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What is Gemini s birthstone?

Date: 22.05 – 21.06
Element: Air
Planet: Mercury
Mascot: mask. key
Color: yellow, lilac, gray, brown, green
Stones: Tourmaline, Amazonite, Rock crystal, Moonstone, Citrine, Amber Geminis are cheerful, witty and creative. They are under the influence of Mercury. They learn easily, are curious and actively explore new things. Excellent speakers and interlocutors, it’s always interesting to be with them. Geminis are characterized by duality, they can love and hate at the same time. Thanks to this quality, they can assess the situation from two sides at once. They often doubt themselves and their abilities, and do not always understand the nature of their feelings. But this does not stop them from enjoying life. Their main motto is “Live!”

The main talismans for Gemini

Tourmaline Tourmaline protects against bad thoughts, rash actions and dangers. This beautiful stone is beneficial influences Gemini, directing their energy in the right direction. The mineral creates a feeling of inner peace and helps you better understand your feelings. Pink or red tourmaline strengthens the family and improves relationships between household members. It will be an excellent amulet of love feelings. Also for single Geminis it will be a good ally in search of a soul mate. This mineral gives its owner courage and determination. He is able to prolong youth. For Gemini, Amazonite will bring peace, happiness and serenity into life. The stone will give Gemini a feeling of stability and security. The mineral will help to reveal your talent and realize your abilities. With the help of this gem, Gemini can resolve any issue in their favor. As a talisman, the mineral will help you get back on your feet, strengthen your position and improve your financial situation. Amazonite helps with insomnia, depression and helps improve health. Its particular influence was noticed on the vascular system. Rhinestone Rock crystal will bring Gemini success in love. Will endow them with eloquence and attentiveness to others. The transparent mineral activates mental abilities and helps you concentrate on the task at hand. The stone is an excellent talisman for Gemini. It improves their positive aspects: flexibility, sociability and nobility. It is believed that rock crystal can give its owner the gift of clairvoyance. It clears the mind and drives away negative energy. Moonstone This mysterious mineral has a gentle effect on its owner, helping to control his violent emotions. He softens the twins’ excessive straightforwardness. Helps them look inside themselves and better understand their desires. The mineral will help Gemini become more diligent. As a talisman, moonstone will help you find love or strengthen existing relationships. It will help Geminis in love to better understand their partner and protect them from deception and betrayal. This gem will harmonize the nervous system and help get out of melancholy. Helps calm emotional distress. In ancient times, citrine was considered the philosopher’s stone. The mineral gives its owner confidence, eloquence and the gift of persuasion. Sunstone helps to achieve success in creativity. For Gemini, he will be an excellent money talisman. The gem has a beneficial effect on mental abilities. He can awaken the gift of clairvoyance. The warm energy of the stone removes negativity and restores your emotional state. Amber is a stone that bestows wisdom and tranquility. It is this mineral that can protect Gemini from rash actions. Amber gives its owner vital energy, but on the other hand it can protect Gemini from unnecessary expenditure of energy. With the help of this stone, it is easier for an air sign to complete the work they have begun. As a talisman, amber protects against negative information. And it will help you make the right decision. Thanks to the sun stone, it will be easier to switch from one task to another.

Talisman stones by date of birth

The first decade from 22.05 to 31.05 is ruled by Jupiter. Geminis born in the first decade are characterized by developed analytical abilities. They may show some stubbornness and selfishness towards loved ones. Malachite, tourmaline, citrine will help them enhance positive traits and smooth out negative ones. The second decade 1.06 to 10.06 is under the influence of Mars. This militant planet awarded Gemini with determination and quick temper. They are recommended to wear agate, beryl and chrysoprase stones. Those born in the third decade from 11.06 and 21.06 are the chosen ones of the Sun. These Geminis simply radiate optimism, they are sociable and cheerful. To continue to warm your loved ones with your warmth, choose amber, tourmaline or emerald. Talisman stonesby date of birth: May 23 – chrysoprase May 24 – emerald May 25 – serpentine May 26 – lapis lazuli May 27 – amethyst May 28 – rock crystal May 30 – rock crystal June 1 – Hawkeye June 2 – obsidian June 4 – malachite June 5 – moonstone June 7 – Tiger’s Eye June 10 – chrysoberyl June 11 – amethyst June 12 – aventurine June 13 – rhodonite June 14 – olivine-peridot June 15 – amber June 16 – sardonyx June 18 – turquoise June 19 – beryl June 20 – hyacinth
June 21— amethyst

Minerals for Gemini Women

Gemini women are charming, full of energy and have a sharp mind. They may seem frivolous. They always honor sublimity. Yellow topaz will help you in your studies and career. It will protect you from unnecessary people and attract a soul mate in your life. Chrysoprase will protect the Gemini woman from heartbreak and attract good luck. The stone will also help you find true friends and reliable partners. The most favorable stone for Gemini women is amber. The mineral will charge its owner with positive energy, protect from troubles and give a feeling of peace.

What stones should you not wear?

Geminis are not recommended to wear dark-colored minerals. They are contraindicated: black pearls, black onyx, hematite. These stones can “suck” energy from their owner. The serpentine can have a detrimental effect on Gemini, inclining them to vicious behavior. Green jasper can attract misfortune and will have a depressing effect on its owner. Burgundy-dark garnet, when worn for a long time, will bring sadness and loneliness for Gemini. At all times, jewelry served as talismans, amulets and amulets, which is why today we are interested in whether this or that stone is suitable for us. One of the most popular principles for selecting jewelry with inserts is the combination of stones with the sign of the Zodiac. The main gemstones of Gemini are emerald, sapphire and topaz. They gain the greatest power as an amulet when worn in a ring on the ring finger. In addition, turquoise, garnet, coral, peridot, crystal, and jasper are suitable for representatives of this zodiac sign. For a woman of the Gemini sign, moonstone and pearls are relevant. Of the precious metals, white gold is ideal for Gemini.

Emerald for Gemini

The planet of Gemini is Mercury, its stone is called emerald. This is why this green mineral is essential for this zodiac sign. Children of Mercury are active and active, often to the point of fussiness. Emerald calms the nerves, relaxes, and focuses. Under its influence, a representative of the air sign of the Zodiac becomes more effective and learns to finish what he starts. Stud earrings with natural emerald are perfect for an aspiring businesswoman or an ambitious career woman. Emerald is the stone of optimists. Geminis, who are often passionate about something or someone, have to constantly endure disappointment in their hobbies. During a period of emotional decline, a green crystal will help to perk up. Upset about something? A gold runner pendant with an emerald will help restore peace of mind.

Sapphire for Gemini

Geminis sometimes lack responsibility: their airy nature makes them forget about obligations. Sapphire enhances the sense of duty, makes the owner more obligatory and constant in his passions. In addition, this gem will help conserve energy and prevent it from being wasted. That is why a Gemini woman can be advised to wear a white gold ring with sapphires not only as a stylish accessory, but also as a talisman during serious negotiations and important business meetings.

Topaz for Gemini

Topaz is a stone with positive energy, bringing the owner a feeling of happiness. This is a talisman of enjoying the simple pleasures of life – the closeness of a loved one, the taste of food, the beauty of nature. Topaz will slow down a little the impetuous Gemini, who sometimes are too busy with their grandiose plans to live here and now. Geminis are people with limitless imagination, and often it takes them too far. Topaz will help curb racing thoughts and make dreams more real and achievable. It also helps strengthen friendship, which is very important for flighty “twins” who always have many acquaintances, but few real friends. Full of romance, a heart-shaped gold ring with topaz or beautiful evening drop earrings with topaz – which jewelry do you prefer?

Gemini birthstones by decade

  • 1st decade (from May 22 to 31) – emerald, jasper;
  • 2nd decade (from June 1 to June 10) – rock crystal, garnet, topaz;
  • 3rd decade (from June 11 to 21) – pearls, moonstone (for Gemini woman), sapphire.

Those who believe in the magic of stones claim that only natural crystals can have a positive effect on a person. You can buy jewelry with inserts of natural origin in Diva stores in St. Petersburg! The beauty of precious stones, multiplied by the elegance of a stylish frame, will become the magical secret of your charm!


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