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What stones attract the energy of money?

Gemstones can act as a magnet to increase your financial gains. The power of influence of precious stones is absolutely not fantasy or fiction, but a documented fact in ancient Vedic texts. Precious stones contain concentrated energy, which, under the influence of the planets and stars with which they are associated, also affects its owner. For example, my colleagues place various stones at their workplaces – because. We really believe that stones have their own energy and help us in our affairs. You can also carry small stones in your wallet or store them in a safe. Gemstones naturally contain and conduct energy, so just like any material on our planet, they play a role. Below we would like to introduce you to our list of stones that help us in work and life:

green aventurine

Green Aventurine, a gemstone associated with the heart chakra, brings back money you have lost by making unwise decisions. It is advisable to keep this stone close to the heart chakra when making important decisions. This stone can be a good helper if you are starting a new job or have decided to change your life. Green aventurine was also called the “stone of luck.” Therefore, if you want good luck to be nearby, then a pendant with such a stone should be yours!


Citrine in ancient times was called the “lucky talisman of merchants.” It activates the crown chakra, which is used to obtain financial gain and increase money. If you are in business, then keep this citrine in your safe or wallet.


Pyrite is called the main stone of fortune, prosperity and “freebies”, since it, like a magnet, attracts money and opportunities. You know the saying – “fools are lucky”? This is just about our pyrite. It was believed that if a person does not have extraordinary capabilities, he must wear pyrite, and then the stone will equalize his chances of being at the same table with the powers that be.

Yellow sapphire

Yellow sapphire activates the solar plexus chakra. This chakra makes dreams come true – especially if you know how to compose them J In the most difficult moments of your life, this sun stone will show you a ray of light and you will find a way out of any situation. As a rule, the stone is worn on the index finger. An excellent option for a signet with yellow sapphire.


Garnet is influenced by the planet Rahu. It is believed that pomegranate helps to solve old debts and problems and step onto a new step in your life ladder. So if you haven’t paid your mortgage or taken out a loan for a new business class car, then granite will help you.

Green nephritis

Green jade, a gemstone associated with the heart chakra. The energy of this stone will help you believe in yourself! In life, a lot depends on what we want and what we do for it. After all, it’s right that they usually wish us health, and everything else will come. Green jade helps you get rid of thoughts that “I can’t” “I’m not worthy” Instead of giving you benefits now, it charges you for success and allows you to get much more in the future.


Emerald, or the Panna gemstone, truly resonates with money and cash and is therefore known as the “crystal of abundance.” It improves your thought process, helping you make the right decisions when it comes to real estate transactions, or other important transactions, which ultimately increases the flow of money into your life.

Blue withaphir

Sade Sati is a period of approximately seven and a half years during which Saturn (Shani) transits the three zodiac signs closest to the Moon. The negative influence of Saturn leads to loss of wealth and blocks the chakra of inflow of money. Wearing Blue Sapphire protects you from such malefic influences and hence helps you stabilize your wealth and income even during your bad phase.


Malachite is associated with the heart and throat chakras. The energy of malachite protects a person from financial failures. It is considered an energy magnet, but what is money? – Money is energy only in material form. It’s better to carry it either in a wallet or you can just buy something made of malachite for your desk. Stocking up on an effective mineral means speeding up the enrichment process. What stones attract money / Hard work and determination are, of course, good. But why not use all the means that can help improve your financial situation? The properties of stones have been known for a long time; some minerals are suitable for attracting love, others for improving health. Astrologers say that amulets and talisman stones must be selected according to your zodiac sign. A responsible attitude to this issue will not only allow you to find happiness, but also protect yourself from problems. Previously, we told you which stone is suitable for Cancer and other zodiac signs, and today we will provide a list of minerals that will attract wealth.

Which stone brings money – a universal list

Universal stones for zodiac signs / According to legend, during the birth process the stone acquires powerful energy. You can then use it for your own purposes. Remember that wearing an amulet or amulet in the form of a stone should only be done with good intentions. Read also How to choose a stone according to your zodiac sign for Scorpio It is considered one of the most effective stones for enrichment. The stone is able to develop eloquence and give a person faith in his own strength. There is an opinion that storing money under a stone increases its incoming energy flow. If you want to make a successful deal or agree on something, wear a ring with chrysoprase on your ring finger. An unframed stone in a clothing pocket will become a “magnet” for new cash receipts. The second most powerful stone of the rich. It instills confidence and opens up new horizons if the owner has given up. Peridot supports when a person decides to start life “from scratch.” It is best to frame the stone in gold and wear it on the index finger of the left hand. Since ancient times, jewelry with topaz has been worn by courtiers. It was believed that the stone increases a person’s status and develops leadership qualities in him. The owner of the stone will be able to read the thoughts of other people, ahead of them in making decisions. The most powerful stone is considered to be topaz with a golden hue. The patron stone of creative people, which reveals the inner potential of the owner. Helps you overcome life’s difficulties with dignity and find your way. In addition to attracting money, it eliminates deceitful people from the environment, protecting its owner.

Stone of power and wealth according to zodiac sign

Wealth stones by zodiac sign / There are universal recommendations for choosing stones. As we have already said, it is best to buy a talisman based on your date of birth and position in the zodiac circle. All representatives of the fire signs of the Zodiac are suitable for carnelian. It should be worn in the form of a ring, the metal is gold.

  • Aries – jasper, emerald;
  • Sagittarius – turquoise, garnet;
  • Leo is a sardonyx.

The earth element combines favorably with rhodonite framed in silver. Moreover, it should be a bracelet or pendant.

  • Taurus – agate, onyx;
  • Capricorn – hematite, jet;
  • Virgo – sardonyx, chrysolite.

Air signs of the Zodiac will receive strength and wealth if they purchase citrine jewelry of a strictly geometric shape. Metal – silver or platinum.

  • Gemini – moonstone, virill;
  • Libra – lapis lazuli;
  • Aquarius – chalcedony, lapis lazuli.

Read also How to choose a stone according to the zodiac sign for Leo Turquoise framed in silver will help representatives of the water element to avoid mistakes in the financial sphere and develop intuition. Jewelry – bracelet or pendant.

  • Cancer – carnelian, moonstone;
  • Scorpio – carbuncle, coral;
  • Pisces – pearls, jasper.

How to choose a stone according to the eastern horoscope

Stones for representatives of the eastern horoscope /

Another method of selecting a talisman is to focus on the Chinese calculation of time. Look at which animal was the patron of your year of birth and then you can correctly identify the right stone.

  • Those born in the year of the Rat should choose an amethyst in the shape of a pyramid.
  • Bulls – cubic agate.
  • The tiger will find good luck if he buys an oval-shaped hyacinth or cat’s eye jewelry.
  • People who were born under the auspices of the Cat get their desires realized after purchasing a crystal or a cat’s eye in the shape of a rectangle.
  • The ideal option for the Dragon is spherical amber or chalcedony.
  • Snakes should choose the original triangular shaped spinel stone.
  • For those born in the year of the Horse, obsidian or alexandrite in the shape of a horseshoe is suitable.
  • Kose is an apple-shaped moonstone.
  • The monkey will be happy and rich if he wears a round jet.
  • Sodalite in the shape of a pyramid will bring good luck to the Rooster.
  • For dogs – square charoite.

Those who were born in the year of the Pig are most fortunate – the aventurine stone will help improve their financial condition, regardless of its shape and frame.

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