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Everyone born from October 23 to November 21 belongs to one of the most controversial and mysterious signs of the horoscope – Scorpio. They are ruled by the planet Mars and ruled by Pluto. Despite the fact that the element of Scorpios is water, their energy simply sparkles due to the fiery sting. Scorpios are considered mysterious personalities due to their ability to hide their true feelings. However, they are loyal to those close to them and strive to protect those they love. They also have a strong sense of justice and quite resolutely defend their point of view. This is why Scorpios are considered hot-tempered and capable of hurting their interlocutor with offensive words. In love, Scorpios are quite temperamental and emotional; they prefer long-term relationships instead of light romances. But sometimes they find it difficult to express their feelings due to their tendency to hide their real emotions. Like other zodiac signs, Scorpios have certain gemstones that help them improve their lives, attract good luck and achieve harmony. We will discuss which crystals are most suitable for Scorpios in the article.

Which stones suit all Scorpios?

If we look at the image of the zodiac sign, we will see a Scorpio with its stinger raised to strike. However, the arthropod will not attack until it senses danger. And representatives of the Scorpio sign will never offend others without reason. But if their feelings are hurt, they will give a decisive rebuff to the offender. Properly selected minerals will help to slightly soften the harsh character of Scorpios and reveal other traits that are hidden deep in the soul due to their secretive nature. Wearing jewelry with stones that match your sign will also bring harmony and prosperity to life, attract good luck, and protect from negative energy. So what stones are suitable for Scorpios? Let’s look at this issue in more detail.


This is the main stone for Scorpios. It eliminates negative emotions, helps pacify anger, creates protection and can be a talisman. Topaz increases self-esteem and strengthens self-confidence. Since the stone is associated with the throat chakra, it helps Scorpios become more open and friendly. Wearing a stone around the neck awakens oratory skills and removes blocks that interfere with free communication. Topaz attracts abundance and helps fulfill desires. If a representative of this sign wears topaz jewelry every day, he will tune his aura to the frequency of well-being and attract good luck into his life. Necklace Krasnoselsky Jewelryprom 1750032335-45. Wearing a necklace with topaz will help Scorpios reveal their oratorical abilities. Since topaz is associated with the throat and solar plexus chakra, the stone enhances self-expression, promotes better communication and increases self-confidence. Women’s ring SOKOLOV 92011459. A silver ring with topaz will be an excellent gift for a Scorpio girl. Topaz is the main stone of the representatives of this sign. The mineral is believed to bring mental health, increase self-confidence, and help balance overly emotional character traits. Women’s ring SOKOLOV 6014096. A ring with topaz for a Scorpio woman can serve as an amulet. Topaz is associated with energy, which brings protection and financial well-being to Scorpios. The stone balances emotions, calms the nervous system, maintains energy levels in the body and helps to stay in good shape. Other collections
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Known as a symbol of courage, aquamarine resonates with sensitive Scorpios. The stone inspires them to express their deepest emotions. Being similar in appearance to a drop of water, aquamarine is ideal for water signs. It promotes mental clarity and open communication, relieves stress and relieves judgment from others. Element 47 by JV
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Scorpios will prefer sapphires in blue shades, from soft blue to rich ultramarine. These colors are associated with water and are suitable for water signs. The gemstone increases tone, brings joy and tranquility, and promotes mental healing after moral trauma. Sapphire also heals physical ailments, helps in the treatment of thyroid diseases, relieves headaches, and reduces inflammation. Earrings Pasquale Bruni Petit Garden 16150BN. Earrings decorated with blue sapphires have a special meaning for representatives of the water signs of the zodiac. A sea green gemstone increases vital energy levels, restores joy and fills the heart with spiritual harmony. As long as a Scorpio woman wears such earrings, she will not be afraid of life’s troubles.


Opal has amazing properties for balancing emotions, and its energy is associated with truth and purity. For Scorpios, passionate and intense by nature, opal can serve as a kind of emotional guide, helping to find balance in feelings. The stone also brings clarity of thought to the lives of representatives of this sign and supports the desire for truth, which is especially valuable for such deep researchers of life as Scorpios.


Red stones are love talismans. Since pomegranate suits Scorpios according to their horoscope sign, it helps representatives of this sign become more attractive to the opposite sex, increases feelings of love, and helps strengthen relationships. Garnet is also considered a stone of purification and gets rid of outdated patterns and stereotypes, liberates and removes unnecessary inhibitions that affect Scorpios on the physical and mental levels. At the same time, the energy of garnet grounds water signs and prevents them from going with the flow. Women’s pendant SOKOLOV 92030552. A pendant decorated with garnets will help female Scorpios heal their wounded heart from love experiences, set them up for positivity and relieve sadness. Pomegranate will also serve as an attractive factor and increase interest among men.


Alexandrite brings joy to Scorpios. He is able to penetrate into the most hidden places of the soul in order to get rid of old grievances and anger towards loved ones. The mineral encourages Scorpios to find internal reserves for self-control in crisis situations. As a result, disputes and showdowns are less violent than usual. Alexandrite is also able to purify energy, increase self-esteem, and keep the body, mind and soul of Scorpios in check. Other collections
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The main love stone, ruby, is associated with the heart chakra and is great for Scorpios. It helps single people find a soul mate, and for those who have already established relationships, strengthen their emotional connection and increase mutual trust. For Scorpios, ruby ​​will become a reliable companion, help them achieve their goals and inspire them to take bold actions. This gemstone, like a real beacon, directs Scorpio’s energy in the right direction and does not allow it to go astray. Earrings SOKOLOV 4020382. Gold earrings with rubies and diamonds are perfect for Scorpios. Ruby is considered the stone of love. The dark red color of the mineral reflects its connection with the heart chakra and encourages the passion and zeal for life inherent in Scorpios. Ruby will help ambitious representatives of this sign to concentrate on achieving personal goals. And iridescent diamonds will not leave the girl unnoticed.

blue agate

Stones of heavenly shades are suitable for Scorpios, including agate. The stone is often associated with tranquility. Imagine that you are lying in the middle of a field and looking at the endless sky. At this time, peace comes in your soul, and all problems recede into the background. The same feeling appears when you look at blue agate, which is especially useful for hot-tempered Scorpios. Agate also protects from negative energy, restores self-confidence, and harmonizes the state of mind. Scorpios who wear agate jewelry are less susceptible to depression and outbursts of uncontrollable anger. Women’s ring SOKOLOV 715488. Give a gold ring in the shape of a flower with agate and topaz to a young Scorpio girl for her birthday, and the jewelry will become a talisman for her for many years. This amulet is especially suitable for female representatives who were born in early November, when the Sun is in Scorpio, and the emotionality of this sign is too intense. Blue agate can balance an unbalanced character, while topaz has healing energy and calms the mind.

Which stones are suitable for Scorpio Women

  • topaz and rauchtopaz;
  • Garnet;
  • citrine;
  • amethyst;
  • ruby;
  • diamond;
  • blue agate;
  • sapphire;
  • aquamarine.

Women’s ring SOKOLOV 715510. A gold ring with garnets, rauchtopaz and citrine will please a representative of any zodiac sign, but for Scorpio women it will also become a real protector. Garnet has the properties to attract the attention of men and enhance love feelings, rauchtopaz protects against negative energy, and citrine attracts wealth, prosperity and good luck in business to Scorpios.

Earrings Krasnoselsky Yuvelirprom 154021G520-7. Earrings with dark blue sapphires, in addition to their aesthetic appeal, attract women born under the sign of Scorpio with their healing properties. The stone promotes emotional healing, relieves anxiety, relieves stress, and calms overly expressive Scorpios. In addition, sapphire enhances love and understanding with a man.

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Which stones are suitable for Scorpio Men

Scorpio men are covered on the outside with a hard shell, like the arthropods after which the horoscope sign is named. When you first meet a man, it will seem that he is strong and confident, calm and a little detached from reality. However, only the one to whom the man himself decides to open up can get to the depths of his soul. And then it will become clear that at heart the representative of this sign is quite sensitive and vulnerable, he is simply used to hiding his emotions.

At the same time, the Scorpio man is more often faithful in relationships and completely devotes himself to family and work. Scorpios are quite ambitious and do not deviate from their goals, often going ahead even if they are not sure that they will get results. Scorpios enjoy being in power, but due to emotional restraint, the job often leads to stress and depression.

The main stone for Scorpio men is topaz. It helps to freely open your inner world and manage emotions, relieves tension and balances. Topaz will help young representatives of this sign gain wisdom and pacify ambitions to a normal level. In addition, the stone will relieve mood swings and stress.

Another mineral that influences Scorpio men is onyx. It helps in strengthening inner confidence and increases moral endurance in difficult situations, freeing one from negative emotions, which is especially important for hot-tempered male Scorpios.

Scorpio men who want to find their soulmate are recommended to wear a ruby ​​ring. Associated with the passion and energy of the heart chakra, ruby ​​emphasizes inner strength and helps men find love.

From February 20 to March 20, under the influence of Neptune and Jupiter, Pisces rules the world. People born under this sign are quite interesting personalities. And they are not at all silent, as the name suggests. The symbol of the sign – two fish looking in opposite directions – was not chosen by chance. It reflects the duality of the internal struggle between two opposites of Pisces. On the one hand, they are distinguished by their determination, strive for success and fame, and have creative talents and creativity. But on the other hand, they often want to withdraw and hide from everyone; they do not advertise their personal lives and rarely open their souls to anyone.

To better understand who Pisces are, pay attention to famous representatives of this sign: Albert Einstein and Pavel Volya, Yuri Gagarin and Justin Bieber, Steve Jobs and Anna Semenovich. They are all so different, but they are united by originality, brightness and the ability to separate personal life from public life.

Pisces are considered sensitive and emotional. They react sharply to the problems of loved ones, show empathy and easily put themselves in other people’s shoes. This sign is usually characterized by developed intuition, thanks to which Pisces are able to foresee certain events and sense the atmosphere around them.

However, representatives of this sign are prone to self-sacrifice and often forget about their interests in an effort to help other people. They try to avoid conflicts, so they cannot always openly express their opinion if it goes against the beliefs of the interlocutor. It is difficult for them to defend their position, they experience uncertainty when making important decisions.

Fortunately, there are crystals that can help Pisces use positive energy to cope with all the problems that being overly sensitive brings to representatives of this sign. Certain gemstones will help Pisces to give more confidence and learn to defend their opinions, as well as strengthen their strengths. We will discuss which crystals are most suitable for representatives of this sign and how to choose the right mineral in today’s article.

Which stones are ideal for Pisces?

If you were born between February 20 and March 20, you will have no shortage of guardian crystals to choose from. Almost all types of precious stones of white, blue, azure shades, which are associated with water, are suitable for Pisces. Transparent minerals that resemble a drop of water are also suitable according to your horoscope sign.

But water signs should wear orange and bright red minerals, which resemble fire, in moderation or avoid wearing them altogether. Let’s take a closer look at which gemstones are best for Pisces.


It would be surprising if the most aquatic stone of a rich blue color were not suitable for Pisces. Aquamarine is considered the main patron of Pisces. The crystal is able to balance the mood of the representatives of this sign, soften too strong emotionality, and extinguish the raging feelings that Pisces often suppress inside, which is why they drive themselves into depression.

Aquamarine affects the throat chakra and awakens the inner voice. All those grievances that accumulate inside over years of hushing up problems for fear of hurting the feelings of loved ones find release thanks to wearing aquamarine in the chest area. Therefore, Pisces women are recommended to wear a necklace with an aquamarine pendant, which will be closer to the throat chakra.


Harvested from the depths of rivers and seas, and even artificially cultured pearls, seem to have been specially created for sensitive and emotional representatives of the water sign Pisces. The mineral adds psychological balance to the life of Pisces, brings positivity, and helps improve Pisces’ rapidly falling mood. Pearls help women not to get lost in relationships and learn to defend their point of view.

The benefits of wearing pearls for Pisces include:

  • good luck;
  • inner harmony;
  • development of creative potential;
  • cooling excessive emotions;
  • stabilization of mental state;
  • reduction in anxiety levels.

In addition, pearls have been considered a healing mineral since ancient times, helping against various physical ailments. And wearing jewelry with pearls is especially useful for women born under the zodiac sign of Pisces. A necklace decorated with pearls helps alleviate the condition of cardiovascular diseases, problems with the bronchi and lungs, and reduce the symptoms of asthma.

If you wear jewelry with pearls closer to your head, you can normalize sleep, relieve headaches, and improve brain function. Rings with pearls have a positive effect on hormonal levels, relieve PMS, improve fertility, and relieve stress.

Women’s ring SOKOLOV 94012889. A silver ring with pearls is perfect for representatives of water signs. After all, pearls are extracted from water. Since the mineral carries water, it helps Pisces find internal balance. Pearls increase self-confidence. Stroking the gem in moments of stress restores emotional stability and reduces increased anxiety.

Women’s ring SOKOLOV 94012890. The silver ring is decorated with a large pearl. Such a gift for a Pisces woman will be not only pleasant, but also useful. Pearls calm the nerves and relieve representatives of this sign from excessive sensitivity. In addition, the mineral is considered healing; it evens out hormonal levels, which often causes sudden mood swings in fish.

Prima Exclusive necklace PR809. A gold necklace with a black pearl has a special meaning for Pisces women. Since representatives of this sign have well-developed intuition, black pearls stimulate the development of extrasensory abilities. The mineral helps to establish a connection with your higher self in order to better understand your purpose and find your spiritual path. Also, black pearls, when located at the heart chakra, protect the owner from negative energy and psychic attacks.

Women’s stud earrings Krasnoselsky Yuvelirprom 1880015287. Give pearl stud earrings to a young Pisces girl. The mineral symbolizes purity and innocence, helps girls discover their inner beauty and learn to trust the opposite sex. Pearls help to awaken the first feelings and increase interest in a young man if his intentions are pure and open.

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