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What should a wallet be like to always have money in it?

Sages have long believed that there is a certain energy in paper bills and iron coins, which, under certain conditions and following certain rules, can bring incredible financial success to its owner. The main attribute for storing money and cards is considered to be a convenient organizer – wallet. To attract money, you should choose it correctly, taking into account the model, quality and color, and always keep it in neat condition.

Criterias of choice

The wallet itself is already a symbol of wealth, which directly indicates the status and financial affiliation of the owner. It is unlikely that funds will appear in a shabby, torn or dirty wallet. When opening a clasp or unzipping a zipper, you need to feel proud and confident. The energy of well-being is believed to be directed towards a certain shade, size and outline of the symbol of financial success.


  1. The base should be leather or well-treated suede. But you can choose another natural material: linen, bamboo.
  2. The shade should serve to attract money.
  3. The accessory, which is aimed at large sums, is distinguished by its characteristic dimensions and is sure to contain some kind of talisman inside.

Keep in mind that a small wallet, the wrong color, the wrong shape (round or oval), especially if it is dilapidated, dirty and scratched, can push money away from you. In addition, you should absolutely not choose a wallet with a general compartment for banknotes and coins.


Inside the organizer there should be spacious compartments – several for paper money and a separate one, with a lock or button, for small change. It’s great if there is a large pocket with a latch on the front side – large denomination bills can be placed in it, which indicates a constant receipt and a reserve available at the same time. Banknotes must be placed unfolded, without creating creases, and sorted from small to larger.

A few tips on how to handle funds:

  1. Banknotes should be taken with your left hand and given with your right.
  2. First of all, you should get rid of glued, crooked or damaged banknotes; under no circumstances is it recommended to store them in a wallet.
  3. Regularly clean the compartments of receipts, notes, notes, wrappers and other debris that accumulates during use.

Selecting the color of your wallet to attract money.

Energy is believed to have a specific color. To attract cash flows, carefully study the designation of each.

Colors that attract money are red and all its shades. You can choose scarlet, burgundy, ruby, dark red models. The brighter the color, the more luck and prosperity it will bring to the owner.

Gold and silver are colors that bring good luck and have strong energy that fulfills any desires, especially financial ones. In general, wallets with a metallic sheen will be a wonderful talisman for the owner. It is easy to guess that these shades are controlled by the element of metal. In addition to a strong predisposition to money, this gamma promotes the flourishing of spiritual energy and material qualities. This color harmonizes best with Aries and Leo, and patent leather would be the ideal surface for the wallet.

Colors that protect against financial losses and failures – all shades of green, white. Wallets in white or green colors will help protect against unnecessary spending, theft, failures and the evil eye. In addition, these colors will become an alternative for those who do not like red, because white and green attract financial energy just as well.

Purses that use several shades at once will enhance the effect of good luck and attracting finances! Multi-colored accessories will look bright, stylish and interesting. Such a wallet will delight you every day and always give only positive emotions, which is very important when “working” with money.

A black wallet, which is considered a classic, is in harmony with the energy of the earth, personifies constancy, allows you to accumulate a lot and spend wisely. Most of all, it suits Leos and Capricorns, to whom it adds stubbornness and helps generate and activate income.

A correctly chosen wallet will not only be a convenient and stylish accessory, but will also definitely bring good luck to its owner. In addition, the wallet is also an excellent gift for any occasion. You will not only do something nice for the person, but also give a talisman and a talisman that brings money and prosperity.

How to choose the right wallet so that money can be transferred

Wallet, men’s or women’s, just like a bag, probably all people have one. The dream of each of them is to always be full of money. But, unfortunately, this is not possible, since we must constantly spend money on buying all the essentials for life. However, there can be a little help in attracting money into your wallet. Many eastern peoples adhere to certain rules when choosing such an item as a women’s wallet, men’s purse or bag. Money and wealth in general do not like to be treated carelessly, so your favorite wallet should be well-groomed and in no case broken or even just shabby. Money is attracted to people who treat it with gratitude and respect. Handsome, well-groomed – he makes us feel better.

Men’s or women’s wallet size

Choose a wallet for yourself very carefully. It should have plenty of space to store money, coins, credit cards. If possible, buy one where banknotes can easily fit in a special compartment for them. It is better if the money does not lie folded, since money does not like it when it is folded or wrinkled. Look to your new fashion wallet was large and roomy enough to hold more money than the old one – this should attract more money.

Fashion wallet color

A person’s mood also depends on the color; the color should be liked, and not just be fashionable. Here are a few color options to consider when choosing. Black color corresponds to the water element. Water is responsible for wealth and prosperity. Black is traditionally considered the best classic color for a wallet. White, grey, silver or gold are the colors responsible for stability and constancy; they will help fill your financial affairs with these qualities. Gold is almost always associated with luxury and wealth and will help your wallet attract them. Therefore, you can safely buy a gold-colored wallet. Green represents growth and development. A green bag will help make a positive contribution to your financial situation. Some people also choose green for their wallet because it is the color of the American dollar. Yellow or brown colors are associated with the earth element and will add stability, security and confidence so that your wealth can increase in the future. For Eastern women, the color of the poromone or handbag is very important. They very often choose black or red colors for them. It is believed that black symbolizes wealth, and red success. The bag can be red, and a woman’s wallet or purse can be black.

How to use a wallet correctly

Try not to keep photographs in your wallet. They will divert money. Always keep a small amount of money in it – an empty wallet will not attract money. Also, if you buy a wallet for a gift, and not for yourself, then before giving it as a gift, you should put money in it. Your wallet should be neat and clean. When it is worn out, damaged and dirty, it must be replaced with a new one. And although it should be of good quality, it does not have to be expensive. A well-made wallet can also attract financial well-being. Don’t keep any receipts in your wallet to avoid owing money to someone. Credit cards should be kept in separate cash compartments. After all, credit cards for many people represent debt and obligations to the bank, not wealth.

The best material for a wallet is genuine exotic leather

And of course, practically the most important thing that needs to be taken into account when buying a wallet is the material from which it is made. Undoubtedly, the best material for a wallet is genuine leather. Moreover, the skin can be very different. Maybe the most popular leather is calfskin, for example, maybe it’s expensive and exclusive exotic leather, for example, from crocodile or ostrich. Women’s bags or men’s wallets and purses made of crocodile skin have been valued at all times, and owning such a thing is very prestigious at all times. What kind of leather a wallet will be purchased from is each person’s preference. Products made from genuine leather are of course more expensive, but you need to understand that they are also more durable, more status items. It is better to avoid various plastic materials – this is a short-lived material and at the same time, plastic can block natural energy. In general, products can be made from various materials, including fabric, because it may not be an expensive material, but it is made by hand or with expensive finishing. You must respect the thing in which money is stored. For example, money wallet should be kept in a certain place. When you return home, you should not throw it anywhere; store it, for example, in your bag or in the inside pocket of your jacket. Everything should be in its place. Experts from eastern countries advise that if you want to save money for a trip or save money to buy something expensive, then put a picture with your desire in your wallet. After all, every time you open it, you can see your desire and positive energy can help you fulfill your plans. These are the basic tips, following which you will always have wealth, and there will always be money in your wallet. You may be interested in reading our other articles on this topic: How to choose a wallet according to Feng Shui
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