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What jewelry goes with pearls?

Pearls have always been very valuable. Previously, only the upper strata of society could afford to wear pearl jewelry, as it was very expensive. Many years later, pearls became more accessible and almost everyone could afford to buy jewelry with pearls. Pearls are a stone that can be easily combined with different looks; they can highlight a formal suit and add romance to a more casual look. The only condition should be the correct choice of jewelry for a particular look, since the combination of jewelry and outfit must be approached competently and with taste. Pearls have a unique charm and seduction, which allows them not to go out of fashion for many centuries and always be relevant. In order to choose the right pearl jewelry, you need to follow certain rules that will help you harmoniously combine the product with your image and style. First of all, every woman, when choosing pearl jewelry, should take into account her skin tone. For those who are going to wear pearls for the first time, it is best to choose white pearls; it is almost impossible to go wrong with them, the most important thing is that your complexion is not too whitish and there are no dark circles under your eyes. This may not present your look well when combined with white pearls. Jewelry with white pearls is a classic option and will suit almost any look, be it a strict style or a romantic look. For those with dark skin, you need to choose pearls in peach or golden shades; for fair skin, pink shades of pearls are suitable. Considering your skin tone, you should also pay attention to the color of your eyes and the colors in the clothes with which you plan to wear pearl jewelry; the color of the mineral must meet at least one of these requirements. Under no circumstances should you overuse jewelry with pearls. It is not recommended to wear earrings, a ring, a bracelet, and a necklace with pearls at the same time with your everyday outfit – at the very least it will seem very funny. But a set with pearls in combination with an evening dress or other outfit will look quite elegant. If your evening dress is monochromatic, then you can safely combine 3 pieces of jewelry with pearls, but if the dress is patterned or multi-colored, then it is better to limit yourself to one or two jewelry that makes the look not too cluttered. Small, neat earrings and a ring are perfect for this. If you have a high hairstyle, you can wear long earrings with pearls, which will highlight your neck and draw attention to your face. Pearls go very well with office attire. It looks much more restrained and modest than jewelry with diamonds and other precious stones. For office style, choose simpler jewelry with pearls, not pretentious. An excellent option are studs or modest small earrings. Jewelry that is too large and attracts attention should not be worn to work, since you should attract attention during working hours with your skills and efficiency, and not with jewelry. Follow our recommendations and you will always look fashionable and stylish.


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Fashionistas try to choose jewelry made from artificial or natural pearls according to their own preferences and wishes, but stylists are unanimous in their wish: it is necessary to choose those jewelry options that are in trend. Necklaces and beads, earrings and hairpins decorated with natural pearls are always especially popular.

How to wear natural pearls correctly?

  1. Maximum of one piece of jewelry per look. Jewelry sets with mother-of-pearl beads are echoes of the past; it is better to choose something specific. A huge amount of monotonous jewelry that does not match each other can visually add age to a woman.
  2. The right combination of parts. Refrain from using jewelry with different metals and stones in one look. Pearls do not create the best combination with diamonds, sapphires or rubies. Silver and gold look ideal together with pearls.
  3. Add more modernity and style. Now the trend is long beads that wrap around the neck several times. Gold chains or silver jewelry in combination with mother-of-pearl stones look interesting.

Learning to wear pearl jewelry correctly

Many fashionistas and stylists consider natural pearls to be too pretentious and solemn. To avoid the effect of aging, it is necessary to make the image more democratic and simple. This approach allows you to support the trend of naturalness. Women over the age of forty can turn to classic trends.

Long beads will look better in any look. Short models should be used as a collar on an evening dress, and also worn by fashionistas with a long and sophisticated neck. A long thread with mother-of-pearl beads visually slims and decorates the figure. To beautifully decorate your neck with a pearl thread, you need to wrap it around your neck several times or tie it in a knot.

Try wearing pearl jewelry with casual clothes, and avoid classic and formal outfits. The trend for a compact black dress has not yet lost its relevance, but it is necessary to highlight pearls correctly. The simpler the outfit, the easier it is to make your appearance more youthful and rested. In combination with pearls they look perfect:

  • Classic jeans;
  • Plain cut shirts;
  • Coarse knit sweaters;
  • Regular turtlenecks.

Mother of pearl pendants go well with metal. Together with diamonds, pearls are difficult to perceive by others, and to simplify the look, you should add a gold chain or silver earrings. These combinations look great when paired with dark outfits or high heels.

A thin thread with pearl beads always looks delicate and luxurious, but for greater confidence and originality, you can take several of these threads of different lengths and thicknesses. Such jewelry looks good with an evening dress or a simple plain T-shirt. If you’re embracing pearls, steer clear of polka dot prints or circular geometric designs.

Stud earrings with small pearls look good in any look; they do not require additional accessories. If you want to decorate your fingers, neck or hands along with pearl earrings, you should wear a chain with a natural stone pendant, a large bracelet or a small ring.

If you are not ready to experiment with the length and thickness of mother-of-pearl beads, you should try wearing pearls of different colors. Try replacing classic milky pearls with black options. Many stylists convince fashionistas that the thread with snow-white pearls is no longer so popular. Try to combine white pearls with colored options or wear only colored beads.

If you are tired of monotonous pearl jewelry, pay attention to clothes decorated with mother-of-pearl beads. Textile manufacturers often decorate jeans, shirts, dresses and even shoes with beads.

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