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What stones go with mother of pearl?

Mother of pearl is a natural material of extraordinary beauty. As the name suggests, it is the mother of pearls, and is almost identical in composition to it. Simply put, this is the inner iridescent surface of pearl shells. Just like pearls, mother-of-pearl has a rich palette of shades: blue-white, with pink and violet-golden tints, pink, with golden-green highlights, gray-green, and even black, shimmering blue – all shades you can’t even list them! It can be either transparent or opaque. People have been admiring the beauty and splendor of mother-of-pearl jewelry for a long time. Even in the burials of Ancient Egypt, jewelry made of mother-of-pearl was discovered. The people of Ancient Rome valued mother-of-pearl on a par with pearls and considered it a symbol of power and wisdom. They were used to decorate decorations and decorate palace walls and utensils. But still, mother-of-pearl was most loved in the East. From there it came to Europe, where it personified an exotic overseas curiosity, and because of this it was extremely valued, especially in the northern countries. In Russia, starting from the 18th century, mother-of-pearl was widely used by court jewelers to make exquisite jewelry – necklaces, pendants, pendants, etc. It was also very fashionable to wear clothes with mother-of-pearl buttons. Church utensils, as well as furniture and musical instruments, boxes and snuff boxes, combs, fans, mirrors and other items were richly decorated with this material. Nowadays, mother-of-pearl is also widely used both in the production of jewelry and for decorating interior items. And those who have seen mother-of-pearl mosaics cannot find words to describe such beauty! Jewelry made from mother-of-pearl is very beautiful and varied in its design – you can buy handicrafts in ethnic style, or you can choose elite creations from leading fashion houses. It is mined, as hundreds of years ago, by specially trained divers. You can hardly find pearl mussel shells in freshwater bodies of water; they are mainly harvested in the Red Sea and the Persian Gulf, on the coast of Japan, as well as the Philippine Islands, Ceylon and Borneo. Processing mother-of-pearl requires a lot of experience and skills from the craftsman, since the material is very fragile. White mother-of-pearl is sometimes dyed with a solution of silver chloride, giving it darker shades. Caring for mother-of-pearl products is quite simple. To remove stubborn dirt, they need to be washed from time to time in a soapy solution or wiped with potato starch. Like pearls, mother-of-pearl loves cleanliness and attention – frequent wear makes it look even better. Do not allow it to heat up or come into contact with open fire, as well as with acids and cosmetics, as this can cause it to fade and crack. Mother of pearl is also known to have healing properties. Powder from it was sold in all pharmacies, and was considered a means of prolonging life and healing many ailments.
Even in modern cosmetology, the most expensive creams contain “pearl extract”, which has rejuvenating and whitening properties. It is believed that wearing mother-of-pearl talismans helps to increase vitality, improve the health of the body and strengthen the immune system. He is also credited with the ability to get out of depression. Mother-of-pearl earrings are recommended to be worn for hearing diseases. The energy of this natural material has a beneficial effect on family ties, strengthens relationships, and brings peace and tranquility to the home. Mother-of-pearl shells bring material well-being and prosperity to the house and protect it from evil spirits. Jewelry with mother-of-pearl will protect its owner from the “evil eye” and negative energy, and will help find a way out of a difficult life situation. Mother of pearl takes care of its owner, so it can be worn by children and people who are unsure of themselves. From time to time it can be worn by all signs of the Zodiac, except Gemini, for whom it is contraindicated. It especially helps Pisces and Aquarius, developing their intuition and bringing good luck. Mother of pearl goes well with organic stones – coral and pearls, as well as with inorganic ones – turquoise, agate, malachite. It is often used in conjunction with diamonds, opals, sapphires and emeralds. Young people prefer silver jewelry with mother-of-pearl, while older people choose a combination with gold. Products made from mother-of-pearl never go out of fashion. What is the secret of his popularity? Undoubtedly, its attractive power lies in the amazing purity, tenderness and beauty of its shimmering tints. Jewelry made from it can be seen in the collections of many modern designers; they combine stunningly with both a strict business style and a gentle, romantic one. Another important advantage is the affordable price. People of any income can afford to purchase products made from mother-of-pearl. Publication Date: 16.01.2012 Mother of pearl – incredibly beautiful stone, which fashionistas and sorcerers love so much. Delicate shades delight women wildly, and they attract the attention of men. Magical properties help protect yourself from negativity, but the most important thing is not to disrupt its energy waves with unwanted proximity.

About the stone

Mother of pearl – not at all not a stone in the usual sense, it is not mined in rocks or underground. This lovely material lines shell inner layer shellfish It is confused with pearls, but in comparison it is softer and more often found in nature. Mother of pearl happens different colors. The most common shade is white, which is formed in the manila sink. Black, gray, red, and purple samples are mined much less frequently. The most valuable species is the rainbow haliotis, which combines all shades. All of them are united by one wonderful property – beautiful iridescence. They are created thanks to the structure of a sea mineral, the surface of which so unusually reflects the rays of the sun.

What stones go perfectly with?

Mother of pearl has strong energy and is classified as a water stone, therefore best allies – these are his brothers in the element of Water:

  • aquamarine;
  • opal;
  • pearl;
  • selenite;
  • coral;
  • hematite.

Also accepts gems into his company air element:

  • carnelians;
  • emeralds;
  • lapis lazuli;
  • rose quartz;
  • tourmalines;
  • chrysoberyls.

The right combination of minerals allows you to achieve the most powerful magical and healing effects. Stones with friendly energy improve the properties of mother-of-pearl, and it, in turn, complements them favorably. If the mineral is not disturbed, it will become faithful companionby helping:

  • become more confident in your own abilities;
  • cope with stressful situations more easily;
  • preserve feelings in a pair of lovers;
  • move up the career ladder;
  • reveal creative abilities;
  • look at the world more optimistically.

Previously, mother of pearl was actively used by sailors as a talisman: it protected against dangers at sea

The energy of the sea mineral is aimed not only at improving the quality of human life, but also at health promotion. People with hearing problems are recommended to wear earrings with mother-of-pearl inserts, those with heart pathologies – pendants, and those with headaches – beads.

Undesirable combinations

Mother of pearl belongs to the water element, so it not recommended to combine with stones of the Fire element, especially those with a high degree of transparency:

These gems destroy energy each other.

Neutral combination mother of pearl is possible with stones of the Earth element: amber, jasper, amethyst, jade, citrine, tiger’s eye, rauchtopaz.

What metals does it combine with?

Mother of pearl stones are used in both costume jewelry and precious jewelry. Jewelers believe that this mineral is best combined with light frame: white gold, silver and platinum. Such metals emphasize the beauty of iridescence and make them more pronounced.

From an energy point of view, mother of pearl can be combined with any precious metals: no combination will disrupt its effect

The magnificent shimmer of mother-of-pearl fascinates and makes the hostess irresistible, seductive, and the magical properties of the gem allow you to direct your life in the right direction. If you want to receive only benefits from the gem, combine it with minerals water element.

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