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What stones have magical properties?

Before a date, put rose quartz in your pocket, take citrine for an exam, and get a tiger eye for a conversation with your boss. All this, some people believe, helps to attract love, concentrate better, or become more decisive. Stones and crystals are supposedly also useful for health: to do this, they need to be applied to various points on the body or massaged with them. Although stones have been credited with healing and even magical properties for thousands of years, it seems that this belief is now experiencing a new round of popularity.

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What are “power stones”

In general, stones, minerals and crystals are not the same thing: they differ in chemical and physical properties. Stones – These are non-metallic rocks, often heterogeneous in composition. Minerals consist of one substance, have a certain particle structure and natural origin. Crystals – solids whose particles are arranged in a crystal lattice. They are not necessarily natural; there are also artificial crystals. But in Russia, a common name has stuck for all of them – “stones of power”, or “energy stones”. While in English-speaking countries they are more often called healing crystals – “healing crystals”. Each “stone of power” is assigned certain properties. For example, amethyst should protect against stress, citrine should improve attention and memory, lapis lazuli should promote good luck at work, and rose quartz should awaken feelings of love. There are even stones for quite specific situations: it is recommended to take tiger’s eye for negotiations where you need to show persistence, and carry malachite with you when resolving financial issues. Malachite, the color of a thousand-ruble note, is considered a stone of financial luck. It is recommended to take it with you if you go to the bank for a loan, to a meeting with investors, or to buy a lottery ticket. Source: There is even a method of treating diseases and healing the body with the help of stones, it is called lithotherapy. To improve your health, lithotherapists advise not just keeping the stones with you, but doing a massage with them, applying them to certain “energy points” on the body, or placing them on sore spots. Although some lithotherapists also offer rather unusual procedures, for example, steaming the face in a water bath, after placing a stone in one of the containers. Facial rollers and gua sha massage scrapers are also usually made from natural stone – quartz or jade. Sellers on marketplaces promise to relieve swelling, lighten dark circles under the eyes, and smooth out wrinkles, even deep ones. But if you buy a plastic or glass roller, it supposedly won’t help. Source: Proponents of lithotherapy explain its work this way: stones can accumulate natural energy, and then give it to a person at the right time. Moreover, according to these beliefs, the most energetically powerful stones are also the most valuable stones, such as diamond and emerald. At the same time, it is believed that if there is too much negative energy around a person, the stone somehow draws it towards itself, therefore, for headaches, lithotherapists advise lying with quartz or turquoise on the forehead. The stones are also loved by supporters of conspiracy theories about the dangers of 5G networks: they use shungite to protect against “harmful radiation.” You can use the stone endlessly – unless, of course, it breaks in the process. Adherents of this technique are confident that the energy reserves in stones and minerals will not run out, but in order for them to work correctly, they must be periodically washed under running water and kept in sunlight and moonlight.

How “power stones” and “healing crystals” became popular

People have believed in the healing and magical properties of stones for thousands of years: it is known that ancient Egyptian priests, medieval alchemists and oriental healers used stones and minerals. True, in different parts of the world different effects could be attributed to the same stone. For example, in Ancient Greece, amethyst was attached to glasses or worn on the body as protection against a hangover, and in Ancient China, it was placed near the front door of a house to attract wealth. Interest in stones either grew or almost disappeared. In the 1970s, they were remembered again due to the heyday of the New Age movement in the United States: then many esoteric concepts became popular – energy practices, astrology, numerology, Reiki palm technique and “healing crystals.” By the way, sometimes it is advised to look for your “stone of power” precisely in accordance with your zodiac sign: for example, it is supposedly useful for Scorpios to acquire opal and aquamarine, and for Aries – zircon and rock crystal. At the end of the 2010s, there was a new surge of interest in esotericism in the United States, including “healing crystals.” Celebrities played an important role in this: model Miranda Kerr, entrepreneur Kim Kardashian, singer Adele and actress Gwyneth Paltrow, who has now switched to selling wellness products – including stone products – in her Goop store, have admitted their belief in stones . Around the same time – in the late 2010s and early 2020s – the passion for stones again captured Russians: sets for all occasions and zodiac signs appeared on marketplaces, and spa centers began offering massages with stones, even diamonds. In Yandex, “properties of stones” are now searched an average of 145 thousand times a month, and “magical properties of stones” – 54 thousand times. A set of crystals from the Moscow brand Quarz, which was founded by former employees of an advertising agency, a glossy magazine and a fashion store. The price for a set of three stones, selected according to the zodiac sign, is about 3000 rubles. Source:

How the beneficial properties of stones were tested

Although supporters of the theory about the properties of stones refer to science, scientists themselves are skeptical about this belief. American journalists asked several experts in the field of mineralogy about ways to transfer energy from stone to person and received a unequivocal answer: it is impossible. A stone is an ordinary object, and it does not produce any “energy flows”. Some people claim that they actually feel a positive effect after contact with stones and minerals, but this can be explained by the placebo effect, which was confirmed by one experiment. In the early 2000s, scientists invited 80 people to meditate briefly with a “healing crystal” in their hands, but half of the experiment participants were given real crystals to hold, and the other half were given glass pieces. Then people were asked what they felt, and in both groups there were those who felt warmth spreading through their bodies and palms. Regardless of what a person received – a crystal or a piece of glass – the “energy flows” were felt only by those who, before the experiment began, admitted their belief in the power of the stones. By the way, mineral experts note that most of the “healing crystals” now entering the world market from China and India are fakes made of glass or plastic, or simply cheap artificial stones that are passed off as valuable natural ones. But this also does not prevent modern adherents of lithotherapy from feeling the positive effect of wearing or applying such stones to the body.

When stones and crystals help

You shouldn’t expect any magical or healing properties from the stones, but sometimes they are really useful – however, there is no mysticism in this. You can use stones, for example, to relieve anxiety using grounding techniques. Its essence is to switch attention from your internal state to something external, for example visual images or tactile sensations. In a moment of acute anxiety, you should take a small pebble in your hand – it doesn’t have to be a “healing crystal”, even road rubble will do – and try to study it. You need to feel the texture of its surface, temperature, weight, size and mentally describe all this in as much detail as possible. Moreover, if stones on your desktop, in your pocket or as a bracelet lift your spirits, you should not refuse this pleasure. Thus, mineralogist Jeff Post from the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, although he is sure that the stones do not have any healing or magical properties, does not deny that they can bring joy: they are simply pleasant to look at, like flowers. The enchanting beauty and magical properties of natural stones have fascinated people for many centuries. Born in the depths of the earth’s bowels and in the open sun, natural stones have a special magical power and positive energy. They are an inexhaustible source of inspiration for jewelry makers. Designer Svetlana Molodykh has been working for many years on creating designer jewelry from natural stones with magical properties. Investing her soul and heart, she, first of all, relies on their beauty, the play of colors, the combination of textures that will merge into a single beautiful designer decoration.

Natural stones in jewelry: benefits, harmony and power of energy

Natural stones are a unique gift of nature; when combined in decoration, they carry powerful natural energy. Each stone has certain magical properties, so when choosing jewelry you need to take this into account.


Coral is a natural stone of modesty, fragile tenderness, and virtue. It is no coincidence that it is an attribute of young unmarried girls. The mineral is found in the depths of sea water, and the sun and wind are destructive to it. Only special treatment provides good protection against destruction. Coral jewelry is suitable not only for girls, but also for women of all ages, but the younger the owner, the lighter and more delicate the natural coral should be. Corals are useful to wear for thyroid diseases and weakened immunity. Coral is recommended for anyone who has a tendency to panic and frequent anxiety. He is able to give inspiration to creative people.


Garnet is a natural stone of strong emotions. It will give its owner vigor and vitality and help cope with any stress. Natural stone Garnet has magical properties. Strengthens the charisma and charm of its owner, patronizes strong and purposeful individuals. Natural pomegranate will help creative individuals who need a constant boost of emotions and inspiration. For health, pomegranate is recommended to be worn by people with weak immunity and hypertension. It is highly undesirable for scammers and intriguers to wear a pomegranate. They can progress to severe mental illness.


Chrysoprase is a luxurious natural stone that lifts your spirits. It helps fight depression, makes a person spiritually stronger, and protects from negativity. Chrysoprase is recommended to be worn by determined, calm people. It will nourish a person with energy, make him strong and self-sufficient, because natural stone has magical properties.


Hematite is a symbol of courage, wisdom, courage and health. The magical properties of the stone are to protect humans. Natural stone neutralizes negative energy directed at it and also protects against rash decisions. Hematite enhances the energy potential of the owner and increases her impact on other people. When constantly worn, hematite jewelry increases attention and self-control. Since natural stone provides a good tonic effect, it is recommended to wear it in jewelry to prevent fatigue and hypotension.

Marcasite or titanic quartz

Marcasite, according to Indian beliefs, has magical properties and reflects the spiritual essence of a person. It is no coincidence that people of risky professions choose it for jewelry. Natural stone will serve a decent, sincere person well, making him more decisive and stronger. Also, jewelry with marcasite is worn when it is necessary to get out of a prolonged depression, after serious shocks and stress.


Labradorite is a natural stone that restores strength and self-confidence. It will energize weak personalities, help overcome indecision and promote making the right decisions. Extremely unsuitable for frivolous people and those who strive for the dark side of life. It is recommended to wear jewelry with Labradorite in case of cardiovascular diseases and metabolic disorders.

Choosing the right jewelry made from natural stones

Every piece of jewelry with natural stones contains a secret, enormous power and beauty. Whatever decoration you choose, it has magical properties and specific energy. With its help, you can adjust your energy flows so that you get the desired events. Do not choose jewelry with stones according to your horoscope, listen to your heart, mood, feel intuitively whether they suit you or not. If you fell in love with a piece of jewelry at first sight, then it is definitely yours and will bring you only positive emotions!

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