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What stones should Libra women not wear?

People born between September 23 and October 22 belong to the horoscope sign Libra. To those around them, representatives of this sign seem easy to communicate, calm and balanced. But from the outside it is not noticeable what an internal struggle is going on in the thoughts of Libra in order to consider each problem from all sides and find a balanced solution. Among the positive qualities of Libra we can highlight: the ability to find compromises and resolve conflicts, the ability to select “keys” to different people and adapt to others. Libras are never stuffy, they cannot be called selfish and focused only on themselves. Since this sign is ruled by Venus, Libra strives to create long-term relationships and is rarely lonely. However, despite their dedication to relationships, Libras also value their independence and personal space, are considered extroverts and do not feel very comfortable in the company of strangers. Libras try to avoid conflicts until they are faced with insurmountable differences, which often leads to stress and internal discomfort. And due to the desire to consider issues from different angles, it can be difficult for representatives of this sign to make a spontaneous decision. Gemstones that suit their horoscope will help to reveal the best qualities and smooth out the negative aspects in the character of Libra. In this article we will explore crystals suitable for Libra and tell you in detail how they will affect representatives of the air sign of the zodiac.

Which stones suit all Libras?

Libras are known for their penchant for idealizing the world, achieving balance, and strong relationships. One way to enhance their natural qualities and help them achieve harmony in life is to use gemstones. From crystals that promote love and relationships to minerals that enhance self-awareness and spiritual development, let’s explore in more detail the world of gemstones that will help Libras find balance and well-being.


Diamonds for Libra are not only luxurious jewelry. They help representatives of this sign achieve goals both in their personal lives and in their professional activities. Also, a diamond for Libra is considered a grounding stone and connects them to the higher spiritual sphere, which brings balance to life. Women’s ring SOKOLOV 51-210-00009-1 No. 18 32. Every girl will like a ring decorated with diamonds. However, for representatives of the Libra sign, diamonds will also help strengthen relationships and create a balance between work, hobbies and personal life. Women’s ring SOKOLOV 1011882 No. 19 15. A ring with a central diamond symbolizes radiance and the pursuit of perfection. Such jewelry motivates independent Libra women to achieve their goals and ambitions. Other collections
1011882 No. 19 15 Other collections
51-210-00009-1 №18 32


Emerald is a powerful protective stone that can protect Libra from the evil eye, evil spells and negative energy. Its green hue symbolizes the life-giving and calming effect it has on Libra, helping them maintain mental clarity and balance in their relationships with others. Women’s bracelet SOKOLOV 3050007. A bracelet with emeralds will bring calm and inner peace into the life of Libra women. In astrology, emeralds are considered as stones with protective properties, which helps Libra feel safe. Women’s pendant SOKOLOV 3030127. A pendant with an emerald for a Libra girl will become a real amulet. When worn in the area of ​​the heart, it will protect against heartbreak and unceremonious people who try to get into the soul. Other collections Other collections


Sapphire will be useful for Libra, who constantly tries to control their emotions. Wearing a stone will help you relax, get rid of internal fears, and increase self-esteem. In addition, sapphire enlightens the mind and enhances cognitive abilities. Women’s ring SOKOLOV 2011038 No. 19 38. Sapphire is considered a stone of wisdom and clarity of mind. For Libra, a ring with sapphires as a gift will help them make informed decisions and learn to listen to their intuition without mentally weighing different options.


Malachite helps Libra become more decisive and self-confident, learn to respond to negativity and get out of their comfort zone. This relieves feelings of suppression and protects against stress. Wearing a stone will teach you the ability to stand up for yourself and defend your point of view. Also, rich green malachite is considered a symbol of wealth. The more malachite jewelry you have, the easier it will be to attract material wealth to yourself. Women’s bracelet Damiani D.Side 20086907. A women’s bracelet decorated with malachite can be given to a businesswoman who was born under the horoscope sign of Libra. Malachite helps Libra take decisive steps in financial and business matters. It increases self-confidence, gives determination in actions and promotes success in business.


Despite the fact that Libras are quite charming and sociable, they often have problems with communication. Turquoise will help representatives of this sign get out of their comfort zone and calmly communicate with unfamiliar people. Blue stones are associated with the throat chakra and can break down mental blockages and help you express your thoughts and feelings. Turquoise charges the air signs of the horoscope, which include Libra, with powerful positive energy and has healing properties for them. Thanks to its qualities, the stone will become a reliable companion for Libra. Ring SOKOLOV 83010019. A ring with turquoise will help Libra girls overcome shyness and learn to freely express thoughts, which many representatives of this sign often encounter in conflict situations. Women’s long earrings SOKOLOV 726176. Turquoise earrings are great for Libras as it is one of their main birthstones. Turquoise will help improve relationships with people, especially in the business sphere, and promote career growth and prosperity. Other collections
Long earrings
Other collections


For Libras who strive to bring harmony into their daily lives, aquamarine is the ideal stone. This crystal has the ability to clear the mind of useless thoughts and gives its owner a feeling of ease without tension. Wearing aquamarine helps Libra to be more reasonable, teaches them to better understand themselves, and awakens intuition. Women’s ring Damiani Paradise 20071349. This white gold ring with aquamarine and a scattering of diamonds looks like a real work of art. And for Libra, aquamarine is also a useful gemstone. Wearing aquamarine helps Libra women make more informed decisions, thanks to which representatives of this sign are able to successfully achieve their goals with a clear mind and balanced emotions. Necklace Damiani Emozioni 20071067. A white gold necklace with a pendant decorated with aquamarine surrounded by chaotic diamonds will delight every girl, but it will also help Libra achieve success in life. Wearing the stone promotes self-acceptance, improved communication skills and expressiveness.

Pink quartz

Rose quartz is also considered one of the best crystals for Libra. This stone helps open the heart chakra, which makes Libra more open to love, whether it’s finding a soul mate or embracing self. These amazing crystals support the development of loving relationships and teach Libra how to truly love and respect themselves. Women’s long earrings SOKOLOV Trend book 92022313. Earrings decorated with rose quartz will be a wonderful addition to the jewelry collection of representatives of the Libra sign. Rose quartz will help Libra attract the attention of another person or learn to accept themselves as they are.

Which stones are suitable for Libra Women

  • Sapphire is a stone of wisdom and heavenly harmony that develops intuition and promotes inner comfort.
  • Malachite is a mineral of wealth and women’s health, helps strengthen physical and material well-being.
  • Diamonds – sparkling and iridescent crystals emphasize natural beauty and give Libra women self-confidence.
  • Aquamarine is a gemstone that symbolizes clarity and calm, helps resolve conflicts and improve communication, and create harmonious family relationships.
  • Quartz – a crystal of delicate shades promotes spiritual growth, balances emotions, helps to find love and establish relationships with a loved one.
  • Turquoise is a stone that strengthens friendships and helps make new acquaintances, develops communication skills and public speaking skills.
  • Emerald is a talisman for Libra, which is a stone of inner strength and protection, it brings well-being and protects against negative energy.

Each of these stones has unique energetic and symbolic properties, and their choice depends on individual goals and preferences. Libra women can use minerals as jewelry or keep them close to them to enhance their natural qualities and achieve balance in life.

Women’s stud earrings Delta BR150778. Stud earrings with diamonds can be given to a Libra girl for graduating from school or in honor of entering university. Gemstones will help representatives of this sign become serious and develop a more decisive character.

Women’s ring Grant 5104661. The ouroboros ring reflects the idea of ​​unity and harmony in the world, which Libra so often lacks in order to find balance. Emeralds and diamonds decorating the ring only enhance the positive impact on representatives of the Libra sign.

Women’s long earrings Damiani D.Side 20086902. Earrings with malachites for Libra will not only be a beautiful decoration, but also protection against physical ailments. Malachite has a strong feminine energy and helps Libra women cope with problems in the genitourinary system. Also, malachite for Libra is considered a stone that attracts wealth.

Many people believe that natural minerals have magical healing properties. If it is chosen correctly, according to human vibration, it will become his protection. But how to choose the right talisman for a specific zodiac sign? The article will tell you which stones for Libra will help shape your personality, attract good luck, and protect you from negative energy.

For women

Girls born under the sign of Libra on September 23 – October 22 are considered wise economic individuals. For them, the most important thing in life is family.

This zodiac sign rarely becomes the instigator of quarrels. But when this happens, he thinks about strategic moves in advance. Libra ladies of any age are known for their willpower and healthy stubbornness.

To enhance positive, strong character traits, astrologers recommend talismans with stones for Libra women:

  • emerald – will help maintain peace, prolong youth;
  • lapis lazuli – helps shy people find balance and balance in communication;
  • pomegranate – activates mental activity in difficult situations, promotes chastity;
  • moonstone – necessary to maintain harmony in any area of ​​life.

Properly selected jewelry amulets with natural stones have a positive effect on your physical and emotional state.

To those listed you can add agate, tourmaline, malachite, sapphire, turquoise, which have a positive effect on the inner feminine energy. Each of these representatives helps extraordinary and changeable individuals find harmony.

For men

Representatives of the stronger sex received from the universe a special attitude towards order and clarity in all matters. They follow this rule in their appearance, home and work environment.

Libra men are very friendly, easily find a common language with others, and know how to listen. Their weakness is boasting, a negative reaction to criticism.

They strive for financial well-being at any age. For Libra, it is important to earn good money, have an expensive car, a big house, and frequent dinners in expensive restaurants.

To achieve such goals, men are recommended to use talismans that unlock potential and direct energy in the right direction. Among the most powerful stones of the Libra zodiac, astrologers note:

  • chrysolite – promotes financial independence, reduces internal stress;
  • sapphire – activates the brain, helps to gain respect in the company;
  • aquamarine – helps to believe in one’s own capabilities and earn a high position in society.

To these you can add universal mineral representatives that influence internal energy – tiger’s eye, tourmaline, amethyst. They prevent negative energy coming from outside.

For children

The choice of mascots for children should be taken responsibly. After all, gems selected for adults cannot always have a positive effect on a child due to the instability of his energy.

The main tasks of a children’s talisman are a beneficial effect on mental and physical development, the correct formation of personality.

Stones suitable for Libra children include:

  • malachite – a girlish option for attracting positive energy, improves health;
  • emerald – helps to concentrate and improve mental performance;
  • opal – has a positive effect on the emotional background, improves memory;
  • tourmaline – suitable for boys with a violent disposition, making them docile and calm;
  • turquoise – protects the child from damage.

When choosing, it is important to consider: different minerals and combinations are suitable for boys and girls.

Best Gemstones for Libra by Birth Date

Astrologers advise determining the compatibility of talisman stones by date of birth by date and month.

For people born from September 24 to October 2, the following are suitable:

Libras are under the influence of Venus on these dates, so they are friendly and gentle. The minerals listed will help you strengthen your fortitude and strength of character.

People born from October 3 to October 13 are ruled by the planet Saturn. They are characterized by such qualities as modesty, hard work, and devotion to family.

They do not require great fame and big rewards. Natural talismans are suitable for this type, directing the owner’s attention and strength to managing his own affairs.

The most suitable minerals for these purposes include:

  • tourmaline;
  • amethyst;
  • zircon;
  • emerald;
  • blue topaz;
  • ruby.

A person born between October 14 and 23 comes under the protection of the planet Jupiter. This is a well-mannered person who appreciates the joys of life. Sapphire, diamond, emerald, ruby, and aquamarine are suitable for him.

How to choose

Talisman stones for the Libra zodiac sign should be selected taking into account many characteristics. The main ones include the natural element and the patron planet.

Libra is an air sign, so gems should be of the same element. It is better if they are translucent, heterogeneous, with small inclusions. The presence of hazy, smoky impurities is welcome.

Venus is the patron of this zodiac sign, so the effective ones have pink, green, and white colors.

It is important to consider the size: the larger the mineral, the stronger it will accumulate energy.

With a strong beneficial effect, jewelry should be in the form of a pendant or bracelet. It is in this form that the gem will come into contact with the skin and bring maximum benefits.

You can enhance the magical properties of the stone by combining rings and earrings with universal natural minerals. Semi-precious and precious stones stand out among them.

The first group includes agate, turquoise, hawk’s eye, amethyst, and aquamarine. The second includes diamond, beryl, green garnet, emerald, lapis lazuli, white jade.

Stones for health

The healing properties of gems depend on psychosomatics, which strengthens the strength of spirit and subsequently health itself.

Topaz is one of the best talismans for Libra. It pacifies a restless character, supports under severe stress, and protects against burnout. Becomes a good companion, improves sleep and strengthens the immune system.

The second most important and energetic power is jade. A unique gem that combines Yin and Yang. Helps Libra resist hypochondria and laziness. It also helps to cope with life’s difficulties.

Amber was recognized as a girl’s favorite amulet. It is worn in a combination of various jewelry: earrings with a ring, bracelet, pendant.

Yellow amber is the best choice for any beauty. It prolongs youth and beauty, protects women’s health and energy. It is important that the mineral is of natural origin: this contains more magical properties.

Stones for happiness, luck and money

Opal is a powerful gem that brings happiness. A pendant or ring with a small piece of opal will bring love, prosperity, and joy to its owner.

Esotericists call opal a magical artifact of well-being.

Jewelry made from lapis lazuli is also useful. A real money talisman that attracts wealth and more successful business deals. It is better to wear it as a pendant, as an independent amulet in your pocket.

Among the talismans of good luck for the zodiac sign Libra, topaz stands out. The solar orientation gem is recognized by the people as a symbol of good energy.

Topaz helps its owner achieve success in any field of activity, especially in the mental. If you wear a ring or bracelet on your left hand, it will attract good luck in the financial sphere.

From the evil eye and damage

Among the variety of magical amulets, garnet, topaz, and emerald are protective for Libra. Topaz is considered a protective amulet for houses against the arrival of ill-wishers. Garnet is a protector for a traveler setting out on a long journey. It takes a person away from dangerous places, keeps him alert, and drives away sad thoughts.

Diamond is a stone-amulet against the evil eye. It will protect the owner from negative, bad thoughts and words from the outside. The appearance of cracks on the surface indicates an excess of bad energy inside the nugget. A malachite pendant will also help prevent damage.

Emerald will serve Libra well as a talisman. It is better to wear it constantly on a ring for women, and for men – in the form of a small natural amulet.

What stones should you not wear?

In addition to gems that have a positive effect on a person’s character and life, there are several undesirable semi-precious stones for Libra. Most of them belong to minerals of the opposite energetic sign – Aries. Wearing them as jewelry brings instability into the lives of those who love order. These include:

  • onyx;
  • coil;
  • rhodolite;
  • cornelian;
  • hematite.

Onyx is not recommended for Libra to wear because of the energy that causes overexcitation, unnecessary aggression, and isolation. The coil complicates a person’s character, making him more capricious. It is also undesirable to purchase a warlike ruby, which is not suitable for peaceful individuals.

Often, the choice of a suitable talisman depends on the character of the person and his attitude to the magical properties of natural minerals. If Libra feels joy and calmness towards the representative of unwanted nuggets, you should try to wear him for several days. But it is better to give preference to universal options, whose combination will help stimulate positive changes in several areas of life at once.

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