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What is the gem according to your zodiac sign?

A huge number of people live on our planet, each of whom has their own preferences, certain character traits and personal vision of the world around them. Sometimes, it can be very difficult for us to take one or another step, because certain character qualities are lacking or some are more prevalent than others. Astrologers divide all people into 12 types, or, in other words, zodiac signs. They, in turn, are divided into four elements: fire, air, earth and water. To harmoniously regulate the flow of vital energy, people purchase amulets made from stones of various origins. If the mineral is chosen correctly, then everything will improve for its owner, and his health will be much less likely to bother him. Otherwise, if you choose the wrong talisman, it will only aggravate all existing problems.

The influence of gemstones on people

Let’s take a closer look at the impact precious and semi-precious stones have on people, depending on their zodiac sign.


  • ✔ diamond is a symbol of courage, spiritual purity and strength of character;️
  • ✔ garnet – constancy, stability;️
  • ✔ amethyst – calmness in love and attitude towards others;️
  • ✔ red sapphire – peace and wisdom.

❌ Stones of blue and green shades are not suitable for representatives of this zodiac sign, because they symbolize water, which is incompatible with the fiery element of Aries. These are stones such as emerald, lapis lazuli, chrysolite, malachite, coral and opal.


A zodiac sign that belongs to the element of earth and is distinguished by the same down-to-earth character traits. They do not like fuss and frequent changes of events, but they value family, home and stability. Having such a peaceful and calm character, Taurus, nevertheless, under any pressure on them, become very stubborn and immobile. They value material wealth more than any other representatives of this element.

Talisman stone for Taurus – ✔️emerald. It will bring to its owner prudence and insight, which, combined with personal characteristics, will lead to success. When using jewelry with such inserts, all areas of life – family and financial status, health and career – are harmonized.

  • ✔ chrysoprase – gives self-confidence and determination;️
  • ✔ turquoise is a symbol of the winner, attracts prosperity and money to the family;️
  • ✔ malachite – maintains good health;️
  • ✔ agate (sardonyx, onyx) – has a positive effect on health and helps in matters of the heart.️

❌ Stones such as amber, amethyst, topaz and ruby ​​are contraindicated for this sign.


Dynamic people with an active lifestyle are born under this sign. They get rid of everything in their environment that is not relevant, outdated and ordinary. They strive to make their life varied, interesting and exciting. People around them sometimes get the impression that twins can do everything at once.

The talisman stone for twins is ✔️ agate. It gives its owner stability, pacifies and directs his chaotic “running” in the right direction. Also, agate has a beneficial effect on the condition of the entire body.

  • ✔ beryl (emerald, aquamarine, etc.) – gives vitality, confidence, helps in career growth;️
  • ✔ chrysoprase – brings success in business, elevates the state of mind;️
  • ✔ topaz – balances the emotional state, helps restore harmony within oneself;️
  • ✔ turquoise – will help avoid conflicts and protect you on long journeys.️

❌ Ruby, aquamarine and diamond are strictly contraindicated for twins.


People born under the sign of Cancer are distinguished by their sensitivity and restraint, even if everything is boiling inside, they rarely show it. They value their family and loved ones very much, and are also very responsive and will not leave you in a difficult life situation. Cancers always remember the past and make the right conclusions for the future, which allows them to achieve the much-needed stability and balance.

They can consider ✔️emerald as a talisman stone. It will help Cancer get rid of suspiciousness, sadness and calm down nervous tension. Representatives of this zodiac sign will be able to concentrate on their goal, relax and achieve success in their business.

You should also pay attention to:

  • ✔ pearls – reveals hidden potential, attracts good luck and protects against negativity;️
  • ✔ moonstone – attracts love and calms strong negative emotions;️
  • ✔ onyx – gives courage, confidence and helps to reveal leadership qualities;️
  • ✔ agate and emerald – will help weaken negative qualities, give confidence and desire for goals.️

❌ It is undesirable for crayfish to have such minerals as topaz, garnet, diamond


This is a sign of self-confident, self-sufficient people. He is a prominent representative of the fire element. Representatives of this sign are optimists. They are often cheerful, sociable and the life of the party. They greatly value material goods and compliments in their direction. Leos are always looking for recognition and have great ambitions.

The talisman stone for them is ✔️amber, as sunny as the lions themselves. It brings strength, luck and beauty to its owner. Amber has calming properties and is good for overall health. Brings generosity and generosity into character.

  • ✔ topaz – will give wisdom, strength, remove groundless fears and concerns;️
  • ✔ diamond – will relieve anger, help improve relationships with others;️
  • ✔ ruby ​​- will position you for great things, clear your mind of bad emotions and thoughts;️
  • ✔ tourmaline – develops creativity, removes fears and anxiety.️

❌ Stones of blue shades, such as turquoise, aventurine, chrysoprase, and amethyst, have a negative impact on lions.


People born under this sign are avid conservatives and perfectionists. They are the most responsible parents and workers who will bother anyone, but will do the job perfectly and on time. They are very hardworking, humble and smart.

The talisman stone that will suit them is ✔️ jade. It will give its owner harmony, humanity, and, if necessary, recklessness and madness. It is best suited for strong people, leaders, enhancing their character qualities even more; those who are weaker should choose an amulet with other inserts.

Other suitable stones:

  • ✔ carnelian – helps in matters of the heart, protects against negative influences;️
  • ✔ chrysolite – promotes learning, helps in communicating with people;️
  • ✔ sapphire – gives cheerfulness and ease of learning; ️
  • ✔ jasper – helps maintain a favorable atmosphere in the family, adds wisdom and promotes career growth.️


These people represent the element of air. They are impulsive, changeable and have good intuition. They always need to feel needed by someone, so they try to please everyone, which means being different and a little two-faced.

The talisman stone for the scales will be ✔️lapis lazuli. It will help you express yourself in career growth, and also strengthen your family and relationships with friends. Relieves emotional overload and tension.

  • ✔ diamond – symbolizes purity and strength of spirit, will relieve negative influences;️
  • ✔ opal – will bring harmony, stability, balance and lift your spirits;️
  • ✔ coral – maintains health, protects against evil people and promotes rational thinking;️
  • ✔ tourmaline – instills hope and balances, enhances qualities such as goodwill and empathy.️

❌ It is advisable to avoid jewelry with stones of bright red colors, such as carnelian, hematite, rhodolite, sardonyx.


They have strong energy, but at the same time they have a very complex character, which contributes to the appearance of a large number of enemies. However, if a person is able to cope with his shortcomings, he will achieve a lot in life. A Scorpio who has overcome himself becomes wiser and nobler, and his energy will allow him to become a successful person.

The talisman stone for Scorpios is ✔️garnet. It pacifies the restless nature of this sign. Attracts love and promotes the establishment of any connections. It awakens and enhances positive character traits, improves mood and overall health.

The following gems are suitable:

  • ✔ opal – weakens stubbornness, self-confidence, relieves stress and helps in self-improvement;️
  • ✔ coral – will help cope with negative emotions, restore health;️
  • ✔ topaz – develops intuition, helps overcome skepticism and engage in self-improvement;️
  • ✔ tourmaline – will tame aggression, relieve tension, help achieve recognition and strengthen the family.️

❌ Representatives of this zodiac sign should not wear such gems as: emerald, agate, onyx, amber.


People born under this zodiac sign are very freedom-loving. They radiate creative and vital energy to everyone around them, so they constantly need attention to themselves. They are very open, they always tell the truth, which others do not really like and is the reason for the appearance of enemies in the lives of Sagittarius. Their life position is justice, sincerity and freedom.

The mascot for them will be ✔️ amethyst. It is suitable for people with mental work, helps to remove all negative emotions and concentrate on achieving the goal. Protects against ill-wishers and their influence, improves mood, helps the body cope with diseases faster.

You can also choose from such gems as:

  • ✔ turquoise – protects against misfortunes, helps develop new relationships, gives self-confidence;️
  • ✔ chrysolite – protects against rash actions, gives peace of mind, helps to avoid conflicts and unpleasant situations;️
  • ✔ sapphire – transforms a storm of emotions into a peaceful channel, awakens creative talents, gives strength for self-improvement;️
  • ✔ ruby ​​– develops leadership qualities, attracts love, fulfills your deepest desires.️

❌ It is contraindicated for a Sagittarius to wear pearls, alexandrite, jade, black opal.


Representatives of this zodiac sign are distinguished by responsibility, perseverance and prudence. High self-esteem does not hinder them, but only helps them achieve their goals. People born under this sign are careful and prudent, because they have well-developed thinking and introspection.

A lucky amulet for Sagittarius will be ✔️onyx. It gives self-confidence, helps develop leadership skills and finish what you start. Onyx relieves anxiety.

  • ✔ malachite – helps in studying science, has a beneficial effect on the health of the whole body;
  • ✔ ruby ​​– gives confidence, will help you achieve financial well-being, attracts love;️
  • ✔ obsidian – keeps you from doing bad things, helps you endure unpleasant situations in life more easily;️
  • ✔ opal – will help get rid of or weaken negative character traits, have a calming effect, and teach you to enjoy life.️

❌ Experts advise avoiding jewelry with gems such as emerald, turquoise, sapphire, citrine.


Creative people are born under this sign; they are often idealists who prefer to develop and improve in their field. They are not aggressive at all, love to help people and have a very optimistic outlook on life.

They can consider jewelry with ✔️aquamarine as a talisman. It will help you relax, relieve stress and fatigue, collect yourself and direct your thoughts in the right direction. It also protects its owner from the negative influence of ill-wishers.

Other stones that are suitable for Aquarius:

  • ✔ hyacinth – helps to keep thoughts and situations under control, not to fall into melancholy and despair;️
  • ✔ amethyst – uplifts the spirit, gives self-confidence, protects from envious people and competitors, enhances intuition and insight;️
  • ✔ sapphire – makes you think about life, directs you to find a goal and spiritual development;️
  • ✔ jade – will help you improve yourself, rise to a new spiritual level, gives you self-confidence, and promotes financial well-being.️

❌ Stones that negatively affect the energy of Aquarius: onyx, topaz, carnelian, zircon.


This sign is very contradictory, because they perfectly understand the people around them and poorly understand themselves. They are capable of self-development and improvement. Due to the sensuality of representatives of this sign, they are very susceptible to mood swings. The main features are friendliness and affability.

✔️opal will become an amulet for them. It brings peace and prosperity to the family. It also protects them from the negative influence of envious people and ill-wishers. It increases vitality, stamina and creativity.

The following stones will become your assistants:

  • ✔ aquamarine – adds courage and self-esteem, preserves vital energy;️
  • ✔ amethyst – symbolizes devotion in love, helps settle all disputes, brings peace and tranquility to life;️
  • ✔ pearls – brings happiness and promotes longevity, protects from unfavorable deals and enemies;️
  • ✔ moonstone – calms, helps not to panic, lifts your spirits.️

❌ The following are contraindicated for fish: jasper, sardonyx, jade, obsidian.

When choosing a stone, you should not forget that its positive influence manifests itself only to an open person with pure intentions and thoughts. Otherwise, it can only do harm. Each stone is chosen individually; among all those that suit you, you need to feel the special one, with the appropriate energy, and only then will it bring harmony and order to your life.

Amulets of the zodiac sign Cancer are a series of lucky stones recommended by astrologers, which have a very favorable effect on this sign, bring good luck, prosperity and protect against troubles and difficulties in life. They are considered talisman stones for Cancers according to the horoscope. Each stone has characteristics and magical properties that can positively influence a person and his energy.

What precious and semi-precious stones are considered esoteric talismans, how to choose a talisman for Cancers by date of birth, Cancer men and women, and what minerals should be avoided? Find out from our article!

In most cases, representatives of signs, when choosing such an amulet or jewelry with a natural stone for themselves, act intuitively, since they are attracted by the energy that suits them. Therefore, these recommendations are more suitable for those who want to give a unique and memorable gift to a loved one, friend, or relative.

Characteristics of the sign

What zodiac sign is Cancer? According to the horoscope, Cancer is a characteristic representative of the element of Water. These include people whose birth dates fall between June 21 and July 22. They are patronized by the Moon, which is why people born under this sign are often romantics and dreamers, and have been under the influence of strong impressions for a long time. Family values, love and friendship are a priority for Cancers. These people highly value loyalty, and are themselves devoted to their loved ones and caring towards loved ones. Sometimes they are characterized by secrecy, composure, and sometimes developed intuition. These people prefer not to demonstrate their feelings and emotions; they keep everything to themselves. Many Cancers are introverts and get tired of communication and large companies. They strive to surround themselves with people they trust. Cancers, both men and women, feel comfortable, safe, in such an environment.

Precious and semi-precious stones suitable for Cancer according to the zodiac sign

The stones most in tune with the energy of the sign are the colors of water – green, blue, blue, transparent, cold shades. The following precious and semi-precious jewelry stones are suitable for Cancer according to their zodiac sign:

  • Blue, green, blue sapphire
  • Aquamarine
  • Pearl
  • Amethyst
  • Tourmaline
  • Emerald
  • Moonstone
  • Chrysoberyl


Sapphire is a popular gemstone known since ancient times. This is not only an effective talisman, but also a beautiful, luxurious gem that looks status. According to esotericists, sapphires are suitable for both men and women born under the zodiac sign Cancer according to the horoscope. Sapphires pacify mental anguish, worries, and passions. These stones belong to the family of the corundum mineral and come not only in the classic blue and dark blue, but also in other shades, for example, take a closer look at blue, colorless and green sapphires, which belong to the colors of Cancer and are therefore more suitable for them. Sapphire is considered a symbol of spirituality, wisdom, and creativity. This stone is far from everything worldly and material, it helps to overcome the difficulties that come our way, to become stronger in spirit, persistent, self-possessed, and to find an inner point of support. In those moments when a person encounters loneliness and looks into eternity, sapphire will help you find your purpose and show you which direction to move. This gem is associated with high morality and personal responsibility for everything that happens in one’s life.

According to astrologers, almost all beryls, except for the rare red bixbite, are excellent for Cancer according to the horoscope.


Aquamarine is considered a strong amulet for Cancer, according to the horoscope of a typical water sign. It calms, gives strength, supports you on your journey, aquamarine can be either greenish or bright blue. Aquamarine is suitable for both Cancer men and women. Its magical properties are associated with harmonious relationships with loved ones. Thus, aquamarine strengthens family ties, enhances feelings between spouses, and brings fidelity and trust. Therefore, it is recommended to wear it for women who are married or in a long-term relationship. Aquamarine also helps to find mutual understanding in communicating with friends and business partners. Aquamarine for Cancers is considered an amulet; if you go on a long journey, on or over water, blue aquamarine will protect you from accidents and unfavorable circumstances.


Another effective talisman for Cancers is emerald, the most valuable variety of the mineral beryl. Emerald protects from troubles, helps to relax and restore strength after the excitement experienced. Emerald also helps Cancers get out of their comfort zone to achieve more. Emerald is mainly recommended for women to wear because it is considered the stone of marriage.

By the way, this is an undesirable gem for girls and women, since it comes into full force only after engagement. You can give an emerald to a woman for the birth of a child; this is a good omen and helps to build wonderful relationships with all family members in the future. It is also suitable for Cancer men, as it is associated with building a family nest.


For Cancers, heliodor, a golden variety of beryl, is considered a positive stone. Thanks to its sunny color, Heliodor creates a positive mood and imparts optimism; it drives away bad thoughts and makes its owner more insightful, heightening sensitivity to what is happening. Heliodor can be worn not only in a ring or ring, but also, for example, in a bracelet, necklace, or earrings.


Pearls for Cancers are considered one of the most important talismans. It is more suitable for Cancer women according to the horoscope. Pearls, both natural and cultured, make girls more attractive, soft and feminine in the eyes of men. You can choose one or several pearls of white, golden or any other shade so that the magic of this wonderful gem begins to work in your life.

Gems with a cat’s eye effect for Cancer

There are several jewelry varieties of minerals in which the optical effect known as “cat’s eye” occurs. It appears as a thin strip of light moving across the surface of the cabochon when placed under a point light source. These gemstones include chrysoberyl, opal, tourmaline and some other gems. The cat’s eye, suitable for Cancer, is usually endowed with protective magical properties. The most popular natural cat’s eye gemstone is chrysoberyl, also known as cymophane. This stone is a powerful amulet against the evil eye and bad magical influence; it is recommended to be worn by both men and women in order to avoid the envy and intrigues of ill-wishers.

Cancer birthstones by date of birth

Depending on the date of birth for Cancer, one or another stone is more suitable, since on different dates the sign falls under the influence of different planets, which leave their mark on personality traits. So, the dates are distributed by decade as follows:

  • with 21 1 June to July
  • from 2 to 11 July
  • 12 to 22 July

So, the first decade of the sign Cancer is under the influence of the Moon. Representatives of the first decade can be delicate and sensitive. Birthstones for those born between June 21 and July 1 are aquamarine, cool-toned sapphires, moonstone, and amethyst. Pearls are also suitable for Cancers.

Cancer birthstones from July 2nd to July 11th include peridot, also known as peridot, a topaz with orange and yellow hues. This period falls under the rule of the planet Jupiter, so representatives of Cancer are ambitious and are good leaders.

If your birth date falls between July 12 and July 22 (planet Neptune), emerald, ruby ​​(red corundum), and beryl jewelry (heliodor, aquamarine) will suit you. As a rule, Cancers of the third decade are creative people, gifted with talents and artistic abilities. Therefore, tourmaline stone is recommended for them as a talisman. It brings inspiration and the desire to create and create.

Stones for Cancer woman

Among all the precious and semi-precious stones that astrologers advise Cancer-born people according to their horoscope, stones for girls and women stand out separately. These gems are designed to develop and strengthen predominantly feminine energy, which affects beauty and happiness in your personal life.

Pearl is considered the main female talisman for this sign. The soft pearlescent glow characteristic of pearls, the so-called orient, actually resembles the light of the Moon, the patroness of the sign. Choose one or more pearls as a talisman, because, according to astrologers, this gem promises a woman’s happiness, makes you more beautiful in the eyes of others, attracts a soul mate and helps improve relationships with loved ones.

The adular moonstone is another strong talisman for Cancer women. For esoteric purposes, the purest specimens are white or grayish in color with a bright blue or pearl adulariscence. It should be worn framed in white (silver) metal, it can be silver, white gold or platinum. On the waxing Moon, adulars, as astrologers write, acquire the greatest strength. This is a powerful women’s amulet.

Emeralds for women bring good mood and a positive attitude. And aquamarines bring Cancer girls family well-being, harmony and fidelity.

Stones for Cancer men

Several gems are suitable for Cancer men, which, according to astrologers, enhance “masculine” character traits and attract circumstances that promote career growth, business prosperity, family well-being and successful personal development. One such favorable gemstone for Cancers by date of birth is sapphire. This jewelry variety of the corundum mineral comes in different colors and shades. Pay your attention to the “cold” color scheme: blue, cyan, green. This stone primarily promotes spiritual growth and progressive self-awareness. Sapphire inspires trust among others and helps build business relationships with partners at work.

Imperial topaz of golden color is also suitable for a Cancer man; it will ensure the success and prosperity of your business. Chrysolite helps Cancer men to be more conscious about financial transactions, protects them from unscrupulous partners and protects them from unnecessary worries. For successful negotiations, wear jewelry with peridot or take this talisman with you.

Undesirable stones for Cancers

Since Cancer, as a zodiac sign, belongs to the element of Water, it should be wary of stones of the fire element. These are stones of bright red, deep orange, intense yellow, as well as black and brown minerals. Opt for lighter, calmer shades.

Among the unwanted stones – talismans for Cancers, astrologers identify the following:

  • garnet pyrope
  • almandine garnet
  • red zircons hyacinths
  • orange sapphires
  • yellow diamonds

Also be careful with fire opals; as a rule, they have bright orange and red colors. Jewelry with these gems should not be worn constantly. Please note that the recommendations presented in this article are only recommendations based on the general experience of astrologers. To choose a personal amulet, you should rely on your intuition. As a rule, representatives of signs are subconsciously drawn to certain, “their” gems. To understand whether you have good compatibility with a stone, take it in your hand and rely on your feelings, are you comfortable with this specimen, do you feel positive emotions? If yes, then you can safely choose this stone as an amulet.

What should a talisman for Cancer be like?

The main request from astrologers for choosing a talisman for Cancer is natural origin. The stone must be natural, preferably untreated. Private gemologists or reputable gemological laboratories can confirm or refute the naturalness. They make diagnostics and determine what kind of stone is in front of them, and can also issue an expert opinion. Since there are a large number of fakes on the market, you should be careful when choosing a talisman, because glass, plastic, and laboratory-grown stones simply will not work!

To become an effective talisman, the stone must touch the skin in order to interact with its owner and transmit energy. Therefore, the product design must take this into account. Sometimes, for esoteric purposes, it is much more effective to order a product based on an individual project that will take into account your wishes. It is also believed that in order for the power of the talisman to be effective, the stone must be given as a gift and not purchased. Given from the heart with the best wishes, the stone will carry the bright, positive energy of love and care, it will protect from troubles and bring good luck. If you still want to buy a talisman yourself, be prepared for the fact that its power will not appear immediately. In order for amulets to nourish you, it is advisable that you have several precious and semi-precious stones favorable to your horoscope.

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