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What stones can be combined with pearls?

When a small grain of sand gets into the body of a mollusk, the shell does not like such a gift at all, and it begins to protect itself from the uninvited guest, enveloping it in layers of mother-of-pearl – this is how a ball so desired by all fashionistas is formed – pearls!

Saltwater and freshwater pearls: differences

Saltwater pearls are born in pearl-bearing mollusks, whose habitat is the seas and oceans. Freshwater (or baroque) pearls are found in pearl mussels that live in the waters of rivers and lakes. Sea mollusks, with rare exceptions (Akoya), are capable of producing one pearl. River pearl mussel is more productive – it can contain up to 30 seeds or more. It is interesting that the thickness of the nacre is one of the factors affecting the cost. The paradox is that freshwater pearls have a thicker nacre layer than sea pearls, and yet the former is cheaper. The thickness of the nacre also affects the safety of the bead. There are differences in shape: sea cultured pearls often have a regular spherical shape, while river pearls take on a variety of bizarre shapes.

What to wear pearls with and what not to wear them with

Unlike many stones, pearls can be combined with anything. A classic combination is a white pearl necklace + a black sweater, turtleneck or little black dress in the spirit of Coco Chanel. White and white is also a stylish option. But designers are trying to break strong associations with the image of a good girl and reduce the degree of severity, suggesting wearing a pearl necklace with colorful T-shirts, sweatshirts, sweatshirts and bomber jackets. Another way to make pearls more conservative and put them in a modern way is to mix them with childishly naive jewelry made of beads or wear a necklace with several chains of different lengths and thicknesses at once, creating a multi-layered jewelry look. And of course, a white pearl necklace or earrings are a timeless option for a bride’s look. Do not forget that pearls can be not only white, but also black, silver, pink, golden, bluish, cream, etc. Accordingly, jewelry made from them can complement an outfit of almost any color and style. The main thing is not to overdo it, putting on all the pearls from your box at once.


Pearls form anti-trend combinations with dresses and blouses with flowers and polka dots, frilly skirts, round shoes, bows and buckles on shoes, round and shawl collars on clothes. The more you “round it up,” the more mature you risk looking. Stylists suggest forgetting about jewelry sets. The “beads + pearl studs” scheme is more suitable if you are obliged to follow palace protocol.

What stones and metals can you wear pearls with?

In the new season, designers gave carte blanche for any jewelry experiments. In general, natural and artificial pearls form harmonious combinations both with stones and with other decorative elements – enamel, Swarovski crystals, plastic, etc. The most luxurious tandem is obtained from natural white pearls and colorless or black diamonds. Very often the former can be found in combination with sapphires, including colored ones. But these options should be considered to a greater extent for creating images for receptions and important events. A beautiful combination for every day is obtained with blue topaz and amethyst. As for the metal, the frame can be gold of different colors, and silver, including blackened.

How to care for and store freshwater river pearls?

Usually they try to protect jewelry and therefore wear it only for important events. The main rule in relation to both river and sea pearls is to wear jewelry with them as often as possible, because they show their best properties only in contact with the human body. Pearls in general are not afraid of the effects of cosmetics and soap, but it is important to wear jewelry after at least 10 minutes after applying cosmetics and perfume. But direct sunlight and heat are destructive to beads. Periodic baths with fresh water will help maintain the shine of freshwater pearls as bright. After such bathing, dry it with a soft cloth, and dry the pearl thread in a horizontal position so that the base does not stretch. As for storage, it is recommended to allocate a separate box with soft upholstery for pearl jewelry, otherwise the mother-of-pearl layer may wear out from contact with stones. The assortment of the Silver Venice brand includes several options for earrings with freshwater pearls, thanks to which you can add accents to your image and attract the attention of others Beautiful and elegant, pearls are among the most popular gemstones. The choice of jewelry with it should be thoughtful and attentive, since this natural mineral may not decorate the image, but make it look old-fashioned and add age to the owner. It’s worth talking in more detail about how and what to wear pearls with so as not to “look like a grandma” and what criteria you need to pay attention to when choosing a current and fashionable piece of jewelry.

Age appropriate

The question of whether girls can wear pearls causes a lot of controversy. It is believed that ideally round, calm and discreet beads are closer in aesthetics to mature women than to young ones, but this does not mean that a young fashionista will not be able to choose the right jewelry for herself. In order for pearl jewelry or costume jewelry to emphasize both youthful and mature beauty, it must comply with several rules.

  • The size of the beads directly indicates the age of the lady and the younger the woman, the more elegant and smaller their diameter should be. A classic choice for a girl would be pearls with a diameter of 6-7 mm; a self-sufficient and confident lady can try on items over 0,8 mm and large stones over 1 cm.
  • Classic jewelry – a long necklace and multi-level beads – is best purchased by middle-aged and older women.
  • For young ladies, it is better to select stones in soft pink and white colors.
  • Baroque pearls are more age-appropriate, so they can be successfully added to a wardrobe regardless of the number indicated in the passport.

art. h085m40s
Pearls 8 – 8.5 mm, freshwater, silver 925°
rub. RUB 6

art. mb850-40z
Pearls 8 – 8.5 mm, sea, gold 585°
rub. RUB 247

art. MT135-45z
Pearls 10.5 – 14 mm, seawater, gold 585°, diamonds
rub. RUB 1

Modern jewelry collection: Pearl beads

Appearance type

The most universal and suitable option for everyone is traditional white pearls, but a wide range of colors allows you to safely experiment with your jewelry wardrobe. Interestingly, due to his cold aesthetic, he often looks more confident in winter than in summer.

Tan and warm skin tone are best emphasized by golden mother-of-pearl and spectacular black options. To avoid looking pale and tired, fair-skinned girls of spring and summer color types should choose jewelry with pink stones. The beauty of cold-type women with light eyes is also well emphasized by grayish and dark pearls with a metallic sheen.

Pearl 8 – 8.5 mm, freshwater, gold 585°
rub. RUB 26

art. s-210804
Pearls 8.5 – 9 mm, freshwater, gold 585°, sapphires
rub. RUB 71

Modern jewelry collection: Earrings with pearls


The matching of jewelry accessories and wardrobe should be supported by both stylistic and color harmony. Mother of pearl is picky about the style of clothing, but is not jealous of color and can be easily combined with any monochrome looks.

  • It is advisable to combine a strict business suit with the most laconic classic jewelry: studs, a thread necklace or a neat brooch.
  • For a modern casual style with a T-shirt or loose shirt and jeans, it is better to choose colored pearls and their imitations.
  • The more brutal and avant-garde the accessory looks, the better, as it will not increase age, but add lightness to the image.
  • Fans of grunge and eclecticism should pay attention to phalangeal jewelry that stylishly adorns fingers, pendants, pendants of exaggerated sizes and asymmetrical earrings.
  • Evening and festive dresses respond more responsively to attempts to dilute them with pearl items. You can complement them with bracelets, hairpins, rings with gold, beads and necklaces.

art. k-110810
Pearls 8.5 – 9 mm, freshwater, gold 585°, sapphires
RUB 35 RUB 760
discount 4 rub.

art. k-110802
Pearls 5 – 8.5 mm, freshwater, gold 585°, sapphires
RUB 58 RUB 200

Contemporary Jewelry Collection: Ring with Pearls

How to wear pearls correctly: in pairs or not

Modern fashion trends are against wearing any headsets or sets. Even two decorations are often quite enough to overwhelm the image, especially if they are located in the same zone.

Pearl items should be worn separately, relaxed and slightly casually. A knot on a thread necklace, pearls of different sizes (for example, in artfully tangled necklaces), a set of rings on the hand and asymmetrical or single earrings will look much more interesting and more expensive than paired sets.

art. mb750gz
Pearls 7 – 7.5 mm, sea, gold 585°, beads
rub. RUB 23

art. mb750-20z
Pearls 7 – 7.5 mm, sea, gold 585°
rub. RUB 61
discount 33 rub.

art. mb750-40z
Pearls 7 – 7.5 mm, sea, gold 585°
RUB 166 RUB 500

art. MT135-45z
Pearls 10.5 – 14 mm, seawater, gold 585°, diamonds
rub. RUB 1

Modern jewelry collection: pearls from exclusive collections

What stones do pearls go with?

For all their softness and unobtrusiveness, mother-of-pearl beads do not harmonize well with other precious and semi-precious stones. The discrepancy between color intensity and transparency prevents their use in one image. Exceptions with which successful alliances are still possible are:

  • diamond;
  • ruby;
  • black onyx or agate;
  • aquamarine and amethyst;
  • emerald;
  • blue sapphire.

discount 112 rub.

art. sp-14bch
Pearls 13 – 14 mm, seawater, gold 585°, diamonds
RUB 562 RUB 950

Contemporary Jewelry Collection: South Sea Pearls

What to look for when buying pearls

When purchasing pearls, the first thing you need to do is examine the color of the mother of pearl. The right stone slightly lets in the light and reflects it with small rainbow particles. There should be no stains or uneven inclusions on it. Curvatures and dents are allowed only on Baroque pearls.

The price of the product depends not only on the size and color of the stone, but also on its shape and place of birth. Perfectly round sea pearls will always be more expensive than drop-shaped or baroque river pearls. The jewelry itself must have reliable fastenings and high-quality fittings that will ensure ease of wearing and reliable placement of the stone.

Signs (unmarried, zodiac sign, who not to wear)

Astrologers and experts in folk superstitions have been arguing for many years about who can and why they can’t wear pearls. It is not always possible to reach agreement, so recommendations can differ significantly and sometimes contradict each other.

Experts who study the movement of planets and stars believe that in order for pearls to bring good luck in life, they should be worn by representatives of the water and air elements – Pisces, Cancer, Taurus, Gemini, Aquarius and Libra. Fire signs of the zodiac – Aries, Sagittarius (with the exception of Leo), as well as Capricorns and Virgos – should be careful.

Following signs, unmarried girls are often advised not to wear pearl jewelry until marriage or engagement, since due to the strong influence of lunar energy, this stone can negatively affect feminine energy. It is impossible to verify how true these statements are, whether it is necessary and whether they can actually be followed, therefore, in order to decide whether to purchase the jewelry you like, you should listen to your own feelings.

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