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What jewelry to wear to attract money?

Although the famous song claims that diamonds are a girl’s best friends, this is not entirely true. Jewelry is more than a profitable investment. They can bring happiness and good luck, but only if you choose them correctly. And here the energy of the stone or jewelry as a whole plays a more important role, and not its market value. To choose jewelry that brings good luck, read our article.

Who is the symbol of 2024

The symbol of the coming year is the Dragon. In Chinese mythology, it is the personification of power and imperial power. Each year has its own element. This coming year is a tree. And the color of the Wooden Dragon is always green. A tree as an element means that good deeds will lead to success in the coming year. After all, the Wooden Dragon is fair and rewards the worthy. And the color green represents health, abundance and prosperity. But the Dragon, in addition to this shade, also loves the traditional Chinese colors of well-being – red and gold.

Decorations that will attract good luck in the New Year

The dragon is a powerful image in itself. But other symbols can also bring good luck. For example: 1. Jewelry with the Chinese character “Double Luck”. This hieroglyph is often used in the design of paired jewelry. However, it brings good luck not only to couples in love. Anyone can wear it if they are positive and believe in themselves – this is an important setting for a talisman. This hieroglyph is used to decorate bracelets, pendants, and rings. Jewelry with this hieroglyph will be a wonderful New Year’s gift, which means that you wish the recipient doubly good luck and happiness. 2. Horseshoe decorations. This is one of the most ancient symbols of good luck. Researchers believe that horseshoes became talismans back in the days of Ancient Egypt. In those days, it was considered good luck to find a horseshoe after the pharaoh’s chariot passed along the street during the holiday. After all, the horseshoes of his horses were gold. Today you can choose gold and silver jewelry with this symbol to make sure that it still brings good luck. 3. Bracelets with red thread. Yarn of this color has been considered special since ancient times. Bracelets in the form of a red thread tied on the wrist come from Kabbalah. And the Hollywood craze for Kabbalah made the jewelry popular. If you want to attract luck into your life, order a bracelet and ask your loved one to tie this thread on their wrist.

Decorations that will attract happiness in the New Year

Any objects can become talismans. Every culture has a piece of jewelry that performs such functions; it can bring happiness in various areas. It can be: 1. Jewelry with the infinity symbol. In various countries, it is given significance based on local cultural traditions. For example, in India he talks about the infinity of cycles of rebirth. In Europe, the favorable meaning of the symbol is explained by the fact that it represents an eight turned on its side, which is considered the number of God. Also in philosophy, it can be interpreted as an unbreakable connection between the spiritual and material principles. In any case, the symbol has the most favorable meaning. It clears the mind of negativity and attracts good luck and happiness. Couple bracelets with this symbol are a good choice as they will create a strong bond between two people. Add a decoration inset with an infinity symbol 2. Jewelry with the OM sign. Originally “Om” means “Word of power”. This sign is considered a sacred symbol in Hinduism. But he can also become a good talisman. Some teachings interpret it as a triple fire that burns in a person, giving him strength. But “Om” also brings happiness to those who are ready to work on themselves. 3. Jewelry with triquetra. This symbol is similar in appearance to a trefoil. It has ancient origins. But its old and new interpretations differ. In ancient times it reflected the path of the sun across the sky; in medieval Ireland it used to reflect the strength of Catholic teaching. The 90s generation remembers it as the sign of the three witch sisters from the TV series “Charmed.” Now it is seen as a talisman that brings good luck. Esotericists consider the sign to be energy-intensive. It accumulates people’s positive energy and then shares it with its owner.

Jewelry that will attract good luck in money matters

Jewelry for the New Year can bring good luck in financial matters. To do this, their design uses the appropriate symbols: 1. Decoration with a three-legged toad. In Chinese mythology, this creature is called Chan Chu. According to legend, the toad was once a very evil creature, and people had to turn to Buddha to pacify it. So the toad lost one of its paws, but gained the ability to spit coins out of its mouth. It is recommended that such a talisman should not be worn too high, because the toad is afraid of heights. But the bracelet is a good idea. 2. Jewelry with chrysoprase. This mineral is considered the stone of leaders and innovators. A bright and transparent gem, the green tint of which is due to nickel impurities, brings good luck to everyone who strives for development. It gives endurance, fights laziness, helps to discover talent in oneself, thereby changing one’s life, and achieve success. You can collect a whole collection of chrysoprase jewelry – earrings, necklace, pendant. The Wood Dragon will certainly like the bright green color of the mineral, and this will attract good luck in financial matters to the house. 3. Decorations with clover. The shamrock is a symbol of Ireland, where it is even registered as a trademark. But at the same time, it is a popular talisman that brings good luck in money matters. At the same time, both shamrock and four-leaf clovers bring good luck. It is found relatively rarely in nature, which is why it is more valuable. But any clover leaves bring good luck in business. The Amorem online store offers a large selection of jewelry with talismans and amulets made of silver, gold and precious stones. You can find pendants and bracelets for all occasions. On the path to wealth, all means are good. If you are ready to use the power of nature to the fullest, find out which stone attracts money and luck, how to choose and use it correctly. “Ukrzoloto” will tell you about stones for attracting money, a horoscope and about popular precious figurines

What stones to wear to make money

Money stone – what is it? It happens that at first glance you understand that this is him, your personal champion. And it is clear without horoscopes that the stone will bring good luck, help you reach your goal and quickly receive money. But we will still tell you about the main minerals.
Chrysolite – a golden-green stone promises special luck to those who find it by chance. And if you are lucky enough to have jewelry, wear it as close to your body as possible. The mineral acts most strongly in spring and February.
Chrysoberyl eliminates financial problems and disputes, allows you to avoid rash decisions, maintaining sobriety of thought. To ensure monetary prosperity, carry the stone in your bag or pocket. A ring with chrysoberyl on the middle finger of the right hand will make its owner thrifty and careful in spending. Malachite – a green wizard, because he fulfills the owner’s wishes and sharpens intuition. No one will deceive its owner. Carry malachite in your wallet, and all purchases will be rational.
Chrysoprase – the most powerful money talisman. It develops eloquence and takes business acumen to a new level. It is considered a good sign to store savings under it: then the effect intensifies and the funds grow. If a ring with chrysoprase is worn on the ring finger or little finger, all negotiations will be successful. Topaz designed for leaders who will harness its energy and become even stronger. Stone of stability and financial well-being. It not only brings good luck in finance, but allows you to recognize deception and the true intentions of others, avoid unpleasant consequences, and also helps to influence business partners, always doing everything to your advantage. If you choose it as a money amulet, wear gold rings on your index finger or pendants.
Garnet – a stone of wealth for strong-willed people who are ready for bold actions. It does not work directly, but helps to find the true path and realize ambitious ideas, personifying passions and desires. Suitable only for strong-willed natures, because it carries a powerful energy charge. Its varieties – demantoid and rhodolite – bring financial success.
Cornelian – a money talisman in financial matters for creative people. With such an assistant it is easy to make the right decision, gain protection from unscrupulous partners, overcome obstacles, and attract partners and sponsors. If a problematic situation arises, take the stone in your palm, hold it, put it under your pillow, and in the morning you will find a solution. To feel the full power of carnelian, wear a ring with it on the middle finger of your left hand. Labradorite and its rainbow tints prove that the impossible is possible: it awakens hidden strengths, capabilities and talents in its owner, which allows you to get a well-paid job. The stone protects against wrong decisions and loss of money.
Rhodonite will make the financial river full-flowing, which is important for creative people. It reveals talents, helps to concentrate all energy and attention on one thing, and strengthens intuition.
Jasper Suitable for anyone whose work involves negotiations. Its owner will benefit in any situation.
Amber It is not for nothing that it is associated with the Sun. It brings good luck, fills you with strength, attracts positive energy, attracts prosperity and financial resources.
Citrine indispensable during business trips, when you need to establish contacts, make non-standard decisions and find a way out of various situations. A real concentrate of positive energy, it attracts strong patrons. A ring with citrine on the index finger makes your financial condition stable. Eye of the Tiger – a magnet for financial success, because with it all contracts and transactions will be successful. It especially helps everyone for whom money is primarily their job: financiers, economists, bankers and cashiers.
Pyrites – a bundle of energy that attracts money and everything that you value most in life. Tempting? It triggers masculine energy, which makes forward movement continuous and concentration skyrocketing. Halite, jade, ruby, silinite, tsavorite, emerald, aquamarine, tiger’s eye, cat’s eye, spinel, and serpentine also help to find wealth.

Do stones in the form of figurines help you get rich?

Of course, the main thing in making money is to work, and not lie around thinking that money will simply fall from the generous heavens. But it’s not enough to choose stones for good luck. They need to be filled with positive vibration. Pebbles found by chance, on the banks of a river or sea, during a thunderstorm, have special power. But Feng Shui figurines are no less popular: if you choose the right one and place it in the right place, it should work. Turtles, elephants, seals, three-legged frogs, fish – if you are going to buy one of these, find out in which part of the house the talisman should be placed in order to attract the right energy. If you decide to buy, pay attention to the shape of the mineral or the features of the amulet in the form of an animal or geometric figure:

  • Pyramids like an ideal geometric figure, they concentrate well-being and spin the cash flow like a funnel. By the way, have you noticed that on the $1 bill there is also an unfinished pyramid with the “Eye of Providence”?
  • Horseshoes bring success. They need to be hung so that they look like a bowl.
  • Three-legged toad with a coin in his mouth bears the honorary title of money. This is a magnet for money: after purchasing, place it in water (its native element) for a day, and then, without wiping it, place it in the southeast side of your home.
  • Horse attracts incredible luck, which rushes in like the wind and helps increase income. Do not place the figurine towards the door or window, because it should carry everything into the house, and not vice versa.
  • Elephant with its trunk raised up is considered the most positive and kind. Brings stability and luck, wealth and abundance to the home, protects from negativity.
  • Phoenix – a miracle that awakens the desire to move forward. The bird has the energy of prosperity and brings success and glory in all endeavors. To enhance the effect of the talisman, regularly light candles near it.
  • The Dragon attracts the best blessings in the world – friends and protects from negativity. It contains the energy of the air. A figurine with a long tail and a pearl in its paws helps to find patrons.
  • Money Tree with pebbles on branches attracts finances: place it in a well-lit place and make sure that it is not covered with dust.
  • Ship A must have for everyone whose work involves travel.
  • Fish, decorated with stones, brings success in finance. The best fish are carp and arowana.
  • Hotei – the god of fun and prosperity in Japanese mythology – with a yoke or money basket brings good luck in business.
  • a lion attracts friends and business partners into life.
  • Fu dogs (celestial lions) protect the well-being of the house, activate flows.

Choose only those figures that resonate with your soul. Buy them on the day of the full moon or on the waxing moon. Place your home or office in the southeast, because this zone is considered the wealth sector. Give preference to red, yellow, green colors. Supplement your amulets with living plants. Move the figurines clockwise. Perform the ritual once a week on Friday morning. This way the financial flow will not end, and beautiful figures will become a magnet for luck and prosperity.

How to charge stones for good luck

Even if you know which stone helps you get rich, you need to choose it correctly, charge it and wear it:

  • buy only new products or with a good history;
  • do not allow third parties or ill-wishers to touch the talismans;
  • purchased products should be rinsed in running water and then held in your hands for a few minutes to recharge them with energy;
  • if you inherited a money stone, “reset” it: rinse it under cold running water, hold it over candles, leave it in the sun for several hours, lower it into the soil from the garden overnight, wash it;
  • if you want to charge a stone or figurine with a financial wave, place three candles of different colors (white, red, green) in the shape of a triangle, and place the product in the center. Look at it for 15 minutes, think about your desires, imagine how you make financial dreams come true;
  • Clean the stones regularly to “recharge” them: just put them on the ground, and the energy of the sun will do everything.

Once the figurines, stones or decorations are activated, place them in the correct place or keep them with you and carry them with you.

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