. Pearls are appropriate for everyday, evening and business looks. For ladies over 50, this is a real friend. And if you want to add some zest, choose earrings with baroque pearls. Besides, this is a trend for 2019.

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