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What goes well with chrysoprase?

  • Chrysoprase is a beautiful translucent mineral that is often used in jewelry. The so-called stone of Alexander the Great is also credited with many healing and magical properties, which is why it is also valued by esotericists. But in order for it to really benefit its owner, it is necessary choose the right companion stones. What other gemstones will chrysoprase be ideally combined with, and with which will harmony and energy balance be impossible?

    Color compatibility

    Chrysoprase, like many other minerals, varies in basic color palette, which determines its jewelry quality. The color of the crystal, depending on the deposit and formation conditions, can be:

    • rich green, such crystals are very similar to high-quality emerald;
    • dark green tones increased saturation;
    • apple shades with acceptable opaque inclusions;
    • pale greenish tones with uneven color distribution.

    The brighter and more saturated the color of the stone, the more dominant role it should be given in decoration and image. Companions for such a crystal should be background minerals and organic matter. For example, white pearls, light agate, alabaster. Carnelian (carnelian) in red-orange and yellow tones and golden topaz will highlight the beauty of green and make it even brighter.

    High-quality jewelry chrysoprase should avoid proximity to bright purple minerals: tanzanite, amethyst, purple spinel!

    Pink and lilac kunzite looks very interesting next to green chrysoprase.

    Pale, low-quality crystals will no longer be able to play the leading role in decoration, and choosing a frame for such a stone is not difficult. Does not have powerful energy light chrysoprase willingly coexists with emerald, sapphire, green pearls, turquoise, lapis lazuli and beryl, looks beautiful with diamonds and rock crystal, gray and pale blue gems.

    Energy Compatibility

    From an energetic point of view, chrysoprase is very friendly: it does not try to “crush” other minerals with its charisma, but it also does not submit to outside influence, maintaining its originality.

    Some stones can enhance the healing and magical properties of the Macedonian stone (emerald, coral, green striped agate) or nullify them (sardonyx, onyx, black agate).

    Energy compatibility with minerals such as quartz, topaz, aventurine, zircon is neutral

    Astrological Compatibility

    Astrologers and esotericists believe that chrysoprase in soft green shades is most suitable for Aquarius. This stone goes well with garnet, topaz, tourmaline, pearls and quartz. Rose quartz in jewelry, complemented by a chrysoprase crystal, will become a powerful love talisman that can help in finding your soul mate.

    It is believed that energetically and astrologically “soft” chrysoprase is suitable for representatives of any element

    Therefore, theoretically, the stone can be adjacent with almost any other mineral. Only impulsive and hot Scorpio and Aries should be more careful in their choice. Stones of the fire element (ruby, zircon, spinel, diamond, garnet) and other stones of rich red shades in combination with bright chrysoprase can make representatives of these signs even more emotional and unrestrained; it will be very difficult for them to control themselves.

    In addition to the correct selection of companion stones for chrysoprase, the framing of the crystal is also important. Best frame option – silver or white gold. The energetically powerful traditional yellow gold will not allow the stone to reveal its strong characteristics.

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    Unique collection with Chrysoprase insert

    First, let’s look at what kind of stone this is. Chrysoprase is a precious mineral with healing properties. It comes in bluish green, apple green, grassy and emerald green. It is a symbol of success and prosperity, vitality and strength. You can read more about chrysoprase here->.

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    Silver brooch with Chrysoprase

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    Silver brooch with Chrysoprase and Garnet

    A brooch in the shape of a fawn deserves your attention. In the process of creating this jewelry, the jewelers devoted the lion’s share of their time to details. So, on the neck, ears and tail of the animal you can see the handwriting of the master, who tried to accurately convey the fur of the fawn. His entire body is decorated with splashes of marcasite, and on his body there is the main element – magnificent chrysoprase. Such an accent will definitely attract the attention of others and make them keep their gaze on you for a short time.

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