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What is the most expensive stone after a diamond?

Rostov region, January 1, 2024. DON24.RU. Throughout human history, precious stones have been equally revered in many countries. Their rarity and beauty have made them a symbol of wealth, power and high position in society. Writers sang them in their works, poets dedicated enthusiastic verses to them, musicians composed many songs. Those in power did not stand aside either, using precious stones to achieve political goals. Suffice it to recall the story of the Shah diamond, with the help of which the Shah of Persia tried to make amends for the murder of the Russian ambassador. In total there are more than 200 types of precious stones. Among the most expensive are white diamonds obtained by processing diamonds. The cost of such products is 15 thousand dollars per carat. Diamonds are a real treasure. They have been valued since ancient times. But they gained true fame relatively recently. This happened in 1477 thanks to the engagement of Archduke Maximillian of Austria to Duchess Mary of Burgundy, the richest bride in Europe. The groom ordered the first ever diamond engagement ring. Until then, brides were not presented with such jewelry. Soon all representatives of the European nobility began to make similar gifts. This is how the tradition of giving a woman a diamond ring as a sign of the couple’s commitment to each other began. The most expensive white diamond is the legendary Kohinoor. It was so large that many experts still find it difficult to name its exact price. Kohinoor is often called priceless. This diamond is now part of the English Crown Jewels. India, where the stone was found, has repeatedly demanded its return. However, London has always rejected these claims, arguing that Kohinoor was obtained legally. Next we need to mention the yellow diamond. This is a rarer variety of diamond and more expensive. The most popular shade is canary yellow. The cost of such stones reaches 16 thousand dollars per carat. Among the most expensive stones is the bright yellow Graff diamond. The jewelry weighing just over 100 carats was sold at auction in the United States for $16,3 million. A yellow Tiffany diamond is valued at almost the same amount. It is located in the Tiffany flagship store in New York and has never been offered for sale. No one is allowed to wear this jewel. With the exception of four women for whom the company made an exception – American diplomat Mary Whitehouse at the Tiffany Ball in 1975, actress Audrey Hepburn during the filming of the cult film Breakfast at Tiffany’s, singer Lady Gaga at the Oscars and singer Beyoncé – the first black woman to become the face of Tiffany. Next on the price tag is a red diamond. Red is the rarest color of a diamond; it can shimmer with all the colors of the rainbow. There are no more than 30 red diamonds in the world (according to some sources, even no more than 20). The largest red diamond was sold in the USA; they paid $8 million ($1,6 million per carat). Diamond “Pink Star”. Sotheby’s There are other types of diamonds. The price of a pink diamond averages $1,19 million per carat. Like a red diamond, a pink diamond gets its color from minor imperfections. It is very popular due to its romantic pink hue. Such stones are mainly mined from the Argyle mine in Australia. The most expensive pink diamond is the Williamson Pink Star. The cushion-shaped stone weighing 11,15 carats was sold at auction in Hong Kong for $57,7 million. This stone is sometimes called the most expensive diamond on the planet. Only the Oppenheimer blue diamond can compete with it, for which the same $57,5 million was raised at auction. But it weighs more (14,62 carats), so its unit value is lower. Another blue diamond is kept in the US Smithsonian Institution. It is called “Hope”, weighs 45,2 carats and is valued at $250 million (but has never been sold). Blue diamonds are so rare that they are sold exclusively at auctions. There are only three mines in the world where the diamonds from which such beauty is made are mined. They are located in Australia, India and South Africa. Man does not live by diamonds alone. Other types of gemstones are also coveted luxury items. For example, sapphires. The most expensive sapphire in the world is the Blue Beauty of Asia. Quite an impressive stone weighing 392,52 carats. Sold at auction in 2014 for $17,5 million. Before this, the laurels of primacy belonged to sapphires that belonged to the famous French Cardinal Richelieu. The list of the most expensive stones includes, of course, emerald. Perhaps this is the second most important gemstone after the diamond. With an equally bright pedigree. Surprisingly, there is no consensus on which emerald is considered the most expensive in the world. It would seem that there is nothing complicated here. But no. Formally, the most expensive emerald is called the Bahia emerald, the estimated value of which is $400 million. However, some experts estimate it at a mind-boggling amount of $925 million. There is heated debate surrounding the Bayi title. After all, in fact, it is not a single stone, but a cobblestone weighing 328,85 kg. It consists of several emerald fragments, which form a giant emerald. The stone was found in the Brazilian state of Bahia in 2001. Later transported to the USA, where it remains to this day. There is no owner of this treasure, since there are still legal battles over who owns the emerald. The top most expensive stones cannot do without rubies. The most expensive ruby ​​was mined in Burma and was called Sunrise. In 2015, it was sold at auction in Geneva for $30,3 million. And at the end we will return to diamonds. Or rather, to its variety – a black diamond. Although this is a very rare stone, it is not included in the top. But it is considered incredibly beautiful. It acquired its matte shade due to inclusions of iron oxides. Mined in Brazil and the Central African Republic. Black diamonds are very different from white or any other diamonds. Not just color. Only the black diamond is believed to have mysterious origins. Therefore, a ring with a black diamond is perceived as a more attractive gift than a regular white one. Black diamond ring. All photos are from the websites of manufacturing companies and auction houses Precious stones are the highest quality jewelry raw materials that are used to create jewelry and jewelry. Since ancient times, precious stones have been highly valued by monarchs and nobles. In the modern world, buying rings with large stones or other jewelry has become much easier. However, there are twenty very expensive and rare gems that we will talk about today.


In our blog we have written about tanzanite several times. Remember the amazing “Heart of the Ocean” pendant from the cult film “Titanic”? It was inlaid with tanzanite, which was found in the 1960s. Tiffany & Co. proposed to name the mineral after its country of origin. Its name is associated with the place where the expensive stone was first found, Tanzania, a country in East Africa. The main deposits are located near the Kilimanjaro stratovolcano. Scientists say that the unique blue-violet color is due to high temperatures. Tiffany & Co. became the reason for the popularity of the expensive stone, as she created a spectacular advertising campaign with Elizabeth Taylor, who presented jewelry with tanzanite. Cost – 1200 USD per 1 ct.

fire opal

Fire opal is often called Mexican, since it is in this country that the rarest and most beautiful specimens are mined. Mexico calls fire opal its national stone and symbol. In addition to their rich color, opals attract attention with their brilliance and shimmer. According to research, the Aztecs highly valued the expensive stone, but due to the invasion of the Spaniards, mining activities had to be stopped for a long time. It was only in the mid-19th century that gem deposits were discovered in the Esmeralda region. This was the second discovery of the deposit and the beginning of active mining of fire opal. If you look at the photos of the most expensive gemstones, the fire opal will attract your attention with its color. The most valuable and popular are samples of orange, hyacinth, and terracotta colors. If it is a deep orange or sunny yellow mineral, it will sell for even more. Cost – 1500 USD per 1 ct.


When we talk about the most expensive gemstones, it is difficult to overlook eremeyevite. This is a unique and very rare gem, it was discovered in 1859. At first, eremeevite was confused with aquamarine, which is found much more often in nature. Such confusion arises due to the tint range of gems, but eremeevite has a sky-blue hue; yellow samples are less common. It was only in 1883 that eremeevite was given a separate category in gemology. The largest and most expensive uncut eremeevite weighs 27 carats. Found it in Madagascar. If you look at the cut samples, the largest sample is 2,9 carats. Eremeevite is unlikely to be used to create men’s rings with stones, women’s solitaire rings or other accessories. This gem is designed to be collectible, which further increases its value. Cost – 2000 USD per 1 ct.


A rare pink gem was discovered relatively recently. It was found in 1987 in the Canadian province of Quebec, but it was not immediately possible to start mining poudretteite. Only at the beginning of this century did high-quality samples appear on the basis of which jewelry masterpieces can be created. The largest and most flawless poudretteite was discovered in Burma and weighs 9 carats. The unique pink hue comes from manganese, which is contained in the chemical composition. Poudretteite scores a 5 on the Mohs scale, making it soft. For a jeweler, this means that creating a gold women’s ring with poudretteite inlay will be impossible. However, women’s earrings or brooches with this stone can be found. Cost – 3000 USD per 1 ct.


A very rare gem containing barium, titanium, and silicon dioxide. The expensive stone was first found in 1906 in California. It is found extremely rarely in nature and only in small samples. The color range varies from light blue to deep blue. Benitoite is characterized by pleochroism: it is able to change color depending on the angle from which you look at it. Under the influence of ultraviolet radiation, a blue glow appears. The most expensive stone in this group is a transparent blue crystal without inclusions or graininess. The most expensive and largest benitoite weighs 7,8 carats and is kept in the Smithsonian Institution. Cost – from 4000 USD per 1 ct.


Musgravite was found in 1963, but as of 2021, no more than ten samples are known to the world. Scientists attribute musgravite to the group of another most expensive stone – taafeiite. It is impossible to visually distinguish expensive stones; X-ray diffraction and chemical analysis are used. The color scheme is different: green, olive, gray, purple, lilac, pink. The mineral is hard and almost transparent (rated 8 or 8,5 on the Mohs scale). Pink and lilac samples are the most valuable. The largest musgravite currently found weighs 6 carats. Cost – 6000 USD per 1 ct.

black opal

Black opals are the rarest representatives of this group. One of Australia’s national treasures. Local residents believed that opal was formed where the Creator of the World set foot, so legends and myths hovered around the mineral from the moment it was found. The gem is formed from solidified silicon dioxide in the voids that form after a volcanic eruption. It measures 5,5 on the Mohs hardness scale, making it very soft. When dehydrated, the gem cracks, and excess water causes it to swell. Cost – 9500 USD per 1 ct.

red beryl

In the beryl family, the most famous expensive stone is emerald, but the most expensive and rare is red beryl or bixbite. It was found in 1904 in western Utah in the USA. The unique red hue – a characteristic feature of the mineral – appears due to the presence of manganese. There are only three deposits of bixbite: Waho-Waho, Maynard Clyme, New Mexico. The rarity of the gem is confirmed by statistics: for 1 bixbit, 12 thousand emeralds or 7 thousand rubies are found. The gem is mined in samples of up to 1 carat. The largest processed bixbit weighs 8 carats. Cost – 10000 USD per 1 ct.


Alexandrite was first discovered in 1834 in emerald mines in the Urals. The gem is a variety of chrysoberyl, and its unique color appears due to impurities of iron and chromium in the composition. Alexandrite exhibits the property of metamerism. This means that it changes color depending on the amount of light it receives. When exposed to light, the mineral will take on an emerald hue, so it was initially confused with another variety of beryl. In the dark, alexandrite looks more like a red ruby ​​with a rich scarlet hue. The largest alexandrite processed by the craftsmen weighs 66 carats. Cost – 12000 USD per 1 ct.


Diamonds need no introduction. This is the most expensive gem in the world, which can be easily purchased. For example, exquisite silver earrings with stones, where there is a diamond in the center, can be found at an affordable price. Why is a translucent or white diamond on our list? It’s all about purity, color, cut – three criteria by which a mineral is assessed. If a gem has no inclusions, graininess, or darkening, that is, it shows the highest degree of purity, it will be highly appreciated by jewelers. If the color of the gem is uniform, there are no inclusions of yellow or brown, but the mineral has a high level of transparency, this will be another plus. Thus, the most expensive diamond will be a clear, clear crystal with no color changes and a high-quality cut. The cost of such a mineral can reach up to $15,000.


This rare and expensive mineral was discovered in 1902 in Sri Lanka. The name of the mineral corresponds to the ancient Arabic name of Sri Lanka. Included in the list of unique and expensive gems on the planet. Mostly the samples have a dark blue tint, which is more reminiscent of black. The different color intensities depend on the amount of iron in the serendibite. The mineral has a glassy luster and an opaque structure. In nature there are very small specimens, up to two centimeters. This is another reason why the gem is included in the list of the most expensive stones and minerals. The cost of a serendibite reaches up to $18,000 per 1 ct.


A very rare mineral of a beautiful bluish-greenish color. It was first found in Madagascar in 1902 and named after a famous explorer of the region. New deposits are small and are depleting very quickly, so the answer to the question of what is the most expensive gemstone in the world will probably be grandidierite very soon. The most valuable shade of the mineral is called neon color, which has a high iron content. Under different angles and light, a mineral can show shine in several shades at once. The largest mineral known for 2021 weighs about 80 carats. The cost of a cut and pure mineral can reach $20,000 per 1 ct.


Padparadscha is a type of precious corundum, which we also know as sapphire. The name means lotus color in Sinhala, as the first examples had a delicate pink hue. The most valuable minerals are pink and yellow-orange. Blue sapphires are more often found on the gemstone market, which surprise with their depth and brilliance. It is a hard mineral that scores 9 out of 10 on the Mohs scale. Transparent or translucent gems with a glassy sheen are more common. Silver rings with stones, with a sapphire in the center and a scattering of diamonds around them, have remained classics of jewelry for several years. The cost of padparadscha on the jewelry market can be up to $30,000 per 1 ct.


Taaffeite was discovered by chance in Ireland by Edward Taaffe, after whom the mineral was named. For a long time it was confused with spinel, which costs several times less. It was only in 1951 that gemologists conducted X-ray analysis that allows them to distinguish spinel from taaffeite. The mineral contains a mixture of beryllium, magnesium, and aluminum. Spinel always contains iron and magnesium, unlike the rare taaffeite. The gem also has the property of double refraction. The color scheme depends on the characteristics of its composition: bright or pale, pink or purple. Cost – 35,000 USD per 1 ct.


Emeralds are primarily known for their rich green color, which has made the expensive stone a favorite of many women. Emeralds are found in Zambia, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Colombia. Most samples contain minor imperfections after being processed. This is why individual stones in excellent condition can be incredibly expensive. The most expensive stone from the corundum family, weighing 18 carats and worth $5,5 million, was purchased by the famous billionaire John Rockefeller for his wife. The cost of the emerald reached 305 thousand dollars per 1 ct.

red diamond

This is a unique and very rare gem. In their physical and chemical properties, the samples are similar to colorless diamonds. The unique color is obtained under the influence of pressure and temperature. Unfortunately, there are less than 30 examples known to mankind in the world. At the same time, these are very small expensive stones (most of them do not reach 1 carat). The last sales of the red diamond were in 2001 and 2012. At the first auction, the gem was sold for $8 million, and in 2012 – for $2,1 million. The largest red diamond, Moussaieff Red, is included in the list of the most expensive gems. It weighs 5,11 carats and is worth $20 million. The price for 1 ct of red diamond can vary from 500 thousand to 1 million dollars.


There are hardly people in the world who have never heard of ruby. This is a real king among precious stones. Ruby has been popular among monarchs and aristocrats at all times. Gems are of great importance in gemology, lithotherapy, and astrology. Representatives of ancient civilizations also claimed that the owner of a ruby ​​would always have good luck. Minerals are processed mainly using temperature, which makes the color brighter, removes unevenness, unnecessary shades, and cloudiness. The most expensive “Sunrise” ruby ​​weighs 25,59 carats and costs $30,3 million. The cost of a 1 ct ruby ​​can reach $1,18 million.

Pink diamond

It is the rarest form of diamond available, with only 0,00001% of all diamonds in the world having a pink tint. The source of the pink hue is still a controversial issue in the gemological world. One theory explains the pink color due to the enormous pressure that expensive stones are subjected to during their formation. You can find such a gem only at auctions or exchanges. In 2017, the 59,60-carat Pink Star diamond sold for $71,2 million. The cost of 1 ct pink diamond can reach 1,19 million dollars.


Jadeite is the rarest and most expensive stone. Unlike its counterpart jade, which can be easily found in any jewelry store, jadeite is elusive to the point that calling it rare is a gross understatement. Jadeite found in Burma can sell for $3 million. In 1997, several jadeite beads, the diameter of which did not exceed five millimeters, were sold for more than $9 million. That same year, a piece of jadeite jewelry consisting of 27 beads approximately 15 millimeters in diameter was sold in the United States for just under $10 million. Its cost can reach up to 3 million dollars per 1 ct.

Blue diamond

The blue diamond takes precedence in the world of the most expensive precious stones on the planet. Like all other diamonds, a blue diamond retains the physical properties of a typical diamond. The blue color is due to the boron content in the crystal structure of the gem. Blue diamond is very difficult to find. These are often exclusive events for auction houses. The cost of a gem is determined by its rarity. The world’s most expensive diamond ever sold cost the buyer $57,5 million for 14 carats. The largest blue diamond is the Hope Diamond, weighing 45,52 carats and with an estimated value of $350 million. The price of a blue diamond can reach $3,93 million per 1 ct.

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