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What should women over 50 not wear?

Virtual memorial to the fallen fighters for Ukrainian independence: honor the Heroes with a minute of your attention! You don’t have to give up your individual style after turning 50. The main fashion rule for beauties of any age is to wear clothes in which you feel confident and harmonious. However, the older you get, the more limited your clothing choices become, as most brands are aimed at women in their 20s and 30s. Also, not all the models you liked before are what you like now, and that’s okay because your figure has changed somewhat. In the same way, after a certain age, not all colors can be worn – some of them can make the image gloomy and pale, and make wrinkles and fatigue on the face more noticeable. So, ladies 50+ are recommended to avoid red and pastel shades. With age, the capillaries on the face become more fragile and break down. so the skin appears more “red” and thinner. The palette listed above emphasizes all redness and also makes the image faded. Deavita magazine told what things are best avoided by older women. Excessively large clothesBaggy clothes don’t hide weight gain in middle age. If you wear an oversized shirt when you’re 50, you’ll look heavier and older than your actual age. Oversized items draw attention, suggesting that you are truly filling that space. Therefore, do not wear too large, shapeless clothes – they will only make your image heavier. But accents at the waist using, for example, a belt, will give you definition and elegance. Part of your figure needs to be visible, otherwise you risk looking bigger and older than you really are. The crop top has been one of the main summer trends for the last few years. But this does not mean that it should be worn by women over 50. Most likely, you will look out of place in it. You can create an elegant and even seductive look with stylish shirts and blouses that will cover all the right moments and demonstrate your winning sides. Deep necklineA neckline that is too deep, exposing bulging breasts, does not look best on ladies over 50 years old. When your chest starts to pucker and gravity takes over, it’s time to swap provocative dresses and cut-out shirts for clothes that leave a little more to the imagination. Jeans with holesIn 2023, jeans with holes are on the list of anti-trends. Even young fashionistas should not wear this model if they do not want to get a disastrous outfit. And ladies 50+ should avoid holes in their jeans for another reason: they simply look inappropriate. Your rebellious spirit can also manifest itself in non-hole models. For example, take a closer look at loose styles with raw hems. Heel too highAvoid wearing heels that are too high. This doesn’t mean you need to throw out your favorite shoes or sandals. The main thing is that the heel is not too high. This will only harm your feet and overall health. Classic styles made from well-crafted materials will suit you better. Trekking pantsThe problem with these types of trousers is that they are a huge fashion faux pas, especially when worn by older women. They are often too figure-hugging, usually the wrong length, and can give the lower body a disproportionate appearance that is extremely unsightly. Previously, OBOZREVATEL wrote what shoes should not be worn in the summer. These models can seriously harm your health: they injure your feet, provoke the appearance of painful calluses, and even cause a detrimental shock to the entire musculoskeletal system. We have only verified information in our Telegram channel Obozrevatel, Threads and Viber. Don’t be fooled by fakes!Women over 50 years old are not recommended to wear infantile, massive plastic jewelry and jewelry made from cheap materials. Stylist Anna Skorokhodova told Moscow 24 about this. Small details should be treated with the greatest attention, since it is from them that the general mood of the image is read, the expert noted. “I do not recommend that ladies over 50 wear massive plastic jewelry. On adult women they often look ridiculous and cheap. Elegant age is about chic and style. And massive plastic jewelry is quite bright, attracts attention and still belongs to the youth category,” explains the stylist. It is worth abandoning infantile jewelry with romanticized, childish elements, for example, some kind of ceramic hearts, plastic cherries. They look extremely inappropriate. Anna Skorokhodova It is also not recommended to wear jewelry made of cheap metals. “Such material is immediately visible. This is when gold turns too yellow, it is even acid yellow. Subsequently, the metal will begin to peel off and darken. Not many women immediately notice this and not everyone immediately wants to part with their favorite jewelry. Therefore, you should immediately remove costume jewelry made from cheap metals from your jewelry box,” the stylist advised. Many women aged 50+ love to wear jewelry sets consisting, for example, of earrings and a necklace. But it is worth considering that unpaired products are in trend today. “If a lady has a favorite set that she really wants to wear, I recommend complementing it with other jewelry so that it sparkles with new colors. For example, a light string of pearls,” says the specialist. The range of jewelry that a woman over 50 can wear is very wide. From small and delicate pieces, such as studs with small diamonds, to massive options. “Today the trend is massive pearls. Moreover, a large number of thin threads. Plus we add some massive pearls. Therefore, you can take out various pearl threads from your boxes and mix them together. With an elegant look on a lady 50+, it will look very dignified,” says Skorokhodova. You can also wear asymmetrical earrings, massive metal bracelets and high-quality jewelry. Now massive rings with large stones are at the peak of popularity. Can be used with precious or semi-precious ones. For example, with topaz, amethyst, colored stones. This could be an abundance of rings, if a woman wants to show off her hands, she is sure that she is ready for increased attention to this part of the body. Anna Skorokhodova When choosing jewelry, it is recommended to focus on your body type. “Ladies of curvaceous, beautiful shapes should not wear small items, because they will simply get lost and will be meaningless in creating an image. Women of short stature and small sizes should not experiment with bulky jewelry, because it will look alien and overshadow them,” the specialist added. It is important to understand that jewelry, even the most delicate and small, draws the eye to areas that are sometimes problematic. Rings, for example, focus attention on the hands. Earrings draw the eye to the lip area, and necklaces and beads draw the eye to the neck. If a woman does not want to emphasize age-related changes in some part of the body, then she should choose a different type of jewelry or use small tricks. If women 50+ really like to wear necklaces and beads, but the neck area already has some defect, you can wear jewelry over a turtleneck or a light chiffon scarf if it’s summer and they don’t want to completely cover their throat. Anna Skorokhodova Previously, types of hats that women over 50 should not wear were named. In particular, it is recommended to remove tight-fitting hats made from thin material from your wardrobe. The same goes for products with knitted flowers, bows, crystals and other decorative elements. It is noted that now more basic and unattractive hats are in fashion.

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