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What is the spiritual significance of tsavorite garnet?

Tsavorite stone is a rare green garnet that is mined in Africa. The stone is also called tsavolite and tsavorite. Henry Platt, the owner of the Tiffany&Co jewelry company, suggested using the name tsavorite. Recently, tsavorite has become especially popular in Europe and the USA.

The magical properties of the stone

In appearance, tsavorite is similar to emerald. This is why these stones are often confused. However, unlike emerald, tsavolite has less hardness, but much greater strength. In the rays of the sun, the color of the mineral resembles the shades of young green grass. Another positive characteristic of the stone is that it has a fairly high degree of light refraction. Since ancient times, it has been noted that due to its shine, it was difficult not to notice this gem. Astrologers note the magical properties of the tsavorite stone, whose other name is Kenyan emerald. The mineral is believed to attract wealth. Green is the color of money, and therefore tsavorite improves the well-being of its owner. If you set the stone in silver, you don’t have to be afraid of thieves. It serves as a talisman for the home against any failures and people with evil thoughts. The magical properties of green pomegranate are well known among gardeners. This gem has a positive effect on the flowering of all plants in the garden, and not only plants. Tsavolite also protects the owner from all negative emotions, bad energy and the evil eye. Constantly wearing the stone increases intuition, attracts new people, promotes the search for a soul mate, and normalizes the internal state. A gem whose owner is not very confident in himself provides a state of inner comfort and promotes networking. Tsavorite also has a beneficial effect on the work team. It is recommended to purchase a product made from this mineral and place it in the office. According to experts, just by looking at a Kenyan emerald, irritation disappears and calm comes. But for those who have pets or children, this mineral is not recommended. On the contrary, he can bring discord into the family. According to horoscopes, green emerald is suitable for representatives of the water element (Cancer and Pisces), with the exception of Scorpios. Constantly wearing a gem will pacify internal negativity, anger and bring peace. At the same time, other zodiac signs can also wear a tsavorite talisman. After all, it is a very strong protector against negativity and the evil eye.

Healing properties of the stone

Lithotherapists also note the healing properties of tsavorite. So, it is simply necessary for those who spend most of the day at the computer. At the end of the day, you need to look at the green emerald for 5 minutes. Vision will improve, headaches will go away and tension will be relieved. In addition, tsavorite also treats eye diseases. To get rid of stye, you just need to apply a stone to it. Like all pomegranates, the mineral has calming and analgesic properties. Constant wearing brings peace of mind and relieves nervous tension. And to get rid of insomnia and tormenting nightmares, you need to look at the Kenyan emerald every evening. The healing properties of the gem have a beneficial effect on colds, problems with the thyroid gland, and inflammatory processes. In addition, it regulates the amount of sugar in the blood, reduces pain from arthritis and rheumatism, and stimulates the immune system. The amazing properties of the stone make it a desirable gift for older people. The fact is that it is able to normalize blood pressure. In addition, tsavorite helps weather-sensitive people. Constantly wearing a talisman helps to cope with sudden changes in atmospheric pressure and survive magnetic storms. Those who suffer from vegetative-vascular dystonia cannot do without the mineral. GROSSULAR – a mineral from the garnet group, calcium and aluminum silicate. English name: Grossular Other names (synonyms): Hyacinth garnet, calcium-aluminum garnet, kanelstein, olintholite, Transvaal jade, tellemarkite, ernita Isolated and described for the first time: In 1790, academician Eric Laxman found a sample of grossular on the Vilyui River in Yakutia, but the mineral was not called grossular for another twenty years. Origin of the name: According to the mineralogical reference book Hoffmann CAS (1811), the name grossular was given to the mineral by AG Werner. It comes from the Latin “grossularia” – gooseberry, which the mineral resembles in color. New items with Grossular in the product catalog Products with Grossular are presented in the following categories:

  • class Silicates
    • subclass Island orthosilicates (non-osilicates)
      • supergroup Garnets
        • mineral group Garnet
          • mineral grossular
            • Hessonite variety (orange grossular)
            • Hydrogrossular variety (a variety of pomegranate)
            • Tsavorite variety (grossular variety)

            Hessonite (orange), tsavorite (red, green, vanadium variety, precious), hydrogrossular, rosolite (pink)

            Color: Red, green, green-gray, white-green, orange, red-brown, colorless, pinkish, brown. The shade of grossular depends on the impurities included in its composition.

            Trait Color: White
            Transparency: Opaque, transparent, translucent
            Cleavage: Very imperfect (absent)
            Fracture: Splintered, uneven, conchoidal
            Gloss: Diamond, greasy, glassy
            Hardness: 6,5-7
            Density (specific gravity), g/cm3: 3,594

            Special properties: Some grossulars fluoresce in ultraviolet rays.
            Grossular dissolves in hydrochloric acid when heated.

            Typically, grossular crystals have the shape of a dodecahedron or trapezohedron. There are twins of fusion and germination, grains of irregular shape, dense and massive aggregates.

            Grossular is formed in calcium-enriched rocks during contact and regional metamorphism; in rocks subjected to calcium metasomatism; in some shales and serpentinites.

            Grossular is valued in its raw form as a beautiful collectible mineral. The most expensive grossulars are varieties of a rare green shade.
            High quality crystals with rich colors and a high degree of transparency are used as semi-precious stones in jewelry.
            The price of grossular is quite high, which is explained by its rarity and incredible beauty. The stone looks especially interesting in a gold frame. Today, a variety of jewelry is made from it – bracelets, rings, earrings, pendants.

            • successfully treat diseases of the cardiovascular system
            • eliminate nervous exhaustion, chronic fatigue and stress
            • minimize toothache and headaches
            • treat skin diseases and stop allergy attacks
            • strengthen the body’s immune system

            All those who need an effective amulet that will give its owner strength and help achieve their goals should buy jewelry with grossular. The owner of such a talisman will feel inner peace and readiness for active action. The stone is also capable of enhancing creativity and revealing human talents.
            The mineral teaches its owner to be sensitive and merciful towards others. There are no restrictions based on the zodiac sign – absolutely everyone can wear jewelry with grossular.

            Interesting Facts

            Grossular was first discovered at the end of the 18th century on the Vilyui River, but the mineralogist who discovered the deposit was unable to correctly determine whether the gem belonged to one or another mineralogical group.

            It is noteworthy that it was from grossular that the local population of India made bullets for their weapons during the colonization of this country. In their opinion, wounds inflicted by such shells do not heal.

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