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What is the name of the stone from the evil eye 4 letters?

Other definitions (questions) for the word “agate” (181)

  1. A. S. Pushkin dedicated the poems “Talisman”, “Burnt Letter”, “Keep Me My Talisman” to this stone.
  2. Valuable stone
  3. Valuable solid mineral consisting of layers of different colors
  4. Ornamental stone, a type of chalcedony
  5. Semi-precious stone, a type of quartz
  6. Layered Gem
  7. The stone is rich in shades
  8. Mineral, gem
  9. Onyx
  10. Stone suitable for Gemini
  11. Stone for stomach ailments
  12. Font size 5,5 point
  13. m. stone of different colors and shades, natural alloy of quartz and jasper, carnelian, chalcedony, etc.; agate, more common agate, made from it, related to it
  14. May stone
  15. Semi-precious stone composed of different colors arranged in layers
  16. “Detective” ornamental stone
  17. Mineral, a type of quartz
  18. Taurus Pebble
  19. What stone did the ancient Greeks and Romans use to make amulets against bad thoughts and intoxication with love?
  20. Ornamental mineral
  21. Blue-gray striped gem
  22. jewelry stone, talisman of Gemini
  23. Which stone protects those born under the sign of Gemini?
  24. Which stone saves its owner from the machinations of enemies?
  25. Gem from the evil eye
  26. Stone that gives vigor
  27. Jewel of Prudence
  28. Mineral, semi-precious ornamental stone
  29. Gem, stone
  30. Soviet camera
  31. Talisman against childhood fears
  32. Valuable solid mineral
  33. Chalcedony-“zebra”
  34. Stone for amulets for Taurus
  35. Which stone symbolizes health and longevity?
  36. Onyx’s nickname
  37. Beautiful layered stone
  38. Onyx, chalcedony
  39. Bluish gray stone
  40. Layered chalcedony
  41. Mineral, a variety of chalcedony
  42. Mineral, a variety of quartz with parallel colored bands
  43. Stone, symbol of longevity
  44. Gem for lower back pain
  45. Type of chalcedony
  46. Mineral, semi-precious stone
  47. Stone of Courage
  48. What stone was used to calm babies in ancient India and help them get to their feet faster?
  49. Stone, symbol of health
  50. Layered variation of chalcedony
  51. Ural gem, a striped semi-precious stone symbolizing health and longevity
  52. Type of gem
  53. Stone from the evil eye
  54. Chalcedony striped
  55. Striped mineral
  56. Stone that gives love
  57. Layered chalcedony for crafts
  58. A solid mineral consisting of layers of different colors
  59. Jewelry layered mineral
  60. Semi-precious variety of quartz
  61. “Owl’s eye” among gems
  62. Hard mineral, a type of chalcedony
  63. Chalcedony – Mrs. Christie’s namesake
  64. Mineral from the chalcedony clan
  65. This mineral was originally discovered on the banks of a river in Sicily (in Greek “Achates”), hence its name
  66. A stone that protects those born under the sign of Gemini
  67. Stone – a symbol of longevity
  68. The first serial computer in the USSR
  69. Layered stone in a jeweler’s product
  70. Ornamental stone, mineral
  71. Jewelry mineral
  72. “Zebra” from the chalcedony family
  73. Semi-precious stone with layered texture
  74. Onyx’s older brother
  75. Golden. associated with money
  76. Stone of the Immaculate Virgins
  77. Ural gem
  78. Multi-colored layered jewelry mineral
  79. Ornamental stone for jewelry
  80. Gem that drives away vampires
  81. Father’s gem
  82. Gemstone
  83. Stone to ease childbirth
  84. Moss or bastion stone
  85. King Pyrrhus had with him. in the patterns of which he saw “nine muses and Apollo with a lyre”
  86. Stone, patron saint of Gemini
  87. Layered mineral
  88. What stone gives longevity
  89. Taurus Stone
  90. “Ant Brother” from a poem by Osip Mandelstam
  91. Jewelry mineral with beautiful stains
  93. Chalcedony, gem
  94. A gem that protects from the evil eye
  95. “Stone of the Aristocracy”
  96. Stone, onyx
  97. Striped Gem
  98. Subspecies of chalcedony
  99. Chalcedony, all stained
  100. Natural alloy of quartz and jasper
  101. Chalcedony and sardonyx
  102. A variety of chalcedony
  103. Stone of black shiny eyes
  104. Precious stone
  105. Gemini talisman
  106. Stone that makes childbirth easier
  107. Layered ornamental stone
  108. Taurus Gem
  109. Which stone helps Taurus overcome their shortcomings?
  110. Vampire stone
  111. Talisman stone against the evil eye
  112. Mineral, ornamental stone
  113. Stone of Prudence
  114. A stone shining like black eyes
  115. Chalcedony and onyx
  116. Jewelry stone
  117. Ornamental stone
  118. Gem named after the writer Christie
  119. A stone shining like black eyes
  120. Gem for the writer Christy
  121. “Stone of the Aristocracy” in Ancient Rome
  122. Hard layered mineral, a type of chalcedony
  123. Antidote Stone
  124. Gray. protects against deception
  125. A variety of quartz with a layered structure
  126. Mineral, semi-precious stone, which, as was believed in ancient times, saves from the evil eye, gives longevity and health
  127. Blue helps very well. with osteochondrosis
  128. Mineral, ornamental stone, chalcedony, gem
  129. What stone in the ring of Pliny the Elder gave him eloquence
  130. Semi-precious stone, which is believed to save from the evil eye, poisons, gives longevity and health
  131. Stone so as not to jinx it
  132. Alexander Pushkin dedicated the poems “Talisman”, “Burnt Letter”, “Keep Me, My Talisman” to this stone.
  133. A popular jewelry and ornamental stone, distinguished by an incredible variety of colors and an unusual layered pattern on the cut.
  134. What stone in ancient times was often hung in gardens and orchards to protect crops from destruction, since it was attributed to the goddess of fertility Pomona
  135. “Zebra” among the stones
  136. Mineral capable of splitting along smooth planes
  137. Stone in the name of Christy
  138. Stone, antidote
  139. What stone helps Mongols develop internal energy?
  140. Stone for talismans for Gemini
  141. Stone against vampires
  142. White. contains the power of the Moon
  143. Chalcedony with pattern
  144. Shota Rustaveli mentioned this stone in “The Knight in the Tiger Skin” 30 times, apparently comparing it with the tiger skin itself
  145. Gem
  146. Decorative rock
  147. Chalcedony on beads for fashionistas
  148. Which stone mystically helps prevent tantrums
  149. Which stone doubled the harvest in ancient times?
  150. Jewelry stone
  151. Chalcedony or sardonyx
  152. Beautiful layered mineral
  153. Striped semi-precious stone
  154. Longevity Stone
  155. Stone for crafts
  156. Valuable ornamental and semi-precious stone
  157. A stone whose name, according to one version, comes from the Arabic words “hair of a newborn baby”
  158. Striped chalcedony
  159. Stone “Eye of the Creator”
  160. Rainbow Chalcedony
  161. Stone that removes damage
  162. Striped Chalcedony
  163. Mineral
  164. Jewelry stone, Gemini talisman
  165. Taurus birthstone in astrology
  166. Stone against snake venom
  167. Onyx and chalcedony
  168. Fireplace
  169. Chalcedony striped
  170. Jewelry stone for Gemini
  171. Semiprecious stone
  172. A valuable ornamental stone with a layered structure, which is used in jewelry and as a material for artistic carving
  173. Gemini Stone
  174. Mineral, semi-precious stone, chalcedony, gem
  175. Stone of prosperity and longevity
  176. Favorite stone of the great ancient carver Dexamen of Chios
  177. Stone – protection from vampires
  178. multi-colored layered jewelry mineral
  179. Mineral that protects against the evil eye
  180. Rainbow stone
  181. Which stone neutralizes scorpion poison?
  182. Stone for Taurus
  1. semi-precious polycrystalline stone, a translucent variety of chalcedony with a clear striped or patterned texture ◆ Among the minerals found on Karadag, numerous varieties of quartz are very famous – quartz itself (in the form of small, but in some cases well-formed transparent crystals in cracks and geodes), chalcedony , agate (often unique colors and patterns unique to this place), opal, carnelians of various shades, amethysts, citrines, quartz-chalcedony onyx, variegated jaspers (jaspers in Karadag are called varieties of chalcedony very similar to jaspers – jasperoids). [Google Books]
  2. trans. (figurative meaning), poet. (poetic) about black eyes, hair – mistakenly instead of jet ◆ No, not agate in her eyes ..A. S. Pushkin, Reply to F. T***, (“No, she’s not a Circassian. ”), 1826.
  3. polygame (printing), uncounted (uncountable) small typeface, 5,5 point font

Meaning of the word

AGATE, -A, Muzhkoy road
A hard mineral consisting of layers of different colors, a semi-precious stone used for jewelry and small items.

Agate – mineral, silica, cryptocrystalline variety of quartz, SiO2. It is a fine-fiber aggregate of chalcedony with a layered texture and a banded color distribution. Jewelers call agate also varieties of chalcedony without obvious layering, but with various inclusions that create a specific pattern: “moss agate”, “star agate” and others, but these names are only trade names and are not supported in the scientific community.

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June 11, 2019 A beautiful natural gem with unique shades from barely noticeable smoky to dark brown – rauchtopaz or smoky quartz. It is suitable for Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn, as well as all people whose activities are related to creativity. What are the strengths and features of the stone? Why does he attract so much attention?

Features and physical and chemical properties of the gem

Smoky quartz has several names – rauchtopaz, Scottish stone, cairngorm. At the same time, the gem has nothing to do with topaz. Smoky stone is often found in nature and has the following properties:

  • shade from gray to dark gray-brown;
  • the color of the gem is unstable: it can disappear under the influence of high temperatures (from 300 ⁰С);
  • under the influence of the sun, a slight alexandrite effect is observed – a change in shade;
  • chemical formula of the gem is SiO2;
  • the composition may contain impurities of aluminum and iron;
  • high degree of transparency;
  • fragile, but scratch resistant: hardness on the Mohs scale – 7 points.

The beautiful rauchtopaz stone (smoky quartz) with the unique properties of changing shades is mined under geothermal conditions with the participation of aluminum and iron. The largest deposits are in Brazil. It is in this colorful country that more than half of all smoky-colored gems are mined.

Other major production locations include the Alps, USA and Madagascar. Smoky-colored quartz is also found in other countries, but not in such large quantities.

Interesting fact. The unique processing of smoky quartz using temperatures appeared in Russia. Thanks to it, the stone gets a golden hue.

The history and legend of rauchtopaz

The first mention of the gem is found in European manuscripts. For example, in Scotland, smoky quartz stone enjoyed special respect and popularity. It was used to decorate national clothing and was called “cairngorm”. According to ancient beliefs, rauchtopaz was mined at the foot of Mount Cairngorm.

In India and Tibet, the gem is considered a sacred amulet and is called the “Buddha stone”. In Russia, the 3rd group gemstone gained popularity in the 18th century during the reign of Catherine II.

Magical abilities of a gem

The rauchtopaz stone is believed to have magical properties. It helps alcohol-dependent people cope with their illness, as well as eliminate suicidal tendencies. Many people believe that smoky quartz is capable of:

  1. Get rid of nightmares and get a good night’s rest. To do this, just put the gem or jewelry with it under the pillow. And everything will be taken away as if by hand. It is advisable to use a raw mineral that has great magical power.
  2. Help develop psychic abilities. It is believed that dark-colored gems attract otherworldly energy and help creative people. Moreover, for these purposes, it is better to wear jewelry with stones for people over 30 years old.
  3. Protect from the evil eye and dark spirits. Everything “dark” is drawn to the “dark”, so the stone absorbs and neutralizes negative energy.
  4. Restore strength after severe stress and anxiety, and also help get rid of bad habits and addictions.

It is believed that the energy of the stone is enhanced by silver. Therefore, astrologers recommend choosing silver items with rauchtopaz as a talisman.

Who is smoky quartz suitable for according to their zodiac signs and elements?

The special magical properties of rauchtopaz are suitable for different zodiac signs. Each element combines differently with the stone, giving the piece its own special meaning. Smoky quartz is often chosen as a favorite talisman, bringing good luck and joy.

Air element signs

Astrologers assure that a correctly selected gem can turn the life of its owner into a real fairy tale. The stone will protect you from troubles and attract good luck and love. Thus, rauchtopaz will become an amulet for Gemini, attracting success in work.

For Gemini men, smoky quartz will give them self-confidence and prudence, which helps them achieve their goals. The gem will also increase self-esteem and help cope with self-doubt.

For Libra, the smoky amulet will bring peace and self-confidence. It will help you understand simple everyday wisdom, become more responsible and punctual. For girls, earrings (link: /products/vysokoe-yuvelirnoe-iskusstvo/sergi/95793-f00043607/) and beads with processed mineral will help you become more beautiful and natural.

Smoky quartz will not be so useful for Aquarius, but when combined with silver it will give the ability to creativity and increase self-esteem.

Water Element

Who is suitable for the rauchtopaz stone or smoky quartz from the zodiac signs of the element of Water? Astrologers assure that he will help open the curtains on secrets for Scorpios. However, purchasing the raw mineral is recommended only for those people who have seriously decided to develop psychic abilities.

For Pisces, a smoky gem is suitable only as a regular decoration. Although it will still help to combat bad habits. And for Pisces women suffering from infertility, quartz will bring a long-awaited pregnancy.

For Cancers, the mineral is strictly contraindicated. Moreover, neither women nor men should choose it as a talisman or decoration. It is believed that people with this zodiac sign are prone to an unstable mental state, which quartz can enhance.

Amulet for zodiac signs of the Earth element

It is for the Earth zodiac signs that the Rauchtopaz (smoky quartz) stone is best suited. For them, it will become a real magical talisman, scaring away evil spirits and attracting good luck and love. Moreover, for each sign, astrologers predict different compatibility with the mineral:

  1. For Virgos, smoky-colored quartz will become a talisman against excessive emotionality and intolerance. In addition, rauchtopaz will help in career growth for people whose profession is related to trade and finance. Doctors often choose the gem to sharpen their “intuition” when making diagnoses. And also Virgos who want to get a good night’s sleep.
  2. Taurus is recommended to use rauchtopaz only as a simple piece of jewelry. The only exception is the fight against bad habits. In such a situation, the smoky stone will help any zodiac sign.
  3. For Capricorns, the gem is a real find. It will give you peace of mind and the ability to look at situations from the outside. The stone will protect you from negative emotions and help you gain mutual understanding in the family.

Whether to believe astrologers or not is everyone’s business. Moreover, about 40% of Earth signs actually noticed positive changes in their lives after acquiring the raw mineral.

Is smoky colored quartz suitable for the element of Fire?

90% of astrologers are sure that rauchtopaz is not suitable for Fire signs. The too violent emotions of Aries, Leo and Sagittarius do not get along with the energy of the gem. As a result, impulsiveness and temper are even more pronounced. And such an imbalance can harm the owners of these zodiac signs.

Who is smoky quartz stone suitable for?

Rauchtopaz is best suited for Scorpios and Libras. And also it is worth purchasing for people:

  1. Those who want to cope with various addictions. Moreover, it is best to enhance the gem with a silver frame. In this combination, the magical properties of smoky quartz are most pronounced.
  2. Those who want to develop psychic abilities. Moreover, the mineral is purchased in its unprocessed form. The strongest options are those with small black inclusions.
  3. “Stuck” to the stone. Many astrologers advise feeling the gem when purchasing. If jewelry with a gem evokes negative emotions, you should not buy it. And when rauchtopaz spreads pleasant warmth throughout your body, it’s your stone.

Jewelers, on the contrary, are sure that gems rarely carry any magical power, so they create beautiful jewelry with smoky quartz. It is included in gold and silver products, producing magnificent earrings, pendants, pendants, bracelets and other accessories.

Do you want to buy jewelry with rauchtopaz? Contact trusted jewelry stores. This is the only way you won’t end up with a fake and buy simple glass instead of natural stone.

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