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What is more profitable to sell gold or take it to a pawnshop?

Competently selling gold is a process that will require you to spend some free time. You will need to figure out where to sell the item at a higher price, which of the many pawn shops to go to, and in what form to hand over the item (as a unique valuable piece of jewelry or as scrap). Of course, everyone wants to make the most profitable and competent deal.

Ways to sell gold products

When selling any gold item, be it earrings, a ring or a coin, the first thing the appraiser will pay attention to is the purity (pure gold content in the alloy). The most common today are 585, 750 and 985 samples. The higher the percentage of gold in your item, the higher its price. Thus, a gold bar weighing 10 grams costs more than thirty thousand rubles. Depending on what specific item you want to sell, there are several places you can go:

  1. Bank. Gold is accepted here only in the form of coins and bars. Keep in mind that the bank has the right to refuse a purchase if there is no gold certificate or if the product has noticeable damage.
  2. Auction. You can sell anything at auction. But be prepared to pay a commission to the organizers – as a rule, it is 15% of the cost of the lot.
  3. Jewelry or consignment store. You can sell gold jewelry or gold watches here for further melting or resale if the product is in good condition. But you will have to hunt for the best price.
  4. Pawnshop. The best option if you need money right now, but you don’t want to waste time analyzing the market and finding a worthy buyer. In a pawnshop you can not only sell, but also pawn any gold product.
  5. Private individuals. The most labor-intensive option, which, nevertheless, is suitable for owners of unique antique jewelry – it is best to sell such things to collectors.

The most common items for sale are rings, coins and bars. Each of these items has its own selling rules.

How and to whom to sell a gold ring

If you don’t need money very urgently, you can take the ring to a thrift store. There, your jewelry will be assessed, put on the counter and searched for a suitable buyer. You can receive money for the ring only after it is sold – and this process can take more than one week.

If you want to resolve the issue quickly, you should use the services of a pawnshop. Here the estimated value of the ring will be lower than when selling through a store. But you will receive the money instantly. Even if you bring a gold ring with a diamond, an honest pawnshop will value the stone separately from the gold, and you will know the exact value of the entire piece of jewelry.

How to sell gold coins profitably and correctly

There are several options for selling gold coins, and they are all equally good. The first and most obvious option is thematic websites and clubs dedicated to numismatics. So, if you want to sell gold coins of Nicholas 2 (a rare, collectible item), then you will certainly find a worthy owner in the numismatist community.

Another option is to take the gold coins to the bank. For example, if you want to sell the most popular coin in Russia at the moment, “St. George the Victorious,” the bank will willingly accept it, but only if it has a certificate. An additional advantage will be unopened packaging – in this case, the bank will pay the maximum cost.

You can take the coins to a pawnshop, but they will most likely accept them at the price of scrap – the owner of the coin is unlikely to find such a deal profitable.

How to sell found gold: auction, jewelry store or pawnshop

If you are lucky enough to find gold jewelry, your best bet is to sell it to a pawn shop. An auction, a jewelry store, and even more so a bank are unlikely to buy something from a person that he simply found. Private individuals also rarely purchase items “without history,” for fear of running into a fake.

In a pawnshop, it will take no more than 15 minutes to complete the transaction, and according to the legislation of the Russian Federation, the documents you will need are a passport. In your presence, a specialist will determine the gold standard, assess the overall condition of the jewelry and give its approximate value.

If the item has precious stone inserts, the final price will include their cost as well. It is important to make sure that the pawn shop you choose works with experts in the field of gemstone valuation.


The easiest and fastest way to sell gold is to deal with a pawnshop. When choosing an establishment, pay attention to the specialists who work in the pawnshop, the price per gram of gold and whether the pawnshop has at least a three-year history.

In order not to make a mistake with your choice and not become a victim of scammers, it is best to contact large chain pawnshops. One such pawnshop is Sunlight. Here you can get an accurate and honest assessment of any, even the most complex product, and not only get money for it, but also exchange it for a newer and more modern piece of jewelry.

Many people invest in precious metals. This is a safe way to preserve capital. The cost does not depend on exchange rates and is appreciated regardless of the economic situation. But sooner or later the time comes when investments have to be cashed out. A natural question arises, where is it more profitable to hand over stocks in order to receive not only saved money, but also profit. Let’s try to figure out the problem.

Where to start?

First of all, you should study the market situation, analyze the dynamics of pricing and demand. If increased interest is noted, you can start looking for a place to sell.

If prices, on the contrary, are unreasonably low, we recommend that you take your time. Wait for a more favorable moment. This condition applies not only to ingots.

How is the cost formed?

It is known that the weight value of a product changes regularly, and fluctuations can occur several times a day. This fact is influenced by:

  • volume of supplies to the world market;
  • dollar exchange rate against the ruble;
  • demand among investors;
  • activity of state banks in countries with stable and developed economies;
  • influence of the London Stock Exchange.

In our country, the price indicator for precious metals is set by the Central Bank. This happens every day after 10 am. Based on the rate announced by the Central Bank, other financial and credit organizations set their prices. But they add interest rate. Ingots and coins can be purchased and sold profitably.

In addition, the form of gold is taken into account when pricing. It can be in the form of ingots, scrap, jewelry, etc. It is important that a sample is present. This is an indicator of quality and purity.

You can find out the price per gram on gold buying and receiving sites. Thus, the website of the Charoit pawnshop in Penza has a built-in calculator. Anyone wishing to sell or pawn an object needs to enter data on weight and fineness, and he will find out the approximate cost.

Please note that this is not the final result. The appraiser needs to inspect the item being surrendered to determine its condition.

What to do if the sample is missing?

If the tag is missing, it will be difficult to sell the item. But there is a way out. You should consider offers from pawnshop organizations or jewelry workshops.

The staff includes appraisers. They will conduct an examination and independently determine the ratio of impurities and precious metal. Depending on the result obtained, the price will be announced to the customer.

It also happens that the owner does not even suspect that he is storing a high-quality imitation. In this case, the expert will inform him about the fake. The deal will not take place.

Where is it profitable to sell gold: options and advantages

Certain types of organizations and individuals are engaged in the acquisition of precious metals. Before handing over your inventory, you should carefully study the offers of all potential buyers and only then enter into an agreement.


They take any form that has value. So, in “Charoit” they will take gold regardless of its condition and type. No one will require quality certificates.

If the client urgently needs money, but he plans to return the rental property, you can draw up an agreement to borrow funds against collateral. In the future, the seller will buy back his property, returning the borrowed finances with interest.

If the client knows that he will not buy anything back, it is better to sell it right away. It’s more profitable.

The appraiser will examine the sample and make a conclusion. The outcome will be influenced by factors such as:

  • the weight;
  • try;
  • state;
  • loan term;
  • the form.

All adult citizens can apply here. You will need to provide a passport. Without identification, the transaction is impossible.

Buying up

They are engaged in buying scrap and gold items for the purpose of subsequent resale to jewelry workshops or pawnshop companies. Here is the lowest rate. This is justified. Otherwise, the activities of such establishments will not be profitable.

The advantage is that it is possible to get rid of scraps, parts of jewelry, and dentures. Experts say that organizations accept the precious metal at a price one and a half to two times lower than the market price.

Internet auctions

Pawn shops sell unclaimed gold here. It is unlikely that you will be able to personally hand over an item to an auction. But you can buy good, high-quality jewelry.

Only original, exclusive jewelry in excellent condition is exhibited. Persons who have reached the age of majority are allowed to participate in the process.

Also, to take part in the auction, you can call the specified phone number or send an electronic application.

Consignment specialty stores

They specialize in the sale of jewelry purchased from private individuals under a contract. The seller receives income only if the item is successfully sold.

If the goods cannot be sold, they are returned to the owner. The profit of commission merchants comes mainly from interest.


You can sell bars or coins here. Jewelry or figurines will not be accepted. Samples must be in excellent condition with no obvious defects. They will also be required to provide a certificate.

Selling stocks to banks is not always convenient. The population generally has jewelry, but the financial and credit organization does not purchase it.


Sales can be complicated by finding the right seller. There is a high risk of running into a scammer. In addition, private receptionists are interested in collectible exhibits. They will not deal with scrap or damaged products.

Thus, it is wisest to turn to pawn shops. Let’s note their advantages:

  • speed of transaction;
  • availability of a minimum of documents;
  • the opportunity to return the deposit;
  • money will be received instantly;
  • the opportunity to sell precious metals in any form and condition.

“Charoit” receives flattering reviews from customers. They are satisfied with the work of the experts and the results obtained.

What is more profitable to sell?

Practice shows that very often you can see gold bars, coins and rings on sale. These are completely different products, each of which has separate implementation rules. Let’s look at them in more detail.

Secrets of profitable sale of gold coins

Coins are always in demand, especially if they are made of gold. The most obvious options for selling them are clubs, forums and sites where numismatists gather. And if rare coins are available, then the owner will be found for them very quickly on the indicated resources.

A good option would be to sell coins to a bank. But only if you have truly interesting specimens on hand. For example, the famous coin “St. George the Victorious”. Any bank will probably want to buy it. The caveat is that he will require a certificate of authenticity from the owner. And it’s even better if the product is in a sealed package – then you can get the maximum amount for it.

If there is no certificate, and you need to sell the coin urgently, the pawnshop remains. But you should understand that they will evaluate the product at the cost of scrap.

Options for selling gold rings

The most obvious way to sell jewelry like this is through consignment stores. In such establishments, products are always correctly priced and displayed on special counters. The downside is that sellers receive funds only after the goods are sold. And this sometimes takes weeks and even months.

You can sell the ring much faster through a pawnshop, but the price will probably be lower. You will have to compromise and lose money. But they will be in your hands immediately after applying.

IMPORTANT: Particular care should be taken when selling diamond rings to a pawn shop. Serious organizations always evaluate drugs separately. metal and stones. This allows owners to understand how much their property is actually worth.

Where and how can you sell the gold you find?

Gold jewelry is found quite often. And everyone has a question: where can such things be implemented quickly and safely? Banks and stores are immediately eliminated, since they are unlikely to be interested in used jewelry.

There are message boards where you can find a buyer. But he will probably ask for documents confirming the metal sample. And for this you will have to go somewhere and pay money. It is much easier to take the items to a pawnshop. An honest establishment will value gold at a very high price, and it will carry out the valuation itself. All you need to sell is a passport and a few minutes of time.

And if someone is lucky enough to find jewelry with diamonds, then their cost will almost certainly be substantial. True, in this case you will have to look for a specialized pawnshop that has qualified specialists in precious stones.

What to do with the crowbar?

It can not only be sold. Many owners who have accumulated a certain amount of scrap become buyers in jewelry stores. Retail outlets provide the opportunity to exchange old, damaged jewelry or scrap jewelry for new ones. Sometimes an additional payment is required.

The assessment is made without taking into account the presence of stones.

Some people turn to melters. You will have to pay from 500 to 1000 rubles for the service. The process takes a long time. Sometimes a month or even more passes. The price factor is influenced by conditions such as:

  • the complexity of a jewelry masterpiece;
  • sample (amount of impurities);
  • weight according to the result.

Workshops can increase the percentage and weight of the final product by adding pure Aurum to the alloy. You must pay extra for the service.

A suitable option is to take advantage of pawnshop offers. They will also accept scrap here. If you need a new product, you can get acquainted with the offered assortment and, if necessary, make an additional payment or choose jewelry in a jewelry store.

Where does unredeemed gold go?

Unredeemed valuables are primarily sold in the State Treasury of the National Bank and the State Storage of Precious Metals and Stones of the Ministry of Finance.

If it was not possible to sell the precious metal to these organizations, pawnshops transfer them for melting to industrial institutions.

The law prohibits the sale of unredeemed jewelry. But the owners find a way out and sell them to citizens.

Where to sell gold is more expensive and profitable

It depends on the type of gold, its condition, the timing available to the seller, and the final result. Although all organizations are assessed using almost the same criteria, the cost varies significantly.

Banks will offer the highest price provided you have bullion or coins. It’s best to go to where you purchased them. Elsewhere they may refuse.

Any type will be accepted for purchase, but the conditions often do not suit the sellers.

Private individuals will only take exclusive, rare samples that are of interest to collectors.

Owners of gold watches turn to buyers depending on what format they are. Pocket species that have historical and collectible value can be sold at a profit to collectors or you can try to sell them through auction sites.

Wristwatches are most often handed over to loan offices or put up for auction. Collectors of rarities will be happy to purchase premium options. They are produced in limited editions; such copies are valuable for a certain category of people.

The most profitable and fastest way is to take Aurum to a pawnshop. The seller immediately receives the money, no quality certificates are needed, the item can be of either high or low quality.

What to do with dental crowns?

Dental crowns can be sold through pawn shops. They are made from 850 grade material. Prices vary from location to location. Even in Penza they can offer to buy dental gold at completely different prices.

In “Charoit” you can profitably sell crowns made of precious metal.

No other institutions are interested in crowns. They can only be melted down. But the low standard of prostheses will not greatly increase the value of the alloy.

Antique gold

Owners of antiques should first look for collectors. Rarities and exclusives will interest them. Some samples cost a fortune. Uninformed sellers may not even be aware of the real value of the item.

Before cashing out such options, you should contact appraisers. They will name the real price. Professional jewelry makers and experts will help you find a buyer.

What do owners of precious metals need to know?

Holders of values ​​must be guided by certain rules. Then it will be possible to sell the reserves safely and profitably. Remember:

Contact only reputable organizations. Do not sell jewelry by hand in passages, on the street, to random acquaintances. There is a high risk of running into scammers or receiving a small reward despite the rarity and exclusivity of the product.

Dental gold can be sold to pawn shops or purchases. Other institutions are not interested in it. Don’t waste time and contact the address immediately. Although the rates are much lower, this is the only way to get rid of unnecessary crowns.

Advantages of contacting Charoit

“Charoit” has a number of advantages over other institutions of this type. That is why those who want to act for their own benefit most often come here. Let’s note the main advantages:

  1. The highest score in the city was recorded.
  2. There was a low interest rate on the loan agreement.
  3. Located in convenient places. They are easy to reach from anywhere in Penza.
  4. Bonuses and special programs are provided for regular customers.
  5. The safety of the pledged property is guaranteed. It is insured and stored in secure safes.
  6. For registration you only need a passport.
  7. Qualified employees will appreciate the deposit and offer favorable conditions.

The staff of the Charoit network use the principle of an individual approach to each client. Here you will be able to sell or pledge gold on favorable terms with the possibility of subsequent redemption. You no longer have to waste time searching for the right buyer. The safety and legality of concluded transactions is guaranteed. The applicants do not have any problems. The cash you receive will help you out in difficult moments in life.

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