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What is raw amber used for?

Tens of millions of years ago, even before humans appeared on earth, certain areas were occupied by coniferous trees. Resin came out of them, dripping, solidifying on the trunks and layering. Drops fell into the water or went deep into the ground. Insects, grains of sand, and plant particles stuck to them, were “lost” in the layers and became part of them. The resin hardened, oxidized, became saturated with oxygen, and bubbles formed in it. This is how succinite, better known as amber, appeared. What raw amber looks like depends on where it was found, the age of the stone, and other factors.

Properties of raw amber

  • low heat resistance – the pebble begins to melt already at 250 degrees, and burns in the flame of a candle or lighter, releasing a pleasant resinous aroma;
  • density – 1.22 g/cm, the density indicator is almost identical to the density of sea water, therefore succinite sinks in fresh water, but floats in salt water;
  • softness – amber is a soft stone, easy to process and susceptible to scratches, its hardness on the Mohs scale is only 2.2;
  • electrification – accumulates static electricity and can emit blue sparks;
  • color varies within two hundred shades from white and sunny to red, brown and even black;
  • transparency – depends on the intensity of the color.

How much raw amber costs depends on its external qualities – the price of a mineral is made up of shape, weight, shade, and the presence of inclusions. The deposit plays an important role – Baltic amber is considered the highest quality and most expensive.

For large and rare minerals, the price can reach hundreds of thousands and even millions of rubles. For ordinary stones, the cost is determined per gram.

Chemical properties of raw amber

The main chemical property of raw amber is the content of succinic acid, which imparts healing and other useful abilities. Its amount reaches 3-8% of the total mass of the mineral. The least amount of it is in transparent specimens – only 3-4.5%; the highest concentration of the substance is observed in the surface crust, which is torn off during processing. Therefore, it is raw succinite that is valued in medicine and science.

Due to air bubbles, succinite consists of 30% oxygen. 10% – from aromatic compounds. In total, it contains more than forty compounds.

Application of raw amber

The properties, appearance and undeniable benefits of raw amber have made it an active raw material for various fields of activity.

It is most widely used in jewelry and souvenir production. Amber is used to create jewelry that instantly attracts attention and attracts attention.

The most luxurious compositions are made from untreated stone, or subjected to minimal processing – such specimens are unique and are used for exclusive handmade products.

Figures, figurines, dishes are cut out of the mineral, boxes, chess sets, accessories and even entire paintings are made.

Raw amber stone is an excellent material for industry. It is used to make tools, specialized utensils, and components of scientific instruments.

Succinic acid is extracted from amber crumbs to produce oils. Succinite has found wide application in pharmaceuticals, medicine, perfumery, agriculture and even the food industry.

Raw amber in medicine

The healing properties of raw amber are widely used for medical purposes:

  • for the treatment of bruises, sprains, injuries;
  • for pneumonia and colds, rub with succinic acid;
  • for massage of arms, legs, back, spine;
  • to reduce cholesterol in the body;
  • for cleansing of toxins, alcohol intoxication.

To treat bronchopulmonary diseases, wild succinite is heated in warm water and the released essential oils are inhaled.

In case of injury, a stone without a frame is applied to the sore spot.

To reduce joint pain and migraines, apply compresses with amber.

Wearing beads made from medicinal unprocessed amber improves a person’s general condition due to the release of succinic acid and iodine. And to increase immunity and longevity, amber tinctures are used.

In cosmetology, succinite is used for peelings and cosmetics, making amber powder or mixing amber powder with fruit acids.

Practical advice for working with raw amber

It is easy to distinguish natural amber from a fake – just dip it in salt water (10 tablespoons of salt per glass) – it will not sink, since it has the same density.

If you run a hot needle across the surface, you will smell the aroma of resin.

And under UV rays the stone will begin to glow.

Ways of processing

For amber to take its perfect form, there is a long way to go. For this, different types of processing are used:

  • Peeling and molding – the rough crust formed during weathering is removed from the surface.
  • Cutting – sawing to the desired thickness and size.
  • Leveling – smoothing the surface with sandpaper.
  • Grinding – making the surface smooth.
  • Polishing – rubbing with leather or cloth, applying special substances for shine and shine.
  • Clarification in a pressure autoclave at 250° – evaporation of moisture and compaction to impart transparency.
  • Calcination to impart strength.
  • Peeling and heating – creating sparks inside the stone.
  • Heating to change color – when exposed to temperatures of 100° and above, succinite darkens.

To prevent fragile amber from cracking, it is heated only after clarification. Almost all stages of processing are carried out using special equipment and in a vacuum. Drilling is carried out with a very thin hand drill with a drill diameter of no more than 1 mm. To prevent small stones from cracking or splintering when drilling, they are periodically moistened with water or moistened with oil.

Amber is not just a beautiful stone, but incredibly multifaceted and useful. This is an excellent guide to health and a faithful talisman. And now that we are convinced of this, it’s time to choose a beautiful piece of jewelry with raw amber, and you can do this at AMBERIKA!

The store offers a huge selection of different shades of natural amber framed in gold and silver, with gems and cubic zirconia. There are inexpensive items and chic handmade items that exist in a single copy.

Stylish amber beads will decorate every fashionista and add charm to any look. But in order for them to bring maximum pleasure and benefit, you need to follow a few simple tips. Follow them, and the beads will become your best friends and helpers on the path to perfection.

Specifics of amber jewelry

Amber is a special stone, both in appearance and in properties. And it’s not a mineral at all, but a mineraloid or organogenic stone—petrified tree resin.

Beads made from raw amber are especially popular – here, each bead is unique and inimitable. You can wear such jewelry with anything, from everyday clothes to evening wear, without fear of looking vulgar, too simple, or, on the contrary, too pretentious.

The stone has a wide range of shades from light honey and almost white to cognac, brown and black. All colors belong to the classic neutral palette, which allows you to wear amber around your neck with any items and accessories, regardless of the color and style of your wardrobe.

The most common, inexpensive and popular option is transparent honey stones: they emphasize the tenderness and femininity of the image, the beauty of the skin, and focus attention on the line of the neck and chest. And beads made of natural amber in rare cherry and green tones will be a magnificent finishing touch to an evening outfit.

How to wear amber beads: basic rules

Short beads within 45 cm are a classic of the jewelry genre. Depending on the length, they can frame the collarbone or surround the throat, emphasizing the graceful lines and natural fragility of their owner.

There are several simple rules on how and what to wear amber beads with:

  • jewelry with large beads acts as the main decorative accent and does not need any additions; it is better not to wear other jewelry with it, or limit yourself to miniature stud earrings or a thin bracelet;
  • for large beads – a voluminous jacket over a top or blouse with a deep neckline;
  • products with small beads can be worn over a T-shirt, blouse or tight-fitting thin turtleneck;
  • small and medium beads can be worn in layers in several rows; they look especially impressive on bare dark or tanned skin with bandeau tops or a deep neckline;
  • since the stone is heterogeneous and multi-colored, with inclusions and patches, it harmonizes perfectly with monochromatic outfits;
  • Large neck beads are an excellent companion for a classic sheath or pencil dress, but they should lie on the skin and not on the outfit itself.

Regarding whether it is possible to wear amber beads with shirts, it is better to select jewelry of large or medium length, reaching to the chest, and wear them with a couple of unbuttoned buttons on the clothes; the shirt itself should be plain, in neutral colors.

Features of wearing long beads

Products made from figured beads, elements of different colors and combinations with other gems or beads look best in long lengths. An excellent duet is amber with pearls or agate.

Medium-length jewelry should not come into contact with the neckline, that is, it should swing a little lower. And you can wear amber beads from 75 cm and longer with a high neckline, a stand-up collar, things without a neckline or with a minimal neckline; they should end below the chest line. Such models are not worn with a deep neckline or bustier; they look too vulgar and provocative.

Girls and ladies with curvy figures are shown long accessories with massive beads – they visually reduce the volume and make the silhouette more graceful. Those with a slender figure will look even more sophisticated in the company of such jewelry.

Ball beads: how to wear jewelry correctly

The most common type of modern jewelry is amber ball beads. They are made from pressed beads based on small stones and crumbs – the mass is ground into powder and pressed into a round (or other) shape.

The price of such amber is much lower, so jewelry with it is cheaper and produced in mass quantities, and a person of any income can please himself with a craft with natural stone.

There is no limit to how long you can wear amber beads with round pressed beads – they do not lose their appearance or go out of fashion, and retain their original chic for decades. They can be combined with other jewelry made from semi-precious stones, as well as with wooden, plastic, leather and other accessories.

How to wear round amber beads correctly:

  • Such models are not suitable for everyone; on the thin, graceful neck of a slender lady, a thread of small amber will look optimal;
  • plump girls should take a closer look at massive large products, they will hide the volume and elongate the silhouette;
  • Regardless of the size of the jewelry, the clothing in the image should be monochromatic, preferably without bright colors;
  • For mature ladies, it is wiser to avoid accessories that are too short so as not to draw attention to the neck, where age-related changes may be noticeable.

The outer part of clothing should be extremely simple, in a discreet design and without decorative details.

Amber is a natural healer

Beloved by many, the pebble also has healing abilities. If we talk about why amber beads are worn for medicinal purposes, they have a whole range of effects.

It has been scientifically proven that succinic acid stimulates metabolic processes and gives energy to the body. Of course, the mineral cannot be used as an independent medicine, but as an auxiliary means of treatment it is quite suitable.

The healing properties of amber beads: help with joint diseases, infections, high blood pressure, migraines and headaches. The stone has a preventive effect against heart disease, reduces dependence on weather and promotes wound healing.

Amber beads are also considered medicinal for the thyroid gland, since they are worn precisely at its location and, when worn, emit heat and healing substances.

And now is the time to choose fashionable amber beads from our catalog. The online store has dozens of beautiful jewelry made from natural Baltic amber with delivery and guarantee.

We have selected materials and exclusive models. All products contain the stamps of the state assay office and labels with information about the stone.

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