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How to choose the right one and what is best to combine with jewelry with rauchtopazes.

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Rauchtopaz, or smoky quartz (this is exactly what the second name is most likely – more correct) amazes the imagination with the beauty and unusualness of its color. In fact, natural rauchtopaz is a type of quartz, not topaz. At the very beginning, rauchtopaz was classified as a topaz due to its beautiful shine and then the word smoky was added. But careful laboratory studies put everything in its place. The stone was officially renamed smoky quartz. However, the ancient name “rauchtopaz” had already become firmly established in our everyday life, so it is still actively used today.

Rauchtopaz is a semi-precious stone and is considered one of the most expensive varieties of quartz. Natural stone looks mystical and attractive: sometimes it is dark, somewhat reminiscent of morion; or light and transparent, with a delicate tint, something elusively similar to citrine. In nature, rauchtopazes are found in a wide variety of shades: from smoky gray and brown to brown with black splashes. The offerings of the GEMMA jewelry company include natural stones of a wide variety of cuts and shades, framed in high-quality gold.

In the old days, rauchtopaz had another, second name – “Buddha Stone”. Indian and Tibetan magicians were confident that this attractive stone could help its owner find nirvana, know his own “I” and prevent the influence of any negativity. Many years ago, rauchtopaz was mined in the Kengorm Mountains of Scotland – hence another, third name – “Cairngorm”, Cairngorm or “Scottish stone”. Rauchtopazes were used to embroider the ceremonial clothing of the highlanders. It was a spectacle unsurpassed in radiance and beauty. And crystals have been named in various ways – misty stone, smoky crystal, planer, and resin – depending on the intensity of the color and the place of origin of the next crystal.

A rare feature of rauchtopaz is its harmonious combination with various precious metals – for example, when paired with gold, rauchtopazes look very stylish and impressive. Jewelry with rauchtopazes suits almost any color type of appearance. So, a pendant or pendant with rauchtopaz, framed in silver or white rhodium-plated gold, will suit a blue-eyed or gray-eyed blonde with light or light pink skin. Red-haired and brunette women are advised to pay attention to models made of any color of gold – lemon, red, yellow. And the mysterious haze of rauchtopaz looks elegant and aristocratic framed by precious metal of any color and shade.

Today, wearing rauchtopaz is fashionable and relevant, anytime and anywhere. It all depends on the type of accessory chosen: jewelry design or personal preferences. Next, you need to carefully monitor changes in your own emotional background, even during the first try-on of jewelry. Do you feel warm and satisfied? Then feel free to purchase your chosen model! Since rauchtopaz is a semi-precious stone, its cost is quite acceptable for a large number of buyers. They say that only strong, talented people, people of creative professions choose jewelry with smoky quartz. But is this really so? What kind of stone is rauchtopaz, why does its energy attract people so much, why is it valued by experts and amateurs? Who should wear jewelry with natural rauchtopaz and why? Firstly, when choosing accessories with rauchtopaz, the woman’s age is important.

If in their youth girls strive to emphasize their freshness and youthful beauty, then in later years, an already experienced lady wants to maintain her special, mature attractiveness for as long as possible. Therefore, older women are advised to pay attention to massive accessories inlaid with large rauchtopazes of unusual colors. Such a brooch, bracelet, ring or earrings will make a special accent in style. And young girls should choose jewelry with small crystals or scattered ones, which will favorably emphasize the freshness of the skin and will not attract all the attention of others with their volume or excessive design. An inept choice of an accessory with rauchtopaz can ruin even a carefully created image. The hardest thing is to choose jewelry with rauchtopaz, taking into account a certain style of clothing. When combined with an ordinary outfit, the dark glow of rauchtopaz may seem overly sophisticated and even ridiculous. But even in a business style, when combined with gold, the stone may seem overly pompous to some and therefore vulgar. Rauchtopaz does not look very stylish with white lace. However, for clothes with sequins, accessories with rauchtopaz will be a stylish addition. Another winning option is evening and cocktail dresses, in combination with which the magical haze of rauchtopaz will enhance the charm of the owner and create a certain aura of attractive mystery.

Jewelry with rauchtopaz in the form of flowers, bows, with romantic curls and thin lines is suitable for young representatives of the fair half. More formal accessories, in a classic style, which do not contain additional elements, are well suited for business women. Massive, respectable products with rauchtopazes and other precious stones can be safely worn during an evening “going out”. If rauchtopaz occupies a leading place in the decoration, and cubic zirconia or diamonds frame it around it or decorate it, then you do not need to wear any additional elements, your evening look can already be considered completely complete. Jewelry with rauchtopazes is worn on a summer walk and at a winter business conversation; the main thing is to choose what you like. This stone looks elegant and noble, so most often products made from it are worn in crowded places: at important events, ceremonial parties and business meetings. However, modest stud earrings with rauchtopaz will, of course, look appropriate both at work with a business suit and on a romantic date. As for the fabric, any shade of rauchtopaz looks advantageous in combination with smooth fabrics – silk, satin, nylon, as well as in combination with leather products.

Rauchtopaz (smoky quartz) is a type of quartz of an unusually calm chocolate color. If other quartzes are full of rainbow shades and brightness, such as purple amethyst, yellow citrine and mint prasiolite, then rauchtopaz (smoky quartz) is the choice of a real lady: discreet and very noble. The color of coffee and chocolate will emphasize the restraint, elegance and excellent taste of its owner.

Rauchtopaz is the most valuable and expensive variety of quartz. Sometimes it contains beautiful inclusions of rutile, giving a special charm to its golden-brown crystals. In addition, this is one of the most mysterious and mystical stones! If, for example, rock crystal or rose quartz are very neutral stones, and almost everyone can wear them, then rauchtopaz should be selected with caution, keeping in mind its magical properties.

Physical properties of rauchtopaz (smoky quartz).

  • Formula: SiO2.
  • Syngonia: trigonal.
  • Hardness (Mohs scale): 7. (On a scale from 0 to 10, where 10 is the hardest stone, diamond).
  • Density: 2,6 g/cm3.

Rauch (German for “smoke”), or smoky quartz, got its name for a reason. When you peer into the thickness of the crystal, it seems as if you see there clouds of chocolate-colored smoke. This gives the stone an amazing mystery. Rauchtopaz with uneven color stripes is called “raccoon quartz”

In nature, quartz occurs in crystals that sometimes weigh several tons. It is known that Prince Potemkin there was a smoky quartz crystal that weighed two pounds. A crystal weighing 800 kg is stored in Paris. And geologists from the Kozhim reconnaissance party discovered a crystal weighing one and a half tons in the Urals. This amazing find received the not very euphonious name “The City of Inta is 30 years old.”

Shade may vary from dark honey to chocolate. If you heat smoky quartz to a temperature of 350 degrees Celsius, the dark shade will dissolve and the crystal will become transparent.

The most interesting specimens of rauchtopaz are almost black. They are called “Morions”. And these stones already have enormous value and popularity among psychics.

History of rauchtopaz (smoky quartz).

So, the name of the stone comes from the German «raucher“- “smoke”. The most interesting thing is that rauchtopazes have nothing to do with topaz, because it is a stone from the quartz “family”. But the name has already taken root and is widely spread in gemology. Sometimes rauchtopaz is also called smoky rock crystal.

Rauchtopaz has earned popularity among many nationalities. For example, Buddhists call it “Buddha stone”. According to legend, Buddha received his sight and became enlightened when he was presented with a magic cup. The bowl was carved from smoky quartz and had amazing properties. All who filled it with water and drank it had their diseases and illnesses banished.

Many legends have been made about the stone. For example, one of ancient greek legendstells the story of a shepherd who descended into the underworld. There, deep underground, he saw a sleeping giant. On his finger was a ring made of rauchtopaz, which had magical properties: it could make the owner invisible, protected from harm, gave strength and served as a talisman. The shepherd stole the ring, and with the help of this talisman he was able to defeat the king and take his throne.

Rauchtopaz was of great importance for Mongols.They called it “utaatbolor” and compared it to clear night sky. The Mongols endowed the stone with extraordinary properties. It was believed that rauchtopaz could dispel the darkness of the subconscious, and endow with reason, transfer thought to the bright area of ​​​​enlightenment.

Deposits of rauchtopaz (smoky quartz).

Rauchtopaz deposits are scattered throughout the world. The mining location is known Ural, where in Soviet times a huge crystal weighing one and a half tons was found.

Also, smoky quartz is mined at Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Brazil, Madagascar, Mongolia.

How to care for rauchtopaz (smoky quartz) jewelry.

Like all quartz, rauchtopaz can fade and lose color in the sun. Direct sunlight is destructive for such decorations. Therefore, you should keep it in a closed box, and make sure that other decorations do not scratch the surface of the stone.

You can clean smoky quartz from dirt and deposits in warm soapy water using a soft flannel cloth. Then the stone will fully delight you with its transparency and purity of color.

The magical properties of rauchtopaz (smoky quartz).

Rauchtopaz is one of the most mystical and mysterious stones. In the depths of its golden-brown crystal, a special secret seems to be kept.

It was not for nothing that the ancient peoples believed so much in the ability of this stone to open the way to enlightenment. Alchemists tried to comprehend the secrets of the Universe and the universe. In medieval treatises you can find spells using rauchtopaz. It is believed that if you put a stone under your pillow, you will begin to see prophetic dreams.

Jewelry with rauchtopaz remove and dissolve anger, aggression, negativity. They help irritable and hot-tempered people become calmer and more flexible. Dreamy people should avoid wearing jewelry with rauchtopaz for a long time, as this will contribute to their even greater separation from reality.

Smoky quartz is very strong amulet, which was noted back in Ancient Greece. He is able to protect his owner from the evil eye and damage.

The healing properties of rauchtopaz (smoky quartz).

In ancient times, people believed in the ability of rauchtopaz remove waste and toxins from the body. There is a legend about a healing bowl made of smoky quartz crystal, from which one could be cured of all ailments by drinking from it.

Smoky quartz “drives away” negativity, stress, pain. It helps with depression and can even counteract suicidal thoughts. It will be useful to hold a crystal of this stone in each hand. Some lithotherapists claim that rauchtopaz crystals destroy uterine fibroids, however, you should not completely rely on rauchtopaz for treatment.

Rauchtopaz is considered capable of helping in the fight against bad habits. If you decide to quit drinking and smoking, get jewelry with smoky quartz. This will give you additional strength and will. It was believed that rauchtopaz crystals helped drug addicts return to real life and free themselves from addiction.

To whom does rauchtopaz (smoky quartz) fit according to their zodiac sign?

Rauchtopaz is considered a very strong stone, so it should not be worn constantly, and with caution. It will become the most powerful amulet for Capricorn. It’s better to fix it in silver.

Rauchtopaz (smoky quartz) – synonym nobility and elegance. Its soft chocolate hue evokes calm evenings over a cup of coffee, with a sophisticated yet refined simplicity. No one can accuse you of bad taste and flashy style if you show off jewelry with this stone.

Amazingly beautiful The combination of rauchtopaz and gilding looks great. Since esotericists do not recommend setting it in gold, it would be better if it were gilded silver jewelry. This combination amazes with its softness and charm.

Be sure to get jewelry with rauchtopaz, because such jewelry is somewhat reminiscent of pearls – an all-time classic.

Author: Anna Solovyova.

Photographer: Inna Kubareva.

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