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What gems bring money?

Stones for attracting money, success and wealth.
Strictly speaking, any precious stones that help us organize our lives help increase our well-being. There are, however, gems in which the property of “attracting” money is expressed quite clearly and palpably.
True, it should be understood: money was invented as an equivalent to labor expended. A money attracting stone can make you work harder. Aren’t you afraid? Then let’s get to know the miraculous minerals better.
Chrysoprase. By coincidence, the natural color of chrysoprase corresponds to the colors of several world currencies – but this coincidence is accidental. Even if money, like hundreds of years ago, remained metal coins, chrysoprase would have exactly the same effect on them as on paper (and now plastic) bills.
When handling chrysoprase, certain rules must be followed. When solving organizational issues, jewelry with a stone that brings money should be kept on the left (a ring on a finger, a brooch on clothes, a stone in a pocket, a bracelet on the left hand). To speed up the receipt of income, you should move the gem to the right side of the body.
Chrysoprase is most effective in spring (April and May), as well as in September and December.
Chrysolite is an esoteric analogue of chrysoprase. Golden-green chrysolite was especially valued by Ural prospectors. It was believed that a worker who found a beautiful chrysolite (“Basque crazelite”) would experience good luck, and his financial future would certainly be strengthened.
Ural tales are also confirmed by the observations of modern specialists: chrysolite, worn on the body or in a bag (pocket), helps to accelerate money turnover and quickly receive the planned profit.
The activity of peridot is maximum in spring. In February, March and May, this mineral can become the main assistant in business.
Chrysoberyl is a lifeboat in a stormy financial sea. The main property of chrysoberyl is the ability to pull a person out of total lack of money. Unlike chrysoprase and peridot, which help quickly and quickly move an already established business, chrysoberyl first minimizes losses, and then completely stops the outflow of financial resources.
A ring with chrysoberyl on the middle finger of the right hand makes a person thrifty and economical. A natural stone in its natural form, placed in a pocket, organizes the flow of funds. Cut and mounted chrysoberyl suggests ways of enrichment, steadily directing financial flows towards its owner.
December and January are the months of greatest power for the stone, bringing good luck and money. In May and September, long bursts of chrysoberyl activity are observed.
Rhodonite is a stone that sharpens business intuition. Pink rhodonite is opaque, but that’s what makes it beautiful. Its spots and veins, colored inclusions and black strokes, areas of thickening of color and colorless layers attract the eye, sharpen the thought, and teach one to distinguish the main from the secondary.
The semiprecious stone rhodonite can be distinguished by the grayishness of the background, the density of the crimson color of local areas, and the scarlet color of individual specimens. The brighter the color of rhodonite, the more intense the money stone works!
Being a natural receiver of information flows, rhodonite draws the owner’s attention to the most profitable ideas. He is also capable of regulating a person’s interests, not letting him forget about the main topic of business, and suggesting the right business decisions.
However, the most valuable is the ability of the pink stone, which attracts money, to focus the attention of its owner on the human shortcomings of companions and partners. By avoiding close cooperation with unreliable agents, the owner of rhodonite is guaranteed to avoid losses.
What is especially valuable is that the activity of rhodonite is almost evenly distributed over the months. He shows the highest performance in January, then in May, then in August and in November.
The bull’s eye provides visual cues. A layered variety of quartz that, as a result of heating, acquires terracotta-cherry tones, is called bull’s eye. As a decoration, the bull’s eye is not particularly popular, but when starting a business, you should stock up on a ring with this gem. A ring with a bull’s eye is always worn on the left hand.
In the absence of interference and obstacles, this stone directs its power to the formation of progressive business processes. However, if a threat arises to the cause under their care, they will switch to protecting the created potential. At the same time, its visual characteristics change: the transparency of the light layers decreases, golden tints disappear, and a foggy gray dregs appears in red tones. The beauty of the gem noticeably fades.
It is best to count on the help of the stone in February, April, June and August.
Eye of the Tiger. In terms of protective properties, tiger eye stone is similar to bull’s eye. However, its “signaling” is of a different nature: if the bull’s eye, in the presence of danger, loses its external attractiveness, then the tiger’s eye becomes noticeably heavier.
The manifestation of tiger eye activity is shifted in relation to the months of the most productive use of the previous talisman. Golden brown tiger’s eye performs best in March, May, July, October and November. Therefore, it is convenient for the user to have a set of rings and bracelets with tiger and bull’s eye cabochons. However, there is no complete interchangeability between gems.
Carnelian attracts honest and active partners. Rings or bracelets with carnelian do an excellent job as stones that bring money if used by a couple. Decorate rings with carnelian cabochons, put one on the middle finger of your left hand, the other on the ring finger of your right hand, or use bracelets. On the left you will receive information about the feasibility of your commercial projects. From time to time, the stone will give you new ideas for profitable enterprises.
Carnelian, worn on the right hand, repels dishonest businessmen and attracts conscientious companions. At night, both stones, when placed at the head of the bed, can normalize the owner’s condition, ensure complete rest during sleep, and help in the development of progressive plans.
Possessing carnelians is strategically important for a person planning to conduct business in the warm season – from March to November inclusive. In winter, the stone is less effective.
The handsome citrine stabilizes income. A bracelet with citrine on the right hand is a sure way to stabilize income. Carrying a stone can be replaced by placing it in the form of a decoration for a desk, a computer shelving unit, or a shelf with communication equipment.
Citrine continues its effect during business trips. It is enough to put it in a briefcase or folder with paper, or place it in the right pocket of a business suit – and the impact of the stone will be fully felt.
However, you should not “overdo it” with citrine: the presence of a gem on your hand, on the table, in your briefcase, or in your pocket is fraught with the transition of stability to stagnation.
Selenite money magic. Selenite has long been famous as a mineral that helps in difficult negotiations. However, simple manipulations performed with a faceted selenite cabochon directly attract money.
Apply a generally accepted symbol of money (ruble, dollar, euro sign), or a money rune, or your personal monogram denoting wealth, onto the surface of the selenite cabochon. Darken the room, light a candle. Take a stone in your hands, light it well in the flame of a candle, mentally imagine how banknotes stick to it.
Try to stretch this activity for twelve minutes, and do not get distracted during the ritual. Repeat the steps daily, carry the stone with you, and keep it in a visible place at home or at work. An important point: the candle should not go out spontaneously and should not be used for other purposes. Always blow it out yourself, and exclude the possibility of using it for any other purpose.
Jasper. Jasper is a stone that helps to improve relationships with almost any person. Jasper is recommended to be worn by businessmen who often have to conduct business negotiations. The owner of jasper is able to derive material interest for himself from any communication with another person.
In addition, jasper has a positive effect on the general health of its owner, relieves fatigue and improves his memory.
“Salty” halite money. Halite is ordinary table salt, but ground, evaporated and any other table salt is not suitable for carrying out the ritual of attracting money. (Moreover: the presence of scattered salt sharply weakens the magical powers of any artifact).
First of all, try to find out which stones bring money to you personally. To do this, get the most beautiful halite crystal possible, place a green candle on it, light it, and, looking into the flame, go through images of natural gems in your memory.
Within thirteen minutes (no more and no less), five names of stones should be imprinted in your memory – and don’t be surprised if they are either the most expensive, golden, or green minerals.
The experience may not bring success the first time. The next day, repeat it. Sooner or later, a list consisting of five stones will form in your memory.
In accordance with this list, prepare the stones, lay them out in the shape of a pentagon, and in its center place the same halite crystal with a candle mounted on it. Every evening, during sunset or closer to midnight, consider the fire of a candle while simultaneously reciting your personal formula for attracting money.
Don’t overuse the ritual! One week of magical practice and subsequent carrying with you a linen bag with fragments of a salt crystal and candle wax is enough for the money to start flowing to you. As soon as you feel a change, pour the contents of the bag into running water – magical powers are now on your side!
Astrological principles of attracting money using stones.
Astrologers have established that different precious stones help different zodiac signs become wealthier. To attract money, it is recommended to wear:
Aries – diamonds on the left hand, in a pendant on the chest (under clothes). Garnets and rubies – in the form of inserts into rings and bracelets;
Taurus – turquoise, emerald, sapphire in any products, colors and combinations;
For Gemini – agates, rock crystal, aquamarine;
Cancer – moonstone in silver, pearls (white, black, gold), cat’s eye;
For Leos – any yellow stones (especially amber), as well as diamonds and rubies;
For virgins – rings made of jade in combination with gold or platinum, carnelian bracelets;
Libra – expensive (preferably the most expensive) opals, rings and bracelets with lapis lazuli;
For Scorpios – malachite and corals;
Sagittarius – amethyst, topaz, chrysolite;
Capricorns – ruby, onyx, carved malachite;
Aquarius – garnet, zircon;
Pisces – amethyst, as well as pearls of any color, but together with a rose petal. Gemstones can help increase financial gains. As stated in the ancient Vedic texts, they can act as a mechanism of attraction if placed in the first left corner of your home or office. Carrying gemstones in your wallet or storing them in your desk drawer will also help. It is believed that green aventurine is associated with the heart chakra and can bring back money you have lost by making an unwise decision. It will be useful if you decide to open a new business or change jobs. Citrine It is advisable to store it in a wallet to receive financial energy and an influx of money. Pyrite, or “fool’s gold”, will attract cash. It is considered a stone of luck, prosperity and abundance. Yellow sapphire activates the heart chakra, which will begin to radiate energy to manifest dreams into physical form. The stone will also help you get through difficult times if worn on your index finger. Garnet will support you in paying off old debts and will lead you to a source of new profit. Green jade will help overcome psychological blocks. For example, if a person considers himself unworthy to receive a lot of money. Emerald resonates with cash and is therefore known as an abundance crystal. It is especially useful in real estate transactions. Blue sapphire nullifies the harmful influence of negative Saturn in a person’s natal horoscope. It will also allow you to stabilize your financial situation and provide income even during the negative phase of life. Energy malachite will protect a person from financial failures. The stone is considered an energy magnet, and money is energy. To attract her and solve financial problems, you need to keep malachite in your wallet. Share

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