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What s the difference between a diamond and a diamond?

The earth’s crust – depth 100 to 200 km, temperature 1100-1300 degrees Celsius, pressure – 35-50 kilobars. In such extreme natural conditions, something incredible happens: carbon from graphite transforms into a new modification – a unique mineral is formed. At some point, volcanic magma will bring it to the surface. And after some time he will be found by a person. This is a diamond – a crystal created by nature, with the highest hardness, high refractive index and dispersion. After a complex processing process, it will turn into a jewelry stone, the radiance of which will make people’s hearts skip a beat with delight – and this favorite diamond.

A diamond is a diamond with jewelry processing. The stone is given a certain shape and the ideal type of cut is selected, which will maximize the brilliance and play of light.

Difference between diamond and diamond

Thanks to the high temperature in which the natural mineral was formed, it acquired its unique beauty, transparency and radiance. Diamond is the hardest substance on earth, and therefore has found its use in various areas of life: from medicine to construction. There are many industrial diamonds, they are not rare. But for cutting in jewelry diamonds Not every crystal will fit. The type of diamond, its purity and transparency are the selection criteria for processing. Pure diamonds that can be cut are rare in nature, and this circumstance determines the value of the diamond. Incidentally, how to distinguish a diamond from a fake we wrote in a special article: link myths and truth about precious inserts. How does a diamond turn into a diamond? Diamond processing is a complex and expensive process that refines a natural mineral and transforms it into the most expensive gemstone. The quality of a diamond depends entirely on the skill of the jeweler who works with the crystal. The opportunity to cut diamonds appeared in the 15th century, and only modern technologies made it possible to do this perfectly and reveal their incredible, mesmerizing beauty in hundreds of facets.

What is more expensive: a diamond or a diamond?

Of course, a large diamond costs hundreds of times more than a small diamond. But if we’re talking about stones of the same weight, then the one that has gone from being just a find to being called a “jewelry insert” will be more expensive. Cutters, polishers and sometimes dozens of other craftsmen work on a diamond, creating a sparkling masterpiece from a muddy stone found in spears.

Ideal Diamond Shape

The first form of diamonds is absolutely simple – one face is ground down and polished. “Rose” and “princess” will reveal the multifaceted beauty of the sparkle of diamonds, but the round one will be ideal. IN round diamond 57 facets: 33 on the top and 24 on the bottom. Modern technologies have made it possible to develop new correct shapes for cutting diamonds: “Highlight-cut”, “royal” and “majestic” for medium, large and large diamonds, respectively. This is the most difficult and important stage of diamond processing: it can even last for years for very large specimens. Before starting, craftsmen use 3D technology to search for the best shape and cut type to retain maximum weight and provide the same sparkle that diamonds are famous for. Diamond cut is a jewelry term used to describe the perfect round treatment of precious stones. Even high-quality diamond-cut cubic zirconia looks decent in jewelry! But this does not mean that diamonds are not used to create jewelry. Raw stones in rings, earrings or pendants are also popular. diamond – natural unprocessed mineral; • diamond – a precious stone created from a diamond; • diamonds, in addition to jewelry, are used in other areas; • only a quarter of the diamonds found are suitable for creating jewelry with them; • The best treated diamonds have a minimum of defects: inclusions or cracks. Now you can easily distinguish one from the other: diamond from diamond! And the main thing is to choose yours perfect decoration in the catalog “Ukrzoloto” Is there a difference between a diamond and a diamond? Undoubtedly. Diamond is the “father” of the diamond, an untreated natural stone. A diamond is a cut diamond, distinguished by a more attractive appearance and play of light. Both processed and uncut minerals have magical properties known to people since ancient times.

How is a diamond different from a diamond?

“Diamond” is translated from Greek as “indestructible,” and from Arabic as “hardest.” The outdated name for the mineral is “sharp stone”. All these names reflect the properties of the crystal. What is the difference between a diamond and a diamond? Often these words refer to the same stone. Minerals have many similarities, such as chemical and physical properties. The weight of the diamond is significantly reduced during processing. An uncut stone has an irregular shape and sharp edges, which makes it different from a cut diamond. Another difference is that natural stones that have defects are widely used in industry, while diamonds are used only in jewelry.

Main characteristics

To understand what the differences are between the two stones, let’s take a closer look at their characteristics and properties.

Physico-chemical characteristics

Diamond is an allotropic modification of carbon. Natural crystals usually have the shape of an octahedron or dodecahedron. Hardness on the Mohs scale – 10 points out of 10, density – 3,52 g / cubic meter. cm. There are no minerals harder than diamond, and the stone is quite fragile. Diamond has high thermal conductivity. The melting point is 3700-4000 °C. When heated to 2000 °C under vacuum conditions, it turns into graphite. In nature, the color of a diamond can be white, yellowish, sometimes red, blue, green, orange, and black. Untreated stone is not completely transparent. Only thanks to correctly executed cutting does the crystal acquire purity and luminesce under the influence of sunlight.

Weight of stones before and after processing

During the cutting process, a stone can lose up to 70% of its original mass. Losses depend on the cutting method chosen, as well as on the quality of the crystal. A stone that has many impurities and cracks will become 2-3 times smaller after processing. This is due to the need to remove existing defects. A professional selects the type of cutting for each crystal individually. When processing small stones, the jeweler most often leaves the original shape. Such crystals usually serve as a frame for the central element of the composition – a larger stone. The weight of a diamond is measured in carats. 1 carat is equal to 0,2 g. The larger the stone, the more facets the jeweler will put on it. A round cut with 57 facets is considered ideal, in which the beauty of the diamond is revealed to the maximum.

Shape of stones

Natural stones can have any shape. During the processing process, diamonds are shaped into circles, ovals, drops, roses, boats, quadrangles, and hearts. It all depends on the type of cut chosen. The very first type of cut is “Rosetta,” in which the diamond has a small number of facets.

Application areas of crystals

The difference between a diamond and a diamond also lies in the areas of application of these stones. Rough diamonds, which have many defects, are used in industry, medicine and nanotechnology. No more than a quarter of all mined stones are selected for jewelry processing. Diamonds are classified as precious minerals and are used exclusively in jewelry.

Cost of stones

A diamond is much more valuable than a diamond, despite the fact that its weight is several times less. When assessing the value of a stone, 4 criteria (4C) are taken into account: weight (carat weight), color (colour), clarity (clarity) and cut (cut). Then the mineral is assigned a group from A to G, where A is excellent quality of the diamond, G is poor.

How much does a cut diamond cost? The price of diamonds can vary greatly depending on their individual characteristics. A small stone weighing 0,1 carat costs about $200, and a processed diamond weighing more than 1 carat is much more expensive – starting from $5000.

faceted stones

  • round (the most common and less expensive);
  • fancy (when stones are cut in a variety of shapes).

To assess the quality of stones, a special system is used, which necessarily takes into account:

  • cut;
  • purity;
  • Colour;
  • weight in carats.

The similarity between the two minerals lies mainly in their origin. It is quite difficult to distinguish natural stone from artificial one; this will require a lot of relevant knowledge. Therefore, despite the fact that purchasing expensive jewelry stones or products with them is an excellent investment, you should purchase this kind of stones only in trusted places where it is impossible to stumble upon a fake.

In terms of price, it is difficult to compare with diamonds to other stones, except perhaps emeralds and sometimes rubies. The largest diamonds are the property of many museums around the world, and the most luxurious of them can often be seen in the jewelry of royalty. At the same time, diamonds in their pure form are almost never represented anywhere.

The magical and healing properties of diamonds and diamonds

Both uncut and processed diamonds have magical properties. It is believed that natural stones that have not been cut are endowed with the greatest power. Transparent crystals are considered a symbol of purity and innocence, so they are recommended for unmarried girls to wear. At the same time, a diamond is a standard of hardness; it helps to strengthen character, gain authority, and gain power. In addition, the stone brings to its owner:

  • good luck;
  • love;
  • wisdom;
  • protection from the evil eye.

It is desirable that the crystal be accepted as a gift from a person with pure thoughts. The inherited stone should be “cleansed” of foreign energy. To do this, the crystal is kept in salt water overnight, after which it is wiped dry and placed in a sunny place for half an hour. Moreover, even after such a procedure, the stone will not immediately “get used” to the new owner. In the East, it is believed that you can wear a diamond after another person only after 7 years.

A stolen stone will not bring anything good to the new owner. A diamond that has defects (chips, cracks) can also cause harm.

Diamond is suitable for strong-willed people who are born leaders. The stone enhances their positive character traits and does not allow them to lose heart in difficult times. For weak, melancholic people, the crystal will either not be of any benefit or will do harm.

The stone is suitable for representatives of the “fire” element – Aries, Sagittarius, Leo. People born under one of these zodiac signs will be able to overcome their temper and channel their energy in the right direction. In addition, the diamond will make their health stronger and protect them from negative influences. Representatives of other zodiac signs, with the exception of Pisces and Virgo, can also wear this stone.

Usually a person intuitively feels whether a stone suits him or not. If touching a crystal evokes positive emotions, it can be used as an amulet. If you experience negative feelings, you should stop wearing the mineral.

Diamond is also of great importance for humans because it has healing properties. It is believed that the stone can have the following effects on the human body:

  • reduces body temperature;
  • increases immunity;
  • eliminates fatigue;
  • relieves insomnia;
  • cleanses the liver and kidneys;
  • strengthens the heart.

What other value does a diamond have? It helps get rid of mental illnesses and makes the mind clearer. The stone promotes rejuvenation of the body and stimulates cell regeneration. Diamond also helps with skin rashes and gastrointestinal problems. Another property of the crystal is that it helps get rid of alcoholism, drug addiction, smoking and other addictions.

How to distinguish a real diamond from a fake?

Diamond is one of the most expensive stones, so it is often counterfeited. Rock crystal, moissanite, jewelry glass, zircon, and artificially grown stone can be passed off as a cut diamond. To check the authenticity of a crystal, it is better to have it examined by a jeweler. Using special equipment, a specialist will determine the physical and chemical properties of the mineral, based on which he will make a conclusion.

To avoid buying a fake stone, you should pay attention to the jewelry tag, which contains important information about the diamond. More detailed information (for example, location, purity level, etc.) is contained in the certificate that accompanies the gemstone. The document must be asked from the seller before making a purchase.

Which stone is considered the best?

The best diamond is a stone that is free from defects and cut to a standard. The standard cut is considered to be a round shape with 57 facets, in which the maximum possible play of light is observed. Symmetry is very important, because it affects the light refraction of the crystal. The largest specimens may have a greater number of facets (73, 86, 102). The cut, in which the stone has 102 facets, is called “Majestic” and is quite rare.

Uses of Diamond and Brilliant

Diamond and diamonds

Faceted stone is used only for jewelry and clothing. An uncut diamond is not used in design and is not a stone for decoration. Other uses have been found for it.

In jewelry, only the highest quality diamonds are processed, and those with cracks, chips, foreign inclusions and dark shades are taken for other purposes.

  1. In shipbuilding, mechanical engineering and electronics, parts are made from hard diamonds.
  2. In medicine, instruments are made.
  3. For the manufacture of devices, diamond lenses characterized by high precision are extremely necessary.
  4. In construction, diamond chips are used to coat abrasive discs, and glass and metals are also cut.

So, not every diamond can turn into a diamond. Some serve humanity in other industries and are indispensable. And the role of a beautiful diamond is to please the eye and bring aesthetic pleasure.

What is the reason for the widespread use of diamond?

The uniqueness of this rather rare mineral arises from its uniquely structured crystal lattice. This may not be a secret to many, but it is the arrangement of atoms with each other inside a substance that affects its properties. That is why some substances are liquid (water, milk, etc.), others are gaseous (oxygen, neon, etc.), and others are solid (metals, diamond, granite).

High strength, strong thermal conductivity and low electrical conductivity have allowed the crystal to enter people’s lives. That is why it is used in construction, drilling, medicine, telecommunications, electronics, optics, physics, chemistry, instrument making, optics and many other industries.

The precious mineral is mined in different ways. There are relatively few places for their extraction. Diamond crystals, valuable for jewelry, are mined in several places on the planet (in South and Central Africa, Australia, Russia)

Industrial consumption requires a much larger scale, but is also less scrupulous about quality, since stones of poorer quality are also used (for example, diamond discs for grinding). Regarding, this fact can also be attributed to the difference between a diamond and a rough diamond.

What diamonds are in fashion now?

So, we figured out that a diamond and a diamond are not the same thing. But to invest wisely, you also need to be aware of fashion trends in this area.

In 2022, products decorated with small diamonds continue to be relevant. Earrings and rings made in this style have been added to the latest collections of the most fashionable and famous brands.

One of the latest trends that designers are promoting to the masses is the use of jewelry with “inverted” diamonds. The crystals are attached so that their spikes stick out.

It’s worth remembering: decoration can be inexpensive. The naturalness of the stones is important, and from an aesthetic point of view. The brilliance of the original diamond noticeably improves in the sun.

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