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What stones should you wear according to your zodiac sign?

Most peoples of the world have long endowed natural stones with special supernatural powers and unique energy, so any zodiac sign has a certain stone that is most suitable for them to also serve as a talisman. Such stones are much more likely to make their owners luckier and healthier, and will also help them be happy in their personal lives, successful in business life, increase professionalism, and develop creatively. Also, real natural minerals serve as amulets, neutralizing the influence of dark forces, bad thoughts and all kinds of misfortunes. In today’s article we will try to understand the signs of the Zodiac and the natural stones that ideally match them, so that the jewelry you create also has the power of nature. Aries It is better for this fire sign to buy jewelry with clear crystal, reddish coral, various types of agate, turquoise, or give an accessory made of onyx, lava stone, quartz, pearls, amethyst. Hematite, lapis lazuli, and zircon are also suitable for him. It is very important for addicted Aries to have amethysts on hand, a type of quartz whose name translates as “not drunk.” There is a belief that amethysts prevent their owners from getting drunk or poisoned. They also help Aries who want to realize the true reasons for their desires and help strengthen the immune system. Amethysts have a reputation as particularly strong amulets against external negative influences, such as the evil eye or damage. According to experts, this beautiful purple stone can absorb mental pain, dispel sadness, heal depression and develop psychic abilities in Aries – all you need to do is carry amethysts with you all the time. In addition, amethysts can strengthen love bonds and deepen family relationships, giving harmony, especially when they are given the right shape and the crystals have very rich red shades. Calf . Amulet stones for people of this sign will be tiger’s eye, different shades of turquoise, any agate, malachite, aventurine, coral. Also, lapis lazuli, onyx, granular aventurine of different colors, transparent zircon and milky blue moonstone go well with its energy. It is very useful for Taurus to wear agate amulets, the effect of which depends on the color of the crystals. Thus, black minerals make Taurus invincible, and blue minerals harmonize family relationships. Blood-red stones can inspire a person to any accomplishment. Light pink agates promote a peaceful existence of their owner with the people around them, and moss-colored crystals bring longevity, prosperity and happiness. Controversial Gemini It’s worth harmonizing your impulses with the help of agate, citrine, turquoise, pearl, amethyst, coral beads or cabochons made of moonstone, natural black shungite, golden tiger’s eye, striped onyx, dark hematite or radiant amber. Garnets are considered the strongest stones. According to the observations of experts, talismans using red and green garnets increase power over people. These gems increase the physical and mental capabilities of their owner, and also neutralize the negative effects of the surrounding world. However, they are also capable of bringing anxiety to their owner, even making him obsessed with some kind of passion. In this regard, it is recommended that people with good self-control wear the garnet, otherwise you may get carried away in earnest. Measured Cancer You should choose jewelry with hematite, amethyst, turquoise, pearl, coral beads, multi-colored aventurine, onyx, all agates, chrysoprase, clear crystal or black shungite. Cancer instantly comes into contact with turquoise, which has powerful energy. This amazing mineral warns a person about problems in the body: it fades and changes color in case of threat. Turquoise absorbs negative energy, giving its owner fresh energy in return. By doing this, she helps Cancers get out of dead ends and frees them from the severity of the accumulated ones. Turquoise improves financial affairs, bestowing prudence, developing intuition and elevating the spirit. Wearing turquoise also has a beneficial effect on the love front, helping Cancers overcome their natural shyness, uncertainty and secrecy. But we must take into account that the stone has its own life cycle: a period of growth and the moment of death. Therefore, wearing “dead” turquoise is highly discouraged, as it can even be dangerous. Proud and independent a lion will become happier by wearing models with amber, jade, opal, crystal and with shungite, chrysolite, carnelian, ruby, agate, obsidian, jasper, hematite or amber crystals. Black opal, which increases magical powers, will help realize Leo’s ambitious plans. It is believed that the impact of opal increases significantly when it is set in gold. To achieve mutual understanding and become more sociable, you need to wear a fire opal, which also protects from the destructive effects of the elements. Ayurveda claims that opal amulets protect against all kinds of diseases, including epidemics, if you insert a crystal into a ring or make a ring out of it and put it on the right index finger. Virgo models with aventurine, turquoise, chrysolite, jasper, coral, jade, onyx, agate beads and pendants are suitable. Pearls, yellowish citrine, transparent crystal, blue moonstone, and golden tiger’s eye are also in harmony with the Virgo sign. To strengthen the body and spirit, Virgos need to choose accessories with jasper that stimulate the intellect and protect the energy of their owner. Different types of jasper protect against negative external attacks, preserve the beauty and strength of a person. Jewelry with this mineral promotes success and prosperity, and provides energy to achieve your goals. Scales will feel a surge of strength and confidence when wearing products decorated with malachite, amethyst, rhodonite, jasper, lapis lazuli, turquoise, jade crystals, as well as moonstone. Libras are especially recommended to wear jade jewelry, which shows the positive traits of Libra, gives determination, increases self-esteem, and maintains peace of mind. This influence of the stone will help Libra solve problems in their personal life and achieve well-being. Jade develops will and adequacy in them, and also attracts additional income. Scorpio Products with agate, amethyst, turquoise, hematite, coral, shungite, garnet crystals, moonstone, or topaz and crystal accessories are recommended. Scorpio will be protected from negative energies and self-criticism by coral, while he will begin to enjoy the process of work. This mineral will concentrate the owner’s energy on solving important problems and help avoid repeating mistakes. It is recommended for everyone to wear: both women and the stronger half of humanity. Since ancient times, it has been considered a symbol of immortality and prosperity, brings good mood and attracts the opposite sex. And when wearing a bracelet with coral on the right hand, irritability goes away. If you set out to improve your situation Sagittarius , present him with jewelry with amethyst, coral, turquoise, shungite, onyx, lapis lazuli, obsidian, hematite crystals or with tiger’s eye. For Sagittarius, the amazing natural gem lapis lazuli has powerful magical properties in the sphere of love and relationships. Just to feel its effect, you should be patient: it works gently, gradually. And you need to take into account that lapis lazuli attracts a great feeling, most likely it will be strong spiritual love. You should not try to use it to quench fleeting carnal passions – you will waste your time. Practical Capricorns An accessory with amethyst, turquoise, obsidian, garnet, coral, tourmaline, onyx, agate, shungite beads and pendants, as well as a bluish moonstone or a brownish-yellowish tiger’s eye will be useful. Capricorns have a special connection with the tiger’s eye, which invariably brings them unprecedented luck. This gem helps to anticipate dangers and avoid them in the surest ways. It can be used as any accessory on any part of the body. Tiger’s Eye gives you confidence in your abilities and awakens new talents by showing you how to realize them. This stone even protects children from all kinds of troubles, makes them independent and shares with them energy, joy and love of life. Freedom-loving Aquarius Moonstone, garnet, aquamarine, zircon, mother-of-pearl, as well as amethyst, agate, turquoise, pearl, coral, lapis lazuli crystal and citrine crystals are ideal. Aquarius will become brave and persistent by purchasing an aquamarine talisman. This makes Aquarius capable of any difficulties and achievements. This gem is in perfect harmony with the energy of the sign, and it is recommended to wear it in the form of a pendant or ring. It develops spirituality and intellectual abilities, and also opens up new opportunities, sometimes changing the life of Aquarius beyond recognition. Aquamarine creates a good atmosphere, instills confidence in the future, and attracts money. Pisces Jewelry with agate, coral, opal, chrysolite, mother-of-pearl, amethyst, turquoise, coral, lapis lazuli, shungite, chrysolite and crystal beads, and tiger’s eye will appeal to your taste. Moonstone harmonizes perfectly with this sign. It primarily affects the body, making it softer and more tender (which is undesirable for men). Women under the influence of moonstone become seductive and attract love. For older people, the gem has a rejuvenating effect, causing corresponding feelings. Everyone wants to experience such properties of a stone, but this must be done carefully, without crossing the boundaries of prudence. Also, you should not use moonstone every day – take breaks, wear it on occasion. When choosing talisman stones according to personal zodiac signs, always keep in mind that only natural gems have true power, and artificially created ones perform a purely decorative function. Give your loved ones jewelry with stones and change their lives for the better! Read more: What kind of beads are there? Since its invention, beads have always attracted people’s attention. Of course, first of all, due to its undeniable beauty. But in some cultures, beautiful beads served as currency. How to make a choker with your own hands A choker is a piece of jewelry that fits tightly around the neck. It looks like a bead or necklace, and literally translates from English as “strangler.” Not every piece of jewelry can compete with a choker. Polymer clay jewelry Polymer clay is a plastic material that resembles plasticine when cold, which, like plasticine, is used for sculpting miniature products (flowers, jewelry, beads, sculptures.

What jewelry with stones suits your zodiac sign?

At all times, humanity has been fascinated by a variety of religions, teachings and philosophies, but there is only one ancient practice that postulates that stars and celestial bodies are capable of directly or indirectly influencing human life. This is astrology – a parascience in which a person can be described based on his date of birth. The horoscope is the main method used by astrologers in their research and predictions. Many people believe that each zodiac sign has its own unique talismans – minerals, semi-precious or precious stones that enhance a person’s natural qualities and compensate for shortcomings. There are 12 zodiac signs, and each of them has its own talisman stone:

  • Aries is a diamond.
  • Scorpio – topaz.
  • Sagittarius – turquoise.
  • Pisces – aquamarine.
  • Aquarius – amethyst.
  • Capricorn – garnet.
  • Libra – opal.
  • Virgo – sapphire.
  • Leo – citrine.
  • Cancer – ruby.
  • Gemini is a pearl.
  • Taurus – emerald.

This does not mean that all other stones are prohibited. This only means that for Cancers, for example, jewelry with rubies is best suited, for Virgo – jewelry with sapphires, and so on. There is also the so-called partial compatibility, when this or that stone is only partially suitable, but still will not fully reveal its properties. This is where women’s intuition comes into play – if you feel that you like this or that mineral, that it attracts you, then it will also suit you.

Is it possible to carry jewelry with stones with you all the time?

If you bought a pendant with your horoscope stone, this does not mean that you need to wear it without taking it off. According to some astrologers, the stone is capable of accumulating negativity, protecting its wearer. If you want to carry the mineral with you all the time, you need to clean it from time to time. To do this, the decoration should be placed in a glass of plain water and placed on the windowsill, under the sun’s rays. It is enough to wait a day for the stone to completely get rid of all accumulated negativity. This procedure should be carried out approximately once a year.

Myth or reality?

The question of which jewelry with stones suits the zodiac sign worries many women and girls. However, not all of them seriously think about how reliable all these predictions and beliefs are. For hundreds of years, various scientists have tried to test the plausibility of astrology, but not a single such study has provided evidence in favor of pseudoscience. The modern reality is that jewelry with stones according to the zodiac sign is more of an entertainment, and primarily the placebo effect works here. Self-hypnosis can indeed work miracles, but minerals do not possess any magic.

Jewelry with a stone can be a talisman, but in no case can you count on it as some kind of healing element. Many astrologers claim that stones can treat diseases of the heart, stomach, kidneys, etc. This is a harmful myth that can make problems worse. The truth is that modern girls can safely buy any jewelry with stones without worrying about whether a particular stone will suit their zodiac sign. The catalog of our online store contains many jewelry of amazing beauty, and you can always choose an original accessory for yourself or as a gift. More beauty, less ridiculous prejudices!

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