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What signs can wear a diamond?

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They say that a girl’s best friend is diamonds. This magnificent stone can truly bring good luck, but not for everyone. Astrologers say that there are zodiac signs that are categorically not recommended to wear jewelry with this stone, because otherwise they can attract troubles into their lives.

The magical properties of a diamond

  • protects from bad influences and the evil eye;
  • brings good luck, health, love and success;
  • frees you from fears and suspicions;
  • protects from ill-wishers;
  • gives courage and bravery to its owner;
  • brings wealth and happiness.

A diamond is also capable of having a beneficial effect on the human body with its vibrations, namely:

  • lower body temperature;
  • relieve insomnia;
  • help with mental and skin diseases;
  • protect against stomach pain;
  • tone up cardiac activity.

It is believed that the magical properties of a diamond manifest themselves only in worthy people with a pure soul. In the hands of a dishonest person, a diamond loses its power or negatively affects the owner, bringing him misfortune.

Stones that a person has stolen or obtained through violence will never serve their owner. Diamonds with defects or cracks can also be fatal.

Which zodiac sign can wear diamonds?

Although astrologers and feng shui experts agree that a diamond is the most powerful talisman among precious stones, it does not bring good luck and happiness to everyone.


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Diamond is ideal for only five zodiac signs – Aries, Taurus, Libra, Capricorn and Sagittarius. If these representatives of these signs wear diamond jewelry, luck will be on their side.

If Pisces and Cancers wear jewelry with diamonds, then they will have good luck in love. But preference should be given to a stone of a blue hue.

According to the eastern horoscope, a diamond will become a real talisman for the Rat and the Tiger.

Who should absolutely not wear diamonds?

Diamonds won’t do any good if you wear them. Virgo, Aquarius and Scorpio.

According to the eastern horoscope, a diamond is completely unsuitable for the Ox, Hare, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Dog and Pig.

What does a diamond bring?

Diamond for Aries can be any color. It will bring the representative of this sign special resistance to adversity and help him achieve great success and public recognition.

Taurus They will become calmer and more balanced under the influence of this stone. The optimal choice is completely transparent or black diamonds.

Gemini It is also better to choose dark stones. They will pacify stubbornness and translate this character trait into a productive direction.

Cancer It is common to doubt one’s own abilities. A diamond for Cancer will add firmness to the character and will also help raise self-esteem. The best choice is colorless and black stones.

Lions this royal stone will help unleash their leadership abilities. If you want to shine, choose a colorless stone. If you lack softness, pliability and wisdom, then pay attention to cognac-colored stones.

Diamond for Virgin – This is a simple way to soften a tough character and scrupulousness. It is believed that pink and green stones are best suited for this zodiac sign.

For Libra, a diamond adds stability. Yellow colored stones are considered the best choice.

Scorpions a diamond will help increase self-esteem and become a little more open. But you should be careful with this stone, because it can strengthen the already tough character of Scorpios.

Sagittarius Jewelry with diamonds promises great success in your endeavors. Representatives of the sign will become more risky, courageous and gambling. Dark-colored diamonds are considered the best choice for Sagittarius.

For stubborn careerists Capricorn the diamond will become an assistant in accomplishing great things. He will help you achieve heights in any field.

Aquarius A diamond will add hardness, confidence, energy, and excitement. At the same time, colorless and black stones influence Aquarius too much, destabilizing their emotional background. But the yellow diamond is perfect.

Diamond for Pisces – not the best choice of stone. But if you really want such jewelry, then you should opt for blue and yellow diamonds.

Diamond is a symbol of wealth and material well-being. But what beneficial properties does this stone have? Who is a diamond suitable for in terms of astrology and individual characteristics of a person?

Diamond and zodiac signs

For many centuries, astrologers have accumulated knowledge about the characteristics of stones and their influence on the signs of the zodiac. They came to the conclusion that in order to benefit from wearing a stone, it is necessary to do so taking into account the element it belongs to or a specific zodiac sign.

Who are diamonds suitable for?

The traditional teaching of astrominerology, which dates back to Ancient Egypt, considers this diamond to be the first stone of the zodiac. Since it is believed that the energy of the Sun is concentrated in this mineral, it is most suitable for zodiac signs that belong to the fire group.

This stone imparts positive properties to Aries. They periodically need so-called recharging after they have used up their strength – at a time when they are deprived of energy and accumulate vitality, they are most prone to depression. The diamond stone at this time helps them find good spirits, gives them joy and a great mood. It also affects the body of Aries, protecting them from diseases and injuries. If a person born under the sign of Aries acquires such a stone for himself and wears it from time to time, then good luck will accompany him.

Leos and Sagittarius are also capable of mastering the power of this powerful stone. A diamond suits them and they can wear it without fear of consequences.

In the zodiac system, each sign has its own antipode. If they are arranged in a circle, then the antipode of the sign will be just opposite it. The antipodes to fire signs are the signs of the air element, namely Libra, Gemini and Aquarius. According to astrominerology, it is not recommended for them to wear a diamond.

For Pisces, who close the zodiac circle, a diamond is also not considered suitable. Pisces belong to the water element and do not have the necessary properties to overcome obstacles, so they are not recommended to wear stones that have very strong energy. Some astrologers are of the opinion that Capricorn can wear this stone, since the sign has strong qualities, and a diamond can direct his ambitions in the right direction.

It is believed that stones that correspond to the zodiac sign can be worn throughout your life. But to solve some issues, it is allowed to temporarily use a more suitable stone.

Stone properties

Stones have a special property that is inherited. Such stones combine the magical properties of a diamond and the energy of the entire family, and can help cope with any situation. This stone helps to get rid of bad habits. It is recommended for those people who cannot decide for a long time or have had several unsuccessful attempts to do something.

It will help a person who lacks self-confidence to acquire the missing qualities. However, people who lie and are hypocrites should not buy this stone. The fact is that he loves honesty and sincerity, and if a person does not possess these qualities, then the diamond may refuse to help him.

The properties of this stone also depend on its shade. All the reddish shades of the diamond, symbolizing the element of fire, help in purifying the spirit. If a person devotes a lot of time and attention to spiritual enlightenment and is looking for opportunities to understand his nature, then he should think about buying a blue diamond. A yellow diamond is recommended to be worn by believers whose affairs and trades are connected with religion and church rituals. A colorless stone, or as it is also called, a white stone, has universal qualities, it is capable of influencing a person in a complex way, but if you wear it constantly, it can lose its power.

The stone also has very strong therapeutic properties. Helps maintain clarity of mind until old age, prevents the development of diseases such as senile sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s, and other types of dementia. Diamond helps strengthen the immune system and has a beneficial effect on the gastrointestinal tract, respiratory system, and cardiovascular system.

If there are problems with the reproductive system, namely a woman cannot conceive or bear a child, then even in this case this gem can help her. The most useful properties will have a stone worn on the left hand in the form of a ring or on the neck in the form of a pendant. It is not recommended to wear a diamond in combination with other stones so that its energy does not conflict with them.


First of all, it is considered bad manners to wear diamond jewelry before 5 pm. Ladies who are familiar with the rules of etiquette will not go out in the morning wearing jewelry with this stone. The fact is that the play of a diamond is more pronounced under artificial lighting and it looks more advantageous.

Also, women who are not married should not wear diamonds; they are allowed to wear jewelry with semi-precious stones made of silver. Married women can wear precious stones such as rubies, sapphires, emeralds and others other than diamonds in the morning.

Carnations with diamonds on actresses

Sometimes it is permissible to deviate from these rules for stones that have fancy colors, but not for colorless ones. In Russia it is customary to display jewelry. In the Western world, slightly different rules apply. Often, women who own especially rare stones store them in a safe, and use well-made copies for publication. Many stores have single branches in European countries and, at the same time, multiple branches in Moscow and St. Petersburg, which indicates the high demand for jewelry here.

The main thing is to have a sense of proportion in everything. Not only will too much color in clothes or jewelry look ugly, but a large number of stones will emphasize bad taste rather than high financial status.

Who is more suitable for a diamond: men or women? From time immemorial, all written sources, namely ancient books, alchemist manuscripts and other books describing the properties of stones, considered the diamond to be an exclusively male stone. This was due to the fact that the diamond has high hardness. In addition, according to many psychics, the stone gives the owner courage and strength, indestructibility and courage – those qualities that are more suitable for men.

It is believed that women can wear this stone upon reaching 30 years of age, because it is at this age that they become wiser and calmer, less impulsive. Now stylists also adhere to the recommendations that this stone is mature and not very suitable for young girls.

Who can wear diamonds?

The stone carries powerful energy, so it is very important to know who can wear it so that it brings benefits. Firstly, this person must have a strong character, since this stone does not like the weak and will not be a good helper for them. Secondly, it is recommended to purchase this gem during periods when a person is satisfied with life, otherwise it can increase the depressed state and even lead to depression.

Another feature of this stone is its incompatibility with single women. The stone acquires positive properties if it was bought during marriage, especially if it was given by the husband to his wife.

Thus, the diamond has very strong properties. Its powerful energy needs to be directed in the necessary direction, and to do this, take into account the rules of how to wear it and to whom.

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