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What is the meaning of the name cubic zirconia?

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cubic zirconia What do we know about him?

As expected, let’s start the article with terminology.. Cubic zirconia (zirconium dioxide) is a laboratory-grown mineral, a synthetic (artificial) analogue of the natural mineral tazheranite (and also an simulator of diamond, amethyst, garnet, zircon). Cubic zirconia, unlike some artificial crystals (obtained by radiation synthesis/modification), is absolutely harmless and is used in jewelry as a semi-precious stone. Cubic zirconia as an artificial mineral has other names that are little known to us. So, abroad this stone is called zirconium cube. This is why concepts are often substituted. And that is why cubic zirconia is often called zircon or zirconium (especially when translated from foreign languages), not to mention the errors in Russian: cubic zirconia, feanite, pheonite. Of course, cubic zirconia has nothing in common with zircon, because. zircon is a natural semi-precious mineral, often rare and expensive. I would like to note that cubic zirconias are so synthesizeable that when creating these stones, you can experiment with their individuality. Thus, in laboratory conditions, it is possible to use such impurities that give the stone a wide variety of colors and shades, including those that cannot be found in nature. And the properties of cubic zirconia make it possible to realize extraordinary optical effects of color changes when lighting changes (the so-called “Alexandrite effect”). In this regard, cubic zirconia is even used in the chemical industry and dentistry. Few people know that the name of this well-known and widespread stone comes from the abbreviation FIAN – Physical Institute of the Academy of Sciences. Cubic zirconia was created in laboratory conditions, primarily as an imitation of diamond. As for the properties of cubic zirconia (strength, hardness, dispersion, refractive index, high chemical and thermal stability) – all of them not only resemble the properties of diamond, but also, after processing, externally help cubic zirconia become indistinguishable from a diamond. Agree, a good cubic zirconia with an excellent cut and sparkling with all its facets can easily be mistaken for a diamond. Only the cost of a product with cubic zirconia is much more affordable. And only through an assessment by a specialist can you “find out the truth” (in fact, cubic zirconia is heavier than a diamond and the faceted edges of the stone have a slightly rounded shape). Now, from what we already know about cubic zirconia, we can say that this irreplaceable stone has already acquired not only its originality, but even its independent value with its unique color and attractive diamond play. Products with colorless cubic zirconia are an example of the elegance and laconicism of diamond chic. Colored cubic zirconias carry a special effectiveness and originality. This is both an everyday decoration and an evening decoration – the choice of “your” expression of individuality is huge. Among silver items with cubic zirconia, you can easily choose a good and affordable gift that can easily highlight the style of the owner. What advice can you give when caring for this stone? We recommend wiping the stones with a soft cloth, because. The surface of cubic zirconia easily accepts grease and dust. A soapy solution with a soft brush can also help. This may surprise you, but the cubic zirconia stone is suitable and recommended for all water signs of the horoscope. You can view all silver jewelry with cubic zirconia by typing “Cubic zirconia” in the search term on the site, or by following the links here silver rings with cubic zirconia, silver earrings with cubic zirconia All girls deserve diamonds, but for the rich their valor is too high. The most important decision is to purchase jewelry with cubic zirconia. They are almost as brilliant, but they are much cheaper to buy, so people on a limited budget can expand their jewelry collection with a variety of embellishments. Read about the characteristics of the fianite stone and its special features in the article.

Cubic zirconia – an expensive stone

Due to its resemblance to a cut diamond, the cubic zirconia stone is often considered a piece of diamond. This is a synthetic stone, which was synthesized in 1970 by the Physical Institute of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR (abbreviated as FIAN). The institute’s abbreviation formed the basis for the name of the extracted piece mineral. This name is used mainly in the post-graduate space, and behind the border this synthetic stone is called cubic zirconium. This name can also be confused with pantelika, since many people confuse synthetic zirconium dioxide with zircon. Therefore, for the cob to grow, zircon and zirconium are cut, and fianite is connected to them.

Zircon, zirconium and cubic zirconium: what is the difference

Zircon is one of the most ancient rare minerals found on Earth. The clear-cut zircon, by its shine and light-shading quality, almost resembles a diamond. Zircon has the formula ZrSiO4 and natural zirconium silicate. Zirconium is a metal that does not exist in nature in pure form. One of the most widespread natural forms is zirconium dioxide or badelite. First pure zirconium without houses was seen in 1925. Zirconium dioxide (ZrO2) is heated to a temperature of 2750 0 with zirconium oxide, magnesium and calcium, which after cooling solidifies the crystals. People began experimenting with zirconium dioxide back in the 1930s, until the synthetic version was perfected in the 70s to such an extent that the crystalline form became even more diamond-like. This is either fianite or cubic zirconium (CZ).

What is more beautiful than cubic zirconia or zircon?

Regardless of the fact that zircon is an expensive stone, cubic zirconia is a shorter option not only because of its lower price. Apparently, the hardest mineral on Earth is diamond, which on the Mohs scale, the hardness of minerals is 10 points out of 10. Zircon has a hardness of 7,5 points, and cubic zirconia – 8,5. You can only spoil diamonds, sapphires or chrysoberyls. Obviously, in jewelry, it is no longer possible to lose its attractive appearance, especially since clear cubic zirconia is practically impossible to cut into a diamond. Moreover, diamonds with no purity are rare and expensive, and cubic zirconium always looks incredibly clean.

How to cut cubic zirconia into diamond

When fianite and diamond are exposed to natural light, the stones will show a different light color. Diamond is more than white light, and the glare of cubic zirconia will be like a colorful fun, appearing in the orange and blue spectrum. This is due to the fact that cubic zirconium and diamond show different signs of broken light.

Features and versatility of cubic zirconia

The cubic zirconias come in different colors. Since crystalline cubic zirconia is most similar to diamond, the colors can be similar to other expensive stones. It is also possible to keep the color simple, so that there are no analogues among natural expensive and mineral stones. The vibrancy of cubic zirconia can be assessed as analogous to precious stones. This is color, purity, cut and value in carats. There is a five-year system for assessing the quality of cubic zirconium. The stones of the lowest grade are marked with the same letter A. The fianite stone with markings AAAA is the highest grade, therefore I will find the best price, which is also due to the extreme varity of embellishment. Unfortunately, this marking is not marked in ready-made jewelry products, and you can only get it when purchasing stones in bulk. Therefore, the best way to buy jewelry with effective cubic zirconia is to buy them from a reliable seller who carries a collection of well-known brands and proven manufacturers.

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