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What stones can all zodiac signs wear?

Astrologers claim that any natural stone has cosmic energy that can influence the life of its owner. Therefore, it is important to choose stones according to your zodiac sign, so that the mineral protects you, helps you and protects you from negative influences. How to choose natural and precious stones according to your zodiac sign, which will become amulets or talismans for you? Stones of the Zodiac signs – description and tips Each zodiac sign corresponds to several stones that should be kept close to the skin and always put on when leaving the house. Now about each of them separately. Aries birth month stones The dates from March 21 to April 20 correspond to the zodiac sign – Aries. These are confident people who strive for luxury and prefer to wear classic jewelry with precious stones. Stones for Aries, amethyst and diamond, will drive away bad emotions from a person, make him more reasonable and successful, and his strengths will be revealed from a new, more advantageous side. Ruby will become a stone of good luck and will help you to be a winner in a team. Diamond is a talisman for leaders. Thanks to him, a person will learn to be reasonable, look ahead, and the envious glances of others will have no power. Which stone is suitable for Aries? Since representatives of this sign are very emotional and impulsive, you need to select stones that will direct the flow of energy in a peaceful direction. For example, for Aries, the crystal stone will serve as a pacifying force and teach you to control your emotions; a diamond will relieve negative influences, make the owner more successful, decisive and courageous; Red stones will bring good luck in your career and family life. Taurus birth month stones Taurus are distinguished by hard work and perseverance, so the Taurus stone should help a person and not prevent him from achieving his goals. This zodiac sign corresponds to April 21 – May 21. Since the patroness of the sign is the goddess of love, Venus, astrologers advise Taurus to buy an emerald stone. It will help you maintain fidelity in marriage, find harmony and wisdom, and become more cheerful and prudent. Turquoise will slightly curb a person’s temper and get rid of rash actions, and this stone will help a woman get pregnant and bear a healthy baby. Sardonyx is needed by a shy man who, because of this, cannot find his soulmate. The stone will make him eloquent and give him the opportunity to start a relationship. Stones for Taurus: sapphire and rose quartz will stimulate mental activity and influence all areas of a person’s life, protecting against rash actions and helping to overcome fear of obstacles. This sign (May 22 – June 21) is very multifaceted and versatile. Geminis can do several things at once and are not afraid to change the scope of their activities. The Gemini stone should be modest, but with an unusual design. Women can wear emerald, which will give composure and soften emotions, and men – alexandrite – it will help relieve fatigue after work and become calmer. Beryl helps you achieve your goals. And moonstone and pearls relieve fatigue, lift spirits, and protect the owner from the envy of other people. Other recommended stones for Gemini are beryl and topaz. Beryl promotes human health – both physical and emotional, and also smoothes out weaknesses, turning them into stronger ones. Topaz protects against internal and external negative manifestations. Cancer birth month stones June 22 – July 22. Calm, romantic representatives of this sign need an original and extraordinary Cancer stone. Astrologers recommend wearing a ruby ​​if you want to attract good luck. The energy of ruby ​​will give peace of mind, increase vitality, reveal the strongest sides of a person and promote well-being and prosperity in the family. Pearls will help achieve reciprocity on the love front and teach you to make decisions that will contribute to maximum benefit. And those who inherited a calcite stone are doubly lucky, because it has healing and magical properties, depending on its color. Under no circumstances sell it or give it to strangers, otherwise luck will turn away from you. Other stones for Cancer: • onyx. This stone will bring good luck to those who want to succeed in business, get promoted on the career ladder, or gain respect for their opinion; • Moonstone. Rage, negativity and emotional distress are the companions of Cancers, and moonstone will help get rid of this and defuse tense situations; • amethyst. Suitable for creative people looking for inspiration and new creative ideas. Lion stone talisman July 23 – August 23. It is better for women not to wear silver jewelry as silver can bring bad luck to them. All other decorations should be round in shape, resembling the shape of the sun. The zodiac sign Leo carnelian stone will help a man become more courageous, remove pessimism, gain respect and authority at work, and reveal his hidden talents. Stones for the Zodiac sign Leo: ruby ​​and amber. Ruby makes a person courageous, decisive, persistent in achieving his goals, and protects him from the treachery of evil envious people. Amber will preserve the health of the owner of the stone and become a talisman against dangers. Virgo stone talisman (August 24 – September 23) All Virgos love to be looked at with admiration and slightly envied, so the Virgo stone should be extraordinary and reflect the sophistication of the owner. If you want to get away from conservative and strict jewelry, then the Virgo stones peridot, sapphire and agate will give you lightness, peace, drive away melancholy, increase charm and help you relax in stressful situations. For a woman whose zodiac sign is Virgo, an emerald stone will help save her family during a difficult period of life. Zodiac sign Virgo: jasper and jade. Jasper has a positive effect on the mind and nervous system, relieves tension in intellectual work, and makes Virgos themselves more tolerant and tolerant. Jade is considered a symbol of good luck, particularly in family life. Libra stone (September 24 – October 23) The duality of this zodiac sign dictates the rules for choosing stones. Stones for Libra should be of original shades, for example, opal shimmers with all the colors of the rainbow and is considered the most effective talisman. Diamonds will push the owner to make the right decisions and warn against conflict situations. Malachite will emphasize a woman’s sexuality, and turquoise will reveal her creative and working potential. Libra stone talisman: coral, sapphire. Coral will allow its owner to establish relationships with other people, especially with those on whom career advancement depends. Libras are intellectually developed people, and sapphire only enhances their mental abilities Scorpio stone (October 24 – November 22) Scorpios are bright, extraordinary and charismatic people. Astrologers unanimously claim that the Scorpio stone is topaz of different colors. Yellow and pink topazes make their owners active, cheerful, and attractive to others. Blue topazes give a person cheerfulness and the ability to relax in difficult times. Stones for Scorpio: garnet and cat’s eye. The first stone is a symbol of power, success, balance and inspiration. The second stone helps to be more sociable, take risks without losing your wallet and express yourself in creativity. Sagittarius birth month stones November 23 – December 21. Since Sagittarius are cheerful and open people, stones for Sagittarius should not be depressing with their appearance and color. The Sagittarius stone turquoise or lapis lazuli will pull a person out of boredom and give him energy for new things. If you are an active Sagittarius, the citrine stone will help you continue to be the life of the party and the same cheerful, positive person. Sagittarius talisman stones: lapis lazuli, amethyst. The owner of lapis lazuli will become wise, will be able to clearly see goals in front of him, go towards them and know how to resolve difficulties encountered along the way. And having an amethyst, you can be charged with positive emotions, avoid getting into embarrassing situations and be at home in any company, even unfamiliar ones. Capricorn birthstone (December 22 – January 20) The Capricorn opal stone will give clarity of mind in tense situations, and malachite will encourage you not to lose heart and be in harmony with yourself. Stones for Capricorn such as rock crystal, agate, and carnelian will become a talisman for women and will contribute to well-being in the family. Aquarius birth month stones (January 21 – February 20) Aquarius stone: sapphire and obsidian. Sapphire will become a talisman for those who seek to understand this world and find harmony with themselves. And obsidian will make the owner collected, restrained, purposeful and objectively assessing the situation. Stones for Aquarius will help representatives of this sign win the attention of others, smooth out family conflicts and give themselves confidence. Aquarius – which stone is suitable for this sign in addition to those listed: • quartz is the strongest talisman of love, gives confidence, helps to cope with difficulties and avoid accidents; • pomegranate – will make communication with other people easy and relaxed, will allow you to establish contact with everyone, especially with those who you like, but are not yet paying attention to you. Stone for the zodiac sign Pisces (February 21 – March 20) Pisces are characterized by dreaminess, thoughtfulness and goodwill, so the most suitable stone for the Pisces zodiac sign is amethyst. It will protect such people from the evil eye, envious people and negative events. Stones according to the zodiac sign Pisces: 1. Moonstone – reveals to the full all available abilities, calms the nervous system. 2. Aquamarine – helps Pisces confidently and boldly go through life, provide for themselves independently in all respects. Choose your stone based on your intuition and your own feelings. The first impression of the stone will be the best guide to purchasing your jewelry. Birthstones are the strongest amulets and reliable helpers in the life of every person. Not many people know that stones have a special energy, a force coming from Mother Earth herself. There are a great many stones in the world, but only the most suitable ones are able to protect and protect their owner. Those stones that match the zodiac sign and planet of the patron can become an amulet. Zodiac signs differ in character, emotions and behavior, so they also need different stones.

Fire element stones – Aries

Choosing a birthstone based on your date of birth is not easy. This matter must be approached with all responsibility, because you can build your destiny if you wear the right amulets and talismans made from natural stones of natural origin. There are three representatives of the Fire signs – Aries, Leo and Sagittarius. Although they are all united by the fiery element and hot character, they are all different from each other. Which stone is suitable for Aries? March Fire signs need to be able to control their anger and aggression. These are the most hot-tempered signs, who are easily ignited not only in a quarrel, but also with a new idea. To become calmer, you need to wear rock crystal. This pure mineral will give calm and sobriety when assessing the situation and cool down the ardor. Beads made of crystal stones or a bracelet will be an excellent addition even to everyday clothes. But for Aries, the talisman stone is not rock crystal, but a sparkling diamond. Crystal is a protector, diamond is a keeper. The tiger’s eye is the most suitable amulet for Aries born in March; it is able to attract wealth, improve married life, make it calm and measured, filled with warmth and love. What stones are suitable for Aries, who were born in April – the second month of spring, which is both gentle and sometimes cold? Stones for Aries born from April 1 to April 10 are minerals that can ward off the evil eye and damage. Although Aries is the most warlike, strong and courageous sign, people born during this period are more susceptible to the evil eye, whether intentional or accidental, and are also easily influenced by magic. Cat’s, falcon’s and tiger’s eyes are the best talismans for Aries, stones according to the zodiac sign. The most passionate and loving representatives of the fire element are Aries, born in the 2nd ten days of April. Their talismans are noble stones: sapphire, ruby ​​and diamond. Among those available, pyrope garnet may be suitable. The Aries sign prefers expensive stones. Ruby and garnet are minerals of passion, diamond is a talisman of royalty, a conductor of magical energy and its accumulator. This is not just an indicator of wealth and prosperity, but a reliable ally and protector of Aries. Pomegranate will bring happiness and joy, protect its owner from nervous disorders and overexertion. It is good for people of any age of this fire sign. Carnelian of any shade is good for Aries women. If it is yellow carnelian, then it will enhance the positive character traits of the sign. If the carnelian is bluish or greenish, then it will be able to slightly cool the explosive character of its owner. A diamond is suitable for a woman of this sign – it will be her reliable guard. But there is a necessary condition: the amulet must touch the owner’s skin. Diamond stones are not suitable for an Aries girl. Only the owner who has known a man and the joy of motherhood is able to subjugate a diamond as a talisman and guardian. Stones for an Aries woman should be bright, like herself, emphasizing her individuality and unique charm and charisma. Aries loves and knows how to wear stones, especially precious and expensive ones. Agate is perfect for all fire signs; they are all somewhat ebullient and cannot always adequately perceive new information. In the process of communication or learning, there is often an endless flow of information. To bring out the essence of it, you need an agate better than a layered or variegated shade. There are a lot of agate stones in different colors. Purple agate makes dreams come true and helps to calm down; black – gives mystery. For the Aries sign, this mineral is a priority. For Aries, the talisman stone will help fulfill desires and dreams.

Talismans for powerful Leos

The zodiac sign Leo is the most domineering and demanding. The planet of all Leos is the Sun. For representatives of this sign, amber and citrine sun stones are perfect as talismans. July Leos are greatly influenced by the planet Saturn, which makes them somewhat cruel to people they don’t like. Bloody-colored jasper will help curb outbursts of rage. All Leos are greedy for compliments, they love power, but do not always want to take responsibility for their actions. Rock crystal will help you make informed decisions. The Leo woman, like the Aries, likes to be bright. Sunny amber will help to invigorate and give an optimistic note to life. Leos born in the first ten days of August are idealists. They often live in an imaginary reality or become “residents” of social networks. This is all because Jupiter has a strong influence on Leo at the beginning of August. Opal will help pull them back into the real world. Onyx and jade will also suit them. For a Leo woman, jade jewelry or figurines will do an excellent job. This sign of the zodiac circle has weak kidneys, and there are also frequent inflammations of the female genital organs. Jade will heal and protect against these diseases. For Leos born in the 2nd ten days of August, yellow topaz, tourmaline, pyrope garnet and rhodolite are perfect.

Amulets for flammable Sagittarius

For those whose horoscope is Sagittarius, born in November, amethyst is perfect. These are very lively and bright personalities who can become leaders of any group; they love to be in the center of attention and all the news. The main planet of Sagittarius is Jupiter, but November Sagittarians are influenced by Mercury. Therefore, November Sagittarians have a lively, interesting and unique language, but at the same time they can sometimes offend or offend their interlocutor. Sagittarius girls often cannot find a partner. Amethyst will attract the love and attention of the opposite sex, and will force you to hide witty but cutting remarks in dialogues. Greenish or transparent onyx will suit the Sagittarius girl; rock crystal would be good too. Sagittarius, born in the 1st ten days of December, is influenced by Jupiter and the Moon. These are dreamy people; moonstone, chalcedony and chrysoprase are suitable for them. But the most powerful amulet will be delicate turquoise, which will guard family happiness. If we consider by day, then for a Sagittarius man born on December 14, obsidian is perfect, and for a Sagittarius man born on November 28, hematite will be the best talisman. Topaz will protect the rest of Sagittarius and save them from apathy. The day when Sagittarius starts wearing topaz will be a turning point for him, and then life will improve and go on the right track. A birthstone is not a simple talisman, but the most effective one, one that can protect in any life situation. Aries talisman stone (like Sagittarius, Leo) must be chosen carefully. It is worth taking a closer look at topaz that is yellowish or colorless, as a blue stone may be in dissonance with the fiery character of this sign. The correct talismans based on your date of birth are not only beautiful decorations, but also builders of a successful destiny. Tiger’s Eye is a zodiac sign stone that suits everyone. Aries’ talisman stones are a bright diamond and a strong tiger’s eye; Sagittarius has multi-colored agate and expensive ruby; Leo has solar amber and citrine.

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