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What is high-quality jewelry called?

Luxury jewelry is perhaps the most interesting alternative to family jewelry. It is indispensable in situations where handmade jewelry would simply look out of place. This is a great addition to a formal business suit or casual look. Such jewelry always looks stylish and expensive, since it is always produced in only one copy. Moreover, unlike flashy jewelry, luxury jewelry will not look provocative even during the day.
Types and features of unusual jewelry
There can never be too much jewelry, and unusual jewelry becomes the best helper for girls in this case. With its help, you can look bright and unusual every day, always being in the center of attention. Road jewelry looks especially impressive in this case. The whole variety of such decorations can be divided into 2 large groups:
Elite jewelry. To make it, gold or silver plating and decoration with colored enamel are used. The expressive “highlight” of such jewelry is the use of unique Swarovski crystals, which realistically imitate real diamonds, rubies, sapphires and other precious stones.

Jewelry. For very special occasions, jewelry using elegant semi-precious stones is ideal. Such jewelry often serves as a talisman. It can be worn almost every day, combined with casual clothes or a formal business suit.
High-quality jewelry of this type is distinguished primarily by the thickness of gold or silver plating. Most often, 750 gold or 925 silver is used for this, which are applied in 3 to 6 layers. Expensive jewelry includes:
– necklaces (necklaces, pendants, pendants);
– hand jewelry (bracelets, rings);
– brooches;
– earrings;
Jewelry sets (most often include necklaces and earrings).
According to thematic design, luxury or jewelry jewelry can be made:
in the Greek style (with a lot of curls and the finest engraving);
with natural motifs (leaves, flowers, butterflies or cicadas);
in retro style (intricate weaves and lattices combined with semi-precious stones).
Classic-style sets that include earrings and a necklace or earrings and a pendant look great. This allows you to easily purchase jewelry designed in the same style.
Advantages of luxury and jewelry
Another important advantage of expensive jewelry is that it is easy to match with almost any look. Naturally, even the most democratic jewelry will not harmoniously combine with a tracksuit. But in all other, sometimes even the most unexpected cases, its use is quite appropriate.

Expensive jewelry has the following important advantages:
unlike collectible jewelry, it fits perfectly with clothes, shoes and accessories of any style;
any decoration of this type is unique because it was created in a single copy;
has a lower cost compared to jewelry.
Statement rings, bracelets, earrings, brooches and necklaces are distinguished by their unusual design and craftsmanship. Properly selected luxury jewelry is a sign of good taste and allows you to look impeccable even in the most ordinary situation. If desired, they can even be used to complement jewelry made of gold or silver using precious stones.

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