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What mineral is called zinc blende?

sphalerite – mineral, zinc sulfide ZnS – zinc blende. The name sphalerite comes from the Greek word, which means “deceptive” or “treacherous.” Other names for the mineral: zinc blende, ruby ​​blende, cleiophane, marmatite. In most cases, it contains an iron impurity (up to 20%), the amount of which greatly affects its properties. Twins according to the spinel law are characteristic. Physical properties:
– Line from yellowish-white to brownish-brown,
– Luster from diamond to metallic,
– Transparency – depending on iron content, transparent to opaque in iron-rich specimens,
– Hardness – 3,5 – 4; fragile,
– Density 3,9 – 4,2 g/cm3,
– Cleavage perfect in six directions,
– Cubic system,
– The fracture is stepped, quite fragile. The color of pure zinc sulfide is white, but iron, almost always present in sphalerite, colors it yellow, grey-brown, red-brown or black. Miners call the red sphalerite ruby ​​blende, the pale yellow variety is called cleiophane, and the black (ferruginous) variety is marmatite. Sphalerite was one of the first substances whose structure was determined by X-ray diffraction. Therefore, one of the most common structural types of inorganic compounds of stoichiometric composition AB is called the sphalerite type (space group F-43m). Varieties
– Cleiophane – iron-free sphalerite, transparent crystals of light yellow, honey or greenish-yellow color,
– Marmatite is a black opaque variety rich in iron,
– Brunkite is an earthy cryptocrystalline sphalerite, pale yellow to whitish, forming films and deposits on sphalerite crystals or in cracks,
– Marasmolite is a semi-decomposed fissured ferruginous sphalerite. Place of Birth. Czech Republic, Kazakhstan. In Russia – the Urals, the North Caucasus, Eastern Transbaikalia, Primorye. Application. Metallic Zn is smelted from sphalerite. Along the way, Cd, In, Ga impurities are removed. A significant amount of sphalerite is used in the paint and varnish industry for the production of zinc white. Of great importance is the production of chemically pure ZnS from natural sphalerite, used as a phosphor. Phosphor sphalerite, activated by Ag, Cu, is used for the manufacture of picture tubes in televisions, screens in radar installations and oscilloscopes. Chemically pure sphalerite is used for the manufacture of various light compositions and luminous paints, in all kinds of signaling devices. Medicinal properties
It is believed that black sphalerites alleviate colds caused by hypothermia. There is an opinion that white and yellow minerals relieve nervous tension, improve sleep, and relieve insomnia and nightmares. Products made from yellowish sphalerites have a cleansing effect on the entire body and improve vision. Magical properties
There is an opinion that yellow sphaletyr stones protect against uncontrollable anger, give a person hope, and give peace. Black stones are sometimes used by dark magicians. However, this stone has the ability to return negative energy to the sender, strengthening it twice, so it is not recommended to use sphalerite to harm anyone. Practicing magicians use white minerals to make amulets that protect a person from evil spells. This stone is interesting because it can cause significant harm and protect against evil interference. Experts cannot say exactly which zodiac sign sphalerite is suitable for. Talismans and amulets
As a talisman, sphalerite helps its owner develop leadership qualities, gain self-confidence, and attract good luck. A small unprocessed piece of mineral of any color except black can serve as a talisman

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  • Marmarite is opaque, black, contains up to 20% iron;
  • Marmasolite – is a partially destroyed form of marmarite with a reduced iron content and has increased fragility;
  • Příbramite is a yellowish translucent mineral with a high cadmium content;
  • Cleiophane – transparent, honey, light yellow or greenish color without the slightest impurity of iron;
  • Brunkite is whitish to pale yellow in color and is found in aluminous rocks.

Hardness 3,5-4 on the Mohs scale, density 4,08-4,10 g/cm 3, luminescence is usually yellowish-orange, sometimes red, sometimes absent.

Place of Birth

Sphalerite in lead-zinc deposits, as a rule, significantly predominates quantitatively over galena.

In some deposits, druses of well-formed sphalerite crystals with calcite, quartz and other minerals are found, for example in the Nagolny Ridge deposits (Ukraine) and others.

In a number of locations, very interesting metacolloidal formations of sphalerite were found in the form of concentrically banded kidney-shaped segregations in limestones in association with galena, pyrite, marcasite, chalcopyrite, calcite or dolomite.

In close association with chalcopyrite (almost without galena) it is observed in a number of so-called pyrite deposits of the Urals: the Karpushinskoye deposit, named after. III International, etc.

Of the most interesting foreign deposits from a mineralogical point of view, we note the following: Příbram (Czechoslovakia); beautiful crystals in voids among dolomite in Binnenthal (Switzerland), sphalerite crystals of remarkable transparency from deposits in the Santander region (Northern Spain).

Sphalerite jewelry and its prices

For the jewelry industry, only the largest are used, and transparent stones are processed, cut, and made into jewelry.

Very beautiful and suitable for cutting stones are mined in Spain, in mines near the city of Satader, as well as near the Mexican town of Sonora. Stones from here rarely exceed 20-25 mm in size, but sometimes very large and beautiful crystals weighing up to 70 carats are found.

Smaller crystals, weighing up to 10 carats, are mined in New Jersey (USA), in the mines of Carrara and Valle de Bin (Italy), Dalnegorsk (Russia) and Pribram (Czech Republic).

In addition to crystals, druses of aggregations with quartz and chalcopyrite, polished cuts of rocks containing sphalerite, as well as cleavage chips with galena are popular.

Sphalerites are also used for the production of paints and varnishes and zinc white. ZnS is obtained from natural sphalerite, which is used as a phosphor. It is used for the manufacture of television picture tubes, as well as for screens in oscilloscopes and radar installations. Pure sphalerite is used to make luminous paints and light compositions.

It is found quite often in crystalline form, but sphalerite is very difficult to process due to its fragility and cleavage, so processed crystals are highly valued among collectors. The price for faceted sphalerite is very high, considering that it is not even classified as a semi-precious stone – some examples of Spanish yellow faceted sphalerite weighing up to 5 carats cost about $350-400.

Magical properties

The stone is not very popular among magicians. It is known that in some cultures the magical properties of sphalerite are used by dark magicians, but the stone cannot be used in rituals performed for harm, since it has the property of returning dark energy to the one who is trying to direct it. For this, dark colored stones are used.

As a talisman, it helps the owner develop leadership qualities and helps develop self-confidence. Any piece of raw mineral can be made into a talisman. It can have any color except black. There is an opinion that yellow sphalerite stones protect against anger and help to find peace and hope. Black stones are used in black magic. This stone can reflect negative energy and return it to the sender with double the power. Therefore, do not use sphalerite for harmful purposes. White stones are used as amulets to protect against evil spells. It can protect or harm.

Medicinal properties

Black sphalerites alleviate and accelerate the course of colds. Pale yellow and white stones relieve nervous stress, normalize sleep, forever relieving insomnia, nightmares, and lack of sleep. Sphalerite affects the body, as a general strengthening agent, it helps to increase immunity and the content of antibodies in the blood, which should fight viral diseases. This stone cleanses the body and improves vision.

Interesting fact

The sphalerite spirit is a pink curly angel with a bow. This plump little creature is surrounded by pale pink smoke and flowers. Sphalerite is influenced by Venus and Mars. He clouds people’s minds with the smoke of his Spirit, closes their eyes with rose-colored glasses and gives them the feeling of being in heaven. For those who seriously believe that they are in heaven, he sends serious diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

Signs of the zodiac

Sphalerite is recommended for all zodiac signs. Taurus he will bring the greatest benefit, and the greatest harm to Scorpio. This stone has not yet been fully studied.

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