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What is calcite used for in everyday life?

This chemical composition is trimorphic in nature, occurring in addition to the mineral calcite in the form of the minerals aragonite and vaterite.

The mineral calcite forms a series of solid solutions with rhodochrosite – MnCO3.

Sample photos


Intergrowth of calcite crystals

Photo upload date: 2012-07-24


Syngony: Trigonal
Composition (formula): CaCO3

Colorless, white with various shades: pink (Mn), yellowish (Fe), bluish, greenish, apple green (Ni).
Allochromatic color: black (organic), red (hematite), yellow (hydrogoethite).

Trait Color (Powder Color): White
Transparency: Transparent, Translucent, Opaque
Cleavage: Perfect
Fracture: Uneven, Conchoidal, Stepped
Gloss: Matte, Pearlescent, Glass
Hardness: 3
Specific gravity, g/cm3: 2,7102 – measured; 2,711-calculated
Special features:

Selection form

The mineral calcite forms isometric crystals of rhombohedral and scalenohedral habit, less commonly lamellar or columnar crystals; aggregates are solid, granular, cryptocrystalline, thin-lamellar to scaly, columnar, fine-fibrous; sinter crusts; Druze; oolites, nodules; pseudomorphoses in various minerals.
Calcite occurs in the form of stalactites, stalagmites, cave pearls, helectites, and branched clusterites.
Calcite is characterized by intergrowth twins and polysynthetic twins.

Main diagnostic signs

Light color. Step fracture. Cleavage in three directions (along the rhombohedron); rhombohedral punches; twin hatching on the cleavage planes parallel to the long diagonal of the rhombus. Low hardness. The reaction with cold hydrochloric acid proceeds with the release of carbon dioxide bubbles.

Related Minerals

The mineral calcite is found in association with sulfides Cu, Pb, Zn, Co, Ni, Ag, Bi, and sulfosalts; zeolites, chlorites, sericite, barite, native copper, quartz; cinnabar, stibnite, fluorite (low- and medium-temperature hydrothermal origin); dolomite, fluorite, phlogopite, apatite, magnetite, pyrochlore, Cu, Pb, Zn sulfides (igneous origin); hematite, magnetite, chlorites; phlogopite, spinel, corundum, plagioclase (during regional and contact metamorphism).


The mineral calcite is formed under the conditions of the magmatic process of mineral formation in calcite carbonatites; in hydrothermal low- and medium-temperature processes; as a result of regional, contact metamorphism (formation of marbles and calciphyres); in exogenous conditions during sedimentary chemogenic (limestones, marls) and biogenic (chalk) formation processes; as a result of precipitation from mineralized sources (travertines); Calcite may form in weathering crusts and oxidation zones of ore deposits.
The mineral calcite is relatively stable in surface conditions and dissolves slowly in water. During metamorphism in the presence of SiO2 transforms into wollastonite.


The mineral calcite is a common rock-forming mineral, widely known in of Russia (Oskol, Belgorod region; Mikhailovskoye, Kursk region; Podolsk, Moscow region; Voronezh region; Yulia Svintsova, Khakassia; Tatar massif, Krasnoyarsk region; Transbaikal region; Slyudyanka, Tazheransky massif, Korshunovskoye, Irkutsk region; Murun massif, Tomtor massif, Yakutia ; Krasnodar region; Belorechenskoye, Adygea; Khibinsky, Kovdorsky massif, Kola Peninsula, Eastern Sayany; England (Alston Moor, Egremont; Frizington, Cumbria; Weardale, Durham; at Liskeard, Cornwall); Germany (St. Andreasberg, Harz Mountains; Freiberg, Saxony); Mexico (Santa Eulalia; Areponapuchic Canyon, Chihuahua; Guanajuato; Charcas, San Luis Potosi); Romania (Herja, Baia Mare district); USA, Arizona (Bisbee, Cochise Co.), Kansas (Galena, Cherokee Co.), Michigan (Hancock, Houghton Co.; Phoenix mine, Keeweenaw Co.), Oklahoma (Picher, Ottawa Co.); , New York (Rossie and Balmat, St. Lawrence Co.).


Calcite is used in construction (production of cement and lime), metallurgy (as a flux in iron smelting), agriculture, and optics.

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