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What is the difference between a diamond and a diamond?

Probably everyone remembers the already famous lines of the famous song about “a girl’s best friend”? Yes, today we will talk about diamond precious stones, which personify the art of jewelry, and not only about them. It is important to find out what is the difference between a diamond and a diamond, what is more expensive, what is cheaper, and which came first – the chicken or the egg. After all, the relationship between these two terms is precisely in this plane.

Where do diamonds come from?

Diamond is a unique creation of natural origin. It is the product of complex chemical and physical processes that result in the modification of carbon into a beautiful mineral with exceptional characteristics. The formation processes of this mineral take place deep within the earth’s crust. At a depth of over 100 km, under enormous pressure and ultra-high temperature. This hardening gives the stone the highest levels of hardness, which allows it to be used in industry. However, the diamond gained its greatest fame in jewelry, and all thanks to its extraordinary aesthetic qualities. This gemstone has a truly exceptional ability to refract light, a noble texture and a desire for ideal geometry.

What is a diamond?

If a diamond is a natural mineral mined from underground, then a diamond is a fully processed diamond suitable for use in jewelry. The main task of jewelry processing is to achieve the maximum degree of cutting, revealing all the natural qualities of the gemstone. The main qualities are the degree of gloss, purity, geometric proportionality and color.

So what is the difference between them?

As a conclusion based on the above, it is worth noting the main differences between a diamond and a diamond. And if the question of the primacy of the origin of the chicken and the egg remains open, then in this case everything is extremely clear. 1. Diamond is only a derivative of diamond, and not a separate type of mineral, as some people mistakenly believe. This is a jewelry product created from natural materials. 2. Diamond materials are used in various industries. In addition to jewelry craft, the properties of this mineral have found their application in medicine and industry. A diamond is a purely precious processed stone and its niche is only jewelry. It is easy to conclude that in appearance a diamond looks much more attractive than a diamond and costs much more. It’s not for nothing that they talk about a talented person, comparing him to a rough diamond. Diamond is primary in comparison with diamond, this is the answer to the main question of the article.

Cost issues

Diamond products have long been the epitome of jewelry. Since ancient times, the diamond has been famous for its aesthetic qualities, and therefore has gained fame as one of the most valuable and expensive gems. Modern realities are such that the cost of jewelry equipped with diamonds can reach fabulous prices. Although there are quite affordable solutions, pricing is influenced by a number of factors – cut quality, size, clarity, color and more. The Tangogold online store in Kyiv contains a lot of jewelry with diamond stones, the same rings in the price range from 4000 to 30000 UAH, so there is price variability on the market.

The art of assessing the authenticity of a diamond

Now let’s talk about the factors for assessing the quality and authenticity of diamonds. This gemstone is the personification of the geometric ideal. The complexity of its edges is combined with the simplicity and precision of its lines. And before you buy diamond jewelry, you should figure out how to distinguish a diamond from a fake. A characteristic feature of a real diamond is the so-called brilliant cut. Processing implies the presence of 57 edges in the finished product. Only this format allows the stone to reflect the entire spectrum of light falling on it, and only such a product can be called a diamond. If this condition is not met, the stone is called a diamond. It is also important to consider the information contained on the product label. For example, this marking format – Diamond 1 Kr 57 – 0,20 1/2 – means the following. This piece of jewelry contains one 57-sided diamond, weighing 0,2 carats, and 1/2 indicates the color (1-colorless stone), and the degree of impurities (2-no noticeable inclusions or defects). Much more information can be found on the Tangold website. A large selection of jewelry, including many diamond jewelry, is all available on the company’s website, where you can trace the relationship between price and product characteristics. Men are less likely to receive gold jewelry as a gift. But this does not mean that they do not like such products. It’s just that not all women know what to give and how to choose. A men’s signet is an excellent option, because almost everyone wears it – from very young guys to older men. It differs from a traditional ring by the presence of a platform and the absence of a massive insert. It is on this flat top part that initials, coat of arms, inscriptions are often applied, or it is decorated with miniature precious stones. This product is more symbolic. To give a man a signet that he will definitely wear, you should know what to look for when choosing. Diamond is a natural form of the mineral “kimberlite”. Most often this means an octahedron or dodecahedron. A diamond is the same diamond mined from a kimberlite pipe that has undergone artificial cutting. In addition to the natural shape or the shape chosen by the jeweler, a diamond differs from a diamond in price and weight.

What costs more

The average price of a diamond on the market is about $500. Uncut natural diamonds are available for purchase only to legal entities, subject to a license from the seller and buyer. After cutting, the cost of the stone increases depending on the quality of the characteristics and the final weight. Diamond prices per carat range from $1 to $1300. You will not be able to save money if you buy a diamond with the intention of passing it on to a jeweler for cutting. Professional custom work is expensive. Most likely, you will end up spending more than if you purchased an already cut stone.

Types of cuts

  • classic round – the most popular, gives the stone maximum shine, while the sample significantly loses weight;
  • fantasy – this includes other shape options (oval, heart, marquise, drop, briolette, princess, emerald, baguette and others).

The fantasy cut gives less shine, but allows you to see the purity of the stone and the beauty of the shade. The latter is especially true for colored diamonds.

Mineral mass

The stone extracted from the ore is valued in carats. The mass of natural diamond can reach impressive sizes. For example, the Victory Diamond, found in the Woye River Valley in Sierra Leone, weighed 770 carats. After cutting, it produced 30 high-quality diamonds. Discovered in India in the 17th century, the Blue Great Mogul weighed 787 carats and was cut into a rose shape.

  • The round cut allows you to achieve maximum light refractive ability of the stone, but about 60% of the original mass remains.
  • Fantasy cuts help preserve the mass of the mineral, but the brilliance of the stone will be lower.

It is noteworthy that only in Russia, cutting performed in accordance with GOST gives an impeccable result and is carried out even at the expense of weight. Western jewelers prioritize preserving the stone’s weight over brilliance.


It is a measure of mass applied exclusively to gemstones. Only an experienced jeweler can determine the carat value of a frame.

  • 1 ct (carat) is equal to 0,2 grams;
  • The diameter of a round diamond weighing 1 ct is 6,5 mm.

The size seriously affects the cost of the stone and its characteristics. Samples weighing over 1 carat are considered large and can be purchased mainly by wealthy buyers.

Democratic stones are diamonds weighing 0,3 – 0,99 ct. Such samples are most in demand in jewelry stores. They have an affordable price for the average buyer and at the same time high aesthetics and brilliance. Diamonds weighing 0,1 – 0,29 ct are considered small.

There are also diamond chips. These are samples weighing 0,01 carat and 1 mm in diameter. It can also be used in jewelry as a complement to the main stone. The baby plays beautifully only when light hits it directly.


Diamonds, depending on their quality, are divided into industrial and jewelry. The latter, when mined, account for 8-10% of the total volume of precious stones.

Jewelry-quality samples are sent for cutting. The stone can be processed as a whole or divided into several parts. Subsequently, the resulting diamonds are used to make jewelry, sold to collectors or those wishing to invest their money in precious stones.

Industrial diamonds today in 98% of cases are synthetic. Together with natural analogues, unsuitable for jewelry, diamonds are used in scientific and technical laboratories, for the production of tools, in aircraft manufacturing, and electronics.

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