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What stone should you wear to attract love?

Like many centuries ago, today girls dream of appeasing Cupid, attracting a great and bright feeling into their lives, and finding a soul mate. One of the simplest and most effective ways is to wear jewelry on the body with minerals that have special properties. It has long been proven that the vibrations of precious stones are similar to human vibrations. Do you want to attract a man into your life or keep love? Here are 10 stones that will help you find happiness in your personal life! Agate In the old days, the semi-precious stone was held in high esteem; healers took it extremely seriously. It was believed that agate restored marital ties; it was recommended to be worn by couples whose marriages were breaking up. It is a symbol of love and brings harmony to relationships with the opposite sex. Since ancient times, it has been valued for its ability to give the wearer control over emotions (perhaps this is the secret of saving couples from unnecessary quarrels). Agate also senses the energy of the owner – in case of betrayal, it changes color. When communicating with an unpleasant person, a stone held in the hand protects against negative influences. To wear the mineral as close to your palm as possible, choose bracelets or rings with agate. Amethyst Amethyst is a powerful love stone that can evoke feelings for the person who gave it, even if the recipient is married. According to legends, amethyst “steals” a person from a love affair. It’s as if he becomes an ally in the destruction of relationships, but whether this will bring happiness is unknown. The mineral gives lovers and newlyweds a strong union and undying love, and pregnant women – protection from the evil eye. Amethyst jewelry can be anything: rings, pendants, earrings. The main thing is that the frame should be silver, since gold does not get along well with this stone. Turquoise This mineral is a symbol of eternal love, respect and loyalty of partners. In some countries, a turquoise ring was given to brides on their engagement or wedding day. And pendants or pendants protected the young family from envy and the evil eye. In the east, when a girl was born into a family, a gem was placed in her cradle as a talisman. Having reached adulthood, girls bewitched men by quietly sewing a piece of turquoise into their clothes. The mineral can be set in either gold or silver. To prevent the stone from tarnishing, it should be stored away from sunlight. Garnet The red color of garnet is associated with passion, sexuality and power. The mineral protects relationships, enhances attraction and is a symbol of mutual feelings. In Ancient Rome, pregnant women wore the stone. Jewelry with pomegranate ensured the safe birth of a baby to a woman in labor. In the Middle Ages, the mineral was recognized as a strong amulet. It was worn exclusively by men to protect themselves from wounds, poisons and injuries. The stone of emperors, garnet gives power and favors creative people and lovers. Girls who want to attract love into their lives should wear a garnet ring on their ring finger. And for those who are waiting for career advancement or creative fulfillment – on the middle finger of any hand. Pearl The only precious stone that does not need cutting is pearls. And all because he was already created beautiful. It carries powerful feminine energy, so it cannot tolerate aggression, envy and anger. Favors gentle and kind natures, with a pure and open soul. The tradition of wearing pearl jewelry for brides at their wedding has survived to this day. Or embroider wedding dresses with precious stones so that the newlyweds have a long and happy life. Young girls will suit elegant pearls on a monofilament, delicate earrings or an elegant ring. There is no point in decorating yourself with pearls from head to toe. Still, for the most part, it is a stone for mature and married ladies, giving them even more “weight.” There is a belief that if a pearl shines and does not fade for a long time, it means its owner has pure thoughts and positive energy. Emerald A stone of true love, it helps to revive passion and protect from depraved thoughts. Young girls who want to maintain chastity until marriage should avoid garnet and wear emerald. For married couples, the mineral helps bring passion back into the relationship and protect them from betrayal. And also to carry love through many years. It’s not for nothing that the 55th wedding anniversary is called the emerald anniversary. It is believed that the stone can reveal adultery. Records have survived to this day of a Hungarian ruler wearing a ring with a large stone in a gold frame. When one day he hugged his wife, the emerald in the ring split. Another legend says that Cleopatra herself revered the mineral. The queen wore a ring with an emerald, never parting with it day or night. Who knows, maybe it was thanks to the mystical properties of the stone that the Egyptian woman became famous for her beauty and charm? Ruby A stone of passion and fire, ruby ​​is considered a strong aphrodisiac. With its help, hearts in love are reunited, and the passion of married couples does not fade over the years. Lithotherapists recommend wearing a bracelet with a ruby ​​as a talisman against the evil eye and envy. Possessing masculine energy, the stone helps ambitious girls achieve heights in their studies or career. Being the patron of lovers, ruby ​​is able to warn of troubles. If the shade has changed or faded, there may be conflicts in the family or a showdown with a loved one. Ruby – the “leader of gems” – does not tolerate proximity and can only be combined with an equal diamond or cubic zirconia (artificial diamond). Sapphire This gemstone does not have the passion and emotional intensity of a ruby, but helps to imbue the owner with tenderness and sympathy. Symbolizes wisdom, strength and purity. Princess Diana loved to wear a sapphire ring and won the love and respect of people from all over the world. The luxurious stone is considered a talisman of relationships; it is patronized by the goddess of love, Venus. Helps a couple remain faithful and respectful. Girls wearing jewelry with sapphire become calmer, more confident and more attractive to others. Topaz This fragile-looking stone is a woman’s faithful companion at any stage of her life. It teaches young girls to love and attracts romantic relationships. It protects those who already have a betrothed from betrayal and other people’s interference in the relationship. Brings harmony to the family, improves personal life, and protects against infertility. And, regardless of age and marital status, it helps preserve youth and beauty. Topaz is a strong amulet that protects against the evil eye and negativity from ill-wishers. If a girl is open to communication, even a small topaz in earrings or a ring will attract friends and new acquaintances into her life. Amber The “sun” stone is considered sacred in many countries. Possessing positive energy, it brings happiness and love to the owner. In Ancient Rus’, amber beads were given to the bride on her wedding day. Such a gift protected from human envy and became a family talisman. A rough stone placed at the head of the bed saved girls from bad thoughts, melancholy and fear of unrequited love. Any amber jewelry: a ring, pendant or earrings will help the owner preserve her beauty and attract the attention of the opposite sex. Conclusion Today, the choice of jewelry with stones exceeds your wildest imagination. In the old days, in order to own a pendant with gems, you had to cheat, steal and even shed blood! Now all you have to do is look into the nearest jewelry store and choose the model you like. Set in gold or silver, the jewelry is available in quality, quantity and price. Why not make the dream of millions of women who lived before us come true and buy your favorite jewelry with gems right now? Have you ever wondered what role the love stone can play in your life? Every woman who dreams of a happy family life sooner or later asks herself the question – how to attract love? Both traditional and magical methods are used. But here we are not talking about fortune tellers, but about the stone of love – a talisman that will help you find the desired happiness with your soulmate. The love magic of stones is capable of a lot if you approach the issue wisely. With its help, you can both attract love into your life and preserve and increase the feelings you already have in your heart. The main thing is to choose the right talisman by thoroughly studying the characteristics of the stones. You need to be extremely careful with this, since a love stone in certain conditions can either help or act in the opposite direction. Even if you can’t wait to find love, you shouldn’t rush into buying a talisman. Love stones are very capricious. Your talisman must find you on its own, only then can it have the best influence on love intersections. Since there are many stones that attract love, you can choose the one that will bring you happiness not only based on its magical properties, but also on aesthetic criteria. Rose quartz will suit some, garnet will suit others, and emerald will suit others. So, let’s look at the characteristics of the main stones.

The main stones that attract love

  1. Rose quartz is a love stone that activates the heart chakra. To attract the desired man with its help, the talisman must be worn around the neck in the form of a pendant. When sleeping, rose quartz is best left at the head of the bed. Among other things, this gem helps to get rid of the burden of past relationships, removes pessimistic thoughts, gives wisdom and sharpens intuition. It is also suitable for overly emotional people, who will help them remain restrained and reasonable.
  2. Aventurine is designed not only to attract love, but also to harmonize the relationship between the heart and mind. Where feelings predominate, he introduces a piece of rationality. It can be combined with rose quartz; these two crystals complement each other well. In addition, aventurine protects its wearer from the effects of energy vampires.
  3. Garnet is a true stone of lovers with a rich red color of passion. It awakens hidden desires, fuels fantasy, and activates sexual desires. Very soon, the pomegranate talisman will bring into life an unprecedented hurricane of passions and, of course, bright new feelings. A symbol of sensuality and love, a pomegranate as a gift from a man will be the most obvious sign that he is not indifferent to you. People who are already married should treat this stone with caution.
  4. Emerald, on the contrary, is recommended to be worn by those who want to preserve and enhance existing feelings. This beautiful noble green stone harmonizes relationships and also attracts new love. There is a belief that emerald is a kind of indicator of betrayal. If two lovers wear emeralds, and one of them crosses the line of betrayal, then the stone will crack, just as the relationship itself will crack. Since these stones do not tolerate lies and betrayal to attract love, their very energy is aimed at preventing such phenomena. The crystal is able to overcome deceit, the tendency to betrayal, scams and theft, dispel the negative energy of the wearer and give harmony in the family.
  5. Turquoise is an unusual and very beautiful crystal that promotes the search and preservation of mutual feelings. It will give love to those who are just looking for a soul mate, and will help existing couples maintain mutual understanding and respect. But for those in whose hearts there is anger or resentment, it is better to stay away from turquoise in order to avoid misfortunes and sorrowful losses.
  6. Diamond is an expensive but very powerful love stone for young innocent girls and boys whose hearts are completely open and souls are pure. The energy of the crystal will allow two such people to meet and protect them from a lot of mistakes. But for those who have already been married or in an unsuccessful relationship, jewelry with diamonds will be powerless.

Caring for talisman stones

In order for crystals to bring what they want, they also need proper care. Nothing complicated is required. You only need to wash the stones under running cold water every 2-3 days. In this way, not only they themselves are cleansed, but also all the negative energy that clings to the edges like microparticles of dust is washed away.

We should not forget that gems love sunlight, which fills them with positive energy and enhances the effect on the wearer.

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