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What natural stones should not be worn together?

November 19, 2019 In order for jewelry with stones to delight the beauty and benefit the owner, it is worth paying attention to the color harmony and energy compatibility of the minerals. Correctly selected stones look great next to each other and are in energetic harmony; unsuitable specimens are “lost” in an unfortunate neighborhood and can negatively affect a person. Having studied information about the compatibility of stones in jewelry from different angles, we share our conclusions.

Compatibility of stones in jewelry by color

  • Red. This is the leading color; it does not tolerate any proximity. It is better not to combine jewelry with red accents with other colors. It is optimal to wear a set in the same color scheme; in some cases, you can complement rubies with transparent diamonds.
  • White, transparent. Such stones are rightfully considered universal, because they are suitable for all other minerals. The most striking example is the diamond; this group also includes onyx and pearls.
  • Blue, blue. Inserts of these tones are in harmony with any color except black, orange and yellow.
  • Green. Emeralds and other green-hued minerals look harmonious next to stones of any color except red.
  • The black. Not the most successful combination – black minerals next to purple, blue, and crimson specimens. Dark crystals are not recommended to be worn together with gray, brown, or orange ones.
  • Yellow. Yellowness is poorly set off by violet and blue tones; other combinations with yellow stones look decent.

When making jewelry with multi-colored stones, jewelers take into account the transparency, brightness and warmth of the shades. For example, transparent cubic zirconia and diamonds are successfully combined with colored transparent stones, specimens of rich colors are combined with each other, and minerals of cold or warm colors are combined in one piece of jewelry.

Astrological compatibility of stones with each other in jewelry

Stones are grouped according to their elements (Water, Fire, Earth, Air), properties and energy. Stones, like the signs of the Zodiac, are considered associated with the planets. Some minerals are neutral, others combine perfectly and enhance each other’s effects, while others are at odds. To get the maximum benefit from jewelry with stones, astrologers recommend taking into account the compatibility of minerals and not wearing “warring” jewelry at the same time.

If you wear incompatible minerals, they will suppress each other, which will affect the condition of their owner – both the physical and emotional state of the person may worsen.

General rules for choosing stones according to astrological compatibility

  • Stones of antagonistic elements cannot be combined in one piece of jewelry or image.
  • You cannot combine minerals of opposite zodiac signs.
  • The Zodiac sign, the element of man and the mineral must coincide or be harmoniously combined.
  • Minerals of the same element enhance each other’s effects.

Planets and their guide stones

  • The sun. All red, yellow and golden yellow specimens. Aventurine, diamond, amber, ruby, garnet, hyacinth.
  • Moon. All colorless, white, transparent blue specimens. Moonstone, opal, coral, aquamarine, selenite, beryl, rock crystal.
  • Jupiter. Blue minerals. Sapphire, turquoise, lapis lazuli, blue topaz.
  • Mercury. All lilac, lilac, violet specimens. Amethyst, topaz, turquoise, emerald, agate, peridot.
  • Mars. Red and red-brown minerals. Jasper, diamond, carnelian, bloodstone, ruby.
  • Venus. All green specimens. Malachite, emerald, sapphire, amazonite, pearl.
  • Uranus. Minerals with opalescence and iridescence effects. Labradorite, fire opal.
  • Neptune. Instances of greenish-blue shades. Rock crystal, moonstone, aquamarine.
  • Saturn. Dark, black minerals. Morion, onyx, jet.
  • Pluto. Jasper, rauchtopaz.

The correspondence of minerals to two or three planets is explained by their composition – one stone almost always contains 2-3 or more elements, including metals. When choosing jewelry according to the astrological theory of planets, one must take into account the relationship of the planets with each other.

Based on planetary compatibility, there are several pairs of stones that should not be combined in one piece of jewelry or image: topaz and diamond, sapphire and pearl, amethyst and emerald, onyx and citrine, hematite and amber, ruby ​​and amber, garnet and tourmaline, jade and jasper , topaz and rock crystal.

The elements and their guide stones

It is ideal when the elements of man and stone coincide. However, a combination of gems whose elements are in harmony is allowed.

  • Fire – Air. Harmony. Representatives of “air” signs can wear Fire minerals without fear.
  • Earth – Water. Harmony. “Earthling” will be comfortable with “water” minerals.
  • Fire – Earth. Enmity. Fire gems will suppress the “earthling”, which can awaken aggression or make a person withdrawn.
  • Fire water. Enmity. Water can extinguish Fire, while Fire causes Water to evaporate.
  • Air – Water. Enmity. The intersection of these elements leads to discomfort for a person.
  • Element – Minerals – Properties of minerals
  • Water – Aquamarine, moonstone, pearl, opal, topaz, alexandrite, coral, amethyst, alexandrite – Get rid of bad thoughts, improve mood, protect from negativity
  • Air – Topaz, lapis lazuli, emerald, rock crystal, amazonite, chrysolite, sapphire – Accelerate metabolism, have a positive effect on mental activity, make the owner more sociable and help make the right decisions
  • Earth – Lapis lazuli, onyx jade, turquoise, agate, malachite, green tourmaline, green jasper, jet – Strengthen immunity, improve health, help improve self-esteem
  • Fire – Ruby, diamond, almandine, hematite, red tourmaline, garnet, rhodolite, tiger’s eye – Increase the tone of the body, improve mood, encourage action

Compatibility of the most popular stones in jewelry

Amethyst: combination with other stones

  • Successful: diamond, aquamarine, zircon, rock crystal, moonstone, tourmaline, sapphire.
  • Unsuccessful: malachite, jade, emerald.

Lapis lazuli: combination with other stones

  • Successful: aventurine, diamond, garnet, opal, golden topaz, rock crystal.
  • Unsuccessful: malachite, jasper.

Turquoise: combination with other stones

  • Successful: pearls, opal, aquamarine, lapis lazuli, moonstone, malachite, agate, coral.
  • Unsuccessful: jade, red garnet, onyx, sardonyx.

Amber: combination with other stones

  • Successful: labradorite, carnelian, topaz, quartz, diamond, agate.
  • Unsuccessful: hematite, onyx.

Obsidian: combination with other stones

  • Successful: rock crystal, moonstone, emerald.
  • Unsuccessful: ruby, aventurine, peridot, diamond.

General table of stone combinations

When compiling this table, the properties and characteristics of stones, their interaction and influence on each other were taken into account.

Correctly selected gems are ready-made talismans. They will enhance a person’s personal energy, improve mood, and attract opportunities into the owner’s life. As a rule, several stones are suitable for one person at once – according to the Zodiac sign and Element. It is worth studying as much information as possible about each mineral in order to choose the best talisman for the current period of life. At the same time, it is important that the person likes the talisman stones, so that he feels comfortable around them.

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Stones in jewelry are the best friends of not only women, but also men. Such popularity is caused not only because of their beauty, but also the magical properties that they possess. It is a mistake to believe that wearing several stones at once is beneficial. It turns out that many of them do not tolerate neighbors.

Stone compatibility rules

Due to the fact that all gems have magical properties, it is unacceptable to wear jewelry with the first stones that catch your eye. First you need to find out what specific stones can be combined with. A correctly selected stone will bring good luck, provided that nothing interferes with it.

Most often, stones are chosen by color. And only those who believe in the magical power of natural gifts pay special attention to their choice. First of all, they give preference to options that are worn according to the zodiac sign, name, element. At the same time, we miss an important point – the combination of minerals in relation to each other.

It happens that, according to all indicators, several minerals suit a girl at once. As a result, she makes a purchase of jewelry with different stones in the same cut. It would seem that fortune should be favorable, but in reality everything turns out differently. The reason for this may be that they do not match correctly in a pair.

Agate, amethyst, and natural pearls are in harmony with turquoise, azure, and carnelian. You can also wear emerald stones and sapphires as a pair. These stones will not tolerate proximity to aquamarine, rock crystal, garnet, moonflower, opal, scarlet rubies, and jasper. Their proximity as a couple is in doubt.

Aventurine, aquamarine and precious diamond will be an excellent pair for amethyst, beryl, and heliotrope. Hyacinth, rock crystal, natural garnet, opal, ruby, and chrysoprase will complement each other. In a duet with them there is no place for gems that are opposite in energy – dark topaz, amber.

Onyx and black agate respond positively to emeralds, topazes, and multi-colored agates. Their magic will coexist perfectly if there are no rubies and chrysolites nearby in the pair. Representatives of different elements will not show themselves in any way if worn together, and can even harm a person.

Due to the planetary incompatibility of the patronizing stars, it is strictly contraindicated to wear in pairs:

  • amethyst with emerald;
  • zirconium with dark morion;
  • chrysoprase with carnelian;
  • jade with jasper;
  • rhodonite and zircon;
  • hematite and amber.

A dubious combination of stones should raise alarm bells. Complementing each other in pairs, opaque hard rock minerals strengthen human health and give confidence.

Stones of two elements interact favorably on human energy – tourmaline with zircon, hematite with amber, coral with shungite.

Why can’t some stones be worn in pairs?

The energy of one stone can suppress the power of another mineral. As long as they remain paired, their purpose will not be revealed. The most dangerous thing is that the enmity between them can affect human health.

The elements will help to trace their discrepancy:

  • Water-Fire – representatives of these elements mutually destroy each other;
  • Air-Water – creates unpleasant energy vibrations nearby;
  • Fire-Air – are considered friendly elements;
  • Water-Earth – consonant and very harmonious, they can be worn in pairs.

According to experts, the elements are always important. A specially compiled table of the correct compatibility of stones will help dispel doubts about the choice. Specialists from various fields of science – gemologists, astrologers and jewelers – worked on its creation. Thanks to the work done, the magical characteristics and features of minerals were studied.

Wearing the stones together is intended to allow each crystal to express its magic. When in contact with a person’s skin and his energy, inappropriate minerals will interfere with the revelation of each other’s strength. Simply put, they will interfere with the interaction of chakras and energy channels.

In modern man, the combination of minerals is dictated by considerations that are somewhat different from those of our ancestors. Previously, when choosing them, benefits were taken into account, but now – financial capabilities and fashion preferences. Wearing them in pairs increases their strength. Which stones have magic and healing powers:

  1. Strong minerals with a healing effect: agate, aquamarine, diamond, sapphire, amber.
  2. Stones whose action is aimed at attracting wealth: carnelian, labradorite, garnet, tiger’s eye, citrine.
  3. Gems that are usually worn to attract happiness and good luck: malachite, jade, opal, hematite.

In order for stones to be a lucky amulet, and not a source of misunderstandings, you need to combine them correctly. The above material will be useful to those who believe in the magic of natural minerals and like to use several stones at the same time. A union of harmonious talismans will create a favorable environment for a person to achieve goals.

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