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What stones should you wear to get married?

These talismans are needed to meet love and build strong relationships. Find out which stones you should wear if you are hoping for a “happily ever after.” The shortest road to the altar is strewn with precious stones – jewelry talismans will help you recognize your one and only walk along this road hand in hand. Share: Garnet View this ring >>> and heart pendant with garnets >>> Garnet is a stone of sincerity. Like other red stones, it patronizes love and passion, but it attracts not numerous admirers into the life of its owner, but a serious feeling. It helps to bring out the best qualities and exposes liars. People have believed in the magic of pomegranates since ancient times. A beautiful legend about the origin of this stone tells about a young man who obtained precious fruits in a magic garden in order to win the hand and heart of his beloved. Returning from the garden, he discovered that both his country and his beloved family had suffered misfortunes. Then he broke the pomegranates, the seeds of which cured everyone from illness and saved them from hunger, and the rest scattered throughout the world and turned into precious stones that protect love to this day. Topaz View this ring >>> and earrings with topaz >>> Topaz is the most “friendly” stone: it can be combined with almost any minerals. Topaz spreads this friendly energy to its owner and her environment, helping to win over, first of all, representatives of the opposite sex. In addition, topaz is responsible for the work of intuition. If the seriousness of a fan’s intentions is in doubt, you can turn to this stone for a hint: wear jewelry with topaz to meetings, listen to what your inner voice says – and the right decision will come. For an indecisive man, your amulet will help him make up his mind and finally take an important step towards a happy future. It is not in vain that a topaz wedding is celebrated twice – at 16 and 44 years of family life; this stone is a real amulet of relationships. Sapphire View these earrings >>> and sapphire ring >>> Owners of sapphire are protected by fate itself – especially in matters of a happy marriage. It not only acts like a magnet on men, but also helps to choose among them the one with whom the marriage will be truly happy. In order to activate the love properties of sapphire, there is a special ritual. The stone should be saturated with the energy of the sun for three days, after which (preferably during the waxing moon) you need to take it in your hands, warm it with your warmth and repeat your wish three times. In astrology, sapphire is associated with Venus, and its sphere of influence is, first of all, romantic relationships. Here the stone patronizes not passion, but constancy and fidelity, and confidently leads its owner to the altar. Citrine View this ring >>> and earrings with citrines >>> Citrine is not a traditional love talisman, but for those planning marriage, it will become an indispensable assistant. The stone helps you gain confidence in yourself and your attractiveness, and decide on your life priorities. The brighter the shade of the stone, the more powerful its influence: it enhances the charisma of its owner. The stone also protects eloquence: if you have long had the right words to inform a man that it is time to legitimize your relationship, citrine will support you in this. The mineral helps strengthen relationships, hear the voice of reason where passions rage, and come to a common opinion when no one wants to give in. It will become a reliable amulet not only at the stage of preparation for the wedding, but also in family life. Emerald View this ring >>> and earrings with emeralds >>> This green stone symbolizes eternal love, and its main power is to preserve existing relationships. If you understand that next to you is “the one,” rely on the power of the emerald, its energy will fuel your feelings. This stone preserves the purity of relationships and protects its owner from lies and deception. If you know a fan very recently, an emerald will help you figure out how sincere and selfless his intentions are. When using amulets, do not forget that only you should wear them – do not borrow jewelry from your girlfriends and do not give them yours, even for an important event, the stones store the energy of their owner. And remember that water does not flow under a lying stone, even a precious one: move in the direction of personal happiness and build relationships yourself, and talismans will provide you with good luck on your chosen path. Photo: 585*Gold, Shutterstock. Ira Gromakovskaya February 14 2022 Share: Magic of stones: talismans, amulets, amulets Author AlmaznyLuchik Reading time 6 min Published 02.03.2020/03.03.2020/XNUMX Updated XNUMX/XNUMX/XNUMX From time immemorial, a woman was considered the keeper of the family hearth. Therefore, almost every girl dreams of finding love and happiness and giving birth to healthy children. Our ancestors also believed that crystals could help in finding a soul mate. The energy of stones does not affect women of different ages and positions equally. In many ways, their effect depends on the sign to which the fair sex belongs. In addition, each woman puts her own understanding into the word “love”. Some expect violent passions from her, others, on the contrary, dream of a calm, measured marriage. Let’s take a closer look at which stones have love magic, and what effect you should expect from them.

Universal feminine stone

Since ancient times, it has been considered a truly feminine stone. cornelian. It is no coincidence that the goddess Isis herself, the ancestor of all Egyptian gods, wore it. This amazingly beautiful mineral has many shades, ranging from red to golden. That is why it is also called “frozen sunset”. Many peoples, including our Slavic ancestors, attributed magical properties to carnelian. First of all, he was endowed with the ability to attract the love of the opposite sex. The name “carnelian”, that is, “shape like a heart”, speaks for itself. Carnelian jewelry is worn by young girls who dream of a happy marriage. Red carnelian is especially suitable for women born under the sign of Leo or Taurus. It not only enhances attractiveness in the eyes of men, but will also help you find a faithful lover. A light-colored stone will ensure a quick happy marriage for Aquarius, and will tell Cancers whether the object of their desire is worth their attention. Carnelian is believed to have the ability to heal emotional wounds. It is recommended to be worn by Sagittarius and Pisces suffering from unhappy love. Indian sages claim that the color orange (and all its shades) opens the love chakra (anakhta) and revives in a person the desire to love and be loved.
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Heart Stone

The properties of filling the heart with love are attributed to rose quartz. It was believed that quartz was given to people by the Greek god of love, Cupid. The mineral will not only help lovers find happiness, but will also preserve their feelings if they find themselves in forced separation. The pink stone can relieve difficult memories of women who have experienced a heart drama. You just have to pick it up and hold it for a few minutes, and sad thoughts will dissolve into a stream of positive emotions. Pink quartz is most suitable for Leo, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces. Girls who have not yet met their lover should wear quartz around their neck in the form of a pendant. At night, the decoration should be placed at the head of the bed. Representatives of other signs should pay attention to quartz of other colors in order to meet the man of their dreams. So, a smoky stone is perfect for Libra, Scorpio, Capricorn, Cancer and Taurus. Aquarians should wear gold-colored quartz jewelry.
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Passion Stones

Women who dream of plunging into a sea of ​​passions should wear red stones – ruby и pomegranate. Ruby has been known to people since the Bronze Age. These minerals were often used as talismans to attract love and health in the East. In Europe, the stone was considered a symbol of beauty and strength. According to legends, rubies came from the blood of dragons killed in battle. Plutarch called them the eyes and tears of dead monsters. And the ancient Indians believed that rubies were drops of demon blood. Ruby represents the element of fire and yang energy. It is no coincidence that this stone helps to meet the love of their life, first of all, to representatives of the “temperamental” signs – Leo, Aries and Sagittarius. The stone of passion will help them not only meet the ideal lover, but will also ensure family happiness for many years. A ring with a ruby, worn on the ring finger of the left hand, will not only arouse passion in its owner, but will also make a timid person who does not dare to confess stronger. Ruby can also be worn by Capricorns. But, due to the complex nature of this sign, the stone will have to “establish contact” with the owner for a long time. It is best if a representative of this sign gives a ruby ​​jewelry to her chosen one. This will arouse strong reciprocal feelings in him. Garnet not only symbolizes heartfelt feelings, but is also considered the “stone of honesty.” If a woman is looking for a partner with impure intentions, then the stone will not help her. He only gets along well with decent people. Red garnet is ideal for Gemini, Sagittarius and Aquarius. Leos and Taurus will find a passionate admirer with him. But the stone will take time to get used to its owner. Sensitive and vulnerable Pisces, Libra and Cancer should not purchase passion stones. They will overwhelm their owners. Garnets and rubies should not be accepted as gifts from strangers. The passion that arises can bring disaster. To protect children and teenagers from early erotic desires, they should not buy red stones either.
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Stone of the mysterious Isis

Since time immemorial it has been considered a talisman of love and successful marriage. emerald. The legendary King Solomon gave it to his beloved Shulamith. The stone was deified in the East and West. They believed in its ability to attract a chosen one in Ancient Rus’. A green crystal set in a ring helps single women get married, and married women maintain a family home. During the Renaissance, newlyweds exchanged rings with emeralds as a sign of eternal love. It is believed that the stone can save a person from the tendency to cheat. If one of the partners nevertheless breaks the oath of fidelity, then the stone may crack or even split. Emerald, first of all, is suitable for representatives of “natural” signs. This primarily applies to Pisces, Sagittarius, Cancer, Taurus, Leo and Aquarius. For the properties of the stone to reveal their full potential, a Taurus woman should wear it on her middle finger, an Aquarius woman should wear it on her ring finger, Leo and Sagittarius should decorate it with her index finger, and Cancer and Pisces should wear it with her little finger. But emerald is not only one of the most powerful crystals. He is also very capricious in choosing an owner. It will not bring the desired effect to Scorpio. It is not suitable for women born under the sign of Capricorn, Aries, Libra and Virgo. In conclusion, I would like to note that, having chosen a stone, you need to treat it with care. Only under this condition will it bring happiness. So, it is recommended to periodically keep the stones under running water and leave them on a sunny windowsill. In addition, you cannot refuse to wear jewelry with talisman stones for a long time, much less give them to someone.
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