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What is mother of pearl in jewelry?

From pink to emerald green, from red to golden, from sky blue to violet and even black – mother-of-pearl tints fascinate with their extraordinary beauty. Watching the play of shades is a pleasure, and wearing it means attracting good luck, living in prosperity and absolute harmony. More about jewelry with mother of pearl find out from the article prepared by the editors of the Ukrzoloto blog

What is mother of pearl

Once a grain of sand gets into the shell of a mollusk, after a while it turns into a beautiful pearl. A perlmutter – “mother of pearls”. The name of mother of pearl conveys the essence of its formation. This is the inner layer of the shell of a sea or freshwater mollusk, in which a pearl is formed: thin plates of arogonite or calcium carbonate, immersed in an organic compound – conchiolin. The shell releases mother-of-pearl even when there is no foreign body in it. How long can it exist product with mother of pearl? The correct answer – more than 40 thousand years – is confirmed by finds from the tombs of Ancient Egypt. In Ancient Rome, mother of pearl was valued just as much as pearls. The Middle Ages was a time when furniture was decorated with mother-of-pearl, weapons were inlaid, crosses, icons and cups were made from it. Over time, mother-of-pearl began to decorate cutlery, buttons on the clothes of noble gentlemen, interior items, women’s fans, combs and even fabrics. Girls used pearlescent powder to improve their complexion. And in the 18th century, mother-of-pearl tincture gained fame as an elixir of youth.

Types of mother of pearl

They can be divided into exactly two: river and sea. The mineral of marine origin is highly valued because it comes in a wide variety of shapes, colors and sizes. * The most valuable shell is heliotis. Another name is Heliotis. With a bright exterior color and a pearlescent sheen of all the colors of the rainbow inside, this mollusk is an incredible creation of nature and one of the ornamental stones in jewelry. Heliotis can give you 150 pearls in a lifetime, and then become part of a beautiful necklace or bracelet. * Jewelry with mother of pearl made of heliotis is not afraid of shocks and exposure to high temperatures. But you shouldn’t deliberately expose it to the risk of damage. * Pearls and mother-of-pearl are not closely related in nature.

What color is mother of pearl?

Mother of pearl is of natural origin and its color palette is unusually rich due to the refraction of light on the scale-plates. Also characteristic of mother of pearl iridescence – is rainbow tints on a surface. And the gama depends on the composition of the water in which the shell was born. White, soft pink and pale blue – the most valuable types of mother of pearl. It gets its pink notes from manganese. Emerald and green, black and red, blue and gold, rich and delicate purple, seven-color rainbow tint – the property of unusually refracting light provides a wide palette of colors. Gray or natural black mother of pearl – the rarest variety. It is produced by the pinna mollusk. Gold jewelry with mother of pearl or silver with black inserts always look impressive: what to choose depends on your taste. Venna and “abalone” are the names of shellfish that produce purple and red mother-of-pearl, respectively. *Among all the richness of the play of color, the most valuable is considered white mother of pearl with blue and pink tints. The shade of the gem depends entirely on the chemical composition of the water in which the mollusk lives. The sea is a source of colorful radiance. Some mix of shades can be observed in freshwater inhabitants, but, for the most part, they are deprived of such luxurious diversity.

How mother of pearl is mined and processed

Retrieving a pearl shell from the seabed is a task for strong and resilient, specially trained divers. The Red Sea, the coasts of Mexico and Japan, the islands of Ceylon and Borneo, the Philippines, the eastern USA and Canada – pearls and, accordingly, mother-of-pearl are mined here. This process is practically inseparable. Read more about this in the article: Sea and river pearls: what is the difference. To process mother-of-pearl, you will need four craftsmen at once: an engraver, a molder, a carver and a polisher. When grinding, the material crumbles, because it consists of small scales. Therefore, the masters have to work. And only then the material will fall into the hands of the jeweler to become part of the jewelry.

Mother of pearl magic

Mother of pearl is special in terms of energy. There is nothing of darkness in it – all properties are exceptionally good. It’s as if nature itself put its light into every, even small, piece of mother-of-pearl. And among the most striking properties of mother-of-pearl: ✬ prolongs the life of its owner; ✬ fills the body with health, physical and emotional light strength; ✬ creates a barrier to external negative influence; ✬ develops intuition and creative talents; ✬ protects family happiness; ✬ fills the house with harmony, peace, comfort; ✬ promotes financial well-being.

The healing properties of mother of pearl

Modern lithotherapists recommend approaching the choice of jewelry as follows: ✬ on the chest in the form of a pendant – strengthens the heart; ✬ earrings – to improve hearing; ✬ pendant – protects the respiratory system and lungs; ✬ bracelet – protection and preventive effect on the entire body. Modern cosmetology has given ancient beauty recipes new life. Many famous brands produce products with natural mother-of-pearl particles for anti-aging facial skin care, combating age spots and freckles.

Zodiac and mother of pearl

The astrological meaning of mother-of-pearl is light, radiance, lightness, tenderness, kindness. Every person needs these qualities and every zodiac sign can wear jewelry with a gem. The only exception is Gemini – for them mother of pearl is completely neutral. Astrologers recommend wearing wide bracelets and large rings with mother-of-pearl inserts, as well as pendants and amulets during periods of difficulty – mother-of-pearl will help relieve tension, smooth out unevenness in relationships and direct the course of life to a haven of happiness. Wear it all the time jewelry with mother of pearl Recommended for Pisces and Aquarius.

How to care for jewelry with mother of pearl

From time to time, wipe the products with a soft cloth and rinse under warm running water. It is important that mother-of-pearl jewelry is resistant to soap and any cosmetics or perfume. You should also not clean mother-of-pearl with soda or other abrasives containing small particles. Which mother of pearl do you choose: delicate white or rainbow-colored type of gem? You will find all photos of jewelry, their detailed descriptions and characteristics in the Ukrzoloto online catalog: mother-of-pearl earrings and bracelets, brooches and necklaces shimmer with all the colors of the rainbow. Mother of pearl, unusual in nature, is an amazing result of the life activity of the inhabitants of the deep sea. Thanks to the ability of some mollusks to accumulate in their homes a substance that is unique in appearance and physical characteristics, today you can admire a rich palette of beautiful shades. The inner surface of the shells can be white-blue, pink or even black. And each of them, in turn, shimmers with golden and greenish, blue and gray highlights. Whether transparent or opaque, mother-of-pearl is equal parts dramatic, stunning and magnificent. Rotate the photo with your mouse or finger.

Description and properties of mother of pearl

The structure of mother-of-pearl is made up of only three components: lime carbonate with a small content of organic matter, and water. Hardness values ​​according to the Mohs scale range from 2,5 to 4,5, and the density of the gemstone is 2,7 g/cm3. The recent discovery of the true complexity of the structure of nacre allows us to talk about its even more promising future. The structure of sea stone has the peculiarity of the resulting compound of organic and inorganic matter. It is surprising how usually fragile compounds of inorganic substances, with their percentage predominance, were able to form such a solid combination. The play and variety of shades of mother-of-pearl can be explained by its special unique structure – the smallest plates with the thinnest air layers. These layers refract the falling rays of light, as a result of which a magical and exciting effect of brilliant, unusually beautiful iridescence is created.

Products with mother of pearl

The superiority of mother-of-pearl has been recognized for a long time. The variety of jewelry knows no bounds: rings, earrings, beads, necklaces made from stone pieces. It is used as cladding for decorative elements, creating rare, eye-pleasing interior details, and no less impressive souvenirs. These can be the works of real recognized masters or simply folk craftsmen. Mother of pearl is a wide field for imagination and creativity; it is not only beauty and sophistication, but also practicality and functionality.

Catalog of products with mother of pearl:

  • Sets with mother of pearl
  • Gold rings with mother of pearl
  • Stylish earrings with mother of pearl
  • Pendants and pendants with mother of pearl
  • Brooches with mother of pearl
  • All jewelry with mother of pearl

How to care for mother of pearl

Caring for mother of pearl is very simple. It is important to know and follow certain rules, and a beautiful stone will delight you with its charm and attractiveness for a long time. The main thing is to avoid heating the mother-of-pearl and protect it from exposure to acids, cosmetics or aggressive household chemicals. You can carry out regular preventive maintenance or restore the beauty and freshness of your jewelry in a simple and affordable way – by washing it in a soapy solution. For this purpose, ordinary potato starch is also used, gently rubbing the mother-of-pearl with it.

Mother-of-pearl mining sites

The birthplace of mother-of-pearl is the water element – salty or fresh water, its “creator” is a mollusk, moreover, belonging to certain families. Mother of pearl is mined all over the world, but mainly in warm tropical waters: around the island of Ceylon, the coast of Japan and the Philippines, the Red Sea and the Pacific Ocean. As for freshwater mollusks, today only in the rivers of the Russian and European north can one observe a completely insignificant amount of them. The main method of extraction, as surprising as it may sound, is the skill of trained divers. It is a common phenomenon when shells are collected along the way when harvesting pearls.

The meaning of mother of pearl stone

As follows from history, mother of pearl was considered the mother of pearls, which gave rise to its name. Reverence and respect are the feelings that gentle and at the same time majestic mother of pearl evoked in people. Particular importance was attached to the stone in Ancient Rome, where the possession of such beauty served as evidence of actual wisdom and power. That is why mother of pearl was used to decorate the premises and the emperor’s palace.

Whose mother of pearl stone is a horoscope, zodiac sign

The properties of mother-of-pearl in astrology are identical to pearls, but significantly brighter and more expressive. Among the signs of the Zodiac, the closest and most acceptable for mother-of-pearl are Pisces and Aquarius. It is to them that his positive influence is largely directed. It brings good luck, gives confidence, promotes career advancement and general success in the professional field. In relation to other signs of the Zodiac, mother of pearl is quite neutral, with the only exception being Gemini.

The healing properties of mother of pearl

The positive effect of mother-of-pearl on health and its healing properties have been known for a long time. It could be mother-of-pearl powder, which was considered a remedy for any disease, or some product, usually bowls or goblets. A drink drunk from them was considered healing.

Today, the healing effect of mother-of-pearl has not been refuted. It is believed that it activates the body’s protective function, gives strength and energy. The action of mother-of-pearl is directed to the area next to which it is located: if these are the ears, then one can expect improved hearing, and if it is a necklace, then the preventive effect will be aimed at the respiratory organs and throat.

The function of mother-of-pearl in the field of cosmetology is no less important: the predominantly white powder is used to give the skin a lighter shade and affect age spots and freckles.

The magical properties of mother of pearl

The energy charge of mother-of-pearl is strikingly positive and light. It is precisely this action that is aimed at its owner: intuition develops, everything changes for the better, and life is filled with health, and therefore longevity. Mother of pearl is able to protect against negative influences from the outside, therefore it is especially useful for children, travelers or people in need of support.

Mother of pearl is the best friend and patron of family relationships. This is a peacemaker and protector of family and material well-being, a peaceful and calm environment in the home.

Catalog of products with mother of pearl:

  • Sets with mother of pearl
  • Gold rings with mother of pearl
  • Stylish earrings with mother of pearl
  • Pendants and pendants with mother of pearl
  • Brooches with mother of pearl
  • All jewelry with mother of pearl

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