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What is the cheapest gemstone?

Use of the term ” cheap ” is generally not recommended when discussing quality gemstones on a web page – many alternative words such as “inexpensive”, “inexpensive”, “affordable”, “inexpensive” are used instead. Let’s define the word cheap: ‘having a low price compared to its real value, costing more than its cost’. When it’s said like that, cheap doesn’t sound so bad, does it? At GemSelect we can offer a huge range of gemstones in stock at low to affordable prices, but how is this possible? There are many reasons. First of all, we only deal with online gemstone business, we have a physical retail store or chain of stores. This reduces costs and means we don’t use conflicting services. We are located in Chanthaburi, Thailand, which was once a center for gemstone mining and is now the world’s largest center for sorting, cutting, polishing and trading all types of stones. It is estimated that 80% of all rubies and sapphires pass through Chanthaburi before reaching the world’s jewelry stores. Third, we can buy gemstones in bulk or in bulk, thousands at a time, of all varieties, all sizes, shapes and cuts, at much better prices than most dealers. We then pass these savings on to our customers in the form of lower prices. Our price chart is based on the price we pay for gemstones, not the highest price per carat that can be purchased in the world’s trading centers. Making a list of cheap or affordable gemstones is a bit difficult because we buy new gemstones every day and dealers and traders are constantly coming with stock from Africa, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Brazil and so on. The market can be very unpredictable, and what may be very reasonably priced today may be expensive tomorrow. Our volume purchasing means that we can be quite consistent in our competitive prices, but the types of gemstones may vary. We’ve compiled a short list of our common gemstones that are good value for money:


Agates come in all sorts of colors with a wide variety of patterns and decorations. Although this gemstone has spiritual powers and an exotic and unusual appearance, it is available at a very reasonable price – even the largest sizes won’t break the bank.


A beautiful deep purple gemstone that was once as valuable as rubies and sapphires and can be used in all types of jewelry. All sizes, cuts and shapes are available at very reasonable prices.


This gemstone comes in various shades of yellow from lemon to honey. It is a November birthstone and its stunning appearance in all shapes and sizes defies its low cost.


Garnets are some of the most versatile and colorful gemstones to be found anywhere, and while some can reach very high prices, fine spessartine, pyrope and hessonite are some of the most valuable stones in the world.


The ancient Romans thought that moon stones came from rays of moonlight, and when you see the shimmering surface of this gem, you will believe it too. Available in subtle colors with an almost liquid appearance, including some star and cat’s eye gemstones, at great prices.


Clear cut green gemstones usually cost a fortune – think emeralds and tsavorites – but beautiful golden-green peridots can be found at very reasonable prices.


Strawberry, smoky, pink and rutile are just a few of the wide range of quartz gemstones available at very realistic prices – easy to purchase in any style and size you can imagine.


Spinel comes in almost every color imaginable and is perhaps the most underrated gemstone. These high-quality stones have adorned the crown jewels of Europe and Asia for centuries.


This historic gemstone can reach prices that rival the finest sapphires and diamonds, but the pink and blue version of topaz can be purchased in incredible sizes for much less than you might think.


Some members of the colored tourmaline family are valued higher than diamonds, but for a much-coveted gemstone with superb fire and brilliance, suitable for fine jewelry, there are few bargains to be had.


With a dazzle and brilliance that can outshine diamonds, you might think that zircons would be very expensive gemstones, but take a look at the wide range of colors, shapes and sizes and see what value for money you get from this high-quality gemstone. Cheap is a relative term, almost any genuine gemstone can be considered cheap or good depending on the price you pay – a stunning 5 carat blue sapphire without inclusions will cost $5000, while a stunning 10 carat amethyst may be considered expensive at price 5000 dollars. 100 dollars. I hope you find our quick guide to the available gemstones helpful, and remember we have over 100 gemstones in over 000 different options, so please take a look for yourself – I know you’ll find a bargain or two.

Natural gemstone rose quartz tiger eye healing stone chipped crystal gravel for gifts

$12,00 – $26,00 / kg 1 kg (Min. order)

Factory customized natural crystal agate amethyst rose quartz decorative materials round stones

$10,00 – $15,00 / T 2 t (Min. order) Sponsored Listing

Agate Cameo Agate for embroidery flower agate beads

$10,00 – $15,00 / kg 1000 kg (Min. order) Sponsored Listing

Factory Bracelet Round Gemstone Natural Amethyst Bead Loose Stone Clear Crystal Loose Beads for Jewelry Making

$0,63 – $30,33 / PC. 10 piece. (Min. order) Sponsored Listing

Honor of Crystal Multicolor Crystal Diamond K9 Crystal Paper Weight Diamond for Home Decor

$ 0,90 / PC. 10 piece. (Min. order) Sponsored Listing

Cubic zirconia stones

$1,47 – $10,29 / PC. 10 piece. (Min. order) Sponsored Listing

Loose Heart Shaped Glass Gemstone Inexpensive 50mm Red Crystal Gemstone

$2,78 – $2,81 / PC. 100 piece. (Min. order)

Tianyu precious stones Low Price 7,5 CT Moissanite mm Round Brilliant Cut GH Colored Loose Synthetic Moissanite

$ 40,00 / PC. 1 piece. (Min. order)

Inexpensive Gemstone Natural 4,0MM Round Shape Tanzanite Gemstone Loose Gemstone for Jewelry

$ 45,00 /car 10 ct (Min. order)

Laboratory Grown stones 4H Sic moissanite, large size, White EF/GH, cheap precious stones Moissanite

$30,00 – $32,00 /car 1 ct (Min. order)

Factory price pear cutting machine glass precious stones , cheap blue emerald stone

$0,05 – $0,10 / PC. 500 piece. (Min. order)

Wholesale trade, cheap stones made of cubic zirconia

$0,11 – $5,42 / PC. 100 piece. (Min. order)

Yingma Jewelry, cheap free precious stones , wholesale price, 100 pcs. per bag, triangular shape, aqua blue colored glass stones

$3,00 – $9,50 / PC. 1 piece. (Min. order)

Inexpensive Synthetic Moissanite Gemstone 5,0mm D Color vvs1 Synthetic Diamond, precious stones , price per carat

$ 0,80 / PC. 300 piece. (Min. order)

ST precious stones , free Cheap Stones , stones with blue diamond No. 109, spinel

$0,04 – $0,08 / PC. 100 piece. (Min. order)

Glass iridescent flat precious stones green aventurine cabochon cheap gemstone various jewelry synthesis gemstone

$1,00 – $2,45 / PC. 10 piece. (Min. order)

Provence gemstone New arrival cheap round cut garena free fire diamond top bd 3mm lab grown diamond

$320,00 – $330,00 /car 1 ct (Min. order)

Cheap price amethyst flower cutting cubic zirconia precious stones , loose zircon, gemstone for jewelry making

$0,65 – $1,00 / PC. 100 piece. (Min. order)

Precious stones made of synthetic red garnet, 3 mm

$0,10 – $1,00 / PC. 500 piece. (Min. order)

Cheap High Quality Synthetic Opal 5mm White Gemstone Round Artificial Opal

$0,16 – $6,50 / PC. 50 piece. (Min. order)

high quality zircon with pear shape cheap precious stones

$0,048 – $0,052 / PC. 500 piece. (Min. order)

Factory cheap wholesale 5A synthetic precious stones crumbly coffee cubic zirconia price

$0,03 – $0,05 / PC. 1000 piece. (Min. order)

Direct Selling YIN ZHENG Gemstones Low Price Synthetic Round Cut Moissanite

$1,15 – $10,00 /car 10 ct (Min. order)

Kunzite, precious stones ,wholesale,low price,natural gemstone,loose cabochon,lot for jewelry

$0,18 – $0,61 / G 500 g (Min. order)

Emerald gemstone from NARNOLI GEMS at a low price

$67,50 – $70,00 /car 2 ct (Min. order)

Cheap price for faceted water drop shaped gemstone with half hole

$ 1,30 / PC. 100 piece. (Min. order)

Manufacturers Low Price Multi Color Gemstone Cubic Zirconia for DIY Jewelry Making

$ 0,02 / PC. 1000 piece. (Min. order)

Polished precious stones , citrine, oval faceted precious stones , Smooth Sequins for Unique Gemstones

$0,25 – $0,34 /car 10 ct (Min. order)

Synthetic precious stones Wuzhou, white zircon, raw material, rough rough diamond

$30,00 – $100,00 / G 1000 g (Min. order)

Fancy 100% Heart Shaped Natural Crystals Loose precious stones , wild horse, Magnesite, real free precious stones и stones at affordable prices

$0,20 – $0,25 / G 250 g (Min. order)

2023, Chinese supplier, semi precious custom made stone buttons, Sodalite gems at low prices

$0,60 – $1,60 / PC. 500 piece. (Min. order)

Natural Multicolor Tourmaline Faceted Oval Shape Gemstone for Jewelry Making at Wholesale Price High Quality precious stones

$2,50 – $40,00 / PC. 2 piece. (Min. order)

Natural precious stones heart shaped, 100% natural genuine gemstone, wholesale price, faceted gemstone supplier

$2,00 – $3,00 / PC. 20 piece. (Min. order)

High quality 5# Ruby Red Corundum Stone heart gemstone cut synthetic ruby ​​at low price

$0,25 – $2,00 / PC. 100 piece. (Min. order)

Wholesale round wuzhou cz gem 3a 1mm-10mm loose black cubic zirconia Sell cheap

$0,08 – $0,10 / PC. 100 piece. (Min. order)

Wholesale 4,5-11mm gemstone 0,5-5ct red pink white color vvs1 cut muxanite loose diamonds stones

$1,32 – $131,74 / PC. 1 piece. (Min. order)

wholesale company wuzhou hp nano gems, precious stones High Quality

$0,10 – $5,00 / PC. 1000 piece. (Min. order)

Jewelry made from natural smoky quartz

$0,50 – $1,00 /car 10 ct (Min. order)

Hot Selling Inexpensive Mexican Agate Tower with Natural Crystal

$37,00 – $38,00 / kg 2 kg (Min. order)

Cheap Synthetic Glass Stone 4mm 6mm 8mm Pink Glass Gemstone for Jewelry Making

$0,29 – $2,00 / PC. 500 piece. (Min. order)

Large Laboratory Moissanite 5*8mm DEF Color CVD Gemstone Clear Gemstone Pear Brilliant Cut Synthetic Diamond

$ 29,00 / PC. 1 piece. (Min. order)

Wholesale Natural Crystal Seven Colors Gemstone Yoga Seven Chakras Raw Stone Gift

$3,80 – $4,50 / PC. 5 piece. (Min. order)

100% Natural Iolite Fancy Shaped Gemstone for Jewelry Making Weight 11x8x4 1,55ct Product for Sale at Low Prices

$1,00 – $200,00 /car 50 ct (Min. order)

Rare high quality glass stones , wholesale trade, cheap emerald synthetic glass crystal stones for making jewelry

$0,01 – $1,00 / PC. 1000 piece. (Min. order)

Natural Polished Gemstone Cabochons Eudialyte Cabochons Wholesale Price Loose precious stones , healing crystal, Quartz chakra reiki, jewelry, stone

$0,18 – $0,25 / G 100 g (Min. order)

Beautiful Cheap Lot Natural Malachite Cabochon Malachite Stone Lot Loose Gemstones Healing Smooth Handmade Gemstone

$0,25 – $0,35 / G 50 g (Min. order)

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