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What is another name for cat s eye?

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Associations to the phrase “cat’s eye”

Sentences containing the phrase “cat’s eye”

  • He had no hope of learning anything from the machine gun, which was dilapidated like the rest of the ship, but the green cat’s eyes for some reason they prevented him from ending the conversation.

Quotes from Russian classics with the phrase “cat’s eye”

  • “Soon after the wedding, he began to persuade me: “If the owner asks, do not refuse him, I will not be offended, and our life will benefit,” Taisya said, not complaining, but as if mocking. – And they both pestered him – both the owner and his son-in-law. Well, what then? – she shouted, shaking her head, and her cat’s eyes flashed with rage. – I fooled around with the owner on my husband’s orders, and with his son-in-law – in revenge on my husband.

Associations to the word “cat”

  • cat’s eye
    cat food
    cat’s grace
  • cat eye shape
    can of cat food
    cat scratch disease
  • became cat-like
    stretched with feline grace
  • (full compatibility table)

Associations to the word “eyes”

  • with closed eyes
    Blue eyes
    own eyes
  • in a personal meeting
    human eyes
    eye colors
  • look of gray eyes
    edge of the eye
    corner of the eye
  • eyes widened
    eyes met
    eyes sparkled
  • close eyes
    open eyes
    look up
  • (full compatibility table)

The meaning of the phrase “cat’s eye”

  • Cat’s Eye (film) – 1985 (Wikipedia) All meanings of the phrase CAT’S EYE

Aphorisms of Russian writers with the word “eyes”

  • Live, live limitlessly! Working, dreaming, suffering,
    With my breath I pay for my creative fate,
    Look without horror into the eyes of the night elements,
    Once in a lifetime to love, to hate to death,
    Go through the whole world – and see, see, see.
    This is how and only this way poetry is born.

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The meaning of the phrase “cat’s eye”

Cat’s Eye (film) – 1985

Sentences containing the phrase “cat’s eye”

  • He had no hope of learning anything from the machine gun, which was dilapidated like the rest of the ship, but the green cat’s eyes for some reason they prevented him from ending the conversation.
  • Razor-sharp claws appeared instead of nails, yellow cat’s eyes sparkled angrily from under the low-lowered hood.
  • At first he looked around in amazement with large cat eyes.
  • (all offers)

Associations to the phrase “cat’s eye”

Associations to the word “cat”

  • cat’s eye
  • cat eye shape
  • became cat-like
  • (full compatibility table.)

Associations to the word “eyes”

  • with closed eyes
  • in a personal meeting
  • look of gray eyes
  • eyes widened
  • close eyes
  • (full compatibility table.)


  • Analysis of the composition of the word “cat”
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  • How to spell “cat” correctly
  • How to spell the word “eye”

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In jewelry, a cat’s eye is a semi-precious mineral whose surface is decorated with a thin strip of concentrated light. Shifting when the stone is turned, it becomes similar to the iris of the eye of a predatory animal. Today, there are several gems that can give a similar effect after jewelry processing. Despite this, cat’s eye most often refers to the yellow-green variety of chrysoberyl (cyfoman). In addition to it, quartz, moonstone, aquamarine, tourmaline, ruby ​​and some other decorative gems have this effect.

Brief description of individual varieties of the mineral

Of all the stones in which a light strip moves across the surface, the most expensive is chrysoberyl cat’s eye. This gem has high hardness, glassy luster and exhibits the brightest luminous effect. In addition to the yellow-green hue, chrysoberyl can be red, honey, emerald green, dark brown and gray. Its more expensive and rare variety is alexandrite, characterized by a bluish-green, purple, red-violet or crimson glow. All types of stone are united by a special golden glow. The largest deposits of chrysoberyl cat’s eye are located in Madagascar and Ceylon. In the Russian Federation, tsifoman is mined in the Middle Urals in the Malyshevskoye deposit.

Quartz cat’s eye is a popular and relatively inexpensive variety of opaque or translucent quartz. Absolutely transparent samples of the mineral are very rare. A distinctive feature of the stone is the fine-fibrous inclusions of actinolite and other asbestos minerals grown into its thickness. This type of quartz has a yellowish-brown, green or yellow color. The reflective stripe on the surface of quartz cat’s eye is not as bright as that of chrysoberyl stone. This is explained by the presence of coarse reflective fibers in its structure. The mineral is mined in many parts of the planet. Its largest deposits are located in Brazil, Germany, India and Ceylon. A unique iridescent white stone was discovered near the town of Quartzite, located in the US state of Arizona.

While quartz and chrysoberyl stones with a cat’s eye effect are found predominantly in yellow, green and red tones, moonstone and aquamarine can be white, blue or indigo. Today, opals, tourmalines, beryls, sapphires, rubies, and topazes are subjected to special treatment, which makes it possible to obtain a mesmerizing vertical reflection on the surface of the mineral. The cat’s eye effect allows you to add extra shine to precious gems and make their glow even more magical and alluring.

Using stone for magical purposes

Many psychics and sorcerers are confident that the magical properties of a cat’s eye can protect a person from illness, trouble and death. Moreover, the strength of the mineral does not depend on its shade. Magicians use the stone to get rid of negative energy, cleanse the aura and restore faith in their own strength. A talisman with a mineral will help its owner change his life for the better and will attract luck, happiness and love. The gem allows a person to maintain inner peace, protects him from quarrels and lack of mutual understanding with loved ones. The owner whose finger is decorated with a ring with a cat’s eye will forget about the feeling of jealousy that destroys any relationship. He will always be in a great mood and will forget about outbursts of anger.

The magical properties of the stone do not end there. Digital Man helps single people meet their love, and those who have been married for a long time make their feelings as strong and passionate as in their youth. Magicians are confident that the mineral has the power to ward off troubles and adversity from a person. If they cannot be avoided, he will definitely warn his owner about the approach of difficult times by becoming heavier.

The cat’s eye stone will help a person discover supernatural abilities in himself, will contribute to the development of the gift of foresight, and will teach him to use his own intuition. He will make hot-tempered people balanced and delicate. The mineral has a beneficial effect on a person’s mental abilities, so jewelry made from it should be worn by those who are engaged in intellectual work.

Some sorcerers are confident that the properties of a mineral are directly dependent on its color scheme:

  1. Magicians advise people who want to get rich to carry a greenish-yellow cat’s eye in their wallet. A stone with this shade has the ability to attract and increase money. It helps in finding a new job and helps increase wages.
  2. Blue stone allows you to find the right path to realizing your cherished dream.
  3. A blue cat’s eye is a powerful talisman against envy, anger and other negative emotions that surround a person. A talisman with such a stone is able to protect its owner from the evil eye and damage, so you should always take it with you before meeting ill-wishers or visiting crowded places.
  4. A rare red cat’s eye has a positive effect on the personal life of its owner, attracting passion and love. For men, the gem will help maintain sexual health, and for women it will give it popularity with members of the opposite sex.

The meaning of the stone in ancient times

If today jewelry with a cat’s eye is available to everyone, then in ancient times only sorcerers and shamans could wear this mineral. Ancient wizards called it the eye of the devil and were confident that it would enhance their supernatural abilities. Any self-respecting white or black magician carried a gem with him, believing that it would help him influence people.

Ancient eastern magic considered the greenish-yellow digital stone to be an ideal stone for a person, wonderfully combining Yin and Yang – opposite energies, symbolizing the feminine and masculine principles. For this reason, Chinese sages advise wearing amulets and amulets with stones not only for women, but also for men. A talisman with a mineral will help a gentle and kind person to develop strength of character, become more decisive and purposeful. If an aggressive and rude person wears the stone, then after a while she will become much more tactful and calm.

You can use a cat’s eye for magical purposes only with good intentions. If a person wants to harm others with the help of a gem, he risks bringing misfortune upon himself.

The use of gems in the fight against diseases

The healing properties of the cat’s eye stone deserve no less attention than the magical ones. Since the mineral looks like a cat’s pupil, lithotherapists recommend using it in the treatment of ophthalmological diseases. The gem improves visual acuity, reduces eye fatigue, normalizes intraocular pressure, and develops night vision. It is especially useful to carry the mineral with you for people who spend a lot of time in front of a computer monitor or working with books and documents. To be convinced of the magical properties of the stone, it should be applied to the eyelids for 2-3 minutes several times a day. The procedure will effectively relieve eye fatigue and improve visual acuity.

Green cat’s eye is an effective remedy for treating throat diseases. If, at the first symptoms of a cold or acute viral infection, you put beads or a pendant with gems around your neck, the illness will quickly pass and will not cause complications in the person. Jewelry with green stone should be preferred by people suffering from arterial hypertension. The gem will help a person raise blood pressure and normalize well-being. The same effect can be obtained if you wear a product made of a blue gem. Hypertensive patients should use jewelry with an orange or yellow stone to reduce blood pressure. Red gems should be worn by people suffering from blood diseases or lacking vital energy. They also effectively treat sexual dysfunctions.

Lithotherapists recommend using pink cat’s eye for people suffering from chronic insomnia. The soft-hued stone has a beneficial effect on the human nervous system, eliminates nightmares, normalizes sleep and promotes good rest. If it is not possible to get pink gems, they can be successfully replaced with gray ones.

The cat’s eye mineral will benefit elderly patients diagnosed with cardiovascular pathologies. When used correctly, it can quickly restore a person after a stroke or heart attack. The stone is also suitable for people suffering from diseases of the pancreas, liver, kidneys, spleen and thyroid gland. It reduces headaches, reduces the intensity and frequency of bronchial asthma attacks. In Asian countries, traditional healers advise patients to finger rosaries or cat’s eye beads in order to relieve nervous tension and get rid of mental illness. In this process, the color of the stones themselves does not matter.

Choosing a stone by zodiac sign

In zodiac amulets, the cat’s eye is considered a universal stone, which can be worn by representatives of all signs without exception. But the gem has the most effective effect on those whose horoscope is Pisces, Cancer or Scorpio. For representatives of these signs, the stone will become a powerful amulet that can ward off trouble from them. Who else is the mineral suitable for? Astrologers recommend using a cat’s eye as a talisman for women born under the constellation Libra. Their sparkling stone will make them more attractive and graceful in the eyes of men. Those people whose zodiac sign is not included in the list of lucky ones should not despair. The digital maniac will bring good luck to them, but in order to gain favor from him, they need to treat him with love and respect.

To maximize the properties of the stone, you need to wear it during daylight hours, allowing the sun’s rays to reflect from its surface. The mineral must be in contact with the body of its owner, otherwise there will be no benefit from it. The gem is considered a loner and loves to be worn separately from other stones. When combined with other minerals, its beauty fades and its magical properties are reduced.

The modern jewelry industry produces a lot of jewelry with this gem. In stores you can easily buy rings, earrings, pendants, beads, and bracelets with a cat’s eye. Most often the mineral is sold in silver cut. Experts believe that the white noble metal allows the extraordinary properties of the gem to be revealed best. When purchasing jewelry with this mineral, you need to choose only high-quality products and remember that you can find many synthetic analogues of the stone on sale today. The imitation of digital stones is cheaper than the natural mineral, and therefore enjoys good popularity among consumers. But when purchasing a fake stone, you must remember that it will not help the owner in any way.

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