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What to do if the ring is dangling on your finger?

Imagine purchasing the perfect engagement ring. See the joy, the bright sparkle in the eyes of your beloved. To propose marriage to her, get down on your right knee, carefully place it on your beloved’s finger and. It turns out that it doesn’t fit in size – it’s too big. The future wife will not be able to wear it and risks losing it. Do not panic! Find out how to make your wedding ring smaller in this article.

What to do when the ring gets bigger?

  • temperature changes,
  • blood pressure,
  • swelling caused by work, contact with chemicals,
  • weight loss.

When something becomes free, many people rejoice. It’s different with jewelry. Clothes can be changed, but jewelry is bought for a long time and worn constantly.

Since most models of wedding rings have a classic shape (semicircular, flat), their global modification is carried out by a professional jeweler. The cost of his work depends on the shape, type of decoration, and the place where the correction will be performed. This service is provided immediately or within 1-2 business days.

Before deciding on correction, you should consult with a specialist to see if this procedure makes sense. He may refuse if a complex inscription is applied to the product, or if there are precious stones that are difficult to remove, and then insert and securely fasten without disturbing the design.

How to make a wedding ring smaller at home

The rim circumference is reduced using:

  • silicone glue and heat gun;
  • a small piece of foam sponge;
  • colorless tape;
  • thin wire;
  • transparent nail polish – must be coated inside the circle with 10 layers. After drying, cut off excess with a knife;
  • rubber fishing line of small diameter;
  • a thick layer of non-woolen thread that needs to be wound around your finger before putting the ring on.

If the wedding ring is large and the engagement ring fits, you can insert the smaller one into the larger one and fix it on your finger. Any flat ring will be suitable for this purpose.

Jewelry stores sell special silicone gaskets for the circumference. Thanks to their insertion, the jewelry sits tightly on the finger.

Reducing the size of a wedding ring in a jewelry workshop

The cost of correction depends on the shape, size of the product, and the location of the stones in it. This procedure does not affect the quality and durability of the jewelry.

  • Reduction (reduction) consists of cutting out fragment of a suitable size, reconnecting the edges by soldering. Then the jewelry will be thoroughly cleaned, polished and will look like new. If the model has a complex design, the craftsman has to cut out a decorative fragment and glue the remaining parts of the product.
  • Rolling by compression is one of the most aggressive and oldest methods of ring correction. The material is heated, changed to the desired size under pressure, and cooled in a special freezer.
  • The most expensive method without cutting is addition. Insertion of a smaller gold, gilded or silver rim inside the product.

Engraving does not affect the possibility of increasing or decreasing the jewelry. But after correction it will look different, it needs to be corrected. The final effect depends on the manufacturing method of the product that needs to be changed.

Which rings cannot be reduced?

Reducing rings even by half a size is not always 100% safe. There is a risk that the product will be damaged during the procedure: the shape will be deformed and the thickness will decrease.

Sometimes when correcting jewelry with precious stones, it is necessary to replace stones or inserts. Therefore, it is better to consult a jeweler and clarify possible undesirable consequences. This is especially true for jewelry inherited from grandparents. They are made using old technologies from less durable materials.

It is not possible to resize:

  • rings made of alloys of unknown origin. Under the influence of heat treatment, they can become black or green, and the product can crumble;
  • jewelry made of silver with matte coating – they will lose their original appearance, which cannot be returned;
  • platinum engagement ring – Due to the hardness of the alloy, it is difficult to process and heat. A special laser is used for cutting. After connection, traces of soldering remain on the platinum, which are difficult to remove;
  • openwork models due to its special structure, which is easy to damage;
  • products with complex designer patterns.

Signs associated with changing the size of wedding rings

  • If during the wedding ceremony the decoration falls off the finger, one of the spouses may cheat. Most often, the victim of infidelity is the one who owns this product.
  • If after the wedding the ring becomes large for the bride or groom, misunderstandings and quarrels are possible in the family, up to and including divorce. To avoid an unpleasant situation, it is recommended to reduce it as quickly as possible in a jewelry workshop.

It often happens that the enlargement and inconvenience of wearing a ring is due not only to the fact that your finger sizes have changed, it has gone out of fashion or has become inconvenient in everyday life, then it makes sense to buy new engagement rings. A wedding anniversary is also a great occasion to give a gift to your loved one, update your jewelry wardrobe and have a romantic evening.

The stores of the large jewelry center “Golden Gross”, located in Moscow, offer a huge number of ring models – come, choose, try on! Even if you make a slight mistake with the size, it doesn’t matter – our jewelers can correct the product using the latest technology.

To find out how much it costs to reduce a ring, leave a request with a consultant in the store or contact the phone number listed on the store’s website.

If the ring is large in size, it can be taken to a jeweler. But some methods allow you to change the ring size at home.

How to reduce the size of a ring in a jewelry workshop

You can reduce the diameter of a ring made of gold or other material using one of three methods:

  1. Cutting out. The specialist reduces the accessory by removing 3-4 mm.
  2. Squeezing. The metal is heated, cooled slightly and covered with a punch (press) in special equipment. The jeweler hits the punch and thereby compacts the metal. The accessory is then cleaned and polished.
  3. Insert. Another rim is soldered into the decoration, which makes the product smaller.

The last method is the safest. However, jewelers choose an option based on the features of the product. For example, smooth accessories will withstand any treatment, but openwork decorations are best adjusted using a headband.

It is more difficult to change the size of a ring with a stone. Even with minor adjustments, the frame becomes deformed and no longer holds the insert, which leads to its loss.

Most often, to, for example, reduce the size of a gold ring with diamonds, cutting is used. Large inserts are removed from the frame, while small ones remain in place. At the end of the work, the master corrects the fastenings.

How much will it cost to have a gold ring reduced in size? If the accessory is without decorative elements, the price will be 500-1000 rubles. The price is influenced by the complexity of the jewelry, the quality of the alloy and the method the jeweler chooses.

Which rings cannot be reduced?

Jewelers refuse to adjust items made from base metals. There are three reasons for this:

  1. Unknown alloy. The master does not know what will happen to the material after exposure.
  2. Loss of shape and shade during work. Costume jewelry can crumble when compressed, turn black from overheating, and lose its aesthetics after cutting.
  3. Toxicity. After processing, oxidation is possible. Then the alloy releases substances harmful to humans.

Making a silver ring one size smaller is also not always possible. If the jewelry is plated with rhodium, it will deteriorate when heated. The jeweler will be able to partially restore the aesthetics of the accessory, but it will not be possible to return it to its original shade.

The design of the decoration also matters. If the product has complex patterns or openwork filigree, changing it will be problematic or impossible.

Processing platinum requires special equipment – a laser cutting tool and a high-temperature crucible for heating and forging. This is not available in every jewelry workshop, so adjusting platinum jewelry is not always possible.

How reduction affects the appearance of the ring

If everything is done correctly, the appearance of the decoration will not change. When a master makes mistakes, the following flaws are possible:

  • crack or discoloration of the stone;
  • changing the shape to ellipsoidal;
  • change in design or insertion;
  • brightening silver items;
  • visible seam at the adhesion site.

The fewest defects occur when working with laser equipment. It heats the product less than gas welding, and the seam is almost invisible.

How to reduce ring size at home

If a specialist refuses to work or you don’t want to contact him, you can reduce the ring size at home. Self-adjustment options:

  1. Transparent nail polish. Apply 2-3 layers inside the accessory.
  2. Flesh-colored adhesive plaster. Cut a strip of plaster and glue it inside the product.
  3. Silicone lining for rings. These are the inserts that professionals use. You can buy them in specialized stores.
  4. Epoxy adhesive. Prepare it according to the instructions and apply a thin layer. Repeat twice if necessary.
  5. A homemade insert for a ring from a dropper tube or a helium rod. Cut a piece up to 1 cm in size lengthwise, melt the edges over a fire and secure it on the inside of the product.

The easiest method is to apply clear, clear nail polish. If necessary, ring resizing can be resumed using this method. The average wear time is three months.

It will be safer for the product and skin to use silicone rings to reduce the size. The inserts are made from natural material, but the wearing period is reduced to one month. Before applying any product to the ring, make sure you are not allergic.

Is it possible to increase the ring size?

If necessary, jewelers increase the size of a ring made of gold, silver or platinum. However, the master may refuse to make adjustments or warn about possible consequences.

For example, stretching a gold ring even by several sizes is not difficult. Another thing is platinum products. This is a refractory metal, so its processing requires laser equipment and experience working with it.

Correction of silver products is not always possible. If it is plated with rhodium, the accessory may lose color and shine.

You can roll out a wedding ring to a larger size without any consequences if there is no engraving. After enlarging, the inscription will be deformed. Also, rings with designs, stones and inserts are not subject to rolling or stretching.

The jeweler will choose a method that will cause less damage to the product. The price for the master’s work will depend on the characteristics of the material and the method of enlargement.

Changing the ring size to a larger size is impossible without special equipment. If you need to increase the size of your jewelry, you will have to contact a jeweler.

Changing ring sizes (video)

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