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What stones need to be charged in the sun?

Stones serve us faithfully and selflessly. Remember a familiar situation – suddenly beads scattered or an earring or pendant fell and a stone split. Don’t blame the thread or the lock. If a stone does not suit you, it will simply “go away” so as not to harm you. And if this stone is “yours”, it will protect you. While protecting, it takes on the “energy dirt” intended for you, and when an “energy overload” occurs, the stone “goes away” so as not to harm. To prevent this, the stone should be “cleaned”. It’s good if you clean the stones regularly, at least once a month. The 28th and 29th days of the lunar month are best suited for this. This “cleaning” procedure is mandatory if you feel discomfort when wearing jewelry or if you have a feeling of a “dirty” stone. The product should be removed and rinsed with running water for three to five minutes. You can put the product in the freezer (or in the cold). Sometimes evil is targeted, directed specifically at you. And then “Your Defender” will stand in his way and take the “black” energy upon himself, and into the crystalline structure. In this case, a more thorough “cleaning” is required.

  1. way: put the product in a jar of boiled water overnight and put it in the freezer. In the morning, the stone should be “defrosted” in the sun.
  2. way: for half a glass of melt water – one tablespoon of table salt (or sea salt), or add salt directly (use pure white salt). Leave in water for 3-12 hours depending on the size and number of stones. You can also put it in “holy” water for a day.

Crystals and stones, after they have been used to treat a particular disease, must be cleansed and charged in order to free them from absorbed negative energy.

Methods for cleaning stones and crystals

Firstly, to cleanse, you can place the stone on a druse (a collection of crystals grown on a common base) of quartz or amethyst for a long time.

Secondly, the crystal or stone is placed in a jar of salt or simply in salt water and left for at least 3 hours. It is believed that salt absorbs negative energy. After cleansing in salt water, the crystal should be dried in the sun.

Thirdly, the crystal or stone is washed with plain water and then dried in the sun, but not under an electric lamp.

Fourthly, you can clean the stone using fire. To do this, you just need to hold it over the candle.

Fifthly, you can clean the stone with the help of earth, burying it on the waning moon and leaving it for a week.

Ritual of cleansing stones and crystals with the elements

To carry out the stone cleaning ritual, you will need a small table covered with a cloth, incense, a red candle, water and a flower pot with soil. Incense is placed on the eastern side of the table, a lighted candle on the southern side, water on the western side, a pot on the northern side, and a stone is placed in the center.

Next, you need to take the stone in your hand, concentrate on the pot of earth, place the stone in it and say: “I cleanse you with the Earth.” Then concentrate on the water and put a stone there, saying: “I cleanse you with Water.” Next, the stone should be carried over a burning candle and said: “I cleanse you with Fire.” At the last stage, you need to hold the stone over the smoke from the incense and say: “I cleanse you with Air.”

How to Cleanse and Charge Some Stones

Amazonite. To clean and charge the stone, you just need to place it in the sun.

Nephritis. If used frequently, jade plates or balls should be cleaned once a month. To deeply clean the stone, prepare a strong solution of sea salt and place jade in it for 2 days. External cleaning can be done by wiping the stone or washing it. You can charge jade in the sun or moonlight, for which it is enough to place it on the window for 2-3 hours.

Rose quartz. To clean the stone, you need to hold it under running water and then charge it in the sun. However, it should be remembered that leaving it in the sun for a long time is undesirable, as it fades.

Rubin. The stone is placed in water with ammonia diluted in it in a ratio of 6:1.

Sodalite The stone must be washed in running water once a week, and charged only together with the rock crystal, placing them in a container with water overnight. It is useless to charge sodalite in the sun, since it does not accumulate energy, but only heats up.

Setting the stone

Many stone therapists agree with the theory of Eliaphas Levi (a French occultist of the 19th century), which states that man and stones have some kind of mystical similarity or kinship, to enhance which the occultist suggested “breathing ether through the stone.” To do this, he advised placing the stone on the palm of your hand and, looking at it, imagine that it is shrouded in an invisible, barely tangible ether. After this, pour this ether into your own body, hold it there for a few seconds and pour it back into the stone.

In this unique way, according to Levi, information is exchanged between stone and man. After this procedure, the stone begins to understand its owner, his anxieties, desires and needs. After such manipulations, a person not only becomes more spiritually perfect, but is also cured of many diseases.

Modern stone therapists, astrologers and psychics believe that one of the effective ways to tune a stone is meditation, which is based on three main exercises.

Exercise 1

A person who wants to tune a stone must sit up straight, close his eyes, take the stone in his left hand, imagine its biofield and think that it is unique, beautiful and exquisite. If after some time the meditator feels a slight tingling in the hand in which the stone is held, it means that the mineral has heard him and is ready for dialogue. However, under no circumstances should you start communicating right away. Stones are quite slow and thorough, they need some time to understand and decide whether to serve their owner or not.

Astrologers and stone therapists advise performing this exercise daily for 10 days. When contact with the stone begins to be established after 2-3 minutes, you can begin the next exercise.

Exercise 2

A person should lie on his back, completely relax, place a stone on his chest in the area of ​​his heart, mentally imagine it and try to hold this image until the exercise is completed. Next, the meditator needs to remember the brightest and happiest moment in his life and try to awaken in himself the feelings that he experienced then. This exercise lasts no more than 7 minutes. As a result, the stone takes on a person’s emotions in 2-5 sessions.

After carrying out the exercise, taking the stone in his hands, the person should experience the feeling that was demonstrated to him. Having achieved a positive result, you can proceed to the third exercise.

Exercise 3

The meditator needs to move the stone from the heart area to the forehead to the “third eye” area, then completely relax and begin to receive the signals that the stone will send. If a pink, lilac or golden glow appears in your mind’s eye, this means that the attunement of the stone to the human biofield was successful. It must be remembered that if during the exercise you experience unexplained discomfort, the session should be stopped immediately.

Stone therapists and astrologers claim that if the stone’s alignment with a person’s biofield has not occurred, then it needs to be gotten rid of. However, even if establishing contact was successful, it should be remembered that these exercises must be repeated every six months so as not to lose contact with the stone.

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Time and time again, crystal lovers ask, “How should I clean my crystals or jewelry?”, “How should I charge them?” I’ll write a little about why all this should be done and how it would be easiest to do it.

First of all, crystals are energy sources, and if we use them, whether simply in sets or wearing them as jewelry, their energy will run out if we do not treat them with dignity. But in fact, we can use them for a very long time if we take care of them.

If you use natural crystals and not cheap knockoffs, then they have value and it is worth preserving that value. This is a case where crystals are imitated very well because, unfortunately, there is a widespread belief in the world that what people want turns into a nasty business.

Crystals give you the energy you need, the same energy they carry with them. At the same time, they remove from your Aura exactly the energy that the crystal is working against, that is, if the crystal gives you energy, it will replace the negative energy. This means, however, that the crystal gives you its positive energy and at the same time traps the negative energy within itself. This is where you need to understand why crystals need to be cleansed. We need to cleanse them to release the negative energy within the crystal that it has trapped in your Aura.

The smoke of the plant has an energetically cleansing effect, so it is used to cleanse crystals. incense, ritual plants or essential oils.

Plant smoke is what releases energy stored in crystals that do not actually belong to that crystal. In fact, all plants are suitable for this, because each has its own good energy that comes out when burned. I recommend using ritual plants regularly as they offer energetic healing on all levels, such as keeping your overall home energy and everyone in your home healthy.


If you bought crystals from me, then I can tell you that after you buy them, you can start using them immediately because before I take the crystals to La Tene stores, I cleanse and charge them all. Therefore, they are ready to help you immediately!

If you’ve been wearing your jewelry for a month, it’s time to start doing cleansing rituals until you’re done wearing it.

If you have created crystal sets, they should also be cleaned regularly after a month at home. I recommend that you wash your crystals from time to time, which can be washed under water.

Decoration clean the plants with smoke at least once a month.

– Although crystals can be cleansed without observing the phases of the moon, I still recommend paying attention to it. This is because you can cleanse them more effectively in the correct Moon phase. Moon phase calendar can be found HERE.

– Each phase of the moon has its own characteristic strength, which I always write about in the horoscope. I suggest you follow it.

– I am used to cleaning myself and my jewelry during the creation of the Full and New Moon or the First Quarter Moon. You can find an article about the Full Moon HERE, you will find an article about the creation of New Moon HERE, and you will find an article about the creation of the First Quarter Moon HERE. In these articles you will find useful information about the energies of these lunar phases.

– The decoration is placed on the table, placed in the middle ritual torch or incense. Let the torch smoke for at least 5-10 minutes. But if you use, for example, oil tea tree or other essential oil, then keep it in oil lamp at least an hour. With essential oil, cleansing lasts longer than with a ritual lantern or Palo Santo. I recommend Tea tree essential oil, because it helps the crystals work longer and more efficiently.

– Let the smoke of the plant be exactly the same in the middle of the crystals.

When you let me Sage on a ritual torch, Palo Santo, oil tea tree, incense or other cleaning products to do their job, remove them from the area where you used them. The next step is to charge the crystals.

If you have a question about which herb to use, I have written down the effects of the various herbs in the descriptions of these products. Cleanse love crystals with love energy incense, protective crystals with protective energy incense. All incense and ritual plants HEREand essential oils HERE. I recommend reading about the action of each plant separately.


There are decorations in the picture, they are charging around Amethyst geodes. Amethyst charges jewelry that aims to activate spiritual growth, restore intuition crystals and help bring peace. This Amethyst Geode is topped with a protective bracelet to help strengthen your intuition when feeling bad. In addition, there is Phantom Quartzwhich promotes spiritual development, and Rhinestone с Green Tourmaline. All of these jewelry are associated with spiritual growth, which means that Amethyst is the ideal crystal for these jewelry. Amethyst’s goal is to restore the energy that exists within them so that they can work with people for a very long time. In addition to Amethyst, you can also charge these jewelry with Rock Crystal geodes, which has universal charging properties and is always suitable for charging any jewelry.

While cleansing helps release the energy trapped in the crystals, charging helps activate the crystals. Charging adds vitality, energy and power to the crystals. This restores their natural strength with which they work with us. Cleansing helps release the energy that has built up within you in these crystals, and recharging helps restore it.

When we talk about energy charging, the Earth has given geodes among the crystals. Geodes – These are those crystals that have the ability to revive other crystals. Geodes are made up of small crystalline peaks, and those same peaks carry energy to other crystals. Geodes have the property of not depleting energy and can regenerate by keeping them on a windowsill. The only thing a geode wants in order for it to do its job properly is for it to be able to enjoy the light of the Sun and Moon.

To charge your jewelry, find a special windowsill in your home where you can store geodes. Create a sitting area where you can store your jewelry while you’re not wearing it.

Each geode has its own energy that he can restore. You can read more about the different geodes HERE.

If you have a lot of different jewelry, such as crystals with protective energy, energy with love, and also angel crystals, then, first of all, you may have Rock Crystal Geode on the windowsill. Rock Crystal Geodes cleanse and charge all crystals. If you have a lot of jewelry, then there may be special geodes for jewelry with a certain power.

When we talk about creating a charging space, the first thing to consider is the jewelry that gets charged there. Below I will talk about charging crystals.

Geodes charge jewelry by placing jewelry on top of or next to it and keep it there until you wear it. This is so that they can be constantly full of energy and so that they are immediately ready to help you if you feel that you want to wear a particular piece of jewelry.

If you wear some jewelry every day, I recommend removing all jewelry at night and charging it overnight. This is done to ensure that the jewelry does not deplete energy, break, or change color. Crystal jewelry that has not been cleansed with dignity or charged will lose its energy and begin to break.

Sometimes you can wear jewelry at night, but then those that bring visions or are associated with prophetic dreams. I have written this under various talismans and it does not cause the crystal to lose energy if done occasionally.

You can prepare the jewelry charging area gradually, starting with one geode from Mountain CrystalI also add geodes there when adding jewelry. The charging point is designed so that the more you deal with crystals, the more jewelry you have, the larger the charging point can be. When I talk about the size of this place, I’m actually talking about the geodes you put in there.

The more decorations, the more there can be geode or the more small geodes there may be. You don’t have to find one large geode right away, but you can slowly bring in smaller ones as well.

How many pieces of jewelry can be charged on one small geode? For example, when I have a geode from Rock Crystal, about 5 cm, then it covers about two bracelet and one talisman or set earrings. If the geode is overloaded, that crystal will no longer be able to perform as you expected.

For example, if you wear crystals associated with prosperity or abundance, it would be very ideal if they were charged on Citrine geode. Citrine has the ability to charge these crystals with the necessary energy. You can place Citrine next to Rock Crystal or work related jewelry. You place some decorations on one geode, others on another.


If you create a special place at home for crystal jewelry, where they can be restored with your help, then in addition to the necessary geodes There may be other forms of crystals there. For example, it is very useful to store different obelisks. Obelisks have power and strength that can enhance energy. By placing it with a geode, it can make the charging process more powerful. Black Obsidian Obelisk, which has the ability to remove old, stagnant and harmful energy from jewelry, is especially useful.

Pyramids act similarly, giving the geodes a stronger power to restore the crystals. Hold rock crystal pyramid Near Rock Crystal Geode, Black Obsidian pyramid Near Geode from Agate or hematite. Pyramid of Rose Quartz keep close to Zeolite geode, Amethyst pyramid с Amethyst geode. You can also store other pyramids there, depending on the charging energy you want to generate.

Raw Crystals useful to use on an altar if you want to give your decorations even more energy. For example, use raw pieces Selenita when charging Angel crystals and intuition. Place them on top of Selenite, which in turn is next to Celestine Geode. Thus, two crystals associated with angelic energy and development can restore your jewelry.

If you want to charge and strengthen a set of crystals, then in the same way a geode or pyramid. For example, put Tiger’s Eye pyramid Near Citrine geodeto further enhance the power of success crystals at work.

When you charge crystals and jewelry, their power increases and they gradually work harder on you.

Lastly, I would also like to mention that a place to charge crystals, I call it an altar, make this place using your intuition, use your creative side, let the visions come and fill it with the elements you think you might need there . Take plants and other things that may be useful for your crystals near the geodes. While performing cleansing rituals in exactly the same way, feel when you want to do it, whether the crystal needs your cleansing ritual, and so on.

If the jewelry breaks, loses color, or disappears, this is a sign of lack of crystal energy. Sometimes this happens when you first start working with crystals. Crystals simply lose their power quickly because they have to give all their energy to you.

Crystals are a gift from the Earth for us to use in our emotional bodies. Be wise and treat them with dignity and respect – then the expected result will come!

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