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What symbols bring good luck and money?

The most unpredictable and unpredictable phenomenon of human life is luck. Lady Fortune gives her smile according to one principle known to her – no one knows how to please her. It is believed that symbols of good luck can help catch the obstinate madam by the tail and even keep her close to her. In almost every culture there are special talismans, gained through experience, and some of them enjoy a good reputation throughout the world. Four-leaf clover Fresh light green clover leaves can be found everywhere in mid-latitudes, but the shamrock has gained the greatest popularity in Ireland. According to legend, Saint Patrick, the patron saint of the country of leprechauns, clearly explained to foolish pagans the sophisticated concept of the Trinity with the help of clover: just as one stem diverges into three leaves, so God in Christianity is one in three persons. Shamrocks sometimes mutate and diverge into four-leaf clovers, which are considered great luck to find. His records symbolize faith, hope and love, and the fourth one bestows incredible luck on the owner. It is recommended to dry the plant and always carry it with you so that Fortune knows who to aim at. In Europe of the 18th-19th centuries, horseshoes were considered of great value: when they saw a “horse boot” on the road, even rich gentlemen were not lazy to get out of the carriage and pick up the find. Accordingly, receiving such a valuable item was considered great luck – this is how the horseshoe became associated with luck. It is believed that items made exclusively from gold, silver or copper have magical properties. They are mounted above the door to the home – they only disagree on how to hang them correctly. In the East, Europe and Latin America, the horseshoe is turned with its horns downwards – happiness should pour on the one entering. And in Great Britain and Ireland they strengthen it the other way around – with the horns facing up, so that luck does not leak out. In Mexico, it is customary to decorate a horseshoe with ribbons, portraits of saints and flowers – but God forbid anyone touches this beauty! But the Italians, on the contrary, try to nail the horseshoe so that everyone who comes in touches it, because happiness must be shared! Three-legged toad Even those who are not followers of Feng Shui know the fat frog sitting heavily on a mountain of coins: the presence of a figurine of this amphibian in the house guarantees financial success. But why did the toad have three legs? There is a mention of a frog with a missing limb in Chinese mythology. A certain mortal stole the elixir of immortality – after drinking it to the bottom, she was justifiably afraid of the just punishment of the gods and hid on the Moon. But the celestials figured her out and began to slowly turn her into a toad. The thief began to beg for mercy, and the gods had mercy and stopped the retribution. But the transformation process was already irreversible – the upper part of the girl’s body became a toad’s, and the rest, for the sake of harmony, turned into the tail of a tadpole. And the ability of an amphibian to bring material wealth is mentioned in a Buddhist legend. Once upon a time there lived a greedy toad who, for the sake of hard cash, stooped to any kind of looting. Buddha himself shamed her and ordered her to bring money to people. The frog did not dare to disobey the Teacher and obediently jumped onto the thresholds of the houses with a coin in its mouth. So two legends were transformed into one good luck symbol. It is recommended to plant the money amphibian on a shelf in the wealth sector so that profits come to light. Goldfish In China, fish is considered a symbol of prosperity and harmony. Accordingly, in the Celestial Empire they catch luck with live bait – that is, with goldfish. An aquarium with veil tails is installed in the house, trying to accommodate eight gold and one black fish, because according to legend, this combination will bring the expected happiness and abundance. Of course, the inhabitants of the aquarium require careful care, because Fortune’s favor depends on their condition. ladybug A beetle with a red spotted back is also considered alive symbol of good luck. The cute insect is associated with divine favor in many countries. The Dutch and Czechs rejoice when a ladybug swoops down on clothes, and the French consider the bug a reliable amulet for children. The amount of luck depends on the number of spots on the back: a single mark speaks of inner harmony, an insect with four spots protects from robbers, and an insect with seven grants success in all matters and endeavors. Almost all Asian supermarkets and sushi bars have a place reserved for a figurine of a funny cat with a cheerfully raised paw. This is a popular talisman in Japan – maneki-neko is translated as “beckoning cat”, and with its raised paw it beckons happiness and good luck. According to legend, a cat living near the temple once waved its paw at a rich man passing by. The surprised gentleman entered the monastery, and immediately a tree in the yard was struck by lightning – if the man had been on the street at that moment, he could have died. The grateful rich man restored the temple and ordered a statue of his savior to be placed at the gate. Soon the image of the noble cat became popular in Asian culture. Maneki-neko can have a raised left paw – it is believed that it attracts clients – or a right paw, which attracts good luck and prosperity. It’s difficult to say what is more responsible for good luck – a correctly selected item, fortitude or a positive attitude. Most likely, the secret of success is in the combination of these components!

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Since ancient times, people have believed in the power of secret signs and symbols. They were believed to attract luck and money. 7 magical and lucky talismans – in the material vesti-yamal.ru

July 23 2021


This symbol has been associated with the stars in the sky since ancient times. They were believed to influence people and their lives. After all, every person has his own star, which fades away after his death. Even the expression “born under a lucky star” appeared. The five-pointed star among different peoples was a symbol of protection from theft and damage, harmony of heaven and earth, and perfection. The star is considered a sign of happiness and good luck. They believe that it carries great energy.


Clover is an ancient symbol from Ireland. Previously, it was believed that finding a plant with four petals was great luck, so it was dried and stored as a talisman. Nowadays, so that clover brings money, superstitious people carry this symbol in their wallet, and so that the house is full, they leave it at the entrance.


Some people give a horseshoe for the holidays as a talisman. Previously, according to tradition, it was hung above the front door of the house. Moreover, the symbol must be made of metal. By the way, in Italy it is believed that everyone who comes to the house should touch the horseshoe with their hand, then good luck will always live in it.

Oak and acorn

These are the main symbols of good luck and wealth among the Slavs. An oak tree can be depicted in a picture hanging in the house, and acorns can even be carried around with you. It is believed that acorns must come from an old oak tree, and you need to find them alone. Allegedly, these talismans keep secrets, and therefore cannot be told to anyone.

frog or toad

Another popular mascot is a toad with a coin in its mouth. It is considered a symbol of prosperity. According to the teachings of Feng Shui, the frog and toad help attract money, wealth and happiness. Some people keep such a talisman at home, even in several copies at once.


People believe that this symbol opens all doors and helps solve all problems. They wear it around the neck, or keep a bunch of small keys in the house. It is believed that the talisman attracts wealth and success in all matters.


The turtle sign is considered a magnet for good luck. In the east, people have always associated it with work, career and well-being. Over time, the symbol acquired another meaning – “wisdom”.

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