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What should you not do with a diamond ring?

Over time, diamonds can lose their shine due to dirt and grease. Jewelers advise buyers to pay special attention to the care of precious items, in particular, to ensure proper storage of diamonds, as well as to clean the stones at certain intervals. In this material we will look at how to care for diamonds and what needs to be done to preserve the beauty of precious items.

How to clean diamonds and restore shine?

  • Close the sink drain hole with a stopper. Under running water, the product or individual stones may fall out and fall into the drain hole, and it will be extremely difficult to remove them. Or it’s no longer possible.
  • Apply a small amount of shampoo or liquid soap to the tip of your finger and rub a little (until a slight foam appears). Treat the entire surface of the product with soapy water, making smooth circular movements with your fingers.
  • Rinse the product under running water (it is important to remove all remaining foam).
  • Wipe the product dry using a flannel cloth.

Diamond cleaning can be done in another way. You can pour slightly warm water into a glass, add a few drops of ammonia and lower the product there for 30 minutes. It is necessary to gently clean all inserts in jewelry – without strong pressure. You will notice that the diamonds shine like new – just be sure to wipe them dry with a flannel cloth. Do not leave drops of water on the product!

You can also clean gold in express mode. There are special impregnated wipes that are used to clean jewelry in jewelry stores. If you notice that traces of grease, dust have appeared, or dirt has gotten into the precious inserts, you can immediately clean the diamond piece (without using water or even removing the ring from your finger, earrings from your ears, or the chain from your hand).

For cleaning of precious stones and repair of products, you can contact us – the jewelry workshop of Dmitry Fedorov. Our jewelers perform work of any level of complexity.

How to store diamonds?

Diamond rings, earrings and other items should only be stored dry and clean. If you have removed all dirt with a brush, soapy water or cloth and are sure that they have dried, you should prepare a storage area.

It is better to store diamond jewelry in jewelry boxes, jewelry boxes, or special linen bags. A prerequisite is to separate them from each other: the stones themselves are highly durable and hard, and also have sharp corners. When the pieces come into contact with each other, they will simply be scratched and damaged, and abrasions do not have the best effect on the aesthetics of diamonds – they will lose their characteristic shine, which is so highly valued in jewelry.

Store jewelry at room temperature away from heat, cold and hazardous chemicals.

If you have a whole collection, it is better to create a storage system and identify each bag/box. For example, by creating a card index.

How not to spoil jewelry: secrets and tips

Jewelers are often faced with the consequences of improper home care, and in some cases it is quite difficult to restore the aesthetics of a piece of jewelry. Therefore, we share with you some secrets and tips so that you do not make fatal mistakes.

  • Diamond jewelry should not be cleaned with laundry soap.
  • Do not clean jewelry using abrasive brushes or brushes with hard bristles.
  • Contact of precious metals with mercury, iodine, sulfur and household chemicals should be avoided: stubborn stains may appear and the appearance of the product will be spoiled.
  • Metal is quite sensitive to chlorine, so when working with chlorinated compounds, be sure to remove items from your hands (rings, chains). Chlorine can also cause diamonds to tarnish.
  • If you are not ready to clean your diamond rings, earrings and other items yourself, contact your jewelers twice a year. Our workshop uses special ultrasonic systems – even complex and old stains are destroyed in ultrasonic baths. By the way, before cleaning, jewelers examine each item under a microscope. If microdamages are detected, you will be informed about this – at your request, the experts will eliminate the identified defects.
  • Caring for diamonds and gold should be systematic. You should wipe off plaque every 2-3 months, even if you don’t wear the product.
  • To prevent re-contamination of stones, wipe your ring, earrings, and chains with gloves. One way or another, there is oil on your fingers, and it will leave marks even if you wash your hands first.

If you are faced with a problem that a diamond has fallen out of its setting, then you can contact Dmitry Fedorov’s jewelry workshop. We will qualitatively and carefully return the stone to its original place!

Jewelry has been known since time immemorial. Women and men, trying to distinguish themselves from others, protect themselves from dark forces and attract good luck, decorated their bodies with chains, rings, bracelets, and earrings. Different types of jewelry were popular in different eras – made from bones, teeth, animal veins and leather. Stones and metals were valued differently. For example, the fashion for wearing diamond jewelry arose only in the 14th century with the advent of the first diamond-cutting workshops. For a long time, diamonds were used as currency – a profitable investment and storage of capital. Today, diamond jewelry is at the peak of popularity and, most likely, will go out of fashion only in a few centuries. And since the products will serve you and, possibly, your children for a long time, it is worth asking yourself how to care for diamonds so that they retain their enchanting shine and look like new even after years.

Secrets of caring for products with stones

Caring for jewelry with stones is the key to their beauty and good condition. But even if the products just lie there, they fade, not to mention the fact that with constant wear they can lose their original appearance. To dirty decorations, it is not at all necessary to do gardening work; just walking down the street is quite enough. Under the influence of the heat of the human body, fat and moisture, jewelry begins to attract particles of dust and dirt, as a result the stone becomes dull, dust gets clogged under the mount, and the metal loses its shine. The more we expose our rings and earrings to the environment, the harder it will be to restore them to their former beauty. Therefore, you should follow the following rules for handling jewelry:

  1. Diamond rings and earrings should be removed at home. In addition, it is considered bad form to combine expensive jewelry with everyday clothes.
  2. Under no circumstances should stones be exposed to chemicals or highly abrasive products. Scratches and stains on diamonds can only be removed by grinding on a special machine, and this will not have the best effect on its size and cut quality.
  3. Diamond jewelry should not be subjected to mechanical stress. Due to processing, a naturally hard diamond loses some of its properties, so diamonds can become chipped. In the event of such a defect, the stone can only be saved by re-cutting, which not every jeweler will undertake.
  4. Do not wear jewelry to the sauna, gym or beach. It is here that they are most exposed to the aggressive influence of external factors – temperature, humidity and sweat.
  5. Constant wear weakens the fastenings of stones in rings, earrings and pendants. Therefore, in order not to lose a stone, treat the product with care and from time to time take it to a jeweler for preventive maintenance.

Diamonds also need to be stored correctly. Stones may become scuffed if they are piled together. Therefore, it is better if they are stored in a special box, lined with soft fabric inside. For jewelry, such boxes have cells that tightly fix the item and prevent it from coming into contact with the rest. For any stones, it is better if they are kept away from sunlight. Therefore, close your jewelry box tightly. Alternatively, to avoid contact between the products, they can be wrapped in fabric or soft paper. You also need to avoid damp rooms and sharp objects, then rings and earrings will look attractive for a long time.

Jewelry cleaning

But even if you follow all the above rules, your jewelry still needs to be cleaned periodically. The best option that professional jewelers can offer is ultrasonic cleaning (it is not used for colored diamonds). Under the influence of ultrasonic waves, the product is easily and carefully cleaned of contaminants without undergoing additional strength tests. At the same time, jewelers check how tightly the stones are held in the setting, and if they become loose, they strengthen them. You can also do this yourself, but it is very risky, because a professional works with optical instruments and bends the crown using special tools, but at home everything will most likely end in failure.

Cleaning your jewelry yourself

There is another option for cleaning diamond jewelry – do it yourself at home. Of course, expensive jewelry requires due respect, but you don’t always have the time and money to go to a jeweler.

The safest procedure is to wash your jewelry in soapy water. The solution can be prepared from liquid soap (not laundry soap) and water (a glass of warm water for a teaspoon of soap). Leave the product in this solution for some time. Then take it out and, if there is significant contamination, carefully treat it with a soft toothbrush. Then wipe dry with a soft cloth.

Diamonds that are not set in metal can also be cleaned with ammonia solution. On metal, ammonia can leave stains. There are recipes for cleaning with onion juice. To do this, it is applied to the products, and after a while it is washed off with water. But under no circumstances should you do this with soda or toothpaste. Small hard particles, which easily remove dirt, are contraindicated for smooth diamond edges. This way, of course, you will remove dirt, but the stones will lose their shine forever due to scratches.

It’s up to you to decide which way to care for your diamond jewelry – a gentle ultrasonic bath or a toothbrush. The main thing is that the decoration retains its appearance for as long as possible and pleases the eye.

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