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What is more expensive: white or pink pearls?

Pearls have always symbolized power, wisdom and wealth. The only precious stone created by a living being, pearls hold a special place in our hearts. It is amazing that such beauty has such humble origins. At the same time, it is not surprising that such a unique object is called the King of Gems. Once upon a time, pearls were incredibly rare, and only very rich people could afford them. But when humanity learned to cultivate pearls about a hundred years ago, they became more accessible to the general public. See all exclusive jewelry in the section. The quality criteria for pearls are as strict as for other gemstones, and there are seven of them: size, shape, color, luster, mother-of-pearl quality, surface quality and, in the case of bracelets, necklaces, etc., the compatibility of individual pearls . Moreover, each pearl is unique and cannot be assessed according to some kind of mathematical scale or checklist. Special historical factors that influence the final cost of pearls are also included in the assessments. Today we will talk about the 10 most expensive and exclusive pearls in the world.

10. Cartier Double Row Pearl Necklace – $1 Million

You may be surprised, but the house of Cartier was created precisely because of pearls. French jeweler Pierre Cartier has already become famous for his creations made from precious stones. And he was looking for a store to show his masterpieces to the elite of New York. One millionaire made him a unique offer: he would give him his mansion on Fifth Avenue for just $100 and the most valuable pearl necklace that the millionaire’s wife had her eye on. This two-row necklace of 128 pearls took several years to assemble, as all the pearls match each other perfectly in size and color, creating two exquisite rows. There are 55 pearls in one row, 73 in the second. At that time, its value was a million dollars.

9. Unique three-row natural pearl necklace – $1,4 million

This exquisite three-row pearl necklace was auctioned at Christie’s in 2013 as part of the New York Magnificent Jewels collection. It consists of 180 natural pearls with a diameter of 4,95 to 11,5 mm. The pearls are stunning on their own, but the necklace itself also features a diamond and emerald clasp.

8. Incredible five-row natural pearl necklace – $1,7 million

A year before the necklace above, this was also auctioned at Christie’s. It consists of 63 natural pearls of calibrated size on the smallest row, then there is a row with 68 pearls, then with 72, and on the fourth and fifth rows there are 73 natural pearls with a diameter of 4,1 to 11,35 mm. Instead of the usual clasp with diamonds, there is an exquisite golden-blue silk cord.

7. Lao Tzu’s Pearls – $3,5 million

These pearls are considered to be the largest natural pearls ever found by man. It is sometimes called the “Pearl of Allah.” It was found in the 1930s off the coast of the Philippines. This giant weighs more than 6 kg! While it doesn’t have the luster or smooth shape of a regular pearl, it’s priced right at $3,5 million.

6. Darling Double Necklace – $3,7 million

The necklace consists of 120 natural pearls and ranges in color from light cream to white with hints of pink and green. Individual pearls are arranged on a longer row and their diameter ranges from 6,5 to 12,25 mm. The clasp with a 3-carat diamond from Cartier only adds value. At Christie’s auction in 2012, the necklace went for $3,7 million.

5. Big Pink Pearl – $4,7 million

Discovered in 1990, the Big Pink pearl is a natural Abalone pearl renowned for its stunning size: 470 carats! Abalone pearls come in all colors of the rainbow and are also silver. As you may have noticed, this one has an iridescent pink hue. The diver who found the pearl, Wesley Rankin, still owns it.

4. Exotic Cowdray pearls – 5,3 million

Natural white or ivory pearls are already unique, but natural gray pearls take an even higher level of rarity and exclusivity. Although gray is too simple a word to describe this beauty. There are shades of pink, green, and purple. Only three types of oysters produce these rare stones. This necklace is 43,2 cm long and consists of 38 pearls ranging in size from 6,8 to 11,4 mm. It once belonged to Viscountess Cowdray. In 2002, it was sold at Christie’s for $3,3 million, and then again in 2015 for $5,3 million. We have a similar pearl necklace in our store.

3. Double Row Baroda Necklace – $7,1 Million

Like many other precious pearls, this double row Baroda necklace has a long history. It consists of pearls that were once owned by the Indian Maharaja of Baroda and was part of a 7-row necklace called Saath Lahda. All 68 pearls match each other perfectly in size, color and shape. The pearls are especially large, ranging from 10 to 16 mm in diameter. The diamond clasp bears Cartier’s signature. The necklace was sold in 2007 for $7,1 million.

2. La Peregrina – $11,8 million

“La Peregrina” means “pilgrim” in Spanish, which is perfect for this well-traveled gem. It was found in the Gulf of Panama in the mid-1500s and given to King Philip II of Spain, who offered it to Queen Mary I of England as a wedding gift. When she died, Queen Elizabeth I returned it to Spain, where it remained part of the crown for 250 years. Then Joseph Bonaparte, Napoleon’s brother and ruler of Spain for five years, took the pearls with him when he lost his crown to France. Joseph gave the pearls to his nephew, who became Napoleon III. In England he sold it to the Duke of Abercorn. The necklace was lost twice at Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle. It then headed back across the Atlantic Ocean. Actor Richard Burton bought it in 1969 for just $37. He gave it to his then-wife Elizabeth Taylor for Valentine’s Day. While she adored her “perfect pearl,” she also admitted that she lost it for a while in Las Vegas. The necklace is prized for its perfect pear-shaped pearls and crisp white color. In 000, La Peregrina was sold at Christie’s for $2011 million.

1. The most expensive pearl in the world – Beauty of the Ocean – $139 million

There is the Great Wall of China, and there is the Great Ball of China. A huge green pearl, 1,5 meters high and weighing 6 tons, was presented in China in 2010. Man-made from glow-in-the-dark green fluorite, the world’s largest cultured pearl took 3 years to create. If you liked the article “The 10 most expensive pearls in the world” and you want to buy an expensive and worthy gift for yourself or a loved one, send a request to WhatsUp or phone +7-903-749-4000.

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Check out the new arrivals of gifts every month. “BoKaDo” – Wealth, Quality, Dignity. Pink, white, black or champagne? What type of pearl is considered the most valuable? Experts evaluate the quality of pearls not only by color, but also by their shape, size, luster and thickness of the nacre layer. There are several varieties of pearls that provide the highest quality mineral in all these parameters. Variety Cortes Cortez pearls are produced by two species of shellfish in the Gulf of California: Pinctada Mazatlanica and Pteria sterna. This type of black pearl has been known since the time of Columbus. There were legends among sailors about the existence of the mythical Sea of ​​Pearl, where at the bottom there is a countless amount of valuable sea stone. In 1533, the Spanish conqueror Cortes equipped an expedition in search of legendary riches. Pearls were found, and their value soared above gold, silver and spices combined. In 1993, the cultivation of Cortez pearls began in Mexico using patented technologies. The pearl grows for 2 years, another 2 years are required to grow the mollusk itself. The process is long – there are no guarantees for the result. What is it good for? Large pearls – from 8 to 14 mm. Stunning color: noble brown-gray with a black metallic sheen. Pearls of Tahiti Today, these amazing pearls are cultivated off the coast of French Polynesia. Only one mollusk in the world is capable of creating this miracle of nature – Pinctada margaritifera, also often called the “Black-lipped mollusk”. The entire cultivation process takes 18 months. What is it good for? Large stones: from 10 to 20 mm. The latter are rare and are considered a real exclusive! Rich colors: gray, green, brown, gold and blue shades. A rare type of pearl, since the species of mollusk that produces Tahitian pearls takes root very poorly and often dies. South Sea Pearl This type of pearl is considered the best in the world. Jewelers and wealthy buyers adore it. One pearl of this type can cost from several thousand to several tens of thousands of dollars. South Sea pearls are produced by 4 species of mollusks. The most valuable pearls are created by the largest oyster – Pinctada Maxima. This hardworking creature gives the world a magnificent mineral of gold and silver hues. The most expensive color is rich gold. Pearls can reach a size of 25 mm, and are considered the largest. The mollusks that create the perfect South Sea pearl are fickle creatures. The slightest deviation in the temperature and purity of warm ocean waters means the magical mineral is lost. Therefore, these creatures live in the cleanest places of the Indian and Pacific oceans: off the coast of Myanmar, Indonesia, Australia and the Philippines. South Sea Pearls uses the jewelry brand MIKIMOTO in its creations. What is it good for? Delightful color range: pastel shades of white, pink, gold and champagne. The mother-of-pearl layer reaches 6 mm! Thanks to this property, South Sea pearls are highly durable. The mineral has a luxurious matte shine. In the article we talked about the most expensive types of pearls, the price of which starts from several thousand dollars and above. But dreams must come true, and becoming the owner of pearl perfection is not so difficult. Visit ourgold.ru and treat yourself to the perfect pearl jewelry!

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