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What is the difference between cat s eye and tiger s eye?

Cat’s eye is quartz that has been sprouted with olive green rutile needles. The name “cat’s eye” refers to several different minerals that have a glassy sheen and in appearance resemble a cat’s eye with a vertically elongated pupil. Imitation cat’s eye is made from synthetic barium titanate and borosilicate fiber glass. It increases prudence and maintains health. Cat’s eye is a good digestive aid and acts as a laxative. Cat’s eye jewelry is recommended to be hung around children’s necks to prevent complications in the functioning of the respiratory organs and prevent asthma and pneumonia. The cat’s eye, in addition, is able to preserve love, protect against betrayal, assassination attempts by enemies, and protects health. It is assumed that all minerals that have the “cat’s eye” effect act in the same way. But depending on the color of the stone, certain therapeutic effects increase or decrease. For example, cat’s eye helps relieve attacks of bronchial asthma. Some traditional healers believe that these stones are a good remedy for treating various diseases of the throat and respiratory system. In Eastern countries, there is an opinion that by fingering a rosary made from a cat’s eye, you can significantly reduce nervous tension and even recover from mental illness. Experts say that the mineral attracts mutual love to its owner, making him faithful in marriage and friendship. The stone attracts the owner and the sympathy of surrounding people. Products with a cat’s eye should be worn by timid and insecure people – it will endow them with courage, charm, and attract the attention of others to them. Moreover, the gem is a real peacemaker. It helps a person avoid conflicts, improve relationships in the family and at work, and attracts the favor of superiors. The cat’s eye should be used as a talisman by diplomats, lecturers, artists, writers, painters and musicians. It awakens creative impulses in them, enhances their talents and endows them with charm and eloquence. In former times, jewelry with a cat’s eye was worn as amulets that protected against evil forces. Tiger’s eye is one of the varieties of quartz. The color of the minerals is brown with golden stripes. Tiger’s eye is a cat’s eye in which the needles have oxidized to a golden yellow or rusty red color. Tiger’s eye differs from cat’s eye minerals by its characteristic golden-brown wavy pattern. A variation of the tiger’s eye is the hawk’s eye. It is believed that this stone is capable of developing our consciousness, helping to separate harmful desires from real needs. Tiger’s eye helps cleanse the body after eating too much food. This stone helps us see in the dark, develops insight and can bring good luck. Tiger’s eye strengthens common sense, enhances the ability to concentrate, activates teaching abilities, and promptly directs its owner to useful things. It also helps women become good housewives, protects them from the deceit of competitors and from the torment of unreasonable jealousy. In folk medicine, tiger’s eye is considered an excellent remedy for restoring the body after severe operations. In some countries, healers recommend wearing tiger eye jewelry to prevent diseases. It is believed that this stone reduces blood pressure in hypertension, normalizes sleep, and relieves insomnia and nightmares. It is believed that by applying tiger eye to diseased areas of the body, psoriasis can be cured much faster. There is an opinion that this mineral alleviates attacks of bronchial asthma. Traditional healers sometimes use tiger’s eye to relieve inflammation in joint diseases. The magical properties of the tiger’s eye have been known since ancient times. Considering this stone to be a solar stone, it was most often used as a talisman against evil spirits against damage and the evil eye. The talisman with the tiger’s eye serves people engaged in creative activities, as well as those whose work or hobby involves risk to life or increased injury. For example, a keychain with a tiger’s eye can strengthen an athlete’s will to win. Tiger’s eye is used in jewelry, as well as for making souvenirs and talismans. This is a quartz mineral of yellow-brown color with dark, sometimes black stripes. He is beautiful, attractive and captivating to look at. Despite the rather low price, products with this mineral look very presentable. In addition, many believe in its healing and protective properties.

Eye stone

  • cat’s eye;
  • lion’s eye;
  • owl’s eye;
  • Hawkeye;
  • fish eye.

Despite the fact that these materials have different chemical compositions, they are all quartz minerals and have a special shine that resembles the iridescent glow of the eyes of an animal. In ancient times, people believed that the tiger’s eye stone contained the energy of the Sun and the Earth, and special properties were attributed to this stone.

The ancient Egyptians considered it a gift from the main of their gods – Ra, the patron of the sun. In the east, the eye of the tiger was also considered “divine”, so it was often used in statues of Shiva.

The Indians, who believed not in gods, but in the forces of nature, used the mineral as an amulet against attacks by predators. It is believed that when a dangerous animal approaches, jewelry with a tiger’s eye becomes heavier.

Today the stone does not have such a high value and is most often used for ornamental purposes. In jewelry, it is used less often, choosing samples with a minimum number of dark stripes.

Its color scheme may vary. The most common shades are:

  • golden yellow;
  • golden brown;
  • golden brown.

If the mineral is exposed to high temperatures, it will change its color to red. This stone is called a bull’s eye. Eye quartz gets its name from its color. The lion stone is most similar to the tiger’s eye; due to ignorance, they can be confused. The hawk’s eye has a blue-blue color, and the cat’s eye has a green color.

There are deposits of the mineral in Russia, India, the USA, Africa, Australia and Ukraine.

Mineral healer

Adherents of alternative medicine claim that the stone has such healing properties as:

  • analgesic effect;
  • normalization of sleep;
  • stress prevention;
  • lowering blood pressure;
  • normalization of appetite;
  • restorative effect.

It is recommended to wear tiger eye beads for any disease. But the decoration will be most useful for such pathologies as:

  • gynecological diseases;
  • otitis;
  • eye diseases;
  • rheumatism;
  • psoriasis;
  • bronchial asthma;
  • serious sleep disturbances;
  • hypertension.

A tiger eye bracelet will help you recover after a complex surgical operation.

Lithotherapists who practice stone treatment claim that tiger eye jewelry should be worn by everyone as a preventive measure for many diseases, from colds to joint diseases. And so that the stone does not lose its healing properties, it is recommended to “charge” it with solar energy. To do this, just put it under the sun’s rays. But this must be done exclusively in the afternoon.

This amulet improves not only your physical but also your emotional state. For example, if you constantly wear a ring, the tiger’s eye will relieve chronic fatigue, improve your mood and even help cope with depression. In Muslim countries, rosary beads are often made from tiger’s eye.

Talismans and charms

The mineral has long been used by magicians to make amulets and amulets. Thanks to its powerful energy, it protects the owner from evil spirits, dark forces and ill-wishers. The magical properties of the tiger eye stone are manifested precisely in the protection of the owner. It prevents illness, injury and even death. It is not surprising that such talismans were popular among warriors of the ancient world.

Today, the magic of the mineral is not used on such a large scale. However, if you have a serious meeting ahead, wear jewelry with a stone, and the result of the negotiations will be more than positive.

The talisman helps a person gain confidence, gain strength and protects against rash actions. Under the influence of the amulet, a person becomes reasonable and thinks more sensibly.

It doesn’t really matter how you wear the mineral, but the closer it is to the body, the stronger the effect on the owner. Therefore, beads and bracelets that are not framed with metal are recommended.

But no matter what jewelry you choose, the characteristics of the talisman will not change. The amulet will help you concentrate and direct you in the right direction. The stone protects from the evil eye, damage, and even from the tricks of work competitors.

In addition, such an amulet is believed to bring success in the financial sphere. There is a belief that if you put it in a piggy bank, then as it fills, your income will increase. But it’s worth remembering that, like any talisman, the tiger’s eye chooses who to help. The mineral prefers active and purposeful people, and shows its abilities precisely next to them.

Thanks to its ability to make a person calm and reasonable, such an amulet is suitable for people with teaching professions. It is also believed that the mineral expels feelings such as jealousy and envy from the heart, and it helps a woman become a good housewife.

Mineral and zodiac signs

As you know, each zodiac sign has its own stone that can best reveal the positive character traits of a person. But there are also those stones that are not suitable for one or another sign.

What can be said about the tiger’s eye stone, who is this mineral suitable for, and who should avoid it in any situation?

The stone is most favorable to people whose zodiac sign is Virgo. In this case, the talisman fuels the optimism and vitality of its owner. In addition, if a person’s horoscope is Gemini, he helps to reveal inner talents and pushes to the right decision in any situation.

The effect of the tiger’s eye on people born under the sign of Libra, Leo or Taurus is much weaker. However, the stone still protects these signs and can help in difficult times. To enhance the influence of the amulet, you need to choose the right color of the stone. So, fiery Leos should choose a mineral of golden-yellow shades, but earthly Taurus will suit an amulet with green splashes.

Aries, Capricorn, Sagittarius and Aquarius are the zodiac signs that should not wear amulets or jewelry with this stone. It is not even recommended to simply store it at home.

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