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What is quartz in jewelry?

A mineral that cools the palms and warms the soul. These words concisely, but very accurately characterize quartz stone. The first statement is directly related to the exact sciences, the second – both to metaphysics and to the human ability to perceive beauty. Jewelry quartz is truly magnificent and, moreover, diverse. When listing in detail all the gems used by jewelers, the list of varieties of quartz looks most impressive. Rotate the photo with your mouse or finger.

Properties of quartz – description

More than half of the earth’s crust consists of quartz. In chemistry it appears under the name silicon dioxide (SiO2), in mineralogy – silica. In its pure form, quartz is a hard, completely transparent hexagonal crystal with a pointed tip. Their hardness, according to some researchers, is the reason for the origin of the name of the mineral. On the hardness scale, ahead of quartz are only diamonds, corundums and topazes. Due to its high thermal conductivity, pure, free of impurities, quartz (rock crystal) is always cool to the touch. This property was used back in Ancient Rome, making crystal balls specifically so that noble Romans could cool their hands in hot weather. The unique properties of the stone include its resistance to chemicals, in particular to strong acids. It can only be dissolved in hydrofluoric acid or molten alkali. In order to melt quartz, it must be heated above 1700°C. That is, under normal conditions it is not only difficult, but practically impossible, to cause any harm to jewelry made from this mineral.

Types of quartz and colors

  • rose quartz,
  • purple amethyst,
  • smoky rauchtopaz,
  • yellow citrine,
  • black morion,
  • blue perunite,
  • shimmering aventurine,
  • quartz hairy,
  • golden brown tiger eye,
  • bluish-gray hawk’s eye,
  • white or pinkish-gray cat’s eye.

Separately, it is necessary to say about chalcedony – types of quartz with a cryptocrystalline structure. These include: agate, carnelian, carnelian, onyx, chrysoprase and others.

Photos of quartz

Products with quartz

Quartz has been used for the most ancient jewelry. Archaeologists have found products made from this stone that are more than 9 years old. Even now it is difficult to imagine a jewelry display without rings, bracelets or earrings with rock crystal, amethyst, citrine or other minerals from the large silica family. The mineral for inserts is cut or processed in the form of a cabochon. The processing method depends on the type and optical properties of the sample, and it depends only on the skill of the jeweler what impression the gem will make on us, on which nature has already completed its work.

Catalog of products with pomegranate:

  • Headsets with quartz
  • Gold rings with quartz
  • Stylish earrings with quartz
  • Pendants and pendants with quartz
  • Gold brooches with quartz
  • Gold bracelets with quartz
  • All jewelry with quartz

Quartz is one of the most common minerals in the earth’s crust. Its free content is about 12%. The gem forms most metaphorical and igneous rocks, is found in sea and river sand, and is part of other stones in the form of silicates and impurities. Its total mass fraction in the earth’s crust is over 60%.

Quartz is beautiful and unique in its own way. The rare bluish aquaquartz is especially admired. The mineral has many varieties. Like no other gem, it is diverse in color, shape, and genesis. In nature, there are amazing snow and sugar quartz, absolutely transparent and deep black specimens.

Physical and chemical properties of the mineral

The gem is original and unique. Its chemical composition is silicon dioxide and may contain aluminum and iron impurities. A pure representative of the species, otherwise called rock crystal, has high thermal conductivity. It is cool to the touch even in warm weather. The gem has increased resistance to strong acids and other chemicals. Only alkali or hydrofluoric acid can melt it. Due to its high density, quartz is a fairly hard mineral. Therefore, this indicator is second only to topazes, corundums and diamonds.

The melting point of the gem is +1700°C. The pure mineral is distinguished by its amazing beauty and transparency. It is not for nothing that numerous peoples noted its iciness, calling the pebbles small particles of frozen water. However, when combined with other minerals or chemical elements, the gem radically changes its appearance. It can turn into the most unexpected and bright colors, forming new groups of minerals. For example, red and blue, green and blue quartz are often found in nature.

A bit of history

The mineral has been known to mankind since ancient times. Our distant ancestors admired the beautiful tints of its color. Descriptions of the gem and its magical and healing properties are found in almost every culture. Scientists believe that the mineral received its current name from the German “querklufterz”. This word is translated as “transversely arranged veins.” The name of the mineral fully reflects its structure. Other researchers believe that the word “quartz” comes from the Old Cornish “cross-course-spor”. This term is translated in exactly the same way as the previous one.

Crystalline quartz was an object of worship for people living in ancient India, China, and Egypt. Despite the fact that the material is incredibly durable and difficult to process, craftsmen have learned to create true masterpieces from it. The material is ideal for creating beautiful tableware, interior items, and jewelry. Things made from it have been found during numerous excavations. In the Middle Ages, quartz crystals were widely used for the production of church utensils, sculptures, and jewelry. Most of these things were kept in the royal treasuries.

In the 16th century, vessels of various shapes made from natural quartz were especially popular in European countries. Gilding, precious diamonds, emeralds, and rubies were used for their decoration. Many famous historical figures had a special passion for the magical gem:

  1. The ancient Roman emperor Nero simply adored clear quartz. Two stunning cups, made especially for him, can still be admired today in the exhibition of national treasures of France. Numerous photographs of beautiful vessels are presented in specialized books.
  2. During excavations in the tomb of the famous pharaoh Tutankhamun, an astounding discovery was discovered – a prototype of modern sunglasses with bronze temples. The products were created from marion – black translucent quartz.
  3. Peter I was the owner of a truly exotic little thing – a samovar made of transparent rock crystal. You can still admire this beautiful masterpiece. It is kept in the Armory among other equally stunning handicraft creations.

Scientists still cannot agree on when the first scientific description of the gem was created. This is due to the fact that numerous types of quartz were discovered at different times. They were often confused with each other.

Varieties of Crystal Quartz

Regardless of the color of the mineral, quartz is by definition beautiful. But its value largely depends on the shade:

  1. Rock crystal compares favorably with other types with its complete transparency and amazing radiance.
  2. The hairworm received such an unusual name because of its striking appearance. Translucent rock crystal contains inclusions of fine-needle crystals of other gems. Threads of tourmaline, rutile and other minerals resemble thin hairs.
  3. Rauchtopaz, otherwise called smoky quartz, is distinguished by its transparency and unusual shade. The color can range from grayish-smoky to brown.
  4. Morion is a rich black mineral. It can be transparent or opaque.
  5. Prazem is green quartz. The color of the mineral is due to the presence of small fibers of actinolite or other minerals.
  6. Amethyst is the most valuable representative of the species. It is classified as a precious stone. Violet-hued specimens such as violet-pink and lilac-red are often found.
  7. Citrine is a golden or lemon quartz.
  8. Rose quartz belongs to the category of semi-precious stones. It has a delicate pink tint.
  9. Rauchcitrine combines the color of citrine and rauchtopaz. It delights with its iridescence, in which an amazing harmony of brown and yellow shades can be traced.
  10. Ametrine is a rather rare variety. Its peculiarity lies in its amazing colors, where violet-lilac and yellow colors are closely intertwined.
  11. Cat’s eye is a greyish, pinkish or white stone that has a striking luminous effect.

The amazing beauty of all types of crystalline mineral enchants at first sight. It is not at all surprising that quartz jewelry is always popular among buyers.

Types of cryptocrystalline quartz

Cryptocrystalline quartz is no less common than crystalline quartz. The variety of its shapes and colors is also amazing.

  1. Chalcedony is a translucent variety. Its shades can vary from dazzling white to honey yellow.
  2. Agate, in turn, is a type of chalcedony. Its peculiarity lies in its original layered-banded structure.
  3. Peridot is a transparent stone of a yellow or green hue. The color can be either bright and rich or pale.
  4. Aventurine is a very brittle, opaque variety of the mineral. It can have a soft yellow, reddish, cherry color. The highlight of the mineral is the shining inclusions of iron mica.
  5. Carnelian is a pink or red quartz with a striking shine.
  6. Onyx has a rich brown color. It may have white or black patterns. They often alternate with honey, soft pink, red-brown plane-parallel layers.
  7. Sapphirine is a blue quartz with a coarse-grained structure.

Jewelers try to give quartz various fancy cuts, so it looks incredibly beautiful in jewelry. Different types of mineral look great in the embrace of precious metals.

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Where is quartz mined?

The gem is very common and has many types. Therefore, it is not at all surprising that quartz deposits are located in different parts of the world:

  1. A large number of pink minerals are mined in Karelia and the eastern regions of Ukraine.
  2. Rich deposits of morion and rauchtopaz are concentrated in the Urals and the Zhytomyr region of Ukraine.
  3. Mass mining of rock crystal is carried out in the north of Ukraine, in the Eastern Carpathians, and in the Pamirs.
  4. Central Asia is famous for its deposits of precious amethyst. Previously, this beautiful stone began to be mined in Brazil, Uruguay and Sri Lanka.

Where is quartz mined in our country? Mainly in the Caucasus, Kola Peninsula, Kamchatka. Stones suitable for creating jewelry are much less common than ornamental ones. This makes them even more valuable.

In what areas is quartz used?

Mountain quartz is a valuable mineral raw material. The scope of its use is not limited to jewelry. Minerals are widely used in the manufacture of ultrasound generators, optical equipment, radio and telephone equipment.

The use of quartz is common in the glass and ceramic industries. The most in demand in these areas are rock crystal and pure quartz sand. The mineral is suitable for the production of siliceous refractories and quartz glasses. Of course, don’t forget about jewelry. Here, icy quartz and other varieties of the mineral are used as inserts in jewelry.

The most important property of a gem is the piezoelectric effect. It was discovered in 1880 by French scientists, brothers Paul and Pierre Curie. And it was their compatriot Paul Langevin who first proposed using the amazing property of the mineral in practice. He made his discovery during the First World War. The Frenchman proposed using ultrasound to detect enemy submarines. But it was planned to obtain this ultrasound using the piezoelectric effect.

The inventor used a flat, smooth, polished quartz plate as a basis. Equipped it with electrodes and a holder. The result is a piezoelectric resonator – an oscillatory circuit that provides a certain frequency of resonant oscillations. In the shortest possible time, the unusual invention gained wide popularity not only in France, but also in other countries of the world.

Until recently, piezoquartz was used exclusively for military needs. However, today the situation has changed. The elements are used in various industries, medicine and science as good sources of ultrasound. For example, piezo lighters and ultrasonic devices for rodent control have become widespread. Such equipment, operating for several days, causes discomfort for pests. They strive to leave the premises as quickly as possible.

What healing properties do jewelry with quartz have?

Our distant ancestors believed that quartz had a lot of useful properties. It was widely used in their practice by ancient healers and healers. It was believed that stones could fill the human body with life-giving energy. This contributed to the restoration of health, the return of tone, psychological balance and physical activity.

The mineral has a complex effect on the body:

  1. Has a positive effect on the nervous system. In particular, a person who regularly wears quartz jewelry does not suffer from depression, chronic fatigue, or melancholy.
  2. Normalizes wakefulness and sleep patterns. The owner of an amazing gem forgets about insomnia, nightmares and other similar problems.
  3. Increases concentration and memory, which is especially important for intellectual workers.
  4. Helps you to completely relax during your vacation and find peace of mind.

We should not forget that the gem has many varieties. The healing properties of quartz stone largely depend on its type. For example, amethyst can overcome alcohol addiction. In addition, it reduces hunger, which is necessary for people with a very good appetite. The characteristics of Morion indicate that it is optimally suited for people who have problems with the circulatory system. The stone strengthens vascular walls and restores normal heart rhythm.

What ailments will quartz water save you from?

Modern lithotherapists agree that the stone, whose potential is enormous, has powerful healing properties. To achieve the desired effect, experts advise using quartz water. It’s extremely easy to prepare, even at home:

  1. The stone is placed in clean still water. If you use rock crystal, you get the feeling that it is melting in a transparent liquid.
  2. The container with water is placed in a dark place for several days.
  3. The mineral is removed, after which the liquid is filtered through a filter containing several quartz crystals of different types.

Experts say that this water is suitable for any medical procedures. It can be drunk, used for compresses and rubbing. Liquid helps:

  • cure diseases of internal organs;
  • normalize metabolism;
  • speed up recovery from various inflammatory diseases;
  • improve the performance of the digestive tract;
  • stabilize blood pressure, strengthen the heart and blood vessels;
  • alleviate the patient’s condition with respiratory tract pathologies;
  • strengthen immunity against infectious diseases.

Quartz water is widely used in the field of cosmetology. With its help it is possible to get rid of acne and pimples. If you use the magic product regularly, you will notice that the skin has become smoother and more elastic, and the number of wrinkles has decreased. The liquid is also effective in treating open wounds. It can be used to prepare lotions for bruises, cuts, and injuries. Pain sensations are reduced, and the wound heals much faster.

The magical properties of the stone

People value not only the healing, but also the magical properties of quartz. Even during the times of ancient civilizations, an amazing stone was used to create ritual accessories. For example, the well-known transparent crystal balls were made from rock crystal. The same material was ideal for creating lenses that were used in temples to light the sacred fire.

The popularity of phantom quartz is especially high in the magical world. This gem fascinates with its appearance alone. It amazingly combines the tints of yellow, red, orange, green, and blue. It all looks really impressive.

All varieties of quartz have a surprising effect on the character and behavior of people:

  • stimulate memory, attention, mental activity;
  • contribute to the disclosure of creative potential, the development of abstract thinking and imagination;
  • grant a person enviable oratorical abilities;
  • attract material well-being, luck and success;
  • help you find your soulmate and keep your love;
  • relieve irritability and increased anxiety.

Of course, almost every variety of beautiful gem has its own magical properties.

  1. Rock crystal is of great value for sorcerers and magicians. It is a powerful conductor of energy. Many people who decided to purchase a magic stone discovered the ability to make random predictions.
  2. White and milky quartz have a close connection with the inner world. They are ideal for people who practice meditation. They help to discard unnecessary thoughts and plunge headlong into self-knowledge.
  3. Carnelian also has its own magic. This amazing gem is considered a symbol of sensuality and passion. It will definitely come in handy for people who dream of meeting the love of their life.
  4. Amethyst and chrysoprase are constant companions of overly temperamental, emotional, explosive people. They have a calming effect on the owner and bring the necessary prudence to actions.
  5. Smoky and snow quartz are talismans for leaders, politicians, and entrepreneurs. They help you avoid mistakes and strengthen your business acumen.

Quartz products have truly mystical powers. The main thing is to believe in their miraculous properties, then minerals will definitely help.

Who is the magic mineral suitable for?

It is impossible to answer this question unambiguously due to the wide variety of types of minerals, differing in energy and properties. Astrologers recommend considering the influence of a specific type of stone on a person with a certain date of birth.

  1. Rock crystal is an ideal personal amulet for Leo, Taurus, Pisces and Libra. It will bring good luck and prosperity.
  2. People whose horoscope is Libra, Taurus, Cancer or Aquarius need to wear rose quartz in a pendant or beads. When located in the heart area, the mineral promotes self-confidence and increased self-esteem.
  3. Rauchtopaz or smoky quartz does not suit all zodiac signs. It is recommended to be worn by Scorpio, who, under the influence of the mineral, gets rid of the negative traits of his character. Capricorns who choose this stone will be able to know their destiny. Libra will find peace of mind.
  4. Citrine will improve the financial condition of Gemini, Virgo and Libra. In addition, it will bring good luck and sharpen intuition.

The mineral is neutral towards all other signs of the zodiac. It will do neither good nor harm.

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