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What is the difference between carnelian and carnelian?

Carnelian is a type of the mineral chalcedony. Thanks to the admixture of iron, the stone acquired a unique red color. The crystal is not transparent, with a waxy sheen.

Description and location of production

  • carnelian – with a bloody color;
  • sardonyx – its color range is from brown to brown;
  • lincurium is a stone of “honey” shades.

Sometimes when carnelian is mined, specimens with a rainbow color are found. In this case, the mineral has several layers, from transparent to cloudy white.

In different countries, carnelian has different names. For example, in ancient Rus’ it was called carnelian (a combination of the words “heart” and “face”). The ancient Greeks called it serdolite, which means brought from the city of Sort. In Rome, the mineral was called the same as dogwood berries, due to their incredible similarity in color.

Archaeologists have found that during the Paleolithic period tools and hunting weapons were made from it. This is not surprising when you remember how hard and sharp this mineral is. In addition, decorations that were amulets and talismans were found.

The stone is of volcanic, less often sedimentary origin, with mining sites located on the coasts and near volcanoes. The largest specimens are mined in some states of America, Brazil, Uruguay and India. Less extensive deposits of the mineral are found in Bulgaria, Australia, Russia and Mongolia. Mining is also underway in Madagascar and Sri Lanka. However, the value of such stones is much lower.

Healing properties

Egyptian priests also used carnelian stone for medicinal purposes. The mineral affects many organs of the human body, therefore it is widely used by healers and healers.

Most often, the stone is crushed into powder, which is subsequently used to treat chronic headaches, impaired hearing and blood flow, and prevent changes in blood pressure. To do this, just mix the crystal powder with your drink.

Carnelian-based ointments are used to treat purulent wounds. In addition, it is believed that if you add it to any medicine, you can increase the effect of the drug several times.

According to lithotherapists, rings with carnelian will help normalize the functioning of the cardiovascular system. Earrings should be chosen by those people who suffer from migraines or severe nervous tension. A bracelet with this stone will improve the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract.

Patients who suffer from mental disorders are not recommended to wear pendants, beads, rosaries and other “hanging” jewelry, since such accessories can further disturb a person’s mental balance. To stabilize your emotional state, it is recommended to simply look at the stone several times a day.

Carnelian and magic

Since the stone is identified with the heart, it has always been perceived as a talisman of love. People believed that the carnelian amulet gave hope to lovers and could protect the family hearth. It was even used in wedding ceremonies of different nations.

However, these are not all the magical abilities that the mineral has. It is believed that it can protect its owner from the evil eye and bad spells. The talisman is suitable for creative people, as it is capable of developing talents in a person. Many claim that the red mineral attracts good luck in the business sphere, due to which a person’s wealth increases.

The amulet not only attracts love, but also protects against love spells. The gem promotes the development of only sincere, mutual feelings.

Carnelian guides its owner, protecting against lies and rash actions. Can develop the gift of foresight in people with special potential. It is often called the stone of justice; in ancient times, judges and other representatives of the law wore jewelry with the mineral. Some attributed to him the ability to protect a person from death due to a natural disaster.

According to legend, women should wear yellow or white carnelian, but dark shades, brown and brown, are suitable for men.

Who is the mineral suitable for?

The gem is most favorable to such zodiac signs as Leo and Cancer. Thus, the stone makes women born under the sign of Leo more sensual and sexy, while it gives men health and longevity. The mineral enhances the leadership abilities and hard work of Leos, which brings them financial well-being.

For people born under the sign of Cancer, the stone helps in communicating with others, making its owner more confident. If a person is overcome by depression or melancholy, the talisman will help restore a positive attitude and thirst for life. Even serious failures will be perceived much easier if Cancer has jewelry with carnelian.

The stone is also suitable for such signs as Taurus, Gemini, Virgo, Libra, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces.

For Taurus, carnelian will become a love talisman. For Gemini, the gem will help to concentrate and develop logical thinking. Virgos should wear jewelry framed in gold, this guarantees protection from negative magical influences.

If Libra chooses carnelian of bright colors, they will be able to gain faith in themselves, the same can be said about talismans for Capricorn, the stone will support and will not allow you to give up in difficult situations.

For Aquarius, like Taurus, the mineral helps them find family well-being. Pisces will receive support in all areas of life and peace of mind.

Those people who were born under the sign of Aries, Scorpio and Sagittarius should be wary of the talisman. You shouldn’t count on the help of a gem, and if you handle the amulet incorrectly, it can cause harm.

Carnelian, a stone with a rich history, otherwise known as carnelian, is a variety of chalcedony. The mineral gets its name from the Greek word “karo”, which means “flesh”, due to its rich color. Since ancient times, the crystal has been used by healers and magicians to solve life problems and protect against enemies.

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Description and origin of carnelian

Carnelian is of volcanic origin. Its relatives are chalcedony and agate.

Other names of the stone are carnelian, sarder, carnelian. The yellow variety is called lincurium. In Rus’, the mineral was called the “July stone” because its bright orange-red color was associated with the sun.

Carnelian is included in the list of the most ancient gems. Jewelry with it was found at archaeological excavations. Scientists estimate the age of the finds at approximately 40 thousand years.

Ancient people attached great importance to carnelian. This stone adorned the breastplate of the Jewish patriarch, and the Prophet Muhammad wore a ring with it. The Egyptians made ritual objects from carnelian, which were placed inside tombs so that the dead could freely travel through the afterlife.

Varieties of carnelian were often discovered during excavations of Paleolithic era layers. Cavemen created tools, beads, and other objects from stone.

Where is carnelian mined?

There are few places on the planet where carnelian can be mined, but the reserves of the crystal are large. Pure and beautiful specimens are found in India. Stones with a brown tint, which take on orange and red reflections in the light, are mined in the state of Gujarat.

Deposits of the gem are found in the USA, Uruguay, Bulgaria and Brazil. In Russia, near the Kara-Dag mountain, Karadag carnelians are found. There are stones of jewelry value in the Amur region.

Shades and varieties

Carnelian is divided into types according to the place of extraction and color. There are only 3 of the latter – sarder, carnelian and carnelian.


This is the name of the dark red variety of carnelian, which has a brown or chestnut tint. The mineral received its name from the ancient city of Sarda in Lydia.


The color palette of carnelian depends on the amount of iron in the stone. The color can be pinkish, orange, reddish, honey. Samples of certain colors have their own names.

Sometimes stones are found with spots or stripes of white or yellow, which indicates their authenticity.


It has a thick red color that resembles blood. According to magicians, the stone looks like a human heart. This variety is the most popular among jewelers, collectors and esotericists.

Physico-chemical characteristics

From a chemical point of view, carnelian is silicon oxide.

  • shine – waxy, matte;
  • transparency – shines through in sections;
  • hardness – 6,5–7;
  • strength – brittle;
  • cleavage – absent;
  • fracture – uneven, shell-like;
  • syngony – trigonal.

Healing properties of carnelian

The healing properties of carnelian were believed back in Ancient Egypt. The priests ground the mineral into powder and added it to the water they gave to the sick. This mixture helped with kidney pathologies and migraines.

During World War II, the crystal was used to treat open wounds and abscesses in soldiers. The gem was heated and applied to the affected area in the form of a compress.

Modern lithotherapists using stone:

  • treat skin diseases;
  • relieve headaches;
  • eliminate neuroses, depression;
  • remove stones from the kidneys and bladder;
  • save from poisoning;
  • normalize intestinal function in case of colitis, constipation;
  • increase potency in men;
  • accelerate tissue regeneration processes;
  • reduce the intensity of pain;
  • treat the respiratory system.

The effectiveness of carnelian and its magical properties is recognized by official medicine, although no scientific basis has been found for the abilities of the crystal.

Some scientists believe that the radiation inherent in the gem is to blame. Its presence makes it impossible to use the stone for the treatment of cancer patients.

The magical properties of carnelian

Since ancient times, magical properties have been attributed to carnelian. It was believed that scarlet stones have the most powerful energy. The more saturated the color, the stronger the crystal’s abilities.

According to legends, such minerals are associated with the love sphere and affect the relationship of lovers. Magicians claim that carnelian makes good talismans for good luck, love, and protective amulets against love spells.

The yellow variety of carnelian – lincurium – affects the business sphere of its owner’s life. The gem is recommended to be worn by those who want to succeed in their career, become a leader or get rich. The crystal will also be useful for creative people – it will give them inspiration and help them realize hidden talents.

Dark red and brown varieties – sarders – are used in magic to harmonize the inner world. They get rid of negative attitudes, bad thoughts, and obsessions.

Regardless of color, carnelian helps its owner:

  • become happy;
  • improve relationships with others;
  • make dreams come true;
  • find love;
  • believe in your own strength.

Some specimens have dark spots on the surface. Such patterns, according to esotericists, bring bad luck, so they should be avoided.

Application area

Carnelian is used in jewelry, as well as for creating decorative items.


Varieties of stone are used as inserts in inexpensive jewelry. The mineral is framed with silver and other metals, with the exception of gold. In India, carnelian is often inlaid into bronze and brass bracelets.


Carnelian is popular among home craftswomen. Beads and cut stone samples are used in personal creativity, creating designer products.

Lincurium and sarder are used in stone-cutting art, cutting out figurines, gems and other figures that serve to decorate the interior.

Charms and talismans

Since ancient times, carnelian has been endowed with mystical properties, believing that it can protect against love spells, damage and other troubles. The crystal was used as a talisman, worn on oneself or kept at home.

In Ancient Egypt, carnelian was used to make fasteners for clothes, believing that they would protect against evil spirits. The Arabs associated the crystal with the masculine principle, believing that it would protect against poverty if worn in a ring.

In modern society, magicians recommend using a carnelian amulet for:

  • protecting your home from negative energy, robberies, fires, bad guests;
  • good luck in your career and business;
  • strengthening relationships with loved ones;
  • conception and birth of a healthy child;
  • improvement of well-being.

Who suits carnelian according to the zodiac sign

The mysterious stone is not suitable for every representative of the zodiac circle. Before purchasing, you need to check your compatibility with carnelian.


The mineral will help Aries become more responsible, teach them work and patience. For the hot-tempered and aggressive Aries, carnelian will become an indispensable assistant.


Scarlet varieties of carnelian are suitable for Taurus. With them they will feel more confident, more peaceful, and more sociable. The crystal will fill them with strength, give them inspiration and energy for new achievements.


Of all the representatives of the water element, carnelian is especially sympathetic to Gemini. The mineral will help them find happiness in love, point them in the right direction, and make them more resilient and resistant to negativity.


For Cancers, the crystal will become a faithful teacher. It will strengthen their intuition and insight, teach them to foresee danger and future events. To open clairvoyance, Cancer needs to choose red or orange stones.

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Carnelian will help Leos get rich and achieve success in work without any effort. Such a gem will improve the owner’s relationship with relatives.


Carnelian will help fulfill their desires. For lonely Libra, the crystal will point to a good person who can win their heart.


Astrologers do not recommend Scorpios to purchase this stone. It will make them cynical, cruel, hot-tempered and strengthen other negative qualities.


The gem will make Sagittarians feel more confident, which will have a positive effect on their ability to work and will bring them success on the love front. Representatives of this sign can wear minerals of any color.


With the help of carnelian, Capricorns will achieve mental balance and harmony. The crystal will also help them in their work, suggesting how to turn their hobby into a profitable business.


Carnelian will bring good luck and luck to Aquarius in all areas of life. Possessing this gem, they can safely take risks and get involved in adventures – the stone will not leave them in trouble.


The Pisces mineral will relieve internal anxieties, fears, doubts and laziness. In return, the crystal will give them peace of mind and a positive attitude.

Name compatibility

Varieties of carnelian are patron talismans for women with the following names:

  • Alice;
  • Galina;
  • Christina;
  • Anna;
  • Elizabeth;
  • Valentina;
  • Tamara;
  • Olga.

Among male names, the stone sympathizes with:

Carnelian for representatives of different professions

The stone is recommended to be worn by people of the following professions:

  1. Truckers, travelers, sailors. The crystal will help them return home safe and sound.
  2. Lawyers, judges and investigators. The gem will strengthen their desire for justice.
  3. Educators, writers, speakers, lawyers and politicians. The stone will teach people of these professions to speak eloquently, convince listeners and develop their imagination.

Combinations of carnelian and other stones

Carnelian is protected by the elements of Air and Fire, so it is difficult to find a pair for it:

  1. The mineral conflicts with green stones such as emerald, jasper, malachite, jade.
  2. It has a negative attitude towards black morion and goethite, although it contains particles of it.
  3. Does not get along with opal, white pearl, topaz, aquamarine.

The gem feels best in the company of amber, charoite and spinel. Compatible with garnet, quartz, amethyst, beryl, pyrite.

Where can I buy

Jewelry can be purchased at jewelry stores, at fairs and from individuals involved in handicrafts. Before purchasing, you need to make sure that the stone matches your horoscope and check the authenticity of the copy, especially when purchasing second-hand.

You can’t buy used jewelry: they store someone else’s energy, which can have a negative impact.

After purchase, any product must be cleaned by placing it in a container filled with spring or melt water for 2–5 hours.

Price and best time to purchase

The cost per 1 carat depends on the shade, place of extraction and other factors, so it is difficult to name it, unlike the price for jewelry. Earrings made of silver with carnelian and agate will cost approximately 6–7 thousand rubles, and a carnelian bracelet will cost 1500 rubles.

You should buy the product on a bright sunny day. The mineral loves the sun, so once every 2 months it is left in a lighted place to recharge (for a period not exceeding 30 minutes).

Determining the authenticity of carnelian

Carnelian is an inexpensive stone and is often found in nature, so it is rarely counterfeited.

But sometimes imitations still occur in the form:

  1. Plastic or glass. You can recognize deception by scratching the crystal with a needle. Unlike natural carnelian, a fake plastic will leave a deep mark. The glass copy has translucent edges and a glassy sheen, while natural carnelian has a matte, waxy sheen.
  2. South American colored agates. They are given the desired shade by iron-containing preparations, and it is impossible to distinguish them from natural carnelian by eye. You can reveal the deception if you split the crystal in half: a color line will be visible at the edges.

How to wear carnelian

It is recommended to wear the jewelry on the index or middle finger. Esotericists and astrologers claim that this way the magical abilities of the stone manifest themselves better.

If the mineral is used as a home talisman, then it is placed near the entrance. For treatment, the raw gem is applied to the sore spot.

You should not wear a carnelian ring on your ring finger.

Storage and care

You can preserve the attractive appearance and properties of the mineral by observing the following rules:

  1. Avoid falls and impacts, otherwise the crystal will break.
  2. Avoid sudden changes in temperature and exposure to chemicals.
  3. Store the jewelry in a separate case or box.

If there is contamination, wash the gem in a weak soap solution using a soft sponge.

Interesting Facts

Carnelian has a rich history, as reflected in the following facts:

  1. Queen Shub-Ad, ruling in the city of Ur in Mesopotamia, had a huge number of carnelian beads.
  2. During excavations, a snake’s head carved from carnelian was discovered on Tutankhamun’s mummy.
  3. A. S. Pushkin had a ring with a large carnelian, which was given to him by Countess E. K. Vorontsova.

The orange-red “July stone” has always been considered the patron saint of creative people. In addition to Pushkin, its owners were Tsvetaeva, Byron, Mandelstam.

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