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What is the Capricorn woman s gemstone?

The birthstone of a Capricorn woman or man, like any other symbol of the zodiac sign, must correspond to the character, temperament and charm of its owner. Since ancient times, people have attributed magical properties to various minerals. In addition, many precious and semi-precious stones have always been used to make works of art. How can a modern woman use this ancient knowledge? According to the horoscope, Capricorn is a very strong zodiac sign; its representatives are distinguished by their determination, perseverance and strong character. Accordingly, you need to select stones for jewelry and amulets.


Many representatives of the fair half of humanity are interested in knowing which stones are suitable for Capricorn women. Astrologers have recognized that it is important not only to select stones according to the zodiac sign, but also to take into account a more accurate date of birth. Thus, it is believed that those born in the first decade of this sign (December 22.12 – January 2.01) are better off giving preference to minerals such as rock crystal, malachite or agate. Those born between January 3 and January 13 should pay attention to opal, onyx and sardonyx. Hyacinth, tourmaline and ruby ​​are suitable for the latest Capricorns. Jewelry with these gems can be safely given as a gift for any occasion. Although an elegant bracelet, openwork earrings or a charming pendant will decorate any woman born under this earthly sign, the desire for beauty is not alien to the stronger half of humanity. There are stones for Capricorn men that should be given preference when making men’s cufflinks, signets and tie clips. When making these accessories, smoky quartz and blood garnet look very elegant.

Stones are helpers

From time immemorial, a precious stone has been considered by man not only as a beautiful thing, but also as an object that carries some mysterious power. People gradually learned which stone suits Capricorn in a given situation. Some amulets allow you to protect their owner from the misfortunes of everyday life. Obsidian is the talisman of Capricorn; it will protect the owner from rash actions. Although representatives are not known for their frivolity, the stone enhances their ability to analyze the situation. Dark red obsidian is a recognized amulet for Capricorn. Many talisman stones are designed to bring good luck to the person who wears them. For those born from December 22 to January 20, carnelian is most suitable for this purpose: it will not only help in business, but also improve health, and also neutralize negative emotions. A ruby ​​gives self-confidence and enhances the leadership qualities of the one who wears it on the left hand.
All amulets should be framed in precious metal (silver, gold or platinum). At the same time, it is recommended to choose a talisman for a Capricorn woman not based on the price or size of the jewelry, but guided by intuition.

Impact on health

Luck, self-confidence and protection from troubles are important in the life of any person, but all this is not necessary if he is sick. For Capricorn, the talisman stone can also have a healing function. In fact, stone treatment has been used since ancient times. Some minerals can relieve pain, others can increase tone and strengthen immunity.
Agate helps with joint pain and is used in the treatment of prostatitis and gout. Rock crystal is the assistant of the Capricorn woman. For nursing mothers, it will increase the amount of breast milk. In addition, it reduces the effect of harmful radiation and helps with insomnia.
And if your throat hurts or your temperature rises, then pomegranate will have its medicinal effect.

Inappropriate neighborhood

Stones do not have the same effect on all zodiac signs. There are gems that are strictly contraindicated for people born in a particular period. Capricorns are no exception. Some stones enhance the negative aspects of the sign, while others, on the contrary, weaken the positive ones. For example, emerald can turn the already not very sociable Capricorn into an absolute hermit. Citrine gives this prudent sign a touch of adventurism and recklessness. It has been noticed that many Capricorn women who prefer to wear pearl jewelry are not very lucky in finding a life partner. Separately, you need to dwell on such a gem as sapphire. It has very strong energy, but can either give it to its owner or take it away. The result may be unpredictable. Therefore, some astrologers recommend that Capricorns conduct a small check before wearing jewelry made from this mineral. To do this, you should put it under your pillow at night. If you had nightmares at night or had insomnia, then you do not need to wear a product with sapphire too often. Astrologers recommend a number of precious and semi-precious stones as talismans and amulets for people born under the horoscope sign of Capricorn. It is believed that correctly selected gems can change a person’s life for the better and attract good luck. If you are wondering what to give your Capricorn loved one, in this article you can find ideas for a talisman that will be a wonderful gift and bring prosperity.

Characteristics of the Capricorn sign

Capricorn is a zodiac sign influenced by the planet Saturn. It includes people born from December 22 to January 20. Capricorn belongs to the element of Earth. If we characterize its representatives, then it is necessary to mention the traits characteristic of other earthly signs: Virgo and Taurus. These are perseverance, endurance, practicality, these qualities are typical for Capricorns. They are good family men, loyal, hardworking, reliable. For them, home always comes first. Capricorns can be somewhat conservative, but they are very interested in the achievements of science and technology, new products, and modern trends. This sign has a great capacity for work and can methodically and painstakingly carry out its duties, without relying only on inspiration and a surge of strength. Capricorn women often have charm and the ability to find an approach to people, but it can be difficult for them to make friends and acquaintances due to Capricorn’s tendency to solitude. Capricorn men also lead a rather secluded lifestyle; they often withdraw into themselves and limit their social circle only to relatives and childhood friends. It is generally accepted that any zodiac sign has personality strengths and weaknesses. Astrology suggests carrying a lucky stone with you – a talisman for adjusting energy and connecting missing qualities that contribute to success and prosperity. This article is devoted to various aspects of selecting such a talisman for Capricorn. Esotericists identify a number of minerals that can have a positive effect on their owner; as a rule, these stones are compatible with the ruling planet of the sign. This information will be useful for those born under the horoscope sign of Capricorn, as well as if you are thinking about an unusual and unforgettable gift for a loved one Capricorn, man or woman. By the way, it is believed that a gift talisman has more power and energy than a purchased one.

Amulet stones for Capricorn according to the horoscope

According to astrologers, the following precious and semi-precious stones are suitable as amulets for people classified as Capricorns by date of birth:


Almandine is a variety of garnet of red and purple colors; it can rightfully be considered the main amulet stone for Capricorn according to the horoscope. Also pay attention to other red garnets: pyrope and rhodolite. Their shades can be different, with a pinkish or orangeish tint. It should be noted that garnet is a wonderful natural stone for a Capricorn woman based on her date of birth. Astrologers say that almandine enhances all the strengths and advantages of the representatives of the sign, helps to achieve harmony, energy balance, and wisely distribute one’s forces between plans and tasks. The stone seems to nourish its owner, energize it, and reveal its inherent potential. By choosing almandine for daily wear, you will feel confidence, increased self-esteem, and it is likely that abilities that you did not suspect about will awaken, for example, eloquence, the gift of persuasion. And a confident person attracts people; he has more strength and potential to realize himself.


Another Capricorn talisman stone that helps to self-realize and reveal individuality is noble opal. This amazing stone with an unusual optical effect is ideal to make a statement. Remember that you are unique, inimitable. Your choice is your destiny. This stone is not suitable for daily wear in jewelry due to its medium hardness. However, it is advisable to wear it from time to time. Opal is suitable for creative people, but even if you are the owner of the most pragmatic and far from imaginative profession, you also sometimes need to take your eyes off the ground, from vanity and material things, and look at the sky.


For Capricorn, zircon as a talisman can be the golden key that opens the doors to life. Natural jewelry zircon makes its owner persistent, persistent in achieving goals and unbending under the blows of fate. Zircon enhances the intuition inherent in nature. Of course, we should not forget about common sense and rationality, however, a person makes many life decisions relying only on intuition, the dictates of an inner voice that speaks only the truth. Among all the colors of zircons, astrologers advise paying attention to the hyacinth variety, in red, pink, and orange shades. It is believed that hyacinth is a stone specifically for the Capricorn zodiac sign, for men and women. It helps you become more patient and eliminates doubts about choosing your life path. In addition, zircon – hyacinth is an excellent assistant in decision making.


If you need a truly powerful talisman for Capricorn that would work to improve all areas of life, such as family, relationships, love, professional achievements, take a closer look at the ruby. The ruby ​​stone for Capricorn is a real lifesaver, a strong magical assistant. From a gemological point of view, ruby ​​is a red and pink-red variety of the mineral corundum, the most valuable and expensive colored stone. It symbolizes power and authoritarianism. In relationships, ruby ​​can be associated with spiritual and physical possession. This is the stone of victors and kings; it is not for nothing that rulers wore it in crowns and regalia. Ruby is not recommended to be combined with other gems except diamond. To some extent, they are similar in energy and do not compete with each other. A ruby ​​brings prosperity to its owner, wealth, and promises career advancement and increased social status.

Capricorn talismans by date of birth (by decade)

  • First ten days: December 22 – January 2
  • Second ten days: January 3 – January 13
  • Third ten days: January 14 – January 20

Interestingly, people born in these decades may differ in character due to the influence of planets on their lives. Also, certain talisman stones may be effective for them, since they are compatible with one or another luminary (or not).

The first decade of the sign Capricorn is under the influence of the planet Jupiter. These are strong-willed, serious, powerful people with an inner core. Often they do not act openly, preferring an indirect, indirect influence on the situation, which is nevertheless very effective. They make decisions easily, but are often let down by high expectations. They don’t lack self-confidence; Capricorns of the first ten days seem to emanate strength and calm. Their main weapons are facts and common sense.

Such Jupiterian Capricorns, in addition to the above-mentioned stones, are recommended to wear jewelry with topaz or chrysoberyl of any color variety. That is, you can choose blue, orange or yellow topaz. As for the chrysoberyl mineral, it has three main types: alexandrite, gemstone yellow-green chrysoberyl and cat’s eye (cymophane). If you choose alexandrite, remember that you need to wear paired jewelry with it, that is, you must have two stones on at the same time, either in one piece or in different ones. Also pay attention to the moonstone, for Capricorn it is considered a harmonizing talisman, it also protects and preserves.

The second decade of Capricorn is the child of Venus. Capricorns of the second decade are born leaders and leaders. Sometimes they lack the communication skills to build teamwork within a team. They know exactly what they want and very persistently pursue it despite any obstacles. However, if their desire has changed or disappeared, Capricorns may fall into apathy and despondency. Alexandrite, zircon, and ruby ​​will help get rid of spleen and frustration and set Capricorns in an optimistic mood. Since Venus is the patroness of the arts and ethics, Capricorns in the second decade by date of birth often have extraordinary talents in artistic disciplines, so take a closer look at tourmalines, especially red rubellites. They bring with them the energy of creativity and inspiration.

The third decade of Capricorn is patronized by the Sun. This is a strong star who demands a lot from his players. Capricorns of the third decade, as a rule, live a busy life, they have many projects in their work, they make friends easily, and can get involved in various sports and active hobbies. However, they simply may not have enough energy to do all these things. Therefore, astrologers advise choosing strong talismans that can support the internal reserves of Capricorns. In addition to the traditional garnet, ruby ​​and opal, spinel and diamond can help them. Let us make a special mention about diamond – it is a strong stone in itself. It can act as a talisman against enemies and the evil eye. It is also an effective amulet; a diamond attracts good luck, luck, and a happy coincidence. It helps to find the right people and provides energy replenishment, which is sometimes so lacking for Capricorns of the third decade by date of birth.

What stones are suitable for a Capricorn woman?

To answer the question of which stones are suitable as a talisman for women and girls born under the sign of Capricorn, let us turn to astrologers, which specific features these gems should improve. It is believed that the best stones for Capricorn women are those that enhance their femininity and attractiveness, strengthen family ties and attract love and romance into their lives. Therefore, it is not surprising that the main stone for a Capricorn woman according to the horoscope is red garnet. This is a generalized name for jewelry varieties of the garnet mineral with red and pink-purple colors. These include pyrope, almandine, and rhodolite. These stones are considered ancient symbols of love, happy marriage and passion. Garnets help you tune in to the desired “romantic” wave, improve your aura, make beautiful representatives of the sign even more beautiful in the eyes of men, help you meet people and build relationships. Even in medieval Europe, it was customary to give unmarried girls and girls a ring with a pomegranate as a wish for a happy destiny.

Capricorn men and their talismans

For Capricorn men and boys, according to their date of birth, talisman stones are recommended, which are designed to improve communication, help in business and at work, establish useful connections, and improve their position in society. These stones enhance active personality traits, direct the focus of attention from internal experiences to active external ones. Men’s amulets made from all precious and semi-precious stones include jewelry varieties of the mineral tourmaline and almandine garnet. The latter, by the way, not only gives confidence in oneself and one’s own strengths, but also helps in love. If you have not yet met your betrothed, carry a red cut almandine with you, in jewelry (for example, in a ring, pin or cufflinks) or simply as a lucky amulet. Even if your marital status changes, this talisman, accompanying you constantly, will help you masterfully avoid pitfalls in long-term relationships and preserve your feelings. Another wonderful talisman stone for Capricorn men is the mineral tourmaline of different colors. Any color of stone that attracts you will suit you. For business and promoting your business, the Paraiba variety works best. Red, purple and violet tourmalines are necessary for Capricorns of creative professions: artists, architects, art historians, designers. It is believed that it brings inspiration, helps create new things, and enhances the sense of beauty. Rubellites reveal abilities and talents. Green and blue tourmalines (verdelite and indigolite) protect against force majeure, accidents and ill-wishers. Green tourmaline, in addition, is considered a stone of prosperity and well-being.

Undesirable stones for Capricorn according to the horoscope

Some precious and semi-precious stones, according to astrologers, can weaken the energy of Capricorns or negatively affect certain character traits. For example, jewelry varieties of the mineral beryl (emerald, aquamarine, heliodor) will only strengthen Capricorns’ innate tendency to solitude. It is also not recommended for this sign to wear jewelry with mother-of-pearl. It is worth giving up white pearls if you want to maintain family happiness and love in marriage. Sapphire is a wonderful gemstone, however, according to esotericists, Capricorns should not wear it all the time; instead, pay attention to another type of the corundum mineral – red or pink ruby. Also limit your exposure to citrine. The yellow variety of the quartz mineral is not at all suitable for Capricorns. Peridots can have both positive and negative effects, depending on the person who wears them. Moonstone is also not the best stone option for Capricorn; some astrologers consider it completely undesirable, since it is a talisman of the opposite zodiac sign – Cancer, although it is recommended for the first decade by date of birth.

Recommendations from astrologers are only recommendations, and in no case a direct guide to action. They point to the general experience of centuries, but your particular case may be the exception to the rule. Therefore, trust your inner voice. How do you feel when you pick up a stone? Rely on your intuition; it, like a magic compass, will unmistakably point to your personal talisman, which will be compatible with you and will bring you harmony and good luck.

It is believed that the higher the purity of the stone (purity means the absence of inclusions, cracks and other internal defects), the more effective the stone is. Some are of the opinion that large defects can even cause harm, so they do not advise wearing stones with cracks. Another wish from astrologers is contact between a person and a stone. It is understood that a framed talisman is not enough to simply be worn as a decoration. It is necessary that the stone directly touches the skin (body) of its owner, or at least from time to time you need to touch the stone while wearing it, stroke it, and thank it. It is also generally accepted that a stone given from the heart, with the brightest and kindest wishes, will become a better talisman than one bought for oneself, in which case it will gain strength for quite a long time.

If you decide to choose an amulet in the form of a cut precious or semi-precious stone for yourself or a loved one, we invite you to visit our catalog, which includes only high-quality natural specimens. We will be happy to answer all your questions about stones.

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