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What should you carry in your wallet to attract money?

There is never too much money – even those who, according to the majority of people, think so, have plenty of it. You can try to increase their number with the help of wallet talismans. It is clear that just by putting such a talisman in your wallet, you will not achieve a sharp increase in income and you will not be included in the Forbes list. However, if you believe in the power of the talisman, it will bring good luck in all endeavors directly or indirectly related to improving well-being.

Types of money talismans in a wallet

Almost every culture boasts its own talismans aimed at attracting money. They can exist in various forms: in the form of figurines, house plants, jewelry, precious and semi-precious stones. A separate group includes miniature amulets that are worn in close proximity to money – in a wallet.

A money amulet can be purchased at a jewelry or souvenir store, but it will have to be customized to the owner’s wavelength. And if it was bought secondhand, then clean it. The most powerful talismans are those made independently or received as a gift from loved ones.

When used correctly, a purse amulet can:

  • adjust the owner’s consciousness to increase income;
  • attract money even from unexpected sources;
  • help in concluding profitable deals;
  • help you get a well-paid job;
  • protect the owner from thieves and ruin;
  • prevent thoughtless spending;
  • push debtors to repay debts (even those you have long forgotten about).

Let’s talk about the most famous and powerful money amulets that you can carry in your wallet.

Talisman “Mouse” in the wallet

Our ancestors once noticed that rodents prefer to live in wealthy homes. Of course: there was something to eat there! A poor man rejoiced when he saw a mouse accidentally run into his house: it was believed that it would bring prosperity with it. And in Chinese culture, the mouse and rat were considered symbols of wealth.

Now the Mouse in the Wallet is one of the most effective money talismans. More precisely, not the rodent itself, but a miniature copy of it, cast from metal (usually yellow, but variations are possible) or carved from a semi-precious stone. Typically, the height of such figures does not exceed a centimeter, and the mouse holds a coin in its paws or sits on it. A similar option with a horseshoe is possible.

The new talisman must be activated. To do this, it is enough to “settle” the mouse in your wallet and read the simplest spell: “Mouse – sit down, money – behave!”

Talisman “Spoon-raking”

The spoon was revered by the ancient Slavs as a symbol of financial well-being. This is understandable: a spoon came with food, and therefore with prosperity. There is still a good tradition of giving children personalized silver spoons “for their first tooth.” Previously, children wore such amulets on their belts, but now they are simply fed to children.

The “raking spoon” in the wallet is a close relative of that same ancient Slavic amulet. It is a miniature stylized copy of a functional analogue. Sometimes the amulet is shaped like a “raking” hand, sometimes it is combined with the aforementioned purse mouse.

Silver and gold spoons are considered the most effective – at the same time they serve as amulets against damage and negativity caused by human envy. And there are many known conspiracies to activate them. The simplest option: “Drive away everything that was an obstacle to wealth, and grab good luck and big money for yourself.”

Money key

Making a Money Key is very simple: just buy a new padlock with a key. It is advisable to take a smaller castle or get by with a souvenir but working copy.

So, we take the lock, insert the key into it and put it with the money stored at home for the night. In the morning, we remove the key and place it in the wallet, and leave the lock to be stored along with the money.


There are a lot of money talismans made from various coins, which also need to be carried in your wallet:

  • Lucky coin. A coin minted in the year of birth of the owner is considered lucky.
  • Chinese money talisman. Coins with square holes can be worn individually, or in a bunch of several pieces, passing a red thread or ribbon through them.
  • Imperial amulet. According to legend, the first such amulet from a coin was made for young Peter I by a monk of the Trinity-Sergius Lavra.

Randomly found coins have powerful powers. However, it is strictly not recommended to pick them up at road intersections – these are batteries of negative energy. There they are often thrown away when removing damage and spells against diseases.


Banknotes, mainly American dollars, are often used as money talismans. They are rolled into a tube and tied with red thread or folded into the so-called Masonic triangle and carried in a wallet. It is believed that the higher the denomination of the bill, the more effective it is.

However, it is quite possible to get by with a small denomination banknote, especially if its number contains numbers that echo the owner’s date of birth. Rare two-dollar bills are also very good, but it is very difficult to get such money.

How to choose a talisman for your wallet to attract money

You should choose a talisman for your wallet to attract money in such a way that it resonates with your inner beliefs and tastes. If you gravitate towards Slavic culture, it is wise to focus on the symbolism of Veles or Mokosh (for men and women, respectively).

For fans of Scandinavian traditions, the Fehu rune and its combinations with other futhark symbols are suitable. Followers of Chinese culture will find what they want in hieroglyphs, jade toads, goldfish and miniature figurines of the cheerful fat man Hotei.

An amulet for attracting money will acquire sacred power only when you believe in it. For a skeptical person, it will simply take up space in his wallet.

A wallet is not only intended for storing and carrying money, but can become a small amulet to attract good luck.

But it’s important to know what items you should carry in your wallet to attract prosperity, writes pixelinform.

Golden amulets

Adding gold coins or small gold objects to your wallet is considered an age-old way to attract material wealth. Some people use different amulets that resemble gold.

Red ribbon

Red ribbons and amulets are symbols of protection from financial problems. You can place a red ribbon in your wallet in a hidden compartment. It is believed that it can protect against troubles and bring good luck in life.

Green stones and jewels

Green stones such as jade and emerald have long been considered amulets of financial success. There is an opinion that if you carry green stones in your wallet, you will be accompanied by success in many endeavors in life.

Notes with wishes

There is an interesting tip: you can write your desires and dreams on paper and put them in your wallet.

It is believed that if such a note is in the wallet, it will motivate and push every person to success.

Symbolic banknote

A simple rule should always be followed: the wallet should not be empty.

There is an opinion that if there is no money in your wallet, this may lead to failure in the financial sphere. You should definitely carry a banknote in your wallet.

Nowadays, people use cash less and less often. It has been replaced by bank cards, payments using a smartphone and other technologies.

However, almost everyone carries a wallet or purse with them. If you believe in omens, find out how to properly charge this accessory so that it attracts wealth.

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