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What stones bring good luck to zodiac signs?

Often jewelry goes from ordinary accessories to the category of talismans and amulets. This is because stones really attract good luck, wealth and happiness. However, not every mineral is suitable for these purposes. To find your amulet, it is important to take into account your zodiac sign. In addition, you need to take into account in what life tasks you expect help from the talisman.

How to choose an individual amulet jewelry?

Why is it better to choose jewelry with those stones that suit the future owner according to his zodiac sign? This is due to the special energy of minerals. It must match the emotional background of the person who will wear the jewelry. It is important to remember: even a correctly selected stone needs time to “get used to” its owner. It is recommended to choose the amulet yourself. Then a person stops at a certain option intuitively, due to mutual attraction. If you decide to purchase an amulet as a gift, do not forget that it must be given from the heart. Minerals remember emotions and feelings. They will try to fulfill every wish you put into them.

Aries (21.03/19.04–XNUMX/XNUMX)

For those born under this sign, products with diamonds, amber, and rock crystal are suitable. They will help the owner neutralize negativity at work and in school. The more transparent the stone, the more energy it will give to the owner. At the same time, Aries should remember that diamonds are the most capricious minerals. They take a long time to get used to their owner and can become offended if ignored.

Taurus (20.04/20.05–XNUMX/XNUMX)

Taurus are calm, practical, reasonable. Emerald and turquoise can enhance these qualities. Those representatives of the sign who want to start a new business or conclude a profitable deal are advised to pay attention to sapphires. They will help you think through everything in advance and avoid mistakes. Taurus who are looking for romance and communication are better off choosing rose quartz or agate. They will tell you how to establish contact with other people, fill you with confidence and add charisma.

Gemini (21.05/20.06–XNUMX/XNUMX)

People born in late May – early June are impulsive and uncompromising. Products with malachite, pearls, and jade can bring softness and suppress temper. They balance and give integrity, help to find the other half and partners in business. Jewelry with obsidian is also perfect for Gemini: it will add firmness in solving important life issues.

Cancer (21.06-22.07)

To avoid heart wounds and maintain peace of mind, emotional Cancers are advised to take a closer look at pearls and jasper. The energy of the sign is well complemented by stones in shades of water – aquamarine, sapphire, amethyst. A silver ring with a ruby ​​will also be an ideal talisman: the mineral will add self-confidence to Cancer, energize him for new endeavors and fresh ideas.

Leo (23.07–22.08)

People of this sign have majesty and self-sufficiency, but often cannot control their own explosive temperament. Therefore, you should choose stones that will maintain or restore balance – diamond, heliodor, alexandrite. Jewelry with tiger or cat’s eye, citrine, amber and topaz will protect Leo from failure. They ward off negativity and attract positive energy.

Virgo (23.08–22.09)

Virgos have a subtle mental organization. Golden topaz, jade and jasper will protect representatives of the sign from strong experiences. And lapis lazuli and carnelian will act as “assistants” in matters of the heart. They will help Virgos achieve mutual understanding with their partner.

Libra (23.09–22.10)

Amulets with lapis lazuli and opal will help Libra achieve internal balance. They will not let you go to extremes, they will tell you where to find an internal support point. To attract luck and increase the chances of success in work and personal endeavors, Libra needs to choose products with aquamarine, ruby ​​and topaz.

Scorpio (23.10-21.11)

People born under this sign are strong-willed, emotional, and straightforward. Talismans with sapphire or opal sometimes pacify the excessive incontinence of Scorpios. Stones absorb aggression and help maintain calm even in emergency situations. Scorpios are perfect for jewelry with garnet, hematite, and carnelian. They attract good luck and happiness into life.

Sagittarius (22.11/21.12/XNUMX/XNUMX)

Pomegranate is a powerful amulet that will help Sagittarius achieve success in a short time and bring good luck. Jewelry with turquoise, chrysolite and topaz will protect from negativity those representatives of the sign who often suffer from excessive gullibility or touchiness. In tandem with amethyst and ruby, minerals effectively fight ailments and other problems.

Capricorn (22.12–19.01)

Onyx, obsidian and malachite will add tenderness and softness to strong-willed Capricorns. Garnet and ruby ​​will help uptight and reserved people become more relaxed. If Capricorn is looking for love or wants to improve relationships in the family, it is worth choosing jewelry with agate, carnelian, and chrysoprase. They bring good luck in matters of the heart.

Aquarius (20.01-19.02)

Amethyst and aquamarine will help Aquarius to enhance sensuality and achieve ease of communication. Stones allow you to cope with negativity and extinguish any irritation that arises. Agate and pearls will bring love and prosperity to Aquarius. They inspire success in romantic affairs and business.

Pisces (20.02–20.03)

Pearls will bring maximum benefit to the owner born under the sign of Pisces: they will protect from troubles and maintain internal balance. Opal and moonstone are excellent helpers for those who want to improve things at work. They contribute to the promotion of Pisces in their careers and add self-confidence.

Amulets as protectors

  • lies – agate, turquoise and jet help with this. They do not allow one to be misled;
  • evil intentions – tiger eye, opal and sapphire can protect the owner from ill-wishers;
  • gossip – gossip will stop under the influence of topaz or chrysoprase;
  • outflow of finances – carnelian and turquoise save and attract money. The cat’s and tiger’s eyes will vigilantly monitor that thieves do not sneak into the owner’s life;
  • damage – emerald, diamond, garnet and onyx will help you avoid the effects of black magic.

Those who dream of spiritual enrichment should choose white minerals: opal, pearls, moonstone. They help you master new knowledge, bring you into a state of mental balance and fill you with pure energy.

Each of the stones copes with the task perfectly. But to be effective, he needs the help of his owner. Only through the exchange of energy will miracles happen. If the owner does not believe in the power of talismans, they will remain just beautiful gems and decorations.

Jewelry for women: which stone to choose for specific purposes

Feminine energy is characterized by natural power. Thanks to sensitivity and sensitivity, women easily notice changes in mood and changes in energy balance. That is why ladies feel the influence of amulets much more strongly than men.

In what matters will precious and semi-precious stones help?

  1. Marriage and love. If you are looking for your soulmate, take a closer look at lapis lazuli, rose quartz and malachite. They open their hearts to the right person, attracting someone who will reciprocate. Married women are helped to achieve mutual understanding in relationships and refresh their feelings.
  2. Career. Do you want to get a promotion, find your dream job or start your own business? Choose alexandrite, diamond, garnet, ruby. They add self-confidence, sharpness of thinking, and strength to achieve goals.
  3. Health. Carnelian, zircon, hematite and jasper are the main amulets against illnesses and diseases. The influence of talismans will be felt not only by the owner, but also by the whole family. Minerals especially help children: they protect children and teenagers from troubles, and maintain healthy relationships with parents.

For stones to work effectively, you should choose them yourself. It is best to visit the store rather than order online. This is due to mutual attraction, which is difficult to feel through a computer screen. Individually selected jewelry is most effective. They quickly get used to the new owner and become his assistants in all matters.

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Anyone who has long wanted to find their ideal mineral should definitely learn more about their zodiac sign. It is the characteristics of the sun sign that will help you understand which stone will bring good luck, protects against failures and will become your most faithful companion.

Aries – ruby

Astrologer’s opinion: the ruling planet of Aries is Mars. In Roman mythology, Mars is the god of war; in the natal chart, Mars is responsible for determination and achieving goals. Ruby leads to victories, achievements, strengthening “achiever” qualities of Aries. Gemologist about stone: Ruby represents passion and is the most expensive of the colored stones. In terms of hardness, ruby ​​is second only to diamond: it has a nine on the Mohs scale. The best colors are Pigeon Blood and Vivid Red. Pure red color without additional shades is valued most highly. Unique rubies of the highest quality went under auction hammers, reaching over a million dollars per carat. However, there are more affordable options. For example, cabochons.

Taurus – emerald

Astrologer’s opinion: the ruling planet of Taurus is Venus. In ancient Roman mythology, Venus is the goddess of love and fertility. For Taurus, family comes first. Emerald is ideal for them, as it is believed to be the stone of mothers, and it is also a stone of wisdom, hope and insight.

Gemologist about the stone: emerald is the most valuable of the beryl group. Its deep and juicy green tint cannot be compared with anything, there is a special term for it “emerald green”. All other green stones will be different. Most often, emeralds are not perfectly transparent, and internal cracks and inclusions of other minerals are called “emerald gardens,” or in French, “Jardin.” Emeralds of the highest quality are transparent and without inclusions.

Gemini – Citrine

Astrologer’s opinion: Gemini’s ruling planet is Mercury. In astrology, this planet is responsible for intelligence and communication, and Geminis are the best communicators. It is believed that this gem gives the owner the gift of eloquence. Gemologist about the stone: Citrine got its name due to its lemon-yellow color: from the Latin citrus – lemon. This stone belongs to the quartz group. Most citrines on the market are heated amethysts or smoky quartz. To change the color, the Ural miners even baked crystals in bread.

Cancer – moonstone

Astrologer’s opinion: the ruling planet of Cancer is the Moon, so the talisman stone is lunar. In astrology, the Moon is responsible for emotions and intuition. The stone helps to develop psychic abilities, normalize emotional background, it also gives prudence.

Gemologist about the stone: This mineral probably has one of the most romantic names. The sparkling blue iridescence – in other words, iridescence – is the reason for its beautiful name. There are moonstones with a “cat’s eye” effect. The most famous deposit is located in Sri Lanka. The stone is polished with a cabochon, this helps to maximize the delicate sparkle.

Leo is a diamond

Astrologer’s opinion: the planet-ruler of Leo is the Sun. It is not surprising that many Leos are convinced that the world should revolve around them. They are also the kings of beasts. Diamond strengthens a person’s inner core and adds confidence. Gemologist about the stone: Diamond has the highest hardness on the Mohs scale. According to various estimates by scientists, diamonds form in nature from one hundred million to three billion years. A diamond is a cut diamond, which today is rightfully considered king of all stones. “A girl’s best friend” became popular in the 18th century, when balls were held and huge amounts of candles were used for lighting. It was thanks to them that the diamonds sparkled with thousands of lights. Diamonds come in different colors. Red, pink and blue are the most expensive.

Virgo – peridot

Astrologer’s opinion: Virgo’s ruling planet is Mercury. Mercury is responsible for intelligence and communication. Virgos are smart and attentive to details, but too reserved and modest. Peridot increases self-esteem and instills confidence, affects charisma.

Gemologist about the stone: chrysolite is a type of olivine mineral, its color resembles that of an olive. Peridots have been used since ancient times. Particularly famous is the “Nero emerald”, which is actually peridot. Through it, Nero watched gladiator fights. This gem was especially revered in the Muslim world, and the largest collection of cut stones was in the treasury of the Ottoman Empire. Along with emeralds, they decorated the turbans of Turkish sultans.

Libra – lapis lazuli

Astrologer’s opinion: the planet-ruler of Libra is Venus. In ancient Roman mythology, Venus is the goddess of love and beauty. Libras are very easy to communicate with and have no problem making people feel comfortable. Lapis lazuli slightly calms excessive activity and internal tossing, and Venus enhances and adds attention to its owner from the opposite sex. Gemologist about the stone: lapis lazuli has been known to mankind for 7500 years. Various carved figurines and seals made from this gem were found in ancient burials. It was considered one of the most expensive stones and even served as a measure of value. In Babylon and Egypt it was called the stone of heaven: blue was considered divine, so sacred scarab beetles were carved from lapis lazuli, symbolizing immortality.

Scorpio – sapphire

Astrologer’s opinion: the ruling planet of Scorpio is Mars. Scorpio is the strongest sign; Mars makes its representatives proud, determined, but at the same time angry and sarcastic. Sapphire pacifies the destructive energy of Scorpios, turning them into wise leaders.

Gemologist about the stone: Sapphire is one of the three most popular colored stones in the world. Its most prestigious color is Royal Blue, which can appear almost black in certain lighting. Another popular shade is Cornflower Blue. In the past, the best sapphires came from Kashmir and India. However, these deposits have already been exhausted; samples from them can only be found on the secondary market and auctions. Sapphires from Myanmar (Burma) and Sri Lanka are also very beautiful.

Sagittarius – turquoise

Astrologer’s opinion: the ruling planet of Sagittarius is Jupiter. In ancient Roman mythology, Jupiter is the supreme heavenly deity of Rome. Sagittarians are fighters for justice, spiritual leaders. Turquoise protects against mistakes and helps to realistically assess the situation. Gemologist about the stone: the word “turquoise” comes from the Persian words “piruz”, “firuza”, which translated mean “victory”, “winner”. It is believed that in the East, turquoise serves as a military talisman, a stone of victory. Turquoise is no less famous as a stone of love: among the Greeks this mineral was the jewel of Aphrodite, and among the Romans – the goddess of love Venus.

Capricorn – almandine

Astrologer’s opinion: the ruling planet of Capricorn is Saturn. In ancient Roman mythology, he is the god of agriculture, solid and stable. Capricorns rarely show their feelings and are very meticulous. The gem makes them more emotional and active.

Gemologist about the stone: almandine is the most famous of the garnets. The mineral received its name in honor of the city of the same name in Asia Minor. In the United States, the pomegranate is the official emblem of the state of New York. There is a belief that almandine is a stone of love, giving rise to passion and bringing joy.

Aquarius – aquamarine

Astrologer’s opinion: the ruling planet of Aquarius is Saturn. It adds seriousness and a penchant for service to Aquarius, and the airy nature of Aquarius often makes them insecure. Aquamarine neutralizes fears and increases self-esteem.

Gemologist about the stone: aquamarine, like emerald, belongs to the beryl group of minerals. The stone got its name from its color: aqua marina – “sea water”. Aquamarine in Ancient Greece was a symbol of the power of the ocean god Poseidon. Also in the past, this mineral was an amulet for sailors. In addition, it was considered the stone of the family hearth, protecting peace and happiness. Today, the bulk of aquamarines come from Brazil.

Pisces – amethyst

Astrologer’s opinion: the planet-ruler of Pisces is Jupiter. Pisces is the most intuitive sign; Jupiter makes people friendly and always ready to help. Amethyst enhances the owner’s intuition and protects against external negativity. Gemologist about the stone: Amethyst – the most attractive and outstanding in the quartz group – has been used in jewelry since ancient times. Its most important deposits are located in Brazil, where about 65% of all colored stones in the world are mined. A large number of legends are associated with this stone. He is credited with the ability to protect against the evil eye, natural disasters, and drunkenness. The latter may be due to the fact that its color is similar to diluted wine, which was drunk by the Greeks, who did not like drunks.

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