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What stones do not go well with citrine?

We all know that gemstones can help us spiritually and physically in a variety of ways, but are there any combinations of crystals that will work well together to enhance their power? The simple answer is yes! Generally, all gemstones can work together, with very few exceptions. According to Jyotish or ancient Hindu astrology, certain gemstones should not be worn together depending on the place and date of birth of a person.
We will take a closer look at the gemstones of Jyotish astrology in this article. Some gemstones have the opposite effect. For example, carnelian is a very motivating and uplifting gemstone, while blue agate is more of a calming and relaxing crystal. Gemstones will be confused by your intentions and may cancel out each other’s effectiveness. There are several ways in which gemstones come together to form great combinations. Gemstones of a similar color can double their power, especially when affecting the chakras. Gemstones can be associated with four elements: fire, earth, water and air. Gemstones containing the same element go well together. A little scientific, but all minerals have a certain crystal structure – cubic, hexagonal, triganol, etc. – if they have the same structure, they will make a good team. Many famous gemstones come from the same family of minerals: amethyst, citrine, rose quartz are all types of quartz, and emerald, morganite and aquamarine are all beryl. Same benefits Gemstones have many properties and benefits, and it is best to find gemstones that have similar powers rather than opposing powers. As I mentioned earlier, there are very few gemstones that cannot work together, but we all react differently to their power. Whatever gemstone speaks to you will make a great combination, but I have a few classic pairings you might want to try. Before I get into the combinations, I want to briefly mention Clear or White Quartz. This colorless, clear or opaque crystal is sometimes called a master healer and can enhance the work of all other gemstones. So our first union is White Quartz plus any others! No matter what you want from a gemstone, pairing it with Clear Quartz will enhance its abilities. Let’s move on to our gem pairs (to keep things simple, I’ve reduced the number of gems to two – you can combine three, four or more gems if you like). Our Life Force Energy is exactly what it sounds like. Eastern cultures called it Chi or Qi and Prana, it is part of the Chakra and Reiki philosophy, and we might call it “life force” – the joy of healthy living. The ideal gemstones to enhance our vitality are bright yellow citrine, which brings the spirit of the sun, and fresh green aventurine, which speaks of nature, fertility and growth. Greenery blooms under the rays of the sun. Our next couple will bring joy and happiness into our lives and who doesn’t want that? Let me introduce green the period and orange spessartine garnet . Just looking at these two brings a smile, and their spiritual power is uplifting on their own, so together they are invincible. Next are two gemstones that inspire all forms of love. Both are commonly used spiritual crystals, rose quartz, an obvious gem for love, and pink tourmaline, which will help you find your ideal soul mate. Stress and anxiety are harmful in themselves, but they also lead to physical ailments such as heart disease, a suppressed immune system, and diabetes. Two wonderful gemstones that will help you deal with stress are: blue agate и lapis lazuli. Their overall blue color has a calming and calming effect. A big part of fighting stress is getting a good night’s sleep, and we’ve got two gems that are almost guaranteed to have you falling asleep in no time: amethyst и scolecite . Beautiful amethyst is known for its ability to induce sleep, while milky white scolecite brings peace of mind – between the two, the battle against insomnia will soon be won. Two gems that encourage you to get up and go after a deep sleep are cornelian и eye of the Tiger . Golden orange to crimson red, carnelian has been a crystal of motivation and endurance for centuries, while honey-brown tiger’s eye brings even more courage and creativity to the mix. It’s impossible to avoid the radiation waves caused by the electronic equipment that has invaded our modern lives through smartphones, computers and Wi-Fi, but certain crystals can provide some protection. Black Tourmaline will protect you from electromagnetic fields, and fluorite will help heal the damage done to them. Gems for prosperity are described in detail here. in our recent article, but as a good combination of two lucky gemstones working together for wealth, I suggest pyrites и nephritis . Along with spiritual health, it’s important to look after your physical fitness, and we have two gems that will work together to get you to the gym, completing those marathons, and riding that bike. Agate will increase your speed and Bloodstone Increases stamina and determination. So, we have ten great gemstone combinations that will help you solve many common problems. These gemstones are beautiful on their own, but together they can work wonders. I offer a short gemstone intention ritual to let your crystals know what you need from them. Hold the gems in your hand and breathe evenly – in through your nose, out through your mouth. Visualize or verbalize exactly how you want your gemstones to help you. You can also meditate with your gemstones or place them at their corresponding chakra points to make the most of their strengths.
See our article on chakra gemstones here for more details.
Here’s a rundown of gemstone combinations ideal for unblocking or realigning your chakras.

Chakra based gemstone combinations


  • Citrine has long been considered stone of royalty. A bright lemon or sweet honey-colored gem was a permanent decoration of rings, crowns and tiaras. The original name of the mineral was known to few people, so it is often he was confused with topaz.

    The mineral was classified as a separate species by the Austrian chemist Valerius, who also gave it its now familiar name – citrine.

    What does citrine look like?

    Citrine in natural nugget format transparent and has a wide spectrum pleasant golden shades. In its chemical essence it is ordinary quartz, the characteristic color of which is given by small amount of iron and lithium. Professional jewelers make gems more saturated by heating the original stone material to certain temperatures. However, such heat treatment makes it noticeably less durable.

    Mineral Compatibility

    Air element minerals best compatible with each other. They reinforce each other. Most often, air stones are translucent, slightly heterogeneous, and sometimes there is a slight haze inside. Citrine is ideal for:

    • blue chalcedony, tourmaline,
    • amethyst, topaz,
    • chrysoprase, sparrow.

    It is necessary to avoid prolonged proximity of citrine with minerals of the water element: in the combination of Air and Water, a storm is expected, creating vibration that is unpleasant for humans

    Since the stone does not have its own energy, it will not have an active effect on Water stones. However, such a company may not be to the liking of these stones themselves. The worst attitude towards citrine is:

    • sapphire, emerald,
    • topaz, opal, pearl,
    • chrysolite, alexandrite.

    You cannot combine stones in jewelry at random, otherwise it may lead to irreversible negative consequences. You should not wear earth-water stones such as zircon, aventurine or melanite. Citrine can enhance the properties of stones of the Fire element – these are minerals such as carnelian, pyrite or garnet. Citrine is perfectly compatible with all of them. The stone will not interact with the element of Earth: without reinforcing each other, they work separately. Citrine combines wonderfully with solar minerals: these are golden-yellow and red stones, such as:

    • hyacinth, pomegranate,
    • diamond, aventurine,
    • ruby, amber.

    Сcombinations of minerals and color palette

    Citrine has an original golden palette, so unsuitable “neighbors” for it are stones of purple and bright blue colors. Black, white and transparent rocks perfectly complement the mineral. Regarding transparency and compliance with the classes of stones (ornamental, precious), citrine is optimally combined with emeralds and diamonds.

    Harmoniously created jewelry usually consists of one large citrine framed by smaller stones. This natural compatibility, enhanced by experienced craftsmen, allows you to create real works of jewelry.

    Citrine is a bright solar mineral, so it should be combined with other jewelry elements according to the energetic compatibility of individual stones and color matching. Golden and red stones of the element of Fire will be the best option, which enhance beneficial properties citrine. This combination will bring the owner of the jewelry the desired success, since its individual components enhance the overall positive effect.

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